Give Your Ass to Me

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I love writing what really happened…it makes my pussy dripping wet all over again.

We do horny stuff, then I come here and reported it to you! I love it!

Fresh out of the shower, Blue was making the bed, her ass and hips waggling hotly. I was drying myself off, my eyes on that ass of hers, my pussy getting more wet by the second. I’m pretty sure she knew that.

I had just fucked her pussy with my mouth in the shower and, already, she’s teasing me for more? I do love that…she can have me whenever she wants!

I went to her and held her from behind, my hands on her hips, my hips pressed against her ass…she giggled and pressed her ass against me, rubbing me with it. Her giggles turned to whimpers when I opened my mouth wide on the side of her neck, letting her feel my teeth.

With her ass still pressed to my hips, she leaned her head to the side, giving me her neck. I growled softly from low in my throat, “Who does your ass belong to, baby?” I pressed my teeth harder against her skin.

Baby yelped, pleasure shooting through her body, telling me breathlessly, “You…you…you…”

I slid down to my knees behind her with my body sliding on her ass, and said, “Give your pretty ass to me.” She remained casino siteleri standing and spread her feet apart, eagerly spreading her legs for me, her breathing quickening.

She squealed with the first long lick I gave her up through her ass cheeks, my hot, slippery tongue sliding lasciviously across her opening…her body weakened and she fell over on her hands on the bed, partly to hold herself up…partly to beg for more by pushing her ass at my face.

I used my hands to push against her inner thighs and she spread her feet farther apart, surrendering more of herself to my mouth, each exhale of her breath now with sexy little whimpering sounds. I moved my hands to her lovely asscheeks and spread them, burrowing my strong tongue to her opening and just pressing on it, my breath burning her.

My hot baby squealed out, “FUCKFUCK! OHFUCK!” and shoved her ass harder at my mouth…I growled and, using only my face between her asscheeks, I roughly pushed her body onto bed.

Baby screamed in pure delight, her forehead planted on the mattress and her ass raised for me, yelling as loud as she could, “TONGUEFUCK MY ASS! HARD! FUCKING HARD!”

My inner thighs were soaked with my own juices…without touching myself, canlı casino I STILL had an orgasm about to hit me while tongue-flicking her opening…she pushed my face harder with her ass, screaming nonstop with her body tense and about to cum…I BURIED my tongue in her ass, fucking her hard with it!

Just from her ass being fucked with my tongue, her orgasm rocked her hard! I held onto her with both hands and my own orgasm hit, making me tongue-fuck her harder while she came, my orgasm sending all my cum down my thighs…

Blue lay flat her tummy, catching her breath with her legs spread. I climbed up on her and straddled her, rubbing my ladycum-soaked pussy all over her ass and my wet thighs rubbing her hips…my cum dribbled down on her opening, making her squirm under me and her ass muscles in mini-spasm.

I had to do it…I reached behind me and fucked her pussy with two fingers…I tossed my long hair and fucked my pussy on one of her ass cheeks…oooooooohhhhhh, how I came…so fucking hard, my body, breasts and hair bouncing from my intense pussyfucking on her ass…baby screamed out and came with me, my fingers tormenting the inside of her pussy!

I gently slid my fingers from her and her breathing was kaçak casino in little gasps. “Sunny…fuck…fuck…baby…”

My pussy wetly slid off her ass and I fell beside her. Fuck, she looked so good like this…her mouth open, her hair a mess, her body all wet from my pussy.

I ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and mouthwashed, then ran back, plopped between her wide-spread legs and smothered her ass cheeks with kisses and little hot sucks, making her squirm under my mouth and whimper for me.

I slid up beside her, lied on my back and gently pulled her on top of me with her flat on my tummy, legs spread wide, straddling my body with her arms spread out. I caressed her down her back with both hands from her shoulders to her ass, and her mouth met mine…

She kissed me deeply and purred into my mouth, her warm, wet tongue sliding on mine. I purred back to her, trying to get more of her mouth…her tongue slid deeper to my throat, then back out…

Her voice was hot against my lips. “My ass belongs to Sunny. My pussy belongs to Sunny. My heart belongs to Sunny…I love you so, so much.”

I replied with my lips touching hers, “All of me belongs to Blue…I’m your possession, forever…I love YOU so very much.”

She laid her head on my breasts, nuzzling me contentedly while I rubbed my face in her hair. Even at rest, her pussy contracted…relaxed…contracted…relaxed…and dripped on my tummy.

The End

Thank-you for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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