Girlfriend’s Son Ch. 03

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I didn’t have to wait for long until Ben to came over again. Two days later there was at the front door looking a bit fidgety and nervous. He was wearing a T-shirt and loose fitting board shorts that weren’t completely hiding his thick, erect cock.

“Would you like something to drink,” I asked as we walked down to the lounge room.

“Yes thanks”, replied Ben.

In spite of his nervousness he seemed more relaxed and at peace with himself and that chip on his shoulder was less evident. Maybe he was coming to terms with the fact that he liked cocks. His mother had also noticed that he was easier to get along with lately so it wasn’t just my imagination.

We chatted for a while and I found out a few things about Ben. He was fairly inexperienced sexually, apart from our encounters he had never even touched another male and didn’t masturbate much either. Sure, he had petted heavily with girls and fucked them but this was always for appearance, and he never enjoyed it that much. He said thought their bodies were okay but it just didn’t seem enough somehow.

“What about men of your own age, are you having sex with them now,? I asked.

“I tried it with a 20 year old guy I met in a public toilet but I think I prefer older men like you” was his reply, “you know what you are doing and it’s nice to be sharing the same cock with my Mum”.

By now, with all this talk, I had a strong, hot erection. I told him to stand up and take his clothes off. Just looking at his beautiful, strong, naked body was almost making me come in my pants. I still couldn’t believe how smooth and hairless his body was except, that is, for the thick hair all over his cock and up the crack of his bottom. I could clearly see his flat stomach muscles right down to where his cock began. Ben was a young man in his prime.

I undressed and we both stood there for a few moments looking at each other. I reached out and felt his balls, rolling and kneading them around through his thick hair. He started panting and moaning as I knelt down in front of him and started licking his tight stomach, slowly working my way down to his stiff cock and large heavy balls. I slid my tongue up and down his shaft and gently sucked each of his balls into my mouth, rolling them around and around. Ben reached out with both hands and hung onto Escort Bayan my shoulders to steady himself.

“Umm, that feels good” said Ben.

I stood up and told him he could touch me if he wanted to. He looked into my eyes with a sort of look that expressed his excitement at not only being allowed, but also being encouraged to play with my cock.

“It’s okay Ben, you allowed to. There is nothing wrong with men playing with each other’s bodies.” I re-assured Ben.

He reached out and touched my cock for the first time. I sat back on the couch with my legs forward and apart and told him he could kneel down between them and play with my cock for as long as he wanted to.

“You have a really nice cock and it feels so good to be able to feel it,” said Ben.

“Ohhh Bennn, you are getting me very worked up,” I responded.

After a while he opened his mouth and, copying me, started licking up and down my shaft and licking my balls. He then did something very unexpected; he put his mouth over the knob of my penis and started sucking it. Like his mother, he seemed to be naturally good at cock sucking. He didn’t pull away when he got me to the point of climax but just kept on going.

I couldn’t hold back any longer nor did I want to, I wanted to be the first to fill his mouth and throat with hot cum. My legs automatically straightened and stiffened as I started ejaculating into his mouth. It was glorious letting my balls and cock empty out into Ben’s wet, warm mouth and could tell he got a shock with his first taste of cum but still managed to swallow it all with a couple of big gulps.

From the look on his face I knew he didn’t like the taste but, at the same time, we also both knew it was a taste that he would come to look forward to.

“That was wonderful Ben, did you enjoy it? I asked.

“Well it didn’t taste like I thought it would and I panicked a bit because there was so much of it but my tummy feel nice and full now” was his reply.

I thought it was time I took his education a little further so took him by the hand and lead him into the kitchen where I bent him forwards over the kitchen bench and told him to hang on. I came over to him with a bottle of olive oil and poured some into the palm of my hand. I was going to finger fuck his arse.

He had a nice muscular bottom and I spent some time just rubbing it and stroking it all over avoiding his crack or his genitals. He was starting to relax. I let my fingers stray closer to his crack, letting them go further and further towards his anus. He started to tense up a bit.

“Is this okay”, I asked.

“Yes, it feels nice but I’m frightened that it’s going to hurt” was his reply.

“Don’t worry sweaty, I’ll be very gentle but tell me if it gets too much”.

I avoided penetrating him for a while preferring for him to relax more so that he would be more receptive to my cock. I ran my finger around and around his hole and every once in a while pushing against the opening. Each time I pushed I felt it give a little bit more until my oily finger started to slide inside.

“Ooohh, mmmmm”, he said.

I pushed a bit harder against his tight ring until my finger was half way in. I reached between his muscular legs with my other hand to feel his cock. The olive oil I had poured over his bottom had run down to his balls and was dripping from his cock. I rubbed my hand all over his groin rolling his balls around and gently stroking up and down the smooth skin of his shaft, flicking his foreskin back and forth over his big knob.

“Are you enjoying this?” I asked.

“Ooooohhhh, eemmmmm, it feels just great, please don’t stop” was the response.

He was right about that, it did feel great. Here I was, a man in my late forties with an eighteen-year-old lad bent naked over my kitchen bench finger fucking him and playing with his cock. There is nothing like a vigorous young male, with a tight, trim body, and a cock that us always hot and stiff.

By this time I had my whole finger up his bum and was rhythmically pumping it in and out, in and out just like my cock would be soon. When I thought he was relaxed and ready to be fucked I pulled my finger all the way out and, moving forwards, placed the tip of my cock against his hole.

“Now just relax sweety, I’ll be gentle and I’m not going to hurt you”.

I pushed a bit harder. With all the finger fucking he had loosened up enough for the head of my cock to start entering him.

“It’s starting to hurt a bit, it’s too big” cried out Ben.

I started stroking his back gently and said things to help relax and soothe him.

“It’s okay Ben, if you want me to stop I will” I said, “I’m being careful and the first time is always the hardest”.

” No, don’t stop, I need to have your cock up my arse”, replied Ben.

I edged further until I felt my knob plop past his sphincter. Like any virgin he was nice and tight and it turned me on to know that I was his first.

Ben inhaled strongly and deeply and started moaning “errrrr, ummmmm, that feels wonderful, don’t stop”.

Cautiously and slowly I started thrusting, in and out, in and out. Ben was whimpering and sobbing, “this feels so good, I didn’t know it would be as good as this”.

I reached down between his legs and felt his big balls hanging down, jiggling around in time with my thrusts with his stiff cock bobbing around in front.

By this time I knew that I would cum very soon and started to gently masturbate him making sure I fingered the large mushroom head of his penis with each stroke. It was such a sensual erotic sight to be fucking the arse of this young man, to see his back and arm muscles tightening more and more as his pleasure built up. Masturbating him was different to older men with their round bellies and fat thighs. Despite his dark, thick pubic hair I could feel the muscles of Ben’s flat stomach and inner thighs brush against my hand as I stroked his thick cock up and down.

All of a sudden he clenched his buttock cheeks together and said “I’m going to cum, fuck me, fuck me hard, I want to feel your cock all the way in”.

I thrusted in and out as hard as I could slamming my stiff cock right up to the hilt where my heavy balls would slap hard against his own. I could feel his cock starting to throb and then pulse out long jets of cum all over the cupboard doors and floor. I thought they would never stop. Towards the end of his orgasm I couldn’t hold back any longer and started to cum. It was one of the most satisfying releases I have had and came in long, luxurious waves of pleasure until my balls drained completely.

It was all the more pleasurable knowing that I was his first, I had penetrated him anally and filled him up with my sperm. By the time I had finished cuming he was slumped forwards across the kitchen bench, totally relaxed, sweaty and satisfied, savouring the feeling of his tummy and bottom full of cum and my cock still half hard up his arse.

From that moment I knew he was mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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