Going Back To School Day 02

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(A Dylan James Adventure)

This is another in the continuing adventures of Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud. Dylan’s adventures started out with the “One For The Road” series. Those of you familiar with Dylan and his exploits will know that after he finished his stuntman apprenticeship in Los Angeles, he went to Europe for a few months to celebrate and just chill out before returning to the rigors of his new profession in Los Angeles. This story is about the beginning of that celebration trip.

If you are not familiar with Dylan and his adventures in Hollywood, please check out all his other adventures. However, this is a stand-alone series. Thanks for the interest and support. And please remember to vote. All emails are welcome.

Day 2

He was dreaming about his grandfather’s farm in Georgia, where he used to ride horses as a kid, when his Grandmother came to the door and called him for class. ‘Class? Why would she call him for class?’ Then the images started change and the word class repeated in his brain. ‘Class? Oh fuck, class!!!!’ Dylan sprang awake groggy and dizzy, but knowing he was late for his first class of the day in the theatre department. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs and realized he was in bed with two naked girls who where snuggled up against him. ‘Who were they? Oh yeah. Kasey and Megan.’ He smiled as he remembered the two girls and how they had seduced him into their shower. The fuck-a-thon they’d had and how he had fucked and sucked the coeds into catatonic states. But the knowledge that he was late for class interrupted his pleasant memories and he slowly got up from between the two girls. They groaned in their sleep as he rose, and then snuggled with each other as they sought to replace the missing heat of his body. As he looked down at the two naked women and how sexy they looked in the morning light, his early morning boner got even harder. There was nothing that he would rather do right now then slide his thick cock back into either of those tight twats and fuck away until he emptied his balls deep inside her womb. They were both fantastic fucks for young girls and he really wanted to stay – but duty called.

He went into the bathroom he shared with the two girls and turned on the shower. That is how he had met the two girls last night. He was staying in one side of the dorm suite (by himself he thought) and when he went to use the bathroom, he found the two girls in the shower together. Turns out that they were roommates on the other side of the dorm suite and they had no idea a man was going to be staying there. But it had all worked out apparently.

As he stepped into the hot shower and began to wash the residue of sex and sweat off, he remember how he had taken Kasey from behind while Megan ate her out, then after Kasey had collapsed completely fucked out, he had fucked Megan twice including a sweet ride up her ass. The memories were too much for him and he quickly began stroking his hard cock. With the hot water streaming down his body, and the thoughts of those two young girls wrapped around his cock, he quickly came and poured out all his built up semen onto the floor of the shower. Breathing just a little harder now, he watched as his thick white jizz washed away and down the drain.

‘Class!’ The thought of work again invaded his weary brain and he quickly got out of the shower. He went into his room and threw on some workout clothes. Picking up his key, Dylan hoofed it over to the theatre building as fast as he could, arriving only 20 minutes late for his first class.

It took him several minutes to find the room that the workshop would be in and when he finally found it, he took a deep breath and walked in. The room was filled with about 50 people all standing around. There was Jeff, his college roommate and the sponsor for this series of workshops that Dylan was giving on stage combat and stunt work. There were also seemed to be several other older people in the room, either professors or grad students, and several undergrads. Everyone was dressed in all types of clothes – workout clothes, jeans, and even a couple of girls in dresses. As he surveyed the room, Jeff walked over to him and handed him a large cup of coffee.

“Glad you could make it to your first class,” he said with irritation in his voice. Jeff had pulled a lot of strings to get someone as young and unknown as Dylan this cushy gig. As a first year professor without tenure, his ass was on the line for any mistakes that Dylan made, and they were not off to a great start.

“I am really sorry. I overslept. It will not happen again. I really am sorry,” Dylan said as he apologized to Jeff. Then he turned to the group and apologized to them and then they began. Over the next two hours, Dylan led them through the basics of stage combat. First they did some basic trust exercises to just loosen everyone up and relax them. Then moving on to entry level stuff like how to take a punch, how to fall, how to correctly slap, hit, strangle, and even pull hair so that it looked realistic from the audience, but was superman lois izle safe for the performer. As the coffee took hold and he began to wake up more, Dylan took in more about the people he was teaching. There were all types and sizes with all different physical skills. Mostly, they were interested amateurs who would never go beyond this in their career, but that was okay as well. He was having a good time because they were so eager for knowledge and information. They were willing to try anything that he suggested.

He did notice that the ratio of good looking women around campus translated to his workshop as well. There were a couple of bombshells in this group, plus several just great looking young college girls and women. His attention was particularly drawn towards two women. One was a younger woman, he thought about 20 or so, who was busting out the few tight clothes that she had on. She had short dark hair, olive colored skin and a rack that was barely contained by the tight sports bra that encased them. Then there was at least 10 to 11 inches of bare skin until the top of her sweats with the rolled down waistband. Her ass was incredible. All in all, she was smoking. Toned, stacked, packed and ready for action. She oozed sex with every movement. She was hot and she knew it, and she liked to use it to her advantage. Dylan had seen her kind a thousand times, but it did not stop him from fucking them. He mentally put this sexy bombshell down on his short list of possible conquests while on campus.

The second woman was the total opposite of the bombshell. She was older, even older then Dylan who was 28. She might have been a grad student or professor, it was hard to tell. She was slim with blond hair pulled back in a ponytail. Nothing particularly revealing about the clothes she had on, except for her tight shorts that showed off her splendid ass and excellent legs. But it was her personality that captured his attention. She was pretty no doubt, but the way she carried herself and her attitude was what impressed more than just her ass and legs. He put her at the top of his want to meet list, and as a maybe to his conquest list.

At the end of two hours as the class ended, the entire room gave Dylan an ovation of applause and cheers. He felt he had overcome the lateness, and even saw a look of relief on Jeff’s face as the class broke up. After meeting and talking with several of the class members, including the bombshell who made a special point of telling him her name and that she would be in all his workshops, Dylan had Jeff take him out for breakfast/lunch. He was almost dying by that time from hunger and needed food fast.

Over lunch, he apologized again to Jeff and then told him about the two girls from last night. Jeff sat there amazed at Dylan and his ability to get pussy in the strangest situations. A shower with two perfect strangers, how did he do that? Jeff had known him for years, and watched him score in all types of situations. (see Lincoln Center Encore) But while everyman that he knew, even successful whore hounds like himself, had to work for pussy. It just came to Dylan, as much and as often as he wanted it. It never failed to amaze Jeff.

After lunch, they returned to the theatre building where Dylan held a two hour seminar on sword fighting. This class was smaller only about 20 students for the afternoon, but the bombshell was there again. She had changed clothes for this class and if it was possible, she had even more skin showing as she worked in a sports bra and very tight bike shorts. At the end of the workshop, she again came up and thanked Dylan. She also slipped a piece of paper into his hand with a phone number on it. She smiled and winked at him and was gone. Dylan put the number in his pocket and forgot about it as Jeff took him around to meet some faculty members. After a cup of coffee with the Dean, Jeff dropped him off at the dorm and they made plans for dinner that night around 8 PM. Dylan went up to his room and looked for the girls, but they were gone for the day. However, they had left a big message on the bathroom mirror for him written in lipstick, “SUPERCOCK, WE LOVE YOU! SEE YOU TONITE! K & M!” He laughed and quickly changed out of his workout clothes. He took a very fast shower and changed into shorts and a t-shirt and headed out for the student union. He was still famished and his schedule was thrown off by the flight and the two hour time change.

He had a Reuben, beer and a big piece of chocolate cake over at the student union. Then he headed back to the dorm room and hoped to see the girls there, but no luck. So he brushed his teeth and feeling antsy he decide to prowl the campus a little. The sun was out and it was about 80 degrees, just a beautiful day as he strolled from one part of the campus to another. He was in front of the library sitting on the fountain just watching the world go by when he saw Her.

She was about 5’8″ with blond hair stuffed under a Texas Tech red hat. She had on a small red top the same color as the hat taiwan crime stories izle that stopped about three inches about her pierced navel. She was also wearing a very short low riding white mini skirt that left acres of golden taut stomach exposed. Long golden tan legs ended in a pair of blazing white cross trainers. One ankle had a gold bracelet around it. Her large tits were moving with her as she walked toward the library, so it was clear she had no bra on. Dylan just stared at her as she passed. He was transfixed by her. She was not the prettiest girl he had seen on this campus, but there was electricity about her. She was not as overt as the bombshell, but her sex appeal was no less powerful. As he watched her start up the stairs to the library, the sway of her delicious ass made him stand up and start to follow her. Dylan did not usually follow great looking women down the street, but there was something very special about this girl and he had to see more of her. As he reached the bottom of the library’s front stairs, she had reached the top and he could see under the hem of her skirt and caught just a hint of yellow thong between her thighs. Her thighs were as magnificent as the rest of her. He had no idea what he was going to do or say to her if he got the chance, but he was pulled after her like a powerful magnet.

When he reached the top of the stairs, he crossed to the front doors of the library and entered. He saw her moving off toward the right of the front desk. Trying to act causal and not like the prev he felt like, Dylan moved off in the same direction. He caught sight of her just as she turned a corner around book shelf. When he got to the corner she was nowhere to be seen. There was a hallway between stacks that went deeper into the library and she might have gone into the stacks, but there was a stairwell to his right – so he picked that. As he started up the stairs, he tried looking between the floors to check sight of her and he caught just a flash of white skirt two floors above, then a door opened and closed. Taking two steps at a time, he reached the third floor and opened the door. He entered into a very wide area with low bookshelves and several study areas. He looked around quickly and again just caught sight of her as she turned down another hallway on the other side of the large room. He moved quickly trying to close the distance and not look like he was running. He reached the corner of the hallway and saw her enter a door at the end of the hallway. He sprinted the length of the hallway and got to the door. There was a sign next to it that read, “Periodical Research Lab.” Taking a deep breath, he pushed the door open and entered.

The periodical lab was a huge room with row after row of tall bookshelves going on as far as the eye could see. He could see nothing but shelves, old magazines and dust. She could be anywhere in here, but he had come this far so he closed the door and began to wander around. He looked around but didn’t see her or anyone else for that matter as his eyes searched down each aisle way. He picked one row and began to walk down it length peering through the bookshelves. After about 50 feet, the row opened out onto a central area filled with tables and the old type wooden study desks you used to see in all college libraries. The desks were made of wood and there were panels of wood on the upper and lower sides of the desks, which covered the sides all the way to the floor. They were odd-looking boxes that must have been some kind of style from 50 years ago. They were also very concealing. As he came out into the open area, he saw her putting her things down at one of the old study desks and then moving into the stacks.

Well, this was the moment he had feared. What to do? Dylan quickly sorted through the various options that were available to him. Leave, wander around until she noticed him, or just go up to her and see what happened. He chose the last one, not because he was so confident, but it was the quickest and the most direct. If he was going to strike out, it least it would be over quick.

He started across the wide open space and approached her desk. About the same time, she appeared from the stacks with an arm full of magazines, and she saw him as he moved toward her. They arrived at her work desk about the same time. Her eyes were an incredible blue color that penetrated his soul as he looked into them.

“Hi,” Dylan managed to stammer out.


There was an awkward pause as she looked at him and he scrambled to think of something to say. “Can I help you with something?” she finally asked.

“Well, I really don’t know. I was you walking across campus, and I just had to meet you. To be honest, I followed you up here to see if I could get your name or number or anything.”

She looked at him in kind of ‘oh-you-poor-boy’ way, “So does this whole stalker thing work for you a lot? You find it very successful in approaching women?”

“I have never done it before, so I have no basis for comparison. terim izle I guess that would be up to you to see if it is working.”

“It is not working at all,” she said as she put down the magazines that she was holding. “I guess you will have to try to work up another approach on someone else.”

“Maybe you right,” Dylan was just riffing at this point. He had her talking at any rate, no reason to stop now. “I need to work on that first impulse part. Look, I am being rude, my name is Dylan,” he said holding out his hand.

She looked at him again for a second, than extended her hand. “I’m Gwen.” He felt it immediately, just like an electric current had run up both their arms. WHAM! For an awkward second, they stared into each other eyes transfixed, than Gwen took her hand away.

“It is very nice to meet you Gwen. I am sorry about the whole stalker thing, but I am just here for a few days and if I didn’t take this opportunity, I knew that I would never see you again.”

“You are not a student here?” She appeared a little curious and worried.

“No, I am a guest professor over in the theatre department for this week,” he said inflating his job description just a bit.

“Really? And what are you teaching, ‘Successful pickup techniques on young girls’?” Gwen said sarcastically.

“You got me there. No, a workshop on stage combat.” He had her talking or at least listening to him, so he just kept going. He told her about the class and Jeff, which led to LA and New York and his trip to Europe. Then he was able to pull a little info out of her and what she was about. When it was all said and done, Dylan had kept her talking to him for about 30 minutes and he’d managed in there somewhere to get her number and promise of a drink that night. Although she made it very clear that she had a boyfriend and it would just be a friendly drink and NOTHING more. Yet, the fact that he got the number and her body language as they talked told another story. She was interested and very attracted to this tall great looking stranger who had appeared out of nowhere. As they had talked and gotten more comfortable with each other, she had touched his arm a couple of times to make a point. He thought her nipples were getting a little harder as she talked to him. And she had crossed and re-crossed her legs at least 4 times while they were sitting, giving him a very good view of her legs and inner thighs. But they had reached the end of conversation, so after a little pause where they looked at each other expectantly. When he could not think of another word to say, Dylan rose to leave. Gwen rose as well.

“Well, I will call you later, okay?”

“Yes, please do,” she said in response but the look in her eyes said something else. He hesitated a second, then turned to go. But on a total impulse, he turned back and bent down and kissed her, pressing his firm lips against her waiting mouth. He found no resistance as he pulled her to him, and kissed her full on the mouth. His tongue eagerly explored her sweet mouth, his tongue dipped into her mouth and flick against the tip of her tongue. She groaned once and put her right hand on the back of his head and pulled him closer. His tongue moved deeper into her mouth, thrashing with hers. She moaned in her throat as she kissed him back hard and passionately. The kiss grew deeper and more passionate until they were kissing voraciously as if trying to devour each other. Gwen raised her right leg and wrapped it around his calf as she pulled him tight to her body. She pressed her lush body against him and began to grind her pelvis against his leg. Rubbing her moistening pussy against his thigh, she could feel her panties dampening beneath the little white skirt that she was wearing. Dylan reached his hands up to her straining breasts and began to gently pull, pinch and roll her nipples through the thin material of her red top. Her nipples immediately rose into twin points of desire, hard and taut. His lips began kissing their way down her neck and across her shoulder nibbling at her skin with his teeth, grinding them together gently. She jumped a little at the teasing of his teeth and leaned her head to the side, wanting to give him full access. His hands slid down to her taut tanned stomach and under her top. She gasped as his fingers cupped and began to squeeze her bountiful tits, teasing and pulling at her hard sensitive nipples. Panting, weak in the knees, and her pussy dripping like a faucet, she pushed him back and looked at him with eyes that were glazed over with desire and said, “God, what are you doing to me?”

“I’m going to fuck you,” Dylan declared as he slid her thin top up and over her heaving tits revealing her beautiful 36C natural breasts. He began to gently caress her magnificent beauties, and then he leaned down and sucked her left pencil-tipped nipple into his mouth and began to tongue it slowly. She gasped for breath and cupped the back of his head, while feeding more of her succulent breast into his mouth. His tongue flickered over her hard nipple, gentle biting and sucking it deeper into his mouth. His other hand cupped her large full right breast, rubbed the nipple with his thumb. Then he took his mouth off her nipple and cupped each breast and squeezed them together. Then he sucked both of her extended hard nips into his mouth together and began swirling his tongue over both sensitive points, while massaging her mammaries roughly.

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