Good Best Man

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Chapter 1. The Invitation

My best friend, Mike, surprised me with an unusual phone call. “Sammy,” he said excitedly, “How ya doin’ brother?”

“Great Mike,” I replied. “Nice to hear from you outside of our birthdays!”

“Yeah, man. Hey Sammy, I’m getting married!”

“Holy shit, man, Congratulations!” was about all I could muster. He proceeded to tell me all about his new girl and from the sounds of it, my boyhood friend had met his soul mate. I interjected an occasional, “Hey, that’s great, buddy,” and, “Aw, I’m happy for you, man.”

He concluded his lengthy description with, “Sammy, I’d like you to be my best man.”

“Wow, man.” I was stunned.

I hadn’t seen Mike much in the last few years, ever since his job took him to northern Wisconsin a few years back, but we always managed to keep in touch via fb and with our annual birthday calls. I was surprised that he asked me to be his best man, but felt honored, and said so, “Mike, I’m honored that you asked me, and I accept. I’ll try to be the best, best man ever!”

He filled me in on the dates and details and explained my responsibilities which, for the best man, I learned, were few, thank goodness. After well wishes, we said goodbye. Then, I asked my girlfriend, Julie, if she’d be my date for the wedding. We’d been dating for a month or so at that point, and things were heating up nicely between us. She had practically moved into my house, but still kept her own place nearby. She checked her schedule on line and replied, “Oh Sam, you know I’d love to go with you and meet your boyhood chum, but I can see online right now that I have shifts that weekend and we’re always short staffed at the hospital. I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll make it up to you!”

I was disappointed that she couldn’t join me for the weekend getaway, but I understood why. Julie was a nurse and extremely dedicated to her profession. She worked crazy hours but I never once heard her complain. She was much more of a giver than a taker, which made her an especially caring and compassionate nurse, as well as lover.

“It’s all right, “I said dejectedly. “I’ll just mope around sad and lonely that weekend, while my best friend marries the girl of his dreams.”

“You’ll hardly miss me,” she scoffed. “Anyway, as best man, you have to be there for the groom, and it’s tradition that you watch over the maid of honor, too. You’d probably have no time for me anyway,” she pouted, then added, “Now, just how would you describe the girl of YOUR dreams.”

‘Julie is definitely close’, I thought, and started describing her to a tee. “Well, let’s see. I picture her with long, chestnut brown hair, maybe with a few blond streaks in it to add a bit of a wild look. She wears her hair in a sexy JF style, before AND after sex, so you never really know.” She giggled. I continued, “Her face is sweet. She has a flawless complexion, bright, intelligent, sparkling hazel eyes, and her mouth…” I closed my eyes and licked my lips for effect. “…is warm and soft and perfectly shaped for kissing,” I paused for effect, “and other things.”

She was gliding toward me as I described her. She brought her hands to my belt and began to undress me.

“The rest of her is perfectly shaped, too,” I continued as I peeled off her loosely buttoned blouse. “Full, perfectly shaped breasts with sensitive nipples,” I said while unclasping her bra and dropping it to the floor. Then I added, “perfect breasts for sucking, a small waist, flat tummy, full hips and beautiful, squeezable, kissable ass.”

As I finished my description, she lowered my jeans and boxers and descended to her knees to bring her lips to my growing hardness. My cock pulsed and grew as she kissed and licked, and began sucking on the head. In moments I was fully erect and my hardness filled her mouth. As she sucked on my erect member, I told her about her own sweet pussy, “My dream girl’s pussy is the warmest and softest. then it gets hot and slick. My baby gets so wet for me, especially when she’s sucking so good on my hard cock.” Julie loved the sexy banter and murmured agreement around a mouthful of hard man flesh as she worked on my tool. And so began the dreamlike dance that we so often enjoyed over the next weeks leading up to the wedding.

In the weeks since that call from Mike, my tux had been fitted and was ready to be picked up locally. The bachelor party was now behind us. A modest affair, since both Mike’s and my dad were in the mix. Everyone one seemed happy with the party bus, the day at Top Golf, and the drinks and food I had arranged throughout the day and night. No craziness or strippers for that group. ‘Probably better that way,’ I thought. Now, the last thing to remember was the rings. I tapped my pocket to make sure they were there. I didn’t want to be that guy, the dope who forgot the rings.

Chapter 2. The Departure

At last, the day arrived when I would head up north for the rehearsal dinner that evening, and stand up to Mike’s wedding the following day.

I was up early on the Friday morning I had to leave, packing for fixbet the trip. From the bed, Julie stretched and yawned, then threw back the covers and said, “Is today the day you have to go up north already?”

“Fraid so,” I replied. “Gonna miss me?”

“Like crazy!”

I looked across my room and admired my sexy Julie tangled in the sheets. I vaguely recalled that she had crawled into my bed sometime around 3 or 4 that morning after one of her long shifts, and spooned up against my back. I had groggily turned around to enfold her into my arms and immediately drifted back to sleep. Now, with the morning light streaming into my room, I watched her as she extricated herself from the bed, stretched sexily, and bounded into the bathroom, tossing her disheveled hair as she disappeared. “Be right back!” she called over her shoulder as she closed the bathroom door.

I could hear the shower running while I packed and double checked that I had the rings. Soon, the bathroom door opened and there she stood. Wet hair, covered only in a terrycloth towel.

Our eyes consumed each other’s as she crossed the room toward me. She said in a low voice, “You don’t think you’re leaving here without a proper send off, I hope.”

“I would hope not,” I replied, and immediately felt my manhood stir.

I reached out and pinched the towel that was wrapped around her sultry figure. Pulling slightly, it came loose and I let it drop to the floor. Her skin was still rosy from her hot shower and she looked luscious. She returned the favor and lifted off my t-shirt. I caressed her ample breasts and traced the curves of her torso. I leaned toward her. After a deep kiss, I moved my lips to that sensitive spot beneath her ear.

She gasped, “Oh, Sam!” as I nibbled down her neck to her collarbone, then on to her luscious breasts. I sank into a seated position on the edge of the bed to reach the perfect height to suck and lick her nipples while my hands continually roved up and down her sides and around her back. I alternated between sucking her nipples and licking the rounded undersides of them while softly blowing on her pencil eraser nipples, eliciting tiny whimpers. I nuzzled into the underside of her large breasts and licked along the line where they joined her upper body. She leaned backward and moaned in ecstasy, trusting that I’d hold her upright. As I licked and suckled her tits, my roving hands slowly caressed her soft ass and brought her closer to me.

I smelled the musky aroma of her aroused pussy as she drew nearer. The knuckles of one hand lightly traced her opening. I pressed a little harder as my slow strokes moved forward from the front of her fragrant slit to her sweet ass. She shivered and thrust her pelvis toward my touch. I drew my knuckles along her crevice toward her clit while tracing kisses on the underside of her breasts, causing her to slowly grind her clit against my fingers. My other hand reached around behind her to squeeze a large handful of her smooth butt. This hand kneaded her soft flesh and explored her sweet ass. My finger found its way to her rosebud and lightly pressed against her opening, causing her to spasm and intake a sharp breath.

She pressed her hands against my head and whispered in a dusky voice, “Take off your pants. I want to see you.”

I immediately slithered out of my khakis, tore off my socks, and pulled down my boxers, letting my erect cock spring free. Gazing at it swaying there, she said, “God, Sam, you have a beautiful cock!” She bent down to kiss it before I gently eased her back upright, so that I could continue giving my attention to her sweet pussy. She was so wet and soon began swaying slightly and entered a dreamlike state. She slowly pulled her hands from my hair and ran them up and down her sides and all over her own breasts as I fondled her glistening folds, wet with her arousal. As I kissed her abdomen and all over her breasts, the aroma of her hot pussy rose between us. My hand cupped her swollen mound and I could feel the heat it radiated. She gyrated her hips to increase the friction as she leaned all the way back and moaned the passionate sounds of a woman in heat. She looked down at me through her disheveled hair and caressed the sides of my head, saying, “Oh God, Sam that feels so good. And the best part is, we’re just getting started. You don’t have to leave right away, do you?”

“No rush,” I replied.

She gasped as the tips of two of my fingers entered her steaming box and my thumb found her swollen clit. Unconsciously she moved her body back and forth as I started drawing my finger in and out of her perfectly shaved pussy.

With her fingers entwined in my hair, she pushed my head backward toward the bed, forcing me release to one of her red ripe nipples. “Sam, you’re making my knees weak,” she muttered. “And I’m about to dribble pussy juice on your nice carpet,” she said. “Lay back, baby.”

I knew what she wanted next and was happy to oblige. As I scooted back on the bed and lay there, she crawled toward me.

“Come,” I declared in a husky fixbet giriş voice. “Get that beautiful, hot, dripping pussy over here. I’m thirsty for you.”

Straddling me, she moved up my body, rubbing her inner thighs against my outstretched legs as she went. She paused and gyrated her steaming mound against my hard member as she drew closer. I wanted to thrust upward and invade her right then, but I had to taste her first. I guided her by her hips, pulling her up my abdomen, over my chest, feeling her warm pussy juice smearing my torso. My hands firmly grasped her ass cheeks and I pulled her steaming mound to my face.

Hovering her delicious opening directly over me, her strong dancer’s legs suspended her delicious looking labia over my outstretched tongue. Gripping the headboard, she swung her hips side to side as I strained to reach her slit with my mouth. She finally pressed herself into me allowing me to lap her juices. I licked up, down, and the length of her slit. I paused to wriggle my tongue under her hood and suck on her swollen clit. I nibbled gently on the engorged bean while Julie moaned with pleasure, jerking now and then as bolts of electricity shot through her. “Oh my God, Sam! That feels soooo goood.”

She reached back and began massaging my erect cock. Her gentle stroking felt good and I nodded encouragingly from inside her wetness, causing more shivers to race up her spine. Grasping her hips, I then applied a slight rotating pressure. She took my cue and began a slow, acrobatic rotation with her pussy still pressed to my face, a beautiful dance move. Soon, she was turned around so she could fully see my engorged cock and lower her mouth over it. In my own happy dream world, I continued to lick and slurp her freely flowing juices, enjoying the shudders her body made and the shrieks she emitted when I nibbled and sucked on her pulsing clit.

I darted my tongue into her pussy with renewed fervor as she wrapped her lips around the large purple head of my distended cock. Both hands pumped the shaft slowly as her tongue encircled the head just before she would slide her lips over it, suck a little harder, then pull off, popping it out of her mouth, before sucking it in and popping it out again. Her saliva dripped down my shaft and the only sounds were those that we made of our slurping and sucking each other. I drank of her cascading juices greedily and pressed my tongue against her pulsating clit. I felt her shudder and heard her scream around a mouth full of cock, “Oooooh! Ohhhhh Sam baby, Yes! YES!!” Her steaming pussy juice flooded my face as the sounds of her cumming filled my ears, and I inhaled every drop of her sweet sex juice.

When her quivering subsided, she began slurping my engorged cock deeper into her mouth. At the end of each long stroke, she tortured me by sucking a little extra harder and making my swollen purple head pop out of her mouth, before quickly diving onto it again. Involuntarily, I began to buck my hips to meet her downward thrusts and soon she was deep throating my full length.

She was on her hands and knees bobbing her head up and down on my bone furiously. I looked between her thighs, past her fragrant, dripping, swollen, cleanly shaven pussy, and watched her luscious tits press against my abdomen. I reached out to roll her erect nipples between my fingers. I spread her breasts apart and, in the space between them, watched her artfully sucking my cock, felt her stroke my balls with one hand and lightly probe my ass with the other. My hips jerked spasmodically and I felt that familiar, heavenly swelling between my balls and butt. She felt the head of my cock pulse and shouted, “Yeah baby, cum in my mouth! I want to drink all of your sweet hot cum!” I spasmed and jerked uncontrollably and shouted, “Alright, Baby, you’re sucking my cock so good. Here I cum!”

Rivulets of my seed exploded into her mouth, dribbling between her lips and down my rod. She licked my rigid shaft up and down from its head to my balls and milked my cock of every last drop of cum, murmuring, “Oh yeah, baby. I love the taste of your hot cum. I’m gonna lick up every bit. Ooooh, did some drip down between your butt cheeks, huh?” Then she rolled me onto my side and wriggled past my cock, pulling her pussy away from my face. She licked everywhere from the base of my balls to my own rosebud. She spread my ass cheeks and tongued my butt hole making me shudder as I was still coming down from the load I just blew. Her tongue circled my rosebud and she cooed, “Sammy like this? Is this gonna make your big cock hard again so you can fuck me like I need to be fucked before you go?” She swung around, pulling her steaming box from my face. She nestled between my legs, look up at me mischievously and said, “Now, where was I?”

Giving it her full attention, she lolled her tongue around my growing cock, taking my plumping member into her warm mouth. She coated it with her saliva as she looked up at me, smiling devilishly. She kissed it and licked all around and giggled with delight as it grew with each pulse to its fully erect size. “Oh yeah,” she whispered, “That’s what I need. Oooh,” she kissed and sucked on the head, “it’s getting soooo big.” She licked all around the head, “Mmmm, soooo good.” She lowered her mouth over it, taking it halfway into her mouth. Peering into my eyes,her mouth full of me meat, she drew back and purred “You’re almost ready to fill my hot pussy, lover.” I reached toward her and caressed her hair as she worked her mouth up, down and all around on my straining cock. “My pussy is so wet for you Sam,” she added.

“Come,” I said again.

She crawled toward me dragging those pointy, erect nipples of hers over my feverish skin. She was so sexy and I felt my cock throb for her. Somehow, she had gotten me hard again, mere moments after blowing my load into her mouth. ‘This chick was on fire and really knew how to turn me on,’ I thought.

Her eyes were locked on mine as she slowly drew nearer, resembling a female leopard stalking its prey. “I want that hard cock of yours in me so bad,” she whispered huskily.

I replied, “Get over here, you. I’m gonna give it to you until you beg for mercy!” I knew that I would now have tremendous staying power and looked forward to giving her a goodbye fuck that would make her long for me until my return on Sunday night.

She pounced upon me, driving her mouth onto mine, plunging her tongue into my mouth, seeking, exploring. She reached between her legs and felt for my burning rod with her small hand. She drew it across her moist slit and circled her hood with the engorged head. “Oh baby, this is going to feel soooo good.” Then she slowly lowered herself onto my shaft, a little at a time, eventually impaling herself upon my manhood.

“Aahhh! She gasped in ecstasy.

The walls of her pussy contracted, sucking against my attempt to draw out and drive it back home again. I held her by her hips as she rested her hands on my chest. She played with my nipples and leaned down to suck and bite them, causing her pussy to grind against my pubic bone. Then throwing her head back, she sat upright, reveling in the feeling of my cock buried deep in her hot folds.

She began pumping up and down over my engorged member, increasing her pace as she got hotter. Her feverish bobbing soon made sweet slapping sounds as a sheen of sweat broke out across our bodies. She would suddenly stop and grind, reveling in the pressure of cock against clit, then return to long, up and down strokes of varying speed. I met her with my own upward thrusts and bumps, eliciting little gasps from her each time. Soon, her eyes rolled back and she moaned in guttural ecstasy, “Oh Yes, so hard! So good. Oh, oh, here I, I, oohh, mmm!”

She shivered and shook and flung her hair back as she slowed, then froze, and with her back arched, breathed, “Aaahhhhhh.” She wiggled, shivered, and breathed in deeply, then out again, uttering a long, low, “wow.”

I lay there looking up at her, admiring her beauty. Hard and deep inside her, I felt her hot, freshly squirted pussy juice dribble over my balls, between my legs.

She flopped forward and nuzzled her face against my chest, lightly kissing my nipples. “Oh baby you are gooood,” she said into my chest.

Drawing her chest down my abdomen she murmured “I’m not done with you yet,” and began massaging my wet, burning cock, slathering it with more kisses, keeping it so hard it almost hurt. Then, she moved to raise herself up on all fours and stared at me invitingly. I took her cue and bounded up to kneel behind her. Reaching back between her legs, she grasped my stiffness and pulled me toward her waiting pussy lips. She arched her back and raised her ass, sighing with relief at the feel of the swollen head at her steaming entrance.

“Ooh yeah, Sam,” she whimpered, “I do like it from behind so much.” I entered her pussy very slowly, making sure she was oozing her delicious pussy juices again. After her previous wrenching orgasm I probed her tentatively, waiting for her arousal to fully moisten her inner folds, each stroke deeper than the last, feeling my girth slip past her inner folds another inch with each stroke. I held her hips to mine as she writhed in my grasp. She hung her head down, her hair brushing the bed beneath us, swirling it around, groaning, “Oh yes, Sam, fuck me so good with that big hard cock of yours.”

Gyrating around to reach her deepest inner walls before pulling nearly out, I drove back in to the hilt and we both gasped in delight. Then we began the gradual build to my release. I started with long slow strokes while she rocked back and forth to meet me.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Ooooh yes!” she moaned. “Fuck me so nice. So hard.”

I reached around and under her to play with her clit with one hand while still holding onto her hip with the other. She responded by grunting and pushed back at my thrusts harder. Then I leaned back up and rubbed her rosebud with her own juices before sliding a finger in just a bit. She gasped and wiggled and let out a little squeak. I returned both hands to her hips and began fucking her harder and faster, making my balls slap against her mound with each thrust. The friction was just right and I began to feel her pussy contract harder around my growing member.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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