Gino’s Italian Job

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I met Gino on the Internet.. Being Italian I assumed he lived in Italy because he was always talking about it how it was in his home town of Naples, and he spoke with a broken accent.That is when he wasn’t talking porn and I soon found out that he is the other way inclined, which was a blessing because I am too. Well not quite because I am bi, but I liked Gino’s feedback and his pictures, including one of his you know what…

“Want to see my Italian Job” he asked one day and I said I have seen it, both versions but I preferred the one with Michael Cane!.

“Mama Mia, Pete – what are you like, you maka me laugh so much. I will send the picture now and you will see what I mean…

“Wow!” Then I see what he means. Wow again!

“You lika my Italian job then Pete?”

“I like, how did you get it to that size, that is remarkable.”

“Plenty of Italian food which is the best in the world, and lots of – how you say; wanking?. It keeps it from drooping and I am proud to say it has pleased many a gasping soul including a girl or two. But that is before I knew what I was all about. But we had some good jig-a-jigs together and one wanted me to make a bambino for her.

“It was good while it lasted. But enough of me Pete; we have been texting and exchanging on the internet for a long time, I reckon we should meet?”

“You mean you want to fly over and see me?”

“I live in Bristol Pete – twenty miles from you!”

“I thought you lived in Naples.”

“I have lived in England for five years; I got a transfer with my firm. I get good money and am happy here, except for the matter I would like to find a real nice ongoing relationship with someone I like.

He was a nice guy, I grew to enjoy our regular chats online. The time came when we decided to meet.

Still being a little cautious we set a time and a place. He would pick me up in his car at a local zoo car park; he gave me his registration number so all was set.

Although nervous I felt it was right and hoped, like twice before when similar arrangements had been made when they didn’t turn up, Gino was a man of his word.

It was easy to pick him out, his was the only car in the car parking lot. He gave me a welcoming wave and a great big smile, then asked me to join him in the passenger seat.

We chatted a bit, it was nice and I felt comfortable with him, he was a good looker in an Italian sort of way and had a good body on him. We had shared pictures online of course but you never know if they are genuine.

We both knew what primarily we were there for and we needed to know if we were compatible if we were going to make any sort of relationship between us.

We talked about sexual things like how many times had I been with another guy. I told him the truth which was twice and of course he wanted to know more detail like, did I sleep with them.

“I said I did with one but I have never had an Italian job before.”

He laughed and I knew he understood my sense of humour. As we continued to chat he discretely took my hand and guided it to his inner high and boldly asked if I would like to see his Italian job.

The ice was broken and, after I said yes, he squeezed my hand over his crotch and we were in business.. He urged me to massage the gorgeous swelling in his trousers I could tell it was as big as the picture he sent me; and immediately I felt a tingle run up my spine.

This was really happening, it wasn’t a fantasy and it felt so good. Frankly I had missed the intimate feel of another guy since Danny ditched me for a drip called John.

It was fine just sensing the feel of cock again. Gino closed his eyes, laid his head back and made sensual approving noises. I spent quality time simply massaging him, it felt so good and buxom stretching inside his trousers. It was just nice to be giving pleasure to this great guy who now perched himself on the edge of his seat, giving me a much better feel underneath.

I wondered if I should take it out, it was still quiet, no other cars parked, and I whispered if he would like that.

“I would like very much Pete. Then see how we go and I will take you to my Villa later.”

That sounded good, maybe I was on a promise if I served him well, that was the message I got and I was okay with that. But he was big and that was a challenge if he wanted to go further and opt for the big wet fuck. Just feeling his width through his trousers I could barely squeeze my thumb and forefinger around its stem but what I felt was a strong pulse and that was thrilling in itself, and I was imagining just how much more thrilling would be his fuck.

Just unzipping his trousers made my heart beat increase. I took a few more moments to feel him through his boxer shorts and his expressive moans gave me more confidence to stretch down the waistband and prize out his huge penis which stood up like a proverbial Eskort Kız ship mast. It took my breath away sure enough and it was bigger than any I had seen before, it was huge but so very, very pliable and gorgeous. And more apparent; the scent of cock, simply rubbing him up over his trousers and sniffing my hand I could smell him, It was a real turn on and another thing I had missed so much.

“So you like the Italian Job huh Pete?” He laughed. My expression must have been agreeable.

I plied with it some more, getting the feel of it, it felt so nice and had lots of potential, I was already thinking that with a little bit of initiation it would be fun to indulge in some intercourse, even if he could not get it all inside me, it would be fun trying.

If, like the first guy who fucked me, he could prime me with some suitable dildo’s that would stretch me to the degree for a good old fashioned deep fuck. And it would make for a lot of fun too. I just love to be all ass like that with someone who really appreciates it..

If Gino appreciated it as much as I now was appreciating the first taste of his Italian Job it would be sheer heaven on earth.

It was really lovely, so lovely and I tasted a sweetness there, and also a taste of the sea, like I got when I went sea swimming, a sort of seaweed flavour and it was divine simple to suckle its head and he adored it so much, he asked me to lick his p-hole and suck up his pre-cum which somehow came naturally, I was bent over his lap experimenting in just how much I could swallow him, let alone stretch my mouth wide enough to take his bulk.

“Try it this way Pete” Gino whispered and showed me how to stretch it right back and suck it sideways, so that my left cheek was bulging with its mass.

“That’s better, feels so good huh? I love what you do to my cock, the way you just help yourself.”

I was simply in my element that first time with Gino. He was a sheer delight and we took turns in sucking each other, one keeping watch and the other sucking, it was like we were smoking in secret when we were at school and part of the excitement was doing it illegally.

“I hope you are into fucking, Pete. You know I want your ass too don’t you?”

He said it as it was and I guess I admired him for being honest. I gave him a hard squeeze to offer my agreeable response, although I knew it was going to be one hell of a task.

“I can see you are apprehensive Pete, buy no problem, it will be better to do it when we are back at my place, when there is no chance of being disturbed, give me some more sucking and balling, I love what you are doing to my cock.”

I did and enjoyed, it was so nice to taste cock again. Only then did I realise just how much I have missed it, and now my mouth was full of cock, well half full, Gino was a big guy and handling balls simultaneously I was in my element.

I took time to slowly work my tongue down his long stem and the, prizing his balls upwards, I sucked them too, one at a time very gently, it was so wonderful.

Gino asked if I could just let down my jeans to my knees, nothing more because we would save that for later, but just to see my ass he said, so I managed to wiggle them down for his liking and his response was immediate.

“Wow! Where have you been all my life Pete.” He had me kneeling over the passenger seat and gently spread my cheeks apart. He was making all sorts of agreeable sounds and bending down to sniff me there I felt his first touch between and it was so lovely. He spit on his finger and rimmed my hole a little and I felt the passion rise inside me, that hollow feeling that needed filling up. I moved my ass around and heard him sigh.

“That is just waiting to be fucked” he said openly and as there was another car parking nearby he said we had better get back to his place because he had a passion that needed fulfilling and that I had the most fuckable ass ever.

But he wanted just to indulge in a final suck before we drove off. Now he bent down out of site of our new neighbour to indulge. But we needn’t have worried because the couple in the next car must have been hot for it because he was already bobbing up and won over his girl who was just happening to glance at me. She was smiling knowingly. At that moment we were both feeling the joy of sex but I was wishing it was me receiving it inside rather than by mouth.

As we drove off I think Gino was having a job to drive and concentrate, his cock was still propped up beneath his trousers and I knew I was in for it big time. I didn’t care that it may hurt because it was so big, my passion was as strong as his, that had been developed in our hungry oral encounters and the touching and feeling. And I could still taste him in my mouth.

His cock was lovely and I wanted it like I have never wanted cock before. I wanted my Italian Job right down to the root when I can feel his balls slapping my ass.

I gave him a quick feel on the way home but not too much in case it jeopardised his driving. I was just as hard as he was if not so big. But it had been sucked well and good and felt gloriously numb and so soothed. I tucked it between my legs and thought of Gino’s fuck later.

Whatever quality he has to get me into such a state beats me; no other guy has ever had that effect on me. Not like that. It was like I was besotted by him, he was my master and I was his servant. I would not mind that at all. Danny was a bit like that, wanting to tie me up before intercourse and slap my ass with a wet flannel. His fuck afterwards was well rewarding and so too the resulting mouth fuck when he spunked into my face.

I didn’t like so much when he pee’d over my ass though, but put up with it for the value of what we did otherwise.

I was glad the journey took just about an hour and looked forward to seeing his ‘Villa’ but was I in for a surprise!

It was a mobile caravan with a nameplate over the door: ‘Gino’s Villa’ and he knew just what the confused expression on my face meant.

“I travel a lot, suits me to have mobile home, come inside, it is ever so comfy.”

He guided me in and yes, it was like a miniature home with all the trimmings, it was cosy and intimate too which I liked. It made me feel instantly comfortable with him considering my purpose there, and why he asked me to join him.

“We shall have a drink to break the ice, what is your poison Pete?”

The swell between my thighs had diminished some but I still felt terribly randy.. I said I would go for a small brandy and coke and he said he would have the same and then we would get down to it.

Again, Gino was straight to the point, was it an Italian thing or something or is it that us Brits are so terribly reserved when it comes to talking sex.?

We sat on a very comfy leather bound mini sofa for two and enjoyed the drink, and a little bit of congenial shuffling so that we were touching which made me feel good.

“How do you like my mini home then Pete?”

“I like it good!”

“There is a shower unit at the rear which you will; need later I am sure.”

He showed me a sort of adjustable frame with a cushioned seat.

“I guess you would like to know what this is for Pete?”

I said yes, I would.

“It is my fucking frame; it is adjustable according to needs like height and position. I shall show you what I mean when we fuck, you stand about 5ft eight inches but I will need to adjust so you can bend over comfortably and give me the very best of your ass.”

“You have it all worked out Gino. I guess you have used it before?”

“About twice but to no avail, none of them took off with me, they didn’t have what it takes, not like you. I could tell from the inset you were the type of guy I would want to make hay with and maybe a lasting relationship. Now I think it is about time you stripped for me and I shall do the same.”

Now my heart began to beat faster again – it was terribly exciting just stripping with another guy knowing the outcome would lead to all manner of thrilling things.

He was stripped in no time at tall and sat watching and admiring, and feeling himself -that gorgeous extremity of his.

“You look so good and I love that tight ass of yours, it looks good in jeans too, nice and round and defined and very, very fuckable”

“Thanks Gino. I aim to serve” and already I felt the urge to suck cock, Gino’s Italian Job that is.

He went to a drawer, pulled out a couple of things. One was a sort of strap harness which he fixed around his waist and beneath his cock and balls and I soon saw what he was at, it propped it up and pushed it forward so beautifully and it looked breathtaking.

The second he explained to me was a pair of black tights which he would like me to wear in order to enhance my ass and separate my cheeks.

“They have been worn and spunked in Pete, I wore them yesterday but you will look much better in them.” He sniffed and handed them to me.

He just stood there, his cock at full mast and I pulled up the tights over my legs and they made me feel so very sensual. Especially knowing he had wore them too.

“You look very stunning Pete. Now come on, bend over the frame and let’s get the right angle shall we?”

For the next half hour he enjoyed kneeling behind and having me orally and it was utterly so beautiful, feeling his mouth push between my ass cheeks and sniff me through the tights.

“You smell so good Pete, I adore your ass, twist it a little baby, just a little this way and then bend a bit more so as to touch your toes so I can have a good feel of you below.

I closed my eyes and knew sooner or later he was going to start cocking up my hole and all the time I was trusting providence that he could get that huge circumference of pure unadulterated cock inside me.

He called me baby and that was fitting. I somehow wanted him to take control and have me at his will. That would be so nice.

He was tearing the seam between my cheeks and all at once I felt the touch of his tongue there as his hand busily explored my cock.- it was heavenly and so very, very sensual like I had never known before.

Danny, my ex, used to like doing that but it was never the same. Now I felt the probe of his cock begin to tease between my crack. It felt good and very hot and so very large between my average sized butt.

I felt him lubricating me, so soothing and numb after what he had been doing with his mouth and finger tips.

It was nice too feeling him adjust the frame to his liking and I liked being all ass for him.

“You hole looks stunning Pete. How many guys have fucked you before?”

I replied that I had never been asked such a personal question before and he said that meant that he was interested in me as a serious partner, and not just a casual quickie.

I knew what he meant. One guy I have been with just said nothing at all, he just had his fuck and that was that, I never saw him again. I told him about two had fucked me but Danny was the last to have me.

I really wanted a real commitment with Gino. He was right for me,. Just so long as, and I know it seems crazy, he could get that Italian Job into me. I felt sure it was going to take some doing.

“How big was your last guy Pete and how long ago?”

“About a year gone” I replied.

“I guess you are aching for it huh?”

“With you I am yes”

He was silent for a while experimenting with my assets but then he began to move his cock into me slowly and with care.

“It is nice and warm in there Pete. Don’t worry, I will take it nice and slow, just say stop if it hurts too much, but it would be nice if I can get it all up you.”

He tried pushing it in deeper; I guessed he was about an inch inside. I felt the stretching. It hurt and yet the passion seemed to overcome that. I’d sucked and wanked this guy and imagined what his fuck would be like and I so wanted it to be a success.

“Just take a breather baby, we have plenty of time and anyway just this far inside you feels so good.”

I apologised that I was so tight, that is had been a long time.

I moved my hips to help him penetrate me, moving from side to side as he gradually worked it up me. I just felt so right with Gino, he was a gentle guy buy I felt he could be rough too when the occasion arose, and I would look forward to that.

Half way a into me he suggested we take a break and do some oral which suited me fine. Now his taste was mingled with my mine and sucking it propped up like that was a real joy.

He pressed his nose and mouth into me and I felt his strong sucking motion licking me out and his fingers stretching me as wide as could be.

He spent quality time just prizing his fingers deeper into me with plenty of edible lubricant so he could oral me too.

He had me come away from the frame awhile so we could indulge in some more mutual sucking. I enjoyed tasting his cock as he continues to work his fingers up me. I felt my hole was well worked and ready for his full penetration as he spunked a little and I felt it slide into my throat as I swallowed it – and that was fine.

“Lets try again Pete” he said and I could see he was desperate, taking his cock from my mouth it felt like it was still steeped into the opening of my throat and I was so ready for him down under

“Go for it Gino. Fuck me stupid, I want that!”

He took the hint and my ass was being thumped and worked and steeped across the fucking frame.

“Is that okay baby? We are nearly there” and it soon was and as he finally got there. I knew he had when he made that final strong surge and he let out such a roar. I sighed with relief feeling his firm balls slap against my flesh as he thrust himself firmly into me.

I felt a stretching sensation I had never known but even though the pain was acute I wanted his fuck.

It was beautiful and I felt so very gratified when he reached his climax and spurted his spunk over my ass. It felt so warm and lovely dripping down between my inner thighs and magic as he sucked it all up and licked it over my face and cock and then I was soon gratified too, he wanking the cock off of me until we were both utterly stinking of each other.

Now I knew what he meant when he talked earlier about the shower.

We showered together of course and it wasn’t long before I saw that cock rise again and he said he wanted me again while I was still wide open. He had me sitting on him this time and took pleasure watching it slide up into me for another great deep penetration.

Soon we were both utterly exhausted but it was truly lovely.

We aimed to see each other again and again and I wanted that, I could never manage without my Italian Job no way!

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