Going to The Beach

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This summer has just sucked, and I mean really sucked. Try being a just turned twenty-one year old permanently horny male living in San Clemente California. I hit my twenty-first birthday, got ready for every drunken beach party I could find and blam here was the pandemic.

What does that mean? No parties, no booze and especially no pussy. Like I said, this summer has sucked. I mean California was a bit better than some states on their lockdown, but the beaches were all closed, and that was all that really mattered to me.

Why the beaches? Come on dude, it’s like a smorgasbord of tight toned and tanned bodies in the skimpiest bikini’s you can legally get away with and not be nude. If I didn’t get laid, I at least got a ton of jack off material to hold me over.

So for the last month plus it’s been me, my rosy fist and the internet. I would say there was mom, but Jesus man that’s my MOM. I mean yeah a lot of my buddies would have loved to bed her, hell they even tried a few times; much to my laughter.

It’s pretty much been mom and me since middle school; which was when Dad decided that married and a family interfered with his prowling. You have caviar at home and you’re not satisfied; what a dick. Needless to say I haven’t heard much from him, and I would be surprised if the next time he called he told me he had the clap.

Mom used to claim I was a lot like him, I mean I don’t like pussy, I fucking love it. But, I got a grip when I hit high school; tried to make it with one girl at a time; but now I play the field and try to stay safe.

Being stuck at home with mom hasn’t been too bad, we get along pretty well; mom is pretty open minded and cool; and I try not to be a pain in her ass; even if it is a nice ass.

Who am I? The name is Bart Weathers; yeah so sue me for the name; or just blame my mom. My grandparents are left over hippies in California that’s why I live with my mom, Cheyenne Weathers.

It was mid-morning Friday; I had already finished my online courses when mom hollered at me to help. When I got to the front door I almost shit. The poor Amazon guy had a dolly and what looked like a refrigerator in a box, trying to maneuver it through the door.

“I want it downstairs” Mom was telling him.

Downstairs, why there I wondered? That was the home gym, what the hell did she buy now, I thought. I helped get it down the stairs and sure enough into the gym room; in the process damn near getting squished twice.

Once there, and while mom gave the guy a nice tip for the extra work; I got a chance to take a look. It was a Wolff Tanning bed, and one of the nicer ones on the market. Well, that answered where our stimulus money went, not that it would hurt us I thought. Thank God the thing was pretty much assembled, thus the huge box.

I knew the thing wasn’t for me, which meant only one thing, Mom was into tanning; something I had never thought about. While we got along great, we had always respected the others privacy, so it had never been a topic of discussion. I decided to give mom a hand setting the thing up, it let me ask the questions going through my head.

Needless to say I wasn’t the only one missing the beach; what struck me as odd was that I frequented almost every beach, and in all the years I never saw mom there.

“I didn’t know you were into tanning” I said nonchalantly.

Instead of answering, mom turned towards me and popped the two top buttons of her blouse. Pulling it open three things hit me at the same time. The first was the expanse of bronzed skin; the second was the expanse of tit flesh; the third was a sudden loss of blood in the rest of my body as my cock went from flaccid to rock hard in like two seconds.

“Fuck” I whispered.

“Is that for the tan or the boobs” mom half laughed.

“Both” I admitted.

“Thanks” mom gave that half smile.

Wait a second, my brain finally registered. I had just gotten a gander at my mothers’ nearly exposed breasts, and not only wasn’t she pissed, she thanked me; what the hell was that about I wondered.

We got the thing together and set up at the far wall, I rearranged the weight equipment and bench for more room. Mom figured it was time for dinner, so enough for one night.

The next day was Saturday, no online classes. I woke with my usual morning wood and at first thought about a wank off session to start the day. The last time had actually taken more work than I wanted, so I figured burn some calories and frustration in the gym.

I was stretched out on the work bench doing some presses when mom came strolling in. She was wearing her white terry cloth bathrobe and carrying a spray bottle of oils.

“I hope you don’t mind, I have plans this afternoon, so I wanted to try this thing out.” She told me.

“Go for it” I said.

I refocused on my weights as mom played with the controls. I swear it was an automatic response to turn my head when the robe came off with a rustle. I literally froze with the barbell resting against my chest.

One thought Betturkey went through my mind; never again would I chastise my friends for calling my mom a MILF; holy shit. Under that robe was a pale blue thong bikini, if you can call three triangles of cloth a bathing suit.

When she stretched to open the bed the string of her thong slid between the cheeks of her ass, and God what an ass. It was firm and tight and bronzed a golden brown. She had to wear the same suit when she lay out at the beach I figured.

When she turned to climb in my eyes filled with what had to be 36C firm globes. I swear to God if there was any sag to those babies I didn’t see it. They bulged around the two triangles that strained to keep her nipples covered; for all the good it did as two bullets pressed against the pale blue cloth.

This woman was forty, and she had a body that put most twenty year olds at the beach to shame; and add to that I swore every square inch of her was a perfect golden brown. Her skin was glistening with the oil as she sprayed herself.

As mom settled onto the bed, she turned and looked right at me. There was a glint in her eyes and a smile on her lips.

“You can breathe now” she said softly.

“Sorry” I mumbled back in embarrassment.

“Don’t be, we like being looked at.” Mom said.

“You like…what?” I was confused.

“We like being looked at” mom laughed. “Look you go to the beach to gawk at boobs and butts, we go to gawk at the pecs and packages” she said.

“This isn’t exactly the beach” I complained.

“Why not” mom said. “Just think of this room as your new beach and look away.”

“Fuck” I whispered.

“Do me a favor” mom said suddenly. “Take your shirt off, you wouldn’t wear it at the beach.”

Setting the weights on the holder I sat up, mom was watching as I reached up and pulled my shirt over my head. I admit, I spend a fair amount of time in the gym, and it’s paid off. I have usually found a defined chest can get you more pussy than a defined brain.

I rose from the bench and walked over to the Nordic Track; but this time I moved it a bit before I sat down, making sure I was facing mom.

“Mmmmm nice” she encouraged me.

“Are you enjoying the beach?” I teased her.

“Very” there was a different tone to her voice, and she made no pretense as she stared at my body.

“How long are you here for?” I asked.

“Long enough for you to take care of that issue by the looks of things” she smiled.

I knew what she was seeing, I mean you can only hide eight inches of steel hard cock so much, and I was sure there was an obvious bulge in my shorts.

“Just enjoying the view” I figured I could tease right back.

“Enjoy away baby” mom sighed.

For the next ten to fifteen minutes I slowly worked at the Nordic while mom tanned. When she rolled onto her stomach my eyes went back to that fantastic ass, again noticing no marks anywhere on it. I had the insane thought of burying my face between those cheeks until she screamed.

Normally such a thought would make me sick to my stomach; but it was as if being here in this room, making believe we were at the beach it seemed acceptable somehow.

By the time her session ended I was leaking pre cum into my shorts. When she slid off the table and picked up her robe, she walked over to where I sat. There was zero effort on her part to hide her body so I made no effort to hide my raging cock.

“Time to call it” she sighed. “I think I’ll come back to the beach Monday, how about you” her eyes smoldered as she looked at me.

“Hell yeah” I grunted.

Mom nodded and walked to the door, as I watched those bare globes sway from side to side; honestly her ass was so good it was almost indecent. At the door she turned and smiled back at me.

“You better take care of that thing before it explodes” she giggled.

“I plan to” I admitted. “You better take care of that” I nodded at the obvious wet spot in the small triangle between her thighs.

“I plan to” mom all but husked. “Just don’t mind the noise” and she was gone.

True to her word, as I lay on my bed, my fist going a mile a minute on my throbbing cock; I heard her lust filled scream echo across the house. The sound waves hit my spine, and then traveled down to my balls. With a grunt I spewed a huge load all over my spasming gut.

I should have been ashamed about what had just happened; but I wasn’t. The fact mom was so chill about it surprised me, but put me at ease. It was also fun to envision the beach, which is what got my brain to overworking.

Sunday, I knew mom would be working. She is an administrator at the local hospital, and right now the management was taking turns covering weekends with all this shit going on. Actually I was glad because it gave me the house to myself.

I honestly was a bit proud of myself; I was pretty damned creative if you ask me. First I took all the covers off the dropped ceiling lights, and then brought in some spare Betturkey Giriş lamps from one of the bedrooms; taking off the shades gave even more light. By that time the room was lit up like neon. I then brought in the garage space heater and tucked it in the corner. I shut the door and tested it, yep took about half an hour and it was damned near ninety in the room.

I then rearranged the weight and workout equipment more towards the other end of the room. It kind of cramped it but I played Tetris and got it to work. With a chunk of the room now empty, I spread two beach towels on the floor and laid out two of the loungers from the backyard.

I then mixed up some Sangria and put it to chill in the fridge. Everything set I handwrote a sign and hung it on the door. I know it all sounds like a lot of work, but I really do love my mom, and the fact we both missed going to the beach just made it such a perfect idea to me. Besides, like I had anything better to do with everything in the state closed.

The next morning I set my cellphone alarm so I could beat mom getting up. By working Sunday, they had given her Monday off, so this was going to be perfect.

I cranked the heat up in the room, and then waited. Sure enough here came mom wrapped in her terry cloth robe, only this time I was sitting on the basement stairs waiting. She gave me a strange look as she moved past me, and then stopped at the closed door. She stood and read the sign ‘Weathers Beach-Members only’ and cracked a huge smile.

“I assume we are the only members” she laughed.

“Better believe it” I laughed back. “You might want to take the robe off first” I suggested when she reached for the door knob.

I wasn’t disappointed when the cloth fell away. She was wearing a bright yellow thong bikini this time, and I swore the triangles of cloth were even smaller than the first one; her tits threatened to burst out of her top as she turned the door knob.

“Oh my God” mom breathed when the blast of hot air hit her in the face.

I followed her into the room carrying our drinks. As I set them on the small table between our loungers, mom looked around the room.

“Oh My GOD” she almost yelled. “It’s perfect sweetheart.”

Before I knew it she had thrown herself into my arms and was hugging me like a momma bear. God, if I didn’t have a hardon when she took the robe off, having that nearly naked body pressed against me sent every ounce of blood to my cock.

“Our personal beach” her hot breath touched my cheek.

She pulled back a bit, and looked down over the mounds of her breasts at the loose gym shorts I was wearing.

“Aren’t you a bit over dressed for the beach” her teeth glittered as she smiled.

“Uhhh yeah” I said.

Pulling back a bit I struggled and finally pulled my shorts down. This would be the final test I figured. It was a little tough because the whole time mom all but clung to me, as if she deliberately was putting her hot skin against mine.

Once my gym shorts dropped, mom looked down again. There is a lot of clothes you can hide a hard on it, but a skin tight black speedo is NOT one of them. These were my showing off to the girls trunks, I figured if mom could show skin then fair was fair.

Her eyes locked onto the obvious eight inches of hard cock encased inside the latex suit.

“Mmmmm I could get used to this” she smiled.

“Drinks first or tan first” I tried to redirect her.

“First a drink; then tan; and then more drinks” mom clapped her hands. “We have all day and our own private beach” she smiled.

As mom stretched out on the lounge chair, I got my first full view of her tanned legs. Firm and supple thighs gave way to trim ankles and light pink painted toenails. Everything about her screamed I am woman come and get me.

“So you like being watched” I took a sip of my drink.

“Ummmhmmm” mom said swallowing her cool drink.

“Come on baby” she looked at me. “We tan hard, we workout hard, we watch what we eat; and we buy the skimpiest bikini we can find” she waved a hand at her suit. “Reward…a raging hardon” she laughed.

“Jesus” I was shocked at her sudden honestly.

“OK…only one rule” she looked at me with mom eyes for a moment. “In here…at the beach…we are Bart and Cheyenne…deal?” She held out her glass.

“Deal Cheyenne” I clinked glasses with her.

“So what makes you harder, the tits or the tan” she blew me out of the water with her question.

I had to think clearly, It was evident we were playing a form of truth or dare; and mom wanted no reservations. I took a deep breath.

“Actually it’s both” I told her. “It’s how it blends. You can have too much tan or even too much tit” I took a sip. “If that makes sense” I looked at her.

“It does” mom nodded. “I think a guy can have too many muscles, and even too much cock.”

I felt my cock lurch at her words. She looked down at the bulge in my trunks.

“Now eight inches I would say, that’s just perfect” she smiled.

“You have a good measuring eye” I laughed.

“Oh there’s a better way to measure” she had a sultry smile. “Eight inches would just tickle the back of the throat” I damn near spit out my drink at her words.

“So my turn” God help me this was degenerating. “I didn’t see much tan lines”

Mom nodded and set her drink of the table.

“I usually tan nude” my cock swelled at her words. “I worried you weren’t ready for that last time.” She picked up the spray oil bottle. “Do you mind?” she handed me the bottle.

I rose to my feet and watched as mom rose in front of me. She may have stood, but her bikini top seemed to be weighted; as she quickly pulled the tiny strings at the sides, the small cloth drifting to the floor.

“Holy fuck” I choked as her breasts came into full view.

“Do you like them?” she whispered as she faced me.

Like them, they were fucking perfect. Curved, standing straight out from her chest; I could tell they were natural; and firmer than most twenty year old tits I had seen. How a forty year old woman packed those was beyond me. They were capped by two puffy nipples, and her areoles were darkened and dimpled as her nipples hardened in the room air.

What drove me insane was that both globes had a fantastic even bronze tan to them, evidence she wasn’t kidding when she said she tanned in the nude.

A whole myriad of words came to mind to describe them, none of them repeatable. Mostly it was Lickable, suckable and fuckable; so instead I just stood there and gawked.

“If you like them so much, then you better oil them” mom’s voice had gotten husky.

I sprayed a thin layer of oil over her chest, then setting down the bottle, cupped her breasts.

“Mmmmmm” mom moaned as I gently squeezed the twin globes.

God, here I was standing two feet from my ninety percent nude mother, holding her breasts; I don’t know who was enjoying it more, me or her.

“Sensitive” mom gasped as my thumbs grazed over her nipples.

I reached down and picked up the spray bottle again, this time putting a liberal coating to as much of her body as I could. One hand continued to knead her firm breasts while my other hand swept over her upper chest and belly.

I tried not to miss a single spot and when I looked down to make sure I had gotten all of that washboard belly, my upper hand moved and my palm drug across her nipple again.

“Oh God” Mom grunted

Her hands shot out and gripped the wrist of my lower hand and with a jerk she jammed my fist between her thighs. I watched her eyes squeeze shut as her body shook for a moment; and I felt a wet heat through her bikini bottoms against my hand.

As her body settled down she pulled back, and without a word slid onto the tanning bed. Well, all the fun was over for now so I headed back to my seat. Stretching out I looked over at her, I had a perfect profile view of her jutting breasts as she soaked in the artificial sun.

“You’re still wearing your bottoms” I commented as I reached for my drink.

“If I take them off, I’ll finger myself.” Mom’s voice was almost raspy.

I took a slow sip of my drink, sorting all the comments that whirled through my mind. She had said this was honest time, and to treat her like Cheyenne, so I answered with the first thought.

“Am I objecting” I said calmer than I really was.

Her head rolled slowly to the side and she looked over at me. For a moment I thought she was going to not answer, and then she upped the ante.

“Take yours off first” she told me.

I don’t know what possessed me, maybe the idea of being at the beach had really settled in my brain. I raised my hips from the lounger and slid my speedo’s to my knees, kicking them free. I stretched out, enjoying the warmth of the room on my skin. I could feel the drop of moisture on my belly as my cock leaked pre cum.

I saw her hands reach down and pull at the strings of her thong, then her ass lift a bit as she pulled the tiny cloth free. Reaching over the edge of the tanning bed, she dropped the cloth on the floor. Her eyes never left my throbbing cock as her fingers glided back down her oil slick belly.

“Nnnngggg” she gave a soft moan as I heard the squelch of fingers dipping into her soaked channel.

I reached down and wrapped my hand around my raging cock. Slowly I began to stroke up and down while I stared at her.

“Sorry…I have to” I told her.

“Am I objecting” mom grunted back.

“Do you masturbate at your nude beach” I asked.

“Sometimes” mom panted as her fingers slid in and out.

“Do you usually cum” I had to ask.

“Sometimes” she grunted again.

“Are you going to cum” she asked with a hunger in her eyes.

“Like a fire hydrant” I admitted.

“My body?” she asked the obvious.

“Your body” I agreed.

“Tell me what you’re thinking” she whispered.

“I can’t…” I panted as my hand picked up speed.

“Tell me” she insisted.

“Mom…” I was losing control fast.

“You like my tits baby” she changed tactics on me.

“Yes” I panted as my nuts started to tighten.

“You like this tanned tight body” she moaned.

“Yesssss” oh my God my balls began to ache.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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