Give Me All Your Love

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In each of Kimiko’s hands, an energetic cock twitched and throbbed. Each of them had climaxed moments ago, but they were looking as eager as ever now. She was looking to keep them that way as she worked on another inside of her sultry sex, bouncing on top of it while her partner lay on the bed before her, bucking their hips up into her to match her rhythm. She had yet to climax, but her excitement had yet to wave. After all, gangbang scenes were her absolute favorite.

“Haaa… haaa~! Kimochi iiiii~”

The multiple layers of attention made her heart throb heavily in her chest, and even though there were less partners involved this time, compared to some of her previous amateur productions, there were plenty of reasons for her anticipation to swell as the scene went along. One reason being the dark-skinned girl positioned right in front of her, who was currently having her own penis tended to, by the drooling hungry mouth of the partner currently penetrating Kimiko’s nethers.

“Mmmmf… mmmmf~! O-oh god… that feels so good~”

Kimiko couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction as she listened to her co-star, Lissa Loveland, croak with pleasure. The twintailed pinkette could only guess what lewd expressions the girl was making, given she was facing her slender back. At the very least, the soft, tender moans and the energetic movement of her hips was good enough of an indication. Even if she wasn’t the one giving Lissa that pleasure, seeing her get so into the scene was still such a joy for Kimiko. She was hoping that Lissa wouldn’t lose herself too much though. She knew the amphibious girl had stamina to spare, but for this particular scene, the director had planned for Lissa’s climax to be the finale of it all, for a very special reason.

“Grrkt!! Mmmmhmmppph!!”

Speaking of climaxes, Kimiko’s attention was brought back to the shaft that was currently sliding between her inner walls. It had begun to throb and twitch noticeably and its owner was currently moaning quite heavily into a mouthful of onyx hued cock, spluttering and gagging as their own throes of passion began to overtake them. With this Kimiko winked and worked her hips into a frenzy, pumping the cocks in her hand firmly and steadily as she did so. Her movements made her heavy chest bounce and each drop of her hips made her tanned, bubbly rear quiver and shake.

“Haaaa… hmmmm~! Make sure to fill that condom up for me now~!! We’ve got a good collection going on~”

Indeed, not long after she uttered those words, she felt the rubber sock inside of her swell and warm, as a viscous and plentiful load gushed out into it. The tip ballooned steadily, until Kimiko finished milking out the last few spurts of cum. Slowing her bouncing, she eventually lifted herself off, while Lissa buried her turgid, twitching length inside of that drooling maw, muffling the exasperated gasps and groans with her crotch.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm… hmmmmmm…”

Kimiko slowly rolled the Antep Escort Bayan pink, inflated condom off that cock, taking care to not spill any of the alabaster spunk sloshing around inside of it. Tying it up, she discarded it into a bucket, which was filled with several other swollen, coloured condoms.

“Alright, Cut! Scene change time people! Actors take five while before getting into positions.”

Lissa groaned as she pulled her cock from her partner’s throat and moved to rest on the bed for a little, thankful that the director made their call. Their cock twitched, even though it was free of that warm, slick thoat. They had been doing this shoot for a while now, and even though she was pretty athletic, holding up under the pressure she was under today was rough.

“How are you holding up Lissa-chan?”

Kimiko suddenly bounced up to sit next to her co-star, her expression beaming. She knew how difficult this scene had likely been for Lissa so far. The porn they had been filming required her to endure several sessions of teasing and edging, all for the intended climax. Indeed, as Kimiko’s bare body budged up to and cuddled into Lissa’s own, the bubbly actress could feel the tension in every shudder of the taller girl’s toned form.

Nonetheless, Lissa looked to Kimiko, smiling somewhat shakily, but at least rather widely. Lissa’s smile was one that Kimiko had grown to especially love, so she could tell this one was genuine, despite the fatigue.

“I-I’m alright… I just don’t think I’ve edged for this long before today…”

Kimiko cooed playfully as she gently prodded a finger at Lissa’s engorged member, which elicited a grumble from Lissa as she shifted a little in her seat, giving Kimiko somewhat bashful leer from underneath the shade of her straight cut fringe.

“D-don’t touch it right now… I’m worried it’s gonna burst any minute h-honestly.”

Kimiko’s candyfloss hued smile curled wider, puffing up her rounded cheeks, while her similarly rose coloured eyes twinkled with an impish glee.

“Awwww, it’ll be fine~! I know for a fact you’ve got great stamina, Lissa-chan~”

Lissa chuckled nervously, before her gaze shifted toward Kimiko’s slick, glistening lips and then back up to Kimiko’s energetic expression. They two of them had put in a lot of work so far, so they were equally looking a little messy and worn. But that’s the sort of look the director was going for; a marathon session, ending in an explosive climax.

But Lissa had something nudging at her conscience, and had done, ever since their director has suggested this shoot. She wasn’t necessarily losing sleep over anything, but the typical doubts had begun to seed themselves in her thoughts.

“Hey… Kimiko. You’re alright with this scene, right?”

Pursing her lips, Kimiko cocked her head in confusion at the enquiry.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Lissa knew that Kimiko was relaxed about sex. That was well known to anyone that met Kimiko honestly. But she had always been rather insistent on using condoms during shoots that involved penetration. Lissa had known her to go bare for people outside of that kind of setting, but only on some occasions. Heck, Lissa herself had done so a few times already. But Kimiko had told her before, that she just enjoyed using condoms during porn shoots. It was something she was known well for too and there was a definite niche of people that loved it. So, when their director had presented the idea for this video to them, Lissa was a little surprised to hear Kimiko so gung-ho about it.

“I mean… you’ve never really gone bareback with someone during a scene before so I was worri-“

“It’s fine, Lissa-chan~!”

Lissa suddenly found a hand placed upon her head, rubbing against her moss-green locks. The smile Kimiko suddenly wore was one more gentle and soft in nature, the sort Lissa had seen before, but was surprised to be suddenly faced with.

“I mean… getting to do this for the first time, on camera, with you, makes me super duper happy! I trust you more than anything, Lissa-chan, so I’m telling you, it’s alright!”

Suddenly, Lissa’s heart thumped deep within her chest and her cheeks flared up with a passionate crimson. She hadn’t expected such a heartfelt explanation, but suddenly, the fatigue she had felt seemed so far away. She suddenly felt a little foolish to have worried, although she knew that her bubbly friend wouldn’t think any less of her for being so anxious. She beamed back to Kimiko and nodded, placing her hand upon soft, tan skin of Kimiko’s warm thigh.

“A-ah… yeah! I should have thought as much. We’ve known each other for so long now, but sometimes I’m still taken aback. Like… I never thought I’d have someone like you in my life a few years ago…”

Bumping her head into Lissa’s gently, so her crown of pastel pink met Lissa’s verdant canopy she nodded and let out a soft, gentle coo.

“I get what you mean… sometimes life is sugoi like that! You just never know when you first meet someone, y’know~”

Lissa sighed as Kimiko rested into her. Wishing that they could relax there and then, but as the director called out to start the scene again, she knew that would have to come later.

“Alright, actors in your places!”

The two of them parted from each other, although it would only be for a second. As the trio of their previous partners closed in around them, Kimiko lay herself on the bed, with her legs spread and her puffy pussy on display for one of the cameras. Meanwhile, Lissa took her place between Kimiko’s legs, before pushing them up and bending them into Kimiko. Holding them there, she pushed her trembling cock inside, sighing as the warm pleasure of Kimiko’s nethers enveloped her sensitive shaft. Waiting in that position, Lissa looked down at her lover, her friend. The two shared an intimate look, one of understanding, of love.

“Aaaaand action!”

With that call, Lissa slipped back into her role, as did Kimiko. As their co-stars pleasured themselves, Lissa began to move her body into Kimiko’s soft, squishy form. Lifting her hips and then pushing them back down, she steadily worked up a rhythm. The room quickly filled with Kimiko’s cries, along with the intense percussion that was their bodies colliding. Lissa’s nuts thwapped into the otaku with every firm thrust and Kimiko’s backside rippled in turn.

“Haaaa… Haaa~! Ojo-sama~! It feels so good~! After all that teasing… you’re finally going to get to cum, aren’t you~?”

Lissa smirked at Kimiko’s mewlings, while Kimiko wrapped her arms around Lissa’s back, securing her in place as they mating pressed. Lissa knew she was on top, but it truly felt like Kimiko was the one in control here, which helped her feel more at ease. Having that reassurance would allow her to focus more on making this good for not only herself, but for Kimiko too.

“H-haaa… I-I’m not sure how much longer I can hold on for, Bubblegum!”

“Mmmmm… I know how excited you are and you’ve been really good to hold on for so long~! I’m pretty close too, so give it one last push and we can-mmmph-we can cum together~”

Lissa could feel the pressure building inside of her like never before. But she felt like she could hold on and give it everything she could. Knowing just how much Kimiko trusted her, cared for her, she knew that making this the finest climax they had ever done was only right!

“R-right! Here it goes!”

Shuffling a little bit and pushing Kimiko’s legs back a little, she brought her hips back and then slammed straight into Kimiko again and again, the pace enhancing to new, more intense levels. The trio surrounding them moaned and cried out, as if to cheer them on, while the two of them began to make out while rigorously mating.


“Mmmmgh… mmmph~!!”



Suddenly, a rush of pleasure shot through Lissa as she reached her limit. Her cum churned inside of her, as Kimiko’s sex began to clench and pulse, signalling that Kimiko was ready to finish things off too. While continuing to passionately rut into one another, spunk burst from Lissa’s tip, and juices began to spill from Kimiko’s nethers.

Their cries and moans were muffled as they continued to make-out, but those stifled moans were quickly replaced by those of their co-stars, who soon unleashed their own loads onto the two of them, glazing both of their bodies in their own cum. As Lissa continued to unleash her own shots, Kimiko filled up and soon the white seed began to ooze out and onto the bed sheets. It seemed like backing up Lissa’s load had paid off too, given her orgasm lasted much longer.

Eventually though, the two of them sighed into one another, and Lissa pulled her shaft free, only to rest into Kimiko’s arms as the scene was brought to a close. Basking in the afterglow with her best friend, was easily one of Lissa’s favourite things.

“Aaaaand cut! Good job everyone!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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