Glory Hole – Amelia’s Perfect Job Ch. 04

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“Don’t you think it’s time for me to meet her?”

It was. In fact, it was way overdue. And if I kept on making excuses, he would become suspicious. I was surprised that it had gone on for so long, without that happening. I would like to think, that it was because I had skilfully answered his questions, when he quizzed me about it. But it wasn’t. It was because he trusted me. So every time, when I told him that I was going out with Abigail, but I was really going to the club, he took me at my word.

As I drove to work, all I could think about, was my conversation with Rich. It had ended with me agreeing to invite Star for a meal. I was now regretting it, but what else could I have done? Another excuse, would have made him wonder if Abigail really existed.

Both John and Paul had been with her at the club, so they couldn’t be present, because she would instantly recognize them. Then I groaned. What about Rich? I hadn’t thought about that before. He had fucked me in the Glory Hole, so he might have done the same to Star.

By the time I got to my office, I had come up with an elaborate plan. Abigail was going to tragically die, and the funeral would be in some far away foreign land, so we wouldn’t be able to attend. I was thinking of the Central African Republic. That would work, but my alibi for Tuesday night, would also be dead.

After my first meeting ended, I got some time to think about it. I could invent a new friend. Then I sighed, because that was no good. It would just be delaying the inevitable. Rich would soon be asking to meet her.

What about telling him that I was attending a course? I would need to find a suitable one, and preferably one that was on a Tuesday evening, so that I didn’t need to change the day that I worked at the club. It would be a lot easier if I just told Star everything.

But should I do that?

I was still struggling with it, when Penelope entered my office.

“Cecil wants to know when he can go over that tax document with you.”

I’d like to say next year, or never. The prospect of being in a room with him, while he made tax even more boring than it already was, filled me with dread. However, it was important, and it needed to be done soon. I might as well get it over with.

“First thing tomorrow morning.”

“OK I’ll tell him.”

She was about to leave, when I had an idea. Penelope might be able to help me with my problem.

“If you had a secret, would you tell your friend?”

“A big secret?”

“Yes, and she is a good friend.”

After thinking about it, she said.

“No. She might not always be your friend.”

Then, before leaving, she ran her fingers across her lips, in a zipping motion.

She was telling me to keep my mouth shut. It sounded like good advice, so I should probably take it.

When it was time to leave, I had done an impressive amount of work. I was now going to the club, to get my reward.

As soon as Star saw me, she came over.

“I have something to tell you.”

I could hear the excitement in her voice.

When she had finished, she said, “Was that hot, or what?”

“Definitely hot!”

That made her chuckle.

“But it’s our secret.”

I nodded, and then I made the same gesture with my fingers over my lips, that my PA had done. That made her laugh.

Shortly after, she had a client. While she was gone, I thought about what she had told me.

Yesterday, her Brother had been one of her clients. She had told me all about it, trusting me with her secret. I decided that I should do the same, and tell her about mine. When she was back, I would tell her everything.

She was only away for fifteen minutes. After taking a shower, and making us both a coffee, she sat down next to me.

I started by inviting her for a meal.

“Thanks, I’m looking forward to meeting your family.”

She had already done that, but without realizing it.

“But first I need to tell you something.”

While I told her, she didn’t say anything, but the expression on her face, was of shock and surprise. When I had finished, I repeated what she had said earlier.

“Was that hot, or what?”

When she didn’t reply straight away, I was worried. Had telling her been a mistake? Did she think that what I had done with my Sons, was too much, even for somebody who works in a Glory Hole? And was it so bad, that she would no longer be my friend?

“It wasn’t hot.”

My heart sank. I was right, she didn’t like what I had done.

Then she gave me a big smile, before saying, “It was radioactive!”

Then she laughed, so loud, that the other girls stopped talking. I was so relieved, that when she had stopped laughing, I gave her a big hug.

Sometimes, you can be very busy, but generally, you spend a lot of time just waiting for the next client. To ease the boredom, Marge and Rebel play chess, and Gemma knits. If Star is waiting as well, then I chat with her. We talk about lots of things, but tonight, there was only one thing being discussed.

“How do they not know that it’s you? Surely Betturkey they recognize your voice.”

“What about your Brother? He didn’t realize that it was you.”

That got her thinking, and when she smiled, I knew that she had figured it out.

“The walls muffle the sound. So unless you have a distinctive voice, you are OK.”

But there was something else, and it was probably more important than the voice that they heard.

“And, if it’s anybody that knows you, they won’t be expecting you to be working in a Glory Hole. So they might think that it sounds like you, but they won’t think it’s really you.”

That convinced her, and she went quiet. But not for long.

“John and Paul have big cocks, so does that mean that Rich has a.”

I answered before she had finished asking, with an emphatic no! That creased us up, and we were still laughing, when both of us were called. Star to room one, and me to room three.

“Hi Ruby, it’s Ringo.”

My first client, and it was my Son. The perfect start. And I was going to make the most of it.

“Mummy is angry with you.”

He had been removing his jeans, but he had now stopped, with them around his ankles, as he tried to figure out what he had done wrong.

“You have made me wait for your cock. Next time, be here at seven.”

He was now grinning, relieved that he hadn’t actually done anything wrong.

“I’m sorry, how can I make it up to you?”

That made me smile. Not what he had said, but the tone he had used. It was as if he was apologizing for something serious. He was playing the game.

“I don’t know, let me think of something.”

That’s what I was doing now, but I was finding it difficult to concentrate, because his mouth was on my nipple, and his fingers were on the other one.

His tongue on my clit, would drive me crazy. But no, I wanted something unusual. What about some role play? He was my Son, and he was going to fuck me, so what role play could top that! Then I had a brainwave. But it would mean leaving the Glory Hole.

When I asked him to stop, he did. But when he found out, that it wasn’t so that he could have my pussy, and that it was because I was leaving, he was worried.

“You are coming back?”

I assured him that I was, but when I looked at the monitor, I could tell that he wasn’t convinced.

After quickly dressing, I rushed to the common room. Damn, Star wasn’t there. But all was not lost. I knew the combination to her locker. It was 1234.

When I opened it, something fell out, but I managed to catch it before it hit the floor. It was a black dildo, about eight inches long. And it was almost as thick as Paul’s cock.

It was why I had left the Glory Hole. I was going to borrow it.

As soon as I was back with Paul, I pushed it through the hole.

“What do you think?”

“No way!”

That surprised me. I thought seeing it would excite him, and that he would be eager to use it on me.

Then I realized why he had said no, and with such strong conviction. He thought that it was meant for him. I had to smile, why are men such wimps?

When I told him that it was for me, his expression changed. Gone was the worried look, replaced by a look of pure joy.

“Wow! I’ve never done that before.”

My pussy has been pleasured by a dildo, but not recently. However, this time it was going into my other hole, and that was a first for me.

I let him finger me for a while, until I was suitably moist, and then I bent over. I was now ready for him to start, but first, he would need some instructions.

“Put your cock into my pussy. Then, when you’re fully in, slowly push the dildo into my bottom.”

After replying with, “OK,” he started.

As his cock slid in, I purred, and then I said, “Mummy likes that.”

He didn’t reply, he just kept on pushing, only stopping, when all of his big cock was inside me.

My pussy was now stretched to its limit. If he was to keep still, and at the same time rub my clit, it wouldn’t take me long to reach it. We could do that, and then afterwards, he could fuck me to a second one.

Then I felt the head of the dildo spreading my cheeks, and now, the only thing that I wanted, was for it to be inside me as well.

I had asked for him to go slowly with the dildo, and thankfully, that was what he was doing. As it was going in, it wasn’t just filling my bottom up, it was pushing against his cock. It was almost more than I could bear. But it had become a challenge, so I was determined to take it all.

When it was finally in, I gave a deep sigh, out of relief. Having both holes filled to the max, was an achievement. I just hoped that my Son was impressed.

“Do you want me to fuck both holes?”

That got a quick no. Both at the same time, would be too much for me.

Then, to make sure that there was no misunderstanding, I said, “Just fuck my pussy.”

After his first stroke, I wanted him to stop, because it was more pain than pleasure. The second was better, but I was still thinking about ending it. The third Betturkey Giriş one was a game changer. It had given me a wonderful sensation, deep inside my pussy. And I just knew, that if Paul continued fucking me, it would get stronger, and that my inevitable climax, would be epic.

A minute later, I was moaning almost continuously. This was special. Why hadn’t I done it before?

Then he upped the pace. And now, each stroke seemed to be better than the last one. My climax wasn’t far off.

In a loud voice, Paul suddenly shouted out, “Fuck, I’m going to come.”

“Don’t you dare!”

I had screamed it out, hoping that it would make him hold back. But when he stopped, I knew that it hadn’t worked.

“Sorry, I can’t help it.”

Then, as he emptied his balls, he grunted.

When he had finished, he was apologizing again. But I didn’t want words, I wanted to come.

“This is what I want you to do. And this time, don’t fuck it up.”

“Yes Mummy.”

That usually makes me smile, or even laugh, but not this time.

When he started doing what I had asked, I was in a better mood. Then, shortly after, I had forgiven him for leaving me hanging.

This was good, almost as good as when his cock was inside my pussy. Star’s dildo was still inside me, but he was now fucking me with it. And his fingers were rubbing my clit.

It didn’t take me long to reach it, and it was a big one, but I knew that his cock would have given me an even better one. Then, I had to smile. I had just climaxed, and it had been so intense, that I had almost passed out. I should be satisfied with it. It was a lot better than what most women get, and it had been my Son who had given it to me!

When I got back to the common room, the first thing I did, was clean the dildo, and then put it back in Star’s locker. She was with a client, but when she was back, should I tell her that I had borrowed it? I decided that I would.

As soon as I saw her, I could tell that she was annoyed.

“Some bastard has been in my locker, and they have stolen it.”

While I was with Paul, she must have come out of the Glory Hole to get it. But it was with me. I needed to tell her, but I didn’t want to. This could ruin our friendship.

She was now looking at all the girls in turn, trying to decide who it might be.

“I bet it was Rebel. She’s such a bitch.”

I didn’t like her, but she didn’t deserve to get the blame.

I took a deep breath, before saying, “It was me,” then I quickly added, “But I only borrowed it.”

Then, before she could shout at me, I told her why I had needed it.

“So your client was your Son?”

“Yes, it was Paul.”

Then she laughed, and I thought that she was never going to stop. I was relieved that she wasn’t angry with me. But why was she finding it so funny?

When she told me, it made me laugh as well. Her client had been John, and she wanted the dildo, for the same reason as me!

After making us both a drink, I told her what Paul had said, when he had first seen the dildo, and why he had said it. But I made the mistake of telling her, while she had a mouthful of coffee. As she laughed, uncontrollably, she almost choked on it.

When I got home, I informed Rich, that Abigail, AKA Star, was coming on Saturday.

“Do I need to wear my top hat and tails?”

“Very funny. But what you need to do, is be on your best behaviour.”

And he was. Before Star arrived, he helped me prepare the meal. Then, he made sure that the house was tidy.

I had told her that we would be eating at seven, but to come at six. She was twenty minutes early, but it wasn’t a problem. We were ready for her.

When I saw her, I was surprised. But pleasantly so.

At the club, she dressed casually, and sometimes, even scruffily. I had assumed that she would do the same now. But I was wrong. She was wearing a stylish dress, that fitted her perfectly. It showed off all her ample curves, but it wasn’t too revealing. She had gone for subtle, rather than trashy.

“Rich, this is Abigail.”

As he shook her hand, he said, “Nice to meet you.”

“And it’s nice to meet you Rich.”

We talked for a few minutes, and then I had to go to the kitchen. When I returned, he was telling her a joke. It was one of his favourites, though I don’t know why, because it wasn’t very funny. When he had finished, she did the right thing, she laughed.

While we ate, I noticed that Rich couldn’t take his eyes off her. That was understandable, because she was a beauty. I was just glad that the boys weren’t here. John would have flirted with her, Paul would have stared at her, and George would have asked awkward questions.

It was almost midnight when she left. I’d suggested that she stay the night, but she had said no.

As soon as we had waved her off, Rich gave his verdict.

“That’s one smart lady.”

“Because she laughed at your jokes?”

He ignored me, so I decided to have some fun, at his expense.

“And did you fancy her?”

He shook his head.

“So her beautiful face, and big tits, didn’t excite you.”

“Her looks were average, and her tits were nothing special.”

I had opened my mouth, and I was about to correct him, when he laughed.

We then made love. It was both tender and passionate, and it ended with him giving me a wonderful climax. As it was fading, he got his.

The next time I see Star, I must remember to thank her. Rich had been fucking me, but it was thinking about her, that had got his cock hard.

On Thursday, Henry called me.

“Any chance you can come to the club? I want to speak to you about something.”

I looked down at my desk. It was covered with papers that I needed to read. But seeing Henry, would be a welcome distraction.

I said, “Is now a good time?”

It was, and ten minutes later, I was in his office.

As soon as he had finished telling me, I said no.

“But you work for me.”

“Yes, but that’s not in my job description.”

“You don’t have one.”

That was true, but if I did have one, then what he was asking me to do, wouldn’t be in it.

“You do know that I can fire you.”

He was now getting nasty, and I didn’t have to put up with it.

“And I can tell all the girls, that you pretend to be a client.”

He now looked horrified, and his face had gone pale.

“And where did you get that stupid wig from? It’s pathetic.”

I then stormed off, slamming the door on my way out.

As expected, it wasn’t long before Henry called again. But I told Penelope that I didn’t want to take it.

“What should I say to him?”

“Tell him to fuck off.”

It was an hour before I had calmed down.

Henry had wanted me to meet his friend, Ronald Crump, again. But not in the Glory Hole. It was to be at his mansion. He was having an important meeting, with some of his business partners. And I was to be the entertainment!

Henry asking, hadn’t annoyed me, but trying to pressure me to change my mind, when I had said no, had.

The next day, while I was at my desk, eating my lunch, Henry called.

“Should I tell him to fuck off again?”

I groaned. When I had told her to say that, I thought she would have ignored me, and just told him that I couldn’t take the call. But it was too late to worry about that now.

“No, I’ll speak to him.”

He couldn’t have been more apologetic. I even felt sorry for him. It was time to forgive him. When the call was ended, we were friends again.

At the weekend, I was eager for sex. But Rich’s cock wasn’t. Nothing worked. I even considered some role play. He could be John again. That would probably work, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. In the end, I had to settle for his fingers and tongue. I got a nice climax, but it wasn’t as good as it would have been, if his cock had been involved.

On Tuesday, I was so frustrated, that I was contemplating fingering myself, while I was at my desk. The only thing that stopped me, was that I wanted cock, and that’s what I would get later on at the club.

By three o’clock, it was almost unbearable.

What about asking Cecil to come to my office? I could lock the door, and close the blinds. He could then fuck me with his monster cock. But would he want to? This wasn’t anonymous sex in a Glory Hole, this was fucking the boss. What if I threatened to tell his wife? That might work.

No, all of it was utter madness!

Somehow, I managed to get to six, without doing anything that was inappropriate.

When I got to the common room, Star was there. And she had a gift for me. It was a dildo. The same as the one that I had borrowed from her. I was tempted to go to the bathroom, and try it out, but instead, I put it in my locker. I was saving it for special occasions

When my name was called, I hurried to the room.

“Hi Ruby, I’m Del.”

It was a new client.

“Thanks for coming to see me.”

And I meant it. I just hoped that he had a big cock.

“You’re welcome.”

I liked that. A young man with good manners.

“So Del, what would you like?”

“Just a blow job. I’ve been told that you are very good at it, and that you swallow.”

I was, and I did. But tonight, it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

“Why don’t you fuck me instead? My mouth is good, but my pussy is even better.”

“Thanks for the offer, but no.”

I didn’t bother trying again.

When I left the Glory Hole, I was more frustrated than when I had entered it. However, I had given the client what he wanted, and he had been very satisfied with the service he had received. It’s just a pity that he didn’t fuck me, because he had a nice cock.

I told Star about it, and how I was feeling. She was very sympathetic.

“I get like that as well. There are some days, when I am so horny, that I would work here for free.”

When I was called for my second client, I had zero expectation. It would be another blow job, or he would want me to jerk him off.

“Hello Mummy.”

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I was now going to be fucked. And by somebody who had a big cock, and who knew how to use it.

When I suggested, that we go straight for it, John was surprised.

“I thought you liked me playing with your big tits?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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