Good Girl Pt. 03

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I’m disappointed by the short email.

“Meetings. No time today. Be a Good Girl.”

I sigh and close the laptop. I straighten my shoulders and set about the tasks for the day. I make the bed and gather the laundry. I start cleaning the kitchen and while I’m unloading the dishwasher, my mind wanders to the last time M visited. My ass and hips were still tender from the paddle.

I was blindfolded, on my back, with my hands secured tightly together above my head. He had been teasing me mercilessly with a finger vibe and I spoke out of turn, begging Him to fuck me. M stopped abruptly. I could feel His cold displeasure burning my skin. He reached down and flipped me onto my stomach in one swift motion.

“You will count.”

The first strike was a sharp blow to my ass cheek; the second to my right görükle escort hip; the third where my leg meets my ass on the other side. I shakily counted each one, absorbing the pain deep into my pussy, until He had struck me 10 times. I could feel my cunt gushing juice all over my closed thighs.

“Now, I will fuck you for my pleasure only. If you cum before I say to, we will start all over again.”

Still on my stomach, my legs straight between His, M spread me open and entered my burning pussy from behind. He started pumping in and out, quickly. Pounding my body, making my cunt tighten around His hard cock. Higher and higher I climbed, wetness flowing out and down His balls. He grunted.


I exploded all around Him, my pussy contracting and my body convulsing. He pulled out görükle escort bayan quickly and I felt the warm ropes of cum hitting my ass, soothing the burning the paddle left behind.

“Good Girl.”

Remembering makes my panties damp. I have to distract myself with something else. I grab my iPod and headphones, turn some music on and start wiping down the kitchen table. I see movement out of the corner of my eye. I turn and see M standing there. I gasp and instantly my body relaxes submissively, my eyes cast to the floor.

“I don’t have much time.”

I can barely hear Him through the music playing in my ears. M strides over to me and turns my body. He shoves me so that I’m bent over the kitchen table, my tits flattening onto the hard surface. He reaches around and undoes bursa escort the button of my jeans, opens the zipper, and yanks them down to mid-thigh, taking my thong with them. He places His legs directly behind mine, pining me.

M takes my hands and tightly holds them to the small of my back, using one hand. The places His other hand on my cheek, holding my face to the table. He enters my cunt in one smooth thrust. I’m wet from the fantasies earlier, so it’s an easy entry.

M roughly fucks my pussy, causing my clit to rub against the corner of the table. The feeling is so intense; I know I won’t be able to hold back for long. Each drive seems to be in sync with the music in my ears.

He shoves his cock in and out of me, urgently, His balls slapping against me. I feel Him swelling and this sends me over the edge. I cry out and cum violently. M buries His penis into my cunt one last time and I feel the pulsing of His ejaculation.

After a beat, M lets go of my hands. He reaches and pulls one of the ear-buds out of my ear.

“Good Girl.”

And then M leaves.

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