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“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“For the last time Nirvelle, this is a brilliant idea and I will be doing it with or without you.”

Nirvelle tried to give Lyrinia her best ‘I’m really, really concerned’ look, but it wasn’t going to work. Ever since she found out about this spell, Lyrinia had been obsessing over it day and night. Nirvelle had hoped that time would make her see sense but it seemed to have done the opposite. She figured the best she could do for now was to stay with her and make sure nothing went disastrously wrong. Lyrinia understood Nirvelle’s concerns but paid them little heed. Frankly she was shocked Nirvelle wasn’t as excited as she was given the potential of what was to come.

It had all begun with Lyrinia trying to research an effective ‘enlargement’ spell. She found plenty of spells designed to make objects bigger and even the odd one or two designed to make a whole person bigger, but nothing that would work as precisely as she wanted it to. All she wanted was to be able to ‘enlarge’ the cocks of any men she may decide to sleep with, nothing else. No man had ever satisfied her in that regard and was it really too much to ask for? She supposed the spells for making a whole person bigger could work to that effect, but she didn’t like the idea of the man becoming so big overall that he could feasibly fall on top of her and crush her to death.

All of her research had finally led to resorting to the darker side of the mystic arts. She still wouldn’t be able to get exactly what she wanted but she had happened upon a summoning spell that held a very specific purpose. Ancient dark witches had devised a spell that allowed them to bear the children of all manner of wicked beasts, that they would birth and then raise for their own personal protection. Lyrinia was unclear how exactly it worked, but the descriptions the witches had written down after told of unimaginable ecstasy and made vague references to the demons being very, very well endowed.

Whilst summoning demons wasn’t illegal, it was very much frowned upon for the amount of damage it could inadvertently do, so she’d had to conduct most of her research in secret, the only one knowing about it being Nirvelle. Her friend had remained with her whilst she set up her summoning circle.

“And you’re sure you won’t end up impregnated with some sort of demon spawn? Didn’t you say that was the original purpose of the spell?” Nirvelle asked.

“Yes! I have a potion all ready to go that will render anything that takes hold within me null and void. Honestly, you act like I haven’t given this every possible consideration!”

“Excuse me for thinking summoning demons to satisfy your need for big cocks is an irrational thing to do…”

“You are forgiven,” Lyrinia grinned back.

It was time. Lyrinia removed her clothes and laid them outside the circle before returning to it. Nirvelle looked slightly red faced at seeing her friend naked, but fought through it to stay and make sure she was ok.

“Now remember,” Lyrinia said to her, “whatever you do, don’t step into the summoning circle until the summoned beast is gone. I don’t know exactly what will happen, but the books made reference to something bad taking place if it does ok?”

“Ok,” Nirvelle said, her nerves and dread starting to rise exponentially. “Please Lyrinia, don’t do this!”

Either Lyrinia couldn’t hear her or chose to ignore her as she began to start the incantation. Nirvelle watched, her heart pounding in her chest, as Lyrinia knelt down in the middle of the circle. A faint, red glow started to emanate around the edges of the circle. It grew in intensity as Lyrinia continued to chant, the light pulsing as its intensity increased. Thin cracks of light began to permeate the floor like tiny fractures slowly making their way towards the middle of the circle where Lyrinia was knelt. She spoke the final words of the incantation with a level of enthusiasm that scared Nirvelle.

With those final words, the fractures of light in the floor widened as they came together in the centre of the circle. Another circle materialised in the air before Lyrinia, the centre a pitch black void that gave no indication of what lay within but that seemed to be staring at her. Nirvelle stood staring at it in shock as a low growl came from within it. Whatever it was began to speak.

“Witch,” it spoke with a deep, gravelly voice. “It has been a millennia since one of your kind has dared summon me. I have little patience for petty wants and needs. Speak now, and I will decide your fate.”

Nirvelle looked back to Lyrinia who should have been trembling with fear were she of sane mind but instead was smiling with glee.

“I have heard tales of the sexual prowess of demon kind. I humbly offer myself as an instrument of sexual pleasure.”

Nirvelle heard deep, ghastly laughter coming from the abyssal hole.

“Your forebears felt much the same way. I admit, I have missed the way a human feels to toy with. Fine, but first I offer a gift…”

The travesti seks hikayeleri fractures of light from beneath Lyrinia suddenly shone with a blinding flash.

“As you will see,” the voice continued, “I am a merciful and kind god. Remain within this circle, and no harm can come to you.”

Lyrinia lurched forward, bracing herself with her hands. Light from the fractures seemed to surround them and Lyrinia felt she could not move them anymore, even had she wanted to. She felt something similar happen to her legs, holding her in position on all fours and spreading her open ready for whatever this demon had in store. She felt a tremor of anticipation ride through her body.

Nirvelle watched the display in fear. What the hell had Lyrinia gotten herself into? Another circle was forming in the air just a few inches behind Lyrinia’s exposed pussy and ass. From within the hole something started to extend outwards. Whatever it was was red and fleshy and it was making its way further and further up Lyrinia’s spine until it finally reached just over half way. Nirvelle wondered if it was maybe an arm or some sort of demonic limb, but only a small amount of further inspection was needed to tell her exactly what it was. It was a long, hard and thick cock. It was like seeing some grotesque, supernatural glory hole.

“You feel what is laying on your back, witch?” the voice said.

“Y-yes,” Lyrinia trembled, out of anticipation rather than fear.

“As a merciful and kind god, I offer you one final chance to change your mind. No harm will come to you in the circle, I remind you of that, but should you agree to continue, you will be mine until such a time as I am through with you.”

Nirvelle was willing Lyrinia to change her mind, to take the demon’s merciful offer and leave. But the sex crazed look in her friend’s eye told her she had no intention of leaving.

“I am yours!” she cried victoriously.

With that, Nirvelle watched as the huge, intimidating cock pulled slowly back down across Lyrinia’s back until all of it was almost back in the circle before it angled down slightly and began to push forward again.

“Oh, oh fuck! Oh god that’s huge!” Lyrinia cried out in glee.

With almost a pop, the demon’s cock breached her pussy and started to move deeper inside her. Nirvelle moved around the circle to try and assess the damage. She’d already decided that if things got too much, consequences be damned she was stepping in to put a stop to this. Her jaw dropped as she saw how wide Lyrinia’s pussy had been stretched open. It looked like it could fit a whole fist in there without so much as a pinch of resistance now.

“Oh this is fucking incredible!” Lyrinia moaned.

She’d never felt such pleasure in her entire life and the demon had been good on his promise. She felt no pain, only pleasure, even as it became clear that the demon’s cock was too big for her insides to be expected to handle. Her cervix had seemed to offer no resistance whatsoever and so she was certain the demon was in her womb, but it was exactly what she had wanted.

After continuing to push forward with an alarming amount of length, Nirvelle saw the cock finally start to retract a little. This didn’t last long as suddenly it pushed forward again with a considerable amount of force, causing Lyrinia to scream in pleasure.

“Fuck yeeeeees!” she cried.

The huge cock continued to piston in and out of her whilst the light held her in place. She looked down at her stomach for a moment and felt a swell of astonishment as she saw the demon’s cock stretching the skin of her torso up to between her breasts. This was the fucking she’d well and truly wanted.

Nirvelle kept watching, absolutely transfixed at the sight before her until she saw movement back by the base of the circle the cock had come out of. It had widened slightly and something was coming out of it. It… it was another cock! As wide and probably as long as the other and almost resting atop it as it continued to emerge from the hole. Nirvelle could see exactly where it was going and covered her mouth in shock.

“W-what, another? In my a-ass? Oh fuuuuuuuckkk!” Lyrinia screamed as the second cock breached her ass the same way the first one had her pussy.

This was surely getting to the point that Nirvelle felt she had to step in, but Lyrinia looked like she was having the time of her life. Quite apart from feeling scared or fearing for her life, she was relishing every moment. In fact she was practically grinning from ear to ear. It was a little disconcerting.

The twin cocks seemed to be taking it in turns to piston in and out of Lyrinia like a well oiled machine, one hitting the deepest part, withdrawing and then the other taking its place in a constant motion. Lyrinia had never felt quite so filled in her life. Truth be told, she’d never been with more than one guy at a time, but even if it was only a fraction like this was, it was something she intended to keep in her back catalogue.

Another circle appeared which this time both Nirvelle and Lyrinia spotted. It had appeared just in front of Lyrinia’s face, maybe only a foot or so away. There was no ambiguity to what would come through this time.

“Oh ho, fuck yes,” Lyrinia laughed deliriously.

She opened her mouth and waited patiently as a third cock started to emerge from the void and headed straight for her mouth. Nirvelle could see that it was too big, it was clearly too big. But still it kept moving towards Lyrinia’s mouth and as the tip reached it, she watched as Lyrinia’s jaw stretched open far and beyond what it should have been able to to allow the demonic appendage in. All Lyrinia could do was moan as the cock pushed deeper and deeper down her throat.

Nirvelle could see it warping and distending Lyrinia’s throat carving a clear path to her stomach and soon to hit the other two cocks vying for space inside her. Her friend was starting to look like nothing more than a human cock sleeve. She wanted to end this now, but her friend was clearly still having the time of her life.

Lyrinia didn’t understand how she’d been able to take the huge cock thrusting in and out of her throat nor did she understand what had happened to her gag reflex, but right now she didn’t care. This was the ecstasy the witches of old had spoken about and they had not been exaggerating. She felt like every inch of her body was being fucked because, well, it was. Right now she was more cock than woman.

The demon’s voice suddenly came back from the void.

“Now that we are in position, the real fun can begin…”

‘The real fun?’ thought Nirvelle.

Nirvelle stifled a shocked scream as she saw all 3 of the cocks in Lyrinia double in girth simultaneously. She heard a weak, muffled moan coming from Lyrinia and saw her eyes had rolled to the back of her head. If this was the demon’s idea of ‘no harm’ it was little more than a joke. Nirvelle had seen enough.

She stepped into the circle and immediately the borders of the circle erupted in a wall of light that led up to the ceiling, locking them both in. The cocks inside Lyrinia suddenly shrunk down and disappeared back into the voids they came from and the shackle like lights that had held her in place released her leaving her panting on the ground but, admittedly, completely unscathed.

Nirvelle rushed to Lyrinia and started to try and check on her.

“Why did you make him stop?” Lyrinia angrily spat at her still laid on the floor.

“You couldn’t see what he was doing to you…”

“He was doing exactly what I wanted him to do to me! I’ve never felt that good in my life!”

“Silence!” the demon’s voice boomed. “Another witch. Why did you interrupt our consummation?”

“Because you were killing her!”

“I do not appreciate the honour of my word being besmirched like that. I told her she would be safe in the circle, and safe she has been. I also do not accept your reasoning. Witches never have just one reason for doing things in my experience, so what was the other?”

“The other?” Nirvelle replied. “What other reason do I need than my friend is about to be killed?”

“No. I see it now.”

The demon laughed his ghastly laugh.

“Jealousy. How very human of you…”

“What!? Jealousy? I…” Nirvelle started.

“Nirvelle, I told you you could have joined in this with me but you refused!” Lyrinia angrily said getting up from the floor. “You can’t just spoil it for me because I’m getting to have a good time and you’re not!”

“That would make sense,” the demon interjected, “but it isn’t the truth, is it Nirvelle?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Nirvelle said defiantly.

“Come now, it doesn’t do well for a young witch to deny herself. Speak the truth or the consequences I deal will be severe,” the demon threatened.

“Couldn’t you just bind her or something and then finish up with me?” Lyrinia asked the voice in the void.

“I have tired of that discourse now. I hunger for something different, something only your friend can provide us with.”

“There isn’t anything else!” Nirvelle continued to claim.

“A pity,” said the demon. “Well, seeing as you only seem to respond when your friend is in mortal peril, I suppose I have no choice but to claim her as my own, as she promised me, and bring her into my realm. It isn’t so kind to humans, they typically get torn apart within seconds, but oh well…”

Another portal opened to the right of Lyrinia and a large, red skinned hand reached out of it and grabbed her, making her scream in terror.

“Wait!” Nirvelle screamed. “Don’t take her, I’ll… I’ll do it, I’ll tell her the other reason.”

The hand loosened its grip on Lyrinia dropping her to the floor and she stood straight back up staring at Nirvelle.

“I wasn’t jealous because I wanted to be in your position,” Nirvelle trembled. “I was jealous because I wanted to be in his.”

Lyrinia stared at her mouth agape.

“W-wait, what!? What do you mean you wanted to be in his position?”

“Your friend is telling you she wished to be the one penetrating you, Lyrinia,” the demon said. Nirvelle could almost hear the grin in his voice.

“You’re always telling me about how important finding a big cock is to you and I’m not equipped for that so I’ve never told you about what I wanted. I’ve done my own research too, trying to find a way to make our two desires work together but I’ve found nothing. I wanted to be the one to give you that kind of pleasure.”

“What the fuck Nirvelle, have you never heard of a strap-on?” Lyrinia replied to Nirvelle’s surprise. “We could have been fucking this whole time if you’d just said…”

“Well yeah but I wanted it to be real, not some prosthetic,” Nirvelle replied, still shocked to be having this conversation.

“Typical humans,” the demon said, “Always wanting after that which they cannot have. But as well as being a kind and merciful god, I am also a generous one. So I suggest to you both a bargain.”

Both girls looked at each other and then back to the portal.

“I will give you what you want, namely a means by which the two of you can consummate with one another in a very real way but only on the condition that when you do, my consciousness will become a part of yours, Nirvelle, and I will be there for every moment.”

“So what you’re saying is, we’d never be able to have sex without you seeing us?”

“You think whatever god or deity you believe in turns a blind eye in your private moments?”

Nirvelle didn’t believe in anything, but it was a good point.

“How exactly will you provide a means?” Lyrinia asked.

“That information is not required for our deal,” the demon boomed. “Either accept my generous offer or accept what will likely happen to you if you disrespect me a second time.”

The two witches looked at one another and shared a look that told one another they understood there was no other way. They simultaneously spoke the words, “we accept.”

With that, the wall of light surrounding them dropped to a thin outline of the circle but the circle remained.

“It is done,” the demon said.

The circle holding the void the demon had been speaking from started to shrink until it fizzled away into nothing. The two friends stood in silence for a moment.

“Wait, is that it?” Lyrinia said.

“I-I don’t know,” Nirvelle said.

“I mean I was expecting something more grand to be honest, what…”

Nirvelle suddenly bent double and let out a cry of pain.

“Shit, Nirvelle!” Lyrinia said, running to her friend’s aid.

“M-my pussy, it feels like it’s on fire!” Nirvelle cried.

“W-what can I do to help?” Lyrinia replied, confused and concerned in equal measure.

“Take off my clothes!”

“What?! How will…”

“Please take them off, they feel like they’re crushing me!!” Nirvelle whimpered as she laid on the ground, clutching at herself.

Lyrinia didn’t necessarily understand the request but helped pull off Nirvelle’s jeans and top, revealing her braless and moderately sized boobs in the process.

“And my underwear, pleeease hurry!” Nirvelle moaned.

Lyrinia did as her friend asked and pulled her underwear away, revealing a completely shaven and pretty pussy that despite the situation she couldn’t help but be a little jealous of. Nirvelle laid on her back panting slightly, her knees bent but legs spread wide. There was a sudden movement by Nirvelle’s pussy and suddenly it was Lyrinia’s turn to be shocked.

She watched in awe as with a moan from Nirvelle, a cock started to emerge from seemingly within her pussy. It started small but was rapidly gaining in both length and girth. The sounds coming from Nirvelle started to change from groans of pain to moans of pleasure as her newly growing cock got steadily bigger and bigger. All Lyrinia could do was stare as it just continued to grow, finally reaching an obscene length of what must have been over two feet long and as wide around as a soda can.

Finally it stopped. The two girls simply stared at the freakishly huge and unnaturally placed appendage jutting out of Nirvelle’s pussy.

“S-so that’s what he meant by providing a mean… oh my fuck!”

Lyrinia had dived forward and started to stroke and lick Nirvelle’s new cock all over. Immediately large spurts of precum started to leak out of the end of it which she started to apply liberally, lubing it up as much as possible. Nirvelle arched her back in pleasure, her new cock frying her brain with unbearable sensations. She suddenly felt the urge take control and to really fuck Lyrinia. No, not just fuck, breed her.

She sat up, reached for Lyrinia’s neck and held her in place as she rose to her feet. She felt strong and powerful, but what she couldn’t and Lyrinia could was that her irises were glowing red. She stalked around Lyrinia, her hand still to her throat not quite choking her but holding her place and letting her know that now she was hers just like she’d just been his. She lifted up her cock and let it rest on Lyrinia’s back, pressing it between their bodies. It ran the length of her spine up the base of her neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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