Good Boys are Easiest to Seduce

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This is also a scene from a book I began a long, long time ago. The story is still in my files, but I haven’t fiddled with it in, oh…I dunno how long. Over 5 years. LOL. Anywho, this is a brief ‘fantasy’ Cameron has while the two are arguing one night. Cameron is 25 and Allison is 21. There’s strong sexual attraction between the two, and both try to resist it. He’s very religious, so it’s doubly hard for him. No pun intended. ^.- Anyhow, it’s a shorter one, and I know sometimes I like just a brief read. So enjoy.


Suddenly Allison pressed her lips to mine, brought her hands up to my head, entangled them in my hair. She spread her legs so mine were between hers and rubbed her lips over mine, urging them to part. Lust tightened in my groin and I groaned.

Sex was a potent thing and I was caught in its trap. Moaning in surrender I gripped her hips and thrust mine up. She gasped against my mouth and moaned when mine opened slightly. Allison gently touched the opening of my mouth with the tip of her tongue and waited until mine reached for hers. When our tongues touched it was a shock to me that had my eyes opening and staring into hers.

Hers were a deep, misty blue. She closed hers and I followed, swallowing her tongue inside my mouth. She sucked in a breath through her nose and angled her head to fit her mouth against mine better.

We rubbed middles until Allison was panting hard against my mouth and my head was swimming. I released her mouth and pressed my face into her throat, inhaling her scent, Vanilla and something else I couldn’t identify.

“Allison, what are we doing?” I asked in a strained voice.

“Kissing.” She said breathlessly and she rubbed against me. I groaned and flexed the fists that were gripping handfuls of Allison’s skirt.

“We can’t, can’t do this.” I whispered, even as my hands smoothed over her rear.

She hummed in delight. “Yes we can.” She replied gently and took my mouth again, bonus veren siteler thrusting her tongue into my warm depths. I whimpered, as I knew I would have her right there in her room. There was no stopping it, could be no stopping it. I had no more control.

I slipped my right hand between our bodies, slid it up until it brushed against the bottom of Allison’s breast. She lifted her body for my hand to slide the rest of the way up and then lowered herself again so my palm held her breast.

I squeezed and throbbed when she moaned deeply against my mouth. Her nipple was hard in my palm and her heart beat erratically against my hand. We continued rubbing our middles together, breathing becoming harsh and labored.

Finally I pulled my mouth away from hers and sucked in air. Allison sat up and the next thing I knew I was staring at her bare breasts. I looked away and closed my eyes.

“Cameron, look at me.” She whispered. I shook my head.

“I can’t. Allison, we can’t.”

“Yes we can.” She said again and lifted my hand to press it against her breast. I couldn’t help but squeeze and marveled at how she felt. Slowly I turned my head and stared at my dark palm against her milk white breast. Staring at the other, the one that wasn’t covered by my hand, and seeing the large, light pink areola and tightening nipple sent ripples of desire through me and my sex responded by tightening. Allison felt it and swallowed. I covered her other breast with my other hand.

“I want you like I’ve wanted nothing else Allison.” I whispered and sat up to replace a hand with my mouth. She gasped and bowed back, making startled noises as I continued to draw her nipple between my lips and flick it with my tongue hesitantly. I used the suckling ability of my mouth and pressed her harder against me by spreading both my hands over her back.

Her hands went to where our bodies joined and I felt her fumbling around beneath her skirt. I felt bedava bahis her hand against my zipper and what was so hard beneath it and gasped, nipping her nipple gently. She gasped and I released her, worry in my eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I said quickly but she shook her head and undid the button on my pants and reached inside. I gasped and reared, eyes going wide. The electric shock that went through me when she wrapped her hand around me took my breath away. I squeezed my eyes closed and turned my head to the side, grimacing in pure carnal pleasure.

“Oh god, oh god,” I repeated as I could feel the response her rubbing was having on me. “Stop,” I said and then fiercer, “Stop now.” She did and I panted, chest heaving, eyes blind as I looked up at the ceiling.

Allison removed her panties and sat back down on me. Then she removed my shirt, bent forward and took one of my nipples in her mouth. I gasped again and gripped her shoulders, meaning to push her away but instead holding her in place. I found myself sliding my hands down her naked back and marveling at the smoothness. I encountered the scar beneath her left shoulder blade. Then my hands resumed their journey to her butt and I slipped my hands beneath her to spread her wider and then push her harder onto me. She winced against my chest and I stopped.


“I know it will hurt Cameron. But don’t stop, oh please don’t stop?” she kissed me again, long and hard. I slipped my hands to the front of my pants, pulled out and positioned Allison over me. She braced her hands on the floor beside my head and looked deep into my eyes. I watched her face as I slid silkily into her. She bit back a cry of pain as I broke through and closed her eyes, swallowing painfully. Her arms shook and her hands held onto fistfuls of the carpet.

I couldn’t believe the way she felt. The way I felt inside of her. She was so hot and wet and tight and fit like a glove around me. I had no idea anything deneme bonus could feel this good. I was just sorry it had caused Allison any pain.

“Jesus, tell me this doesn’t feel delicious?” Allison said and opened her eyes to stare into mine. Her brows were still drawn in pain but there was a languid look in her blue depths.

“It does.” I said and held her hips. I lifted her and let her slide back onto me. Both of us shuddered in response and moaned torturously. I crossed my eyes and swallowed when Allison moved up again and then down. After a moment of staring into each other’s eyes, Allison and I began moving at the same time. I thrust into her slowly, every time until I was buried inside her to the hilt, and we watched each other as the emotions played over our features. Allison opened her mouth and I saw her eyes glaze, but she was still looking at me. I felt my own pressure building, knew I was almost at orgasm and in one last hard, fast thrust came in a warm gush inside of Allison. She bit her bottom lip and only breathed out deeply little mewling noises as the orgasm rolled through her too. I threw my head back and gasped, panting with it.

Finally, once the wave had washed over both of us, Allison fell back onto me, breasts flattened on my chest.

I rolled us until I was positioned above Allison and between her legs. She swept her hands down her chest, over her breasts, down her flat stomach, touched the dark delta that nestled me so snuggly inside of her and smiled up at me.

“Move, in and out.” She whispered.

Greedy for more I did, first by sliding slowly out of her and then slowly in. Shivers coursed through her. Then I did it again, a bit faster this time, going a bit deeper too. She widened her thighs and then wrapped her legs around me and held me in. I pumped into her, faster and faster, delirious now; sure I wouldn’t hurt her anymore.

“Yes, oh god, yes Cameron.” Allison panted with me as I stroked us both toward the peak and sent us flying over it. Allison locked her mouth with mine just in time, so we swallowed each other’s cries of ecstasy. Finally she let her head fall back onto the carpet and stared up at me with a wicked, satisfied smile on her beautiful flushed face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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