Going Home

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I came home from collage for after just after spring training, my 2nd year. I had been the star of my high school team but had not yet made the starting line up at the University. I was down in the dumps, and wanted to see some of my old friends. Maybe a couple of old girl friends and try to build my confidence, lord knows I needed it.

The next morning I drove over to Bobby’s house, to see him, he and I ran together a bit in school although he was a year behind me. I knew how he looked up to me as a leader of the team so I hoped he would help me regain some of the swagger, I had before the guys at collage knocked it out of me.

I knocked on the door, and Bobby’s mother opened it, “Johnny! How nice to see you, how long have you been home?” she asked looking as sexy as always, I have had a thing for her for always.

“I came in yesterday.” I replied meekly “Is Bobby around. Mrs. Dollberry?”

“No he has gone to the lake with James and Eddy, I don’t know when he will be back. And call me Gail, Why don’t you come in and have a tea with me, and tell me what you have been doing.” She said opening the door wide.

Now let me tell you a little about ” Gail” , she is one hot mama. Around five foot six inches, about 120 lb. Dark hair, and eyes, she always wares tight slacks that shows off her nice round but, and she has a perfect pair of tits, 34b cup, and a smile that makes me almost cum every time I see her.

I entered her home and we sat at the table and had some tea, and nuts while I expanded to her my feelings about not making the starting lineup.

“But you’re only a sophomore , you have two more years , you’ll make it I just know you will.” she reassured me placing her hand on top of mine. “Besides even if you don’t you’re education is what’s most important and you will be getting one of the best in the country, right.”

“I know you’re right, but I just can’t get it in my head .” I said looking down at her hand, and the old feeling came rushing back, I need to get into her bathroom. “Ccould I use you’re restroom?” I asked

“Why, of course. You know you’re always welcome in my house, just like when you and Bobby were running together, “

I walked down the hall to the only bathroom in the house. I closed the door, dropped my pants and sat down on the toilet. I pulled the close hamper over in front of me and opened it. I pulled out a few pairs of men’s jeans and then I found what I was look for, Gail’s pants, with a pair of yellow panties around one leg. I pulled the underwear off of the pant leg and rolled them inside out. There in the crouch was a slight stain, coated dried pussy juices.

I held the crouch to my nose, and inhaled he aroma, my dick seemed to get harder, and I took hold of it and started to stroke it as I licked through the gift form my friend’s mom. I looked into the hamper and pulled out her bra, and held it to my nose as well her body smell was still in the cups, I imagined, her tits fitting into them and placed one of them over my balls. I smelled he pants, it also held her scent, as did her blouse she must have worn the day before.

As I was deep into my masturbation with her panties cupped to my face the door opened. “I thought so!” she said, as she steeped into the room. “You are the one who has been steeling my underpants, Rita said she thought it was you. Didn’t you sis.” She said as she let her sister into the bathroom with us. gaziemir escort

“I knew it had to be him, every time he came over he had to use the bathroom.” The older woman said as I sat there with my hand on my cock and Gail’s panties covering my face.

Rita was two years older than Gail and every body knew she was a real slut; she looked a lot like her sister, but a bit rougher, she was usually drunk, and dressed to show off her goods. Bobby had once told me that she had given him a blowjob one night after a party at his house.

Rita reached out and took the panties from my face, “Well, Johnny boy, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I I a, I’m sorry?”

“Well, don’t worry about it, sweetie, just don’t be taking them, with out my knowledge, after all I need them sometimes.” Gail said as she walked out of the room.

“Wait a second, don’t leave this poor boy here to suck on you’re panties, and jerk off!” Rita exclaimed “Lets let him get a taste of the real thing.” She said as she began to unbutton her blouse. “What about it Johnny, you like Gail’s under pants how would you like to get you face into her hot spot?”

“I -a I would love it.” I said as my dick grew and other two inches just thinking about having these two hot mothers

“Well Gail, I know that no good man of yours has not been giving you what you need lately but I bet you this young hot stud can satisfy both of us.”

Rita! You know we can’t be fooling around with a kid, what have I told you about that?” Gail said rushing back into the bathroom as Rita dropped her pants to the floor. “They’ll lock us up!”

“How old are you John boy?” Rita asked

“Nineteen.” I said stunned at he well kelp body, her breast stood up like a teenager’s the nipples stood out from the dark brown crest of her milking white mounds. Her stomach was flat with a small mound of fat just above her brown pubic hair that formed a v shaped shield that extended between her legs.

“See there he’s legal.’ She said as she stepped forward and took my head in her hands and pulled my face between her spread thighs. Without thinking and by pure instinct, I stuck my tongue out and licked between you pussy lips. I then took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it as though it were a lollypop.

“Oh god he is good!” She moaned as she pulled my face deeper into her cunt.

“Ok, ok, but not here, not in the bathroom.” Gail said pulling her away form me. “In my bedroom, we’ll be more comfortable in there.” And then we were walking down the hall into her bedroom, Rita leading me by my dick.

Inside the bedroom, Gail was already nude, and her body was every thing I had imagined. It was almost a duplicate of Rita’s but darker, as if she had sunbathing in the nude. “Ok who’s first?” she asked as she climbed up on the bed.

“You silly thing, I thank he can take care of both of us.” Rita said as she pushed me on the bed and rolled me onto my back, with my dick sticking it’s full nine inches up towards the ceiling she straddled my legs and took my manhood in her hands. And lowered her mouth to the head, sucking it inside it felt warm and wet, causing it to grow even harder. She lowered her lips down its length until all of it was in. She pulled back and sucked on the head, then down once again, then back to the top, before she began to bob her head up and down the lips clamped gümüldür escort around it. Over and over she worked up and down until just before I was about to shoot a load of white hot cum into her mouth then she stopped and held her fingers around the base as she removed her mouth.

“Oh no sonny, you can’t unload just yet, I’ve got to have you in my cunt before this session is over with today!” she said as she pulled herself to her knees and moved up positioning my cock between her legs. She worked the head back and forth along the slit teasing her clit before holding it at the opening of her cunt. Slowly she lowered herself down my shaft until it was buried deep inside her.

“Well, sis what are you waiting on!” she breathed with her hands on my stomach pushing her hips up and down on my rod. “Let the boy have what he’s been jerking off to for all these years.” And with that Gail threw her leg over my head and lowered her hips down towards my face. I looked up and watch the pussy I had dreamed about from the first day I come over to play with her son coming closer and closer to my lips. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled them to me, sticking my tongue deep inside tasting the nectar that before now had only been second hand dried on her panties.

Rita started to ride up and down on my dick as Gail worked her clit back and forth on my chin and lips. My nose was rubbing from her puckered ass hole to the entrance of her cunt. I breathed in her wonderful scent as I licked for all I was worth. This was heaven I had totally forgotten my trouble on the football field and was gripping her globes of butt flesh as I drank the juices that flowed from her.

“Ooooh ya, Sis he is goooooood!” she moaned hugging her sister as they both worked up and down, back and forth on their new fuck toy.

“Ya and his dick seems to grow inside of me he is going to be one great fuck before we are through with him’ Rita said as she lowered her head to Gail’s tits and sucked the nipple into her mouth. Gail took her head in her hand and held it to her tit.

“He eats pussy almost as good as you!” she said, “Ooooooooooh yes eat me Johnny, suck my cunt, while you fuck Rita!” she said working her hips faster. The whole bed rocked as both women fuck me while hugging, kissing and sucking each others tits, they fingered their pussy and sucked on their fingers while they rode me.

“Ooooooooo God yes I’mmmm cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumingggggggggg!”Rita Yelled as she drove down on me pushing my cock deeper into her.

“Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetooooooooo!” cried Gail pressing her cunt down on my face and gushing cum down into my mouth.

I raised my hips to meet Rita’s and pumped my load deep inside her.

The two slumped together over me, hugging and kissing each other, “That was great.” Gail said as she raised herself up off of my face.

“Hold on!” Rita said as she climbed up off of my now soft cock, and up over my mouth “Let’s see how he likes his own jazz.” She said lowering her cunt to my mouth. I opened wide and a mixture of my own cum and her love juices ran down inside. I tasted the salty sweet-better mixture and swallowed it down . “good you learn fast, I am look forward to teaching you much more.” she said as she eased off and lay down beside of me with her sister on the other side.

With my arms around these two beautiful women, they each kissed güzelbahçe escort my nick and face while nibbling aon my ears and taking turns play with my limp cock. When it was hard again I rolled over on top of Gail I positioned my cock at the entrance of her and pushed it deep into her hot cunt and while she raised her hips I pushed forward slowly until I was buried al the way in her. I lay there with my mouth covering Gail’s warm lips sucking her tongue into my mouth while Rita rubbed her fingertip on my ass hole.

I begun to move my self in and out of my friends mother when I felt Rita position herself behind me spreading my but cheeks apart she lowered her mouth to my dark hole and licked the puckers. Then she pushed the tip of her tongue deep inside causing me to drive my manhood deeper into the woman beneath us.

“Iiiiiiieeeeeeeeee! ” I screamed as I picked up the pace

“That’s it big boy fuck her hard!” Rita shouted as I felt her finger enter my ass hole and keep time with my fucking. Looking down into Gail’s face I could see her eyes closed and she was biting on her lower lip. Up and down in and out I pounded away at her lost in my own lust I didn’t care that this was my friends mom , only that I was now doing what I had dreamed for all these years.

Rita continued to fuck my asshole with her finger in time with my pounding of Gail’s cunt, while she pinched and pulled at her sister’s nipples. “You love it don’t you Sis?” she asked but Gail only nodded her head yes, as she matched my drives with her own.

Then at the same time we both locked together, she wrapped her arms and legs around as I pulled her to me with a bear hug and jerked my hips as my cock spit it load deep inside of her.

“Aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkk!” I cried

“Oooooooooo!” She moaned

“Oh yes, that was soo sweet you both came at the same time.” Rita said kissing us both. When I had dumped my entire load into her sister Rita pushed me off of her and crawled between her legs, and began to suck out my spunk, gathering it into her mouth. Then she did something I had never thought of she moved up to above Gail’s head and let the stuff drained out of her mouth into her sister’s. Then she returned and did it again and again, until Gail was clean. Then both woman took turns cleaning my cock with their mouths.

That afternoon I fucked Rita and Gail each once again, they sucked me off again and I watched the do a 69 while I got dressed to leave. Gail and Rita told me call the next time I came home and we would get together again. I went home and jerked off that night, and the rest of the weekend, on Sunday packed my bags and went back to school.

The next month I started to work out harder every day, sometimes eight hours in the gem. I built myself up quite a good bit I went from 200lb to 250 in just a little while, and when we started three-a-days in late summer the coaches asked me if I would consider moving from running back to linebacker, and seeing that I had played that position in High School, I said yes and was moved to the starting lineup.

About two weeks before out first game I received a package in the mail, it was marked private and it was from Gail. I went back to my room and opened it, inside I found a picture of Gail looking up between Rita’s legs with her clit in her mouth and a big grin on her face. There was a letter inside and two pair of well-used panties. During my time at collage I went home several time and most of the time I went over to visit with Gail and Rita, but I never forgot the first time and the way the mother of my best friend and her sister helped me gain the confidence t make the starting line up on one of the best collage football teams in the nation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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