Glory Days Again

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I just couldn’t help myself. It had been years since I had a girlfriend and the last time I had gone out in full drag to a gay bar confirmed what I’d been feeling for some time — a wig and lots of makeup could take 10 years off your age, but not 20.

The bar scene was over for me and it had been a while since I’d had any real-life action. I got by with cam2cam — dressing in panties, bra, stocking, heels and other femme stuff, then getting on the web cam and jerking off for an anonymous audience of other men.

That has been fun for a while, but can get boring, so I decided it was time to revisit my glory days at the glory hole. Forget full drag — I wanted to get right into right into some girlie underwear and start sucking cock.

I decided to go to the book store in late-afternoon on Saturday — my thought was that married guys, who had told their wives they were getting the oil changed, would be the type hanging around the dark booths of the book store looking for a slutty sissy like me.

So I got all cleaned up, and shaved head to toe. I sprayed on some women’s perfume and started to dress in my cumslut uniform. First was a white lace bra with garish hot pink lace trim around the cups and up the straps. I slipped some small silicone breast forms into the B cups and adjusted them in the mirror. Perfect.

Next were white crotchless panties. Yum. These were the type that had a skinny lace-covered waist that rides high on a women’s waist and were made of two strips of super sheer chiffon nylon trimmed inside and out with garish lace.

My rock hard cock was sticking straight out from between the front halves of the split panties, and when I turned my ass to the mirror and looked over my shoulder, I could see the lacey edges of the split back panels barely touched when I was standing up. If I bent just a little bit, the wispy, crotchless panty spread open to frame my pink boy pussy.

I took the opportunity to slop lube all over my favorite butt plug, which I rudely shoved right up my ass, causing a delightful shot of pain as the wide point of the plug rapidly stretched my tight but willing sphincter.

Next was a pair of cheap black thigh-high stockings. I knew they would take a beating and I didn’t care if they ran, as long as the stay-up lace tops kept them in place.

I wanted advertise my sissy submissiveness by showing lots of frilly panty, so I pulled on low-rise ladies jeans that I had bought earlier that week. When I went shopping, I took several denizli escort styles and sizes into the men’s fitting room to make sure I had a pair that fit, but weren’t too tight. I wanted to be sure they showed plenty of ass and panty when I bent over.

They did! Oh this was fun. Shoes were low wedge-heel women’s sandals. Worn with the black stockings, they weren’t super obvious to the casual passerby — but I wanted something that wouldn’t look too out of place when I was entertaining in just my panties and stockings.

On top, I finished off with a denim shirt — longish with a straight bottom hem that hung over the top of my jeans when I was standing and walking normally. It buttoned up the front and didn’t do much to conceal the modest fake boobs I had stuffed in my bra.

And that was it — perfect — unlikely to attract undue attention in public, I had an outfit perfect for showing off my sissy intentions to horny men at the adult book store. I sure didn’t look like a woman, but I certainly did look like I wanted to be fucked like one.

There were only three cars in the lot when I parked at the ABS — about what I figured. I went in and bought $20 of tokens from the clerk so the old queen would know that I would feed the machines and wouldn’t bother me.

The arcade area was a dark maze of hallways lined with small video booths. It was very quiet, and I took a minute to let my eyes adjust to the mid-day windowless twilight.

I unbuttoned my top entirely as I began strolling down the first hallway, checking out the open doors of all the empty booths I passed — I could see very large glory holes gouged between most booths. I turned the corner and saw there was one man leaning against the door frame of a booth about halfway down the hall. As I approached, I made sure to pull my shirt open so the white and fluorescent pink cups of my bra were glowing brightly in the gloom.

I stared at the gentleman’s crotch as I walked closer to him. When I was just about in front of him, I very briefly paused and lifted my eyes up to meet his gaze.

He was a little older than me, and dressed in khaki slacks and an oxford button-down shirt. He was probably exactly the type of closeted married guy I expected to see here at this hour. Decent-looking and in decent shape, he was maybe 6 feet tall, about 180 lbs. He seemed nice enough, and I was making it perfectly clear that I would suck his cock or do any dirty thing his wife diyarbakır escort wouldn’t.

He seemed receptive. As I very slowly started to walk on, I glanced back down at his crotch as he took one hand from his pants pocket and placed it on his thigh.

I stopped a few steps past the man and purposely dropped one of my metal tokens. He stepped forward as if to pick it up for me, but I was just ahead of him — bent over at the waist to pick up the coin and showing a lot of lacy white panties above the top of my jeans.

When I stood up, I looked back at him and said, “Thanks, but it’s OK. I don’t mind getting down on the floor.”

I walked a little further, taking a good look inside each booth I passed, and found one with large glory holes on two walls. I stepped inside, closed the door and noisily slid the metal latch. I dropped half my coins into the video machine and the sounds of a fake orgy filled my booth as I dropped my shirt onto a seat in the corner and carefully took off my jeans.

I saw golden light flickering through the glory hole on the left: my hallway friend had wasted no time. I made sure to stretch my arms well over my head and did a slow turn so he could examine my sissy cocksucking outfit.

Sure enough, his eager eyes were at the large glory hole, watching me intently as I posed in my sissy underwear and stroked my small erection. I was obviously willing to do anything — a middle-aged man in a dark, dirty porn video booth wearing nothing but a stuffed bra, crotchless panties and black stockings.

My friend’s face was gone from the hole, replaced by his finger, rubbing the edges of the hole.

This was backwards — he was asking me to let him suck my cock. I thought to myself, “Is everyone in the world a bottom?” After all, I’m the one wearing women’s underwear, so that makes me the cocksucker here, right?

So I did nothing, just stood still in the middle of the booth, slowly pulling on my little boner, changing the video channel to find some hot anal sex. The finger was gone, and I was sure his face was just beyond the glory hole, watching my little show of coy submission.

He must have got the message as soon a nice, hard, purple-headed cock came through the glory hole. Immediately, I was down on my knees licking and slurping the head. I couldn’t tell how big it was and I didn’t care.

I took a tight grip on the hard, velvety shaft and jerked with enthusiasm as my lips antalya escort slide down and back over the slick mushroom head of his circumcised cock. I jerked the shaft firmly as I licked, sucked and kissed the end of his cock — using my tongue to tickle the sensitive bottom of his glans.

My head jerked back and forth, again and again, sucking a tiny bit harder each time the hot purple head popped out of the warm, wet vacuum of my mouth. I could feel his orgasm building. My grip on his shaft tightened and my jerking became more urgent and rough. He started thrusting his cock in counterpoint to my jerking and sucking. He was thrusting faster and faster. I matched him, jerking harder and harder in return.

I could taste and feel some slick, sweet precum and I knew he was close. I gripped tighter and jerked even faster — exactly as I did to myself as I was about to cum — and gently used my smooth, slick lips and wet, rough tongue to surround the head of his engorged organ in a warm, willing mouth pussy.

Finally, the pace got so fast I had to brace my fist firmly against the wall and jam my wide-open mouth down onto my fist. His cock pumped faster and faster through my fist as he essentially face-fucked me through the wall.

In seconds I got my reward — the first hot, sticky shot of jism in my mouth. His cock was thrusting again slowly, and squirting a hot gob of cum each time. Sweet acrid semen flooded my mouth as he deposited more spunk each thrust. His hot cum warmed my throat as I gulped down bits of his sticky load between his slowing thrusts.

Finally he stopped all together. I’m sure this toes were curled because I could hear him groaning loudly on the other side of the wall. He kept his cock still — shoved as far through the hole and as deep into my mouth as humanly possible — but not moving at all for what seemed like a full minute.

As he did so, I very, very gently licked and kissed the bottom of his still-hard shaft. As I swallowed the rest of his spunk, I felt him begin to relax. I loosened my grip on his shaft and used my lips and tongue to softly clean the sensitive head of his cock as he slowly recovered from his orgasm.

I circled his shaft with just my thumb and forefinger, softly squeezing and slowly milking the last of the sperm from his softening cock. I let go and his cock made a little popping noise as it pulled passed my wet lips for the last time and disappeared into the darkness of his booth.

He was sitting on the bench across the booth, sighing audibly as he caught his breath. I rested too, but with my face pressed against the filthy wall, my mouth open in the center of the glory hole. I licked my lips and smiled. Zipping up his pants, my friend said, “Thanks. That was amazing.” The latch rattled as he opened the door and was gone.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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