Good Game Ch. 03

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I hurriedly fastened the clasp to my bra and pulled my shirt back over my head as Brad struggled to get his dick back into his pants. Thankfully I don’t think my mother had seen Brad, just me with my skirt pulled up around my waist and completely topless revealing my soft pink nipples. Not exactly the image the daughter of a Senator needs to portray. I knew I was going to hear about this. Pulling into my parents long quarter mile driveway I tried to make myself look as presentable and normal as possible, while preparing myself for the lies I was about to tell my mother.

“Tiffany Holiday, I don’t….I mean I can’t…what were you thinking? You could have been seen! Bradley what were you thinking letting her…how…I don’t know what to say,” my mother huffed sliding out of her black SUV with two grocery bags. “We don’t even have time to discuss it, Tiffany you will be explaining yourself to me later, and you’d better hope that no one recognized you or you’ll have to be explaining to Channel 5! How could you be so careless?”

“I’m sorry mom, we were just…well I was just. I wasn’t thinking, I just took my top off to have a little fun in the car on the way over, Brad was a good little yuppie and asked me to keep my clothes on,” I said snidely resenting the fact that my mother cared more of how my nudity looked for my father than for me. “What’s in the bags?”

“Oh your father invited Herman Allowitz and his wife and daughter over for dinner and I had to run out and get a few light bulbs for the walkway. Evidently, this Allowitz guy has old money, and if your father is lucky some of that money will be contributed to the campaign. Last year alone Herman’s company grossed over…

My mom began rambling facts so impressive one would think she worked for the NYSE. I guess being the wife of a politician meant knowing the stats of the contributors and the competitors. I, however, have never been interested in my father’s occupation aside from the fact that traveling with him allowed me to travel to new places and meet a lot of new men, which was great in my teenage years. While my father was giving lip service to wealthy patrons, I was giving lip service to their teenage sons. By the time I was twenty-one I was a blow job extraordinaire, and if giving head were the sort of thing that was discussed in civilized conversation I’d have some mighty impressive stats for my mother to recite.

Brad helped my mother carry the bags of bulbs around to the back of the house while I walked in the front, heading towards a bathroom so that I could fix myself up before going out to meet my father and Mr. Allowitz. I didn’t want to brush my teeth as I could still taste the remnants of my gorgeous fiancé in my mouth and I wanted it to stay there until he had time to fuck me properly. As I rounded the corner I was nearly knocked down by someone walking out of the bathroom as I headed in.

“Oh sorry,” I said quickly and then stepped backwards to allow the stranger to exit the bathroom.

“No probl-,” she stopped. “Tiffany?”

“Reagan??” I whispered with a hint of excitement, “What are you…oh shit don’t tell me you’re Herman Allowitz’s daughter!”

“Guilty,” she says with a sly smile, “Reagan Allowitz, of Allowitz shipping and distribution.” Obviously Reagan was used to people associating her with her father’s money, and she was clearly not ecstatic about the association.

“Listen, this afternoon. I don’t know what that was but it was amazing. I haven’t been that turned on ever, I mean on the way over here I couldn’t keep my hands off of Brad, or myself for that matter!” I confided.

“Yeah Antep Escort Bayan it was nice, but it can get better…” Reagan said and she leaned in towards me and instead of kissing my lips she kissed me neck. She sucked on my neck and kissed me softly up to my ear where she gently nibbled. It was so damned erotic I almost came right then and there.

“Tiffany, dinner is waiting outside, what are you in here doing?” I could hear my mom yell for me. I stepped away from Reagan and began walking outside towards the sound of my mother’s voice. Reagan followed, so I was conscious to swing my hips a little more than usual. I could still feel her tongue on my pussy, licking and exploring my folds like she was searching for the fountain of youth. My panties began to get moist from my thoughts.

Throughout dinner my father and Herman talked shop while my mother talked with Mrs. Allowitz about whatever it is society ladies discuss. Brad and I caressed each other’s thighs under the table while Reagan ran her leg up and down the length of mine. At one point I thought I felt Brad jerk away, because maybe he felt Reagan’s foot…but if he did he didn’t let on at all.

Bored of all the small talk with my parents and the Allowitz’s I offered to take Reagan on a tour of the house. My mother of course thought it was a great idea and she herself stole Mrs. Allowitz off to the guests’ house for after dinner cordials and discussion of some fundraiser. My father and Mr. Allowitz had been nonstop laughing and passionately involved in a conversation about the new Yankee’s line up and didn’t notice as people started gradually leaving the table. I invited Brad to join Reagan and me as I walked her through the mansion.

“And this is the downstairs mother-in-law suite, nobody uses this room except for me on occasion because it has an amazing solarium, you can see all of the grounds, and nobody can see you its floor to ceiling windows and great for watching the sunset,” I explained feeling like one of those White House guides. Reagan walked ahead of us fingering the photographs of myself and my family, and then took a seat out in the solarium. Brad and I walked in behind her, but since there were only two large chairs, I sat in Brad’s lap. Reagan was the perfect house guest, she began asking when the house was built, how long we’d been in it, and things of that nature, and I absentmindedly answered her while I began rubbing the length of Brad’s hardening cock through his khakis.

“Do you mind if we sit out here and watch the sunset, I’m really tired? I played tennis today at Pine Hills and walking around isn’t exactly what I want to do after the big meal we just had,” Reagan reasons as she lays back in the chair and closes her eyes, feeling the sun and is slowly disappeared into the horizon.

“That’s fine with me, Brad and I played tennis today too, I’m surprised we didn’t see you there,” I say suppressing a giggle. I enjoyed pretending we were strangers, even though Reagan had already gotten to know me in a most intimate manner. My mind began to replay the events of my day and I could feel my loins respond and my nipples start to stiffen.

By now Brad’s cock was rock hard and I lay back on his chest so that he could talk to me without Reagan hearing. “Tiffany, why did you start something we can’t finish right now? I’m horny as fuck and look at my dick!” He said in a desperate whisper.

“Reagan,” I said loudly, sitting up away from Brad but keeping my hand stroking his hard-on. “Do you mind if I fuck my fiancé right now? I’ve been rearing to go since we got here, and he has an erection the size of Long Island right now and I don’t want to waste it.” Brad looked at me horror stricken with his face hot and red from embarrassment. He must have thought I was a completely lunatic nymphomaniac the way I’d been acting today.

“Not a problem, Tiffany, but only if I can join,” Reagan says as she gets up from her chair and walks over to me to greet me with a slow, soft and sensual kiss. She searched my mouth with her tongue and I melted into her while continuing to massage Brad.

“What the fuck is…I don’t understand? Do you two, have you…are we?” Brad stammered completely confused. I decided not to divulge my secrets but to answer him physically. I broke my kiss with Reagan and turned around to face Brad. Without saying a word, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I then stood up, removed my clothes and then lowered myself slowly onto my fiancé’s waiting erection. My warmth felt so good to him that the only words he was able to get out were indecipherable. As Brad lay under me and I on top raising and lowering myself on his rod, Reagan undressed herself and knelt in front of me and I began kissing her nipples. I sucked at them one by one and moved my hands up and down her body. Her skin was smooth as silk and I could feel her curves, she was shaped like an hourglass, she was soft and firm at the same time. I could smell her arousal as I attended to her breasts and I moved a hand down to explore her wetness. Reagan was so turned on her pussy was hot to the touch. I moved my fingers in her hole and around her clitoris then took her juices on my fingers and rubbed them onto her nipples and slowly licked it off.

I tried to keep my slow steady pace with Brad but he was getting hornier watching me fondle and explore this beauty whom he thought to be a perfect stranger. He pushed himself up, making me get on all fours and began fucking me from behind. Now I was on his pace and he pulled his length out of me then quickly pushed it back in, each time rubbing slightly against my G-spot.

“Play with her asshole, she likes it.” Reagan said to Brad, who on any other occasion would have been offended by the advice, but tonight he listed. He reached around and touched my wet pussy and began lubricating my rosebud with my own fluids. “Now you,” Reagan continued, “eat my pussy while your lover boy can see.” I was just as obedient as Brad was and as Reagan lie down and spread her legs apart I lowered my head into what smelled like heaven. I licked up and down the length of her love crevasse, making slow circles around her hole and her clit. I could feel her push down into my face whenever I paid special attention to her clit, so I reached my hand up and began rubbing it hard and slow while I tongue fucked her pussy hole with the same rhythm and speed as Brad was using on me. When Brad moved in, I stuck my tongue in when he pulled out so did I. We were all three moving in sync when I felt Brad pull out but he didn’t move back in. This deterred my concentration a bit.

“Baby what’s wrong,” I asked looking up from Reagan’s pussy which was glowing with ecstasy.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass Tiffany, I know we’ve never tried before and it makes you nervous…but then again I didn’t think threesomes were your style either,” Brad reasoned calmly. Before I had the chance to answer or react, I could feel the head of his penis push against my hole. It was going to be tight but I was plenty wet, and so was his dick. The pressure was marvelous and I responded to the intensity by increasing the speed at which I was rubbing Reagan’s clit. I lowered my head back into her pussy and began licking from her asshole to her opening and stuck my tongue inside her walls exploring her orally, I could feel her muscles tightening around my tongue and I could feel her clit start to harden, I knew she was about to cum. Brad had stuck the head of his penis inside me and it hurt, but the pain was bliss.

“Ohhhhhhhh Brad, don’t go slow baby, fuck me. Treat me like your slut I don’t care just make me cum baby,” I encouraged him. It didn’t take long for him to respond by thrusting the rest of his dick inside me. I was so startled by the feeling of euphoria that was being caused by this anal fuck that I cried out loud, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, faster, faster, go faster and hard Brad, FUCK ME.”

I switched up, and stuck my fingers insider Reagan’s hole and put my mouth over her clit. I flicked and sucked her with no regard for being gentle or slow. I wanted her to cum as hard as I was going to. I started with just one finger, but I went up to three and I was fucking her hard and fast, in and out as I licked her cum covered clit. She was pushing into my face and I knew she was closer than ever. Without warning I stuck a finger into her asshole and fucked both her holes fast and hard. Almost immediately she was screaming with pleasure and she was clamping her thighs around my face. I could barely breath but I wasn’t letting my mouth off of her clit. I kept licking and flicking and she kept cumming all over my hand. I pushed another finger into her ass and pushed them as deep as I could.

“Oh my fuckin asshole, shit oh, Oh OHHHHHH fuck me, shit I’m cumming! I can’t stop cumming,” screamed Reagan as she writhed in the chair.

“Fuck Tiffany, you’re so tight back here I’m going to cum too baby, cum with me,” said Brad as he started pumping my asshole faster and harder, pulling my hips into his. Reagan didn’t waste anytime in savoring her orgasms, as soon as she heard Brad, she flipped around and moved up under me. She put her mouth over my pussy and began sucking my clit as I was just sucking hers. She used her hands to massage Brad’s balls which were slamming into me harder and harder with each thrust. I could feel my legs starting to grow weak and my whole body was getting aroused, I was on fire and I could feel the most entense orgasm ever forming in my body. I threw my head back and arched my back as Brad thrust and exploded his semen into my tight ass hole. I could feel its warmth fill me and that sent me over the edge. I collapsed onto Reagan’s mouth and she kept sucking me as I cried out in the throws of passion. I could feel cum dripping out of my asshole, and my own juices start to flow down my pussy. My body was shaking and Reagan was licking up every drop of cum, Brad’s and my own and I could do nothing but let her, I was weak from the orgasms I was having. I closed my eyes and I could smell Reagan’s pussy and I was in utopia.

As I recovered from my intense multiple orgasms, I opened my eyes and Brad was dressing. I got up and started to do the same, no one was talking, but we were all covered in each other and the room was steamy and smelled like sex.

“We’d better get back before they start to miss us,” Brad said matter-of-factly as if nothing we’d just done was out of the ordinary.

“Thanks for showing me the house, its beautiful,” said Reagan following Brad out of the room, leaving me there naked and covered in the remnants of sex, hair matted, and mouth tasting like her pussy. By the time I fully recovered and fixed myself up enough to look semi-normal, the Allowitz’ were preparing to leave. My mother of course thanked them for coming and they graciously said it was their pleasure. The father’s shook hands, and I held onto Brad as I shook hands with Reagan and we made a date to play doubles the following Thursday at Pine Hills.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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