Good Hair Day

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They were sitting on the extra wide stone steps in the small but well-manicured backyard talking while she did his hair in front of the double glass sliding door. It was a beautiful day out and as long as he brought whiskey, kept pouring and the sun kept shinning she was happy to re-twist his locs. They weren’t close friends, but they’d developed a good relationship over time. They didn’t see each other often, once every few months when he needed his hair done and didn’t want to go the hairdressers and preferred to hangout and catch-up over drinks.

She looked down at her summer dress and it reminded her of herself as a kid getting her own hair done.

The dip of her mom’s skirt made a hammock and became the keeper of the red handled brush, bobbles and colorful barrettes and combs until they were needed.

Anyone who has ever gotten their hair braided or twisted knows how long this whole process can take.

Eventually everyone’s back would start burning from either leaning back, leaning forward or just sitting up after an hour.

To give his back a little break he had his arms slung over her legs like they were chair arms for support. Hands dangling his fingers kept grazing her legs, shiny and smooth like silk.

There were moments when she was leaning over him, and her breasts brushed the top of his head. The summer dress barely hid her ample breasts and there was no bra in sight.

The back was done, time to get the sides done; she wanted him to lean to the left, there were never any words of direction throughout this process. It was a soft pull in the direction and you knew from years of practice what you were supposed to do.

Rest you head, right side leans on her right inside thigh. Her dress had been hiked up from where it had started, it was a hot day; so instead of his head touching the pink cotton of her dress, he was leaning on a soft warm thigh.

He thought how beautifully her brown skin glowed in the sunlight, and how she always smelled so good, like a coconut he wanted to taste. It took him back to his favorite spot on the white sand beach of Barbados, sipping on a freshly cut coconut, with the sea air surrounding him.

He could picture himself on the beach with this beautiful and carefree woman. Sipping, swimming the tides and soaking in the sun listening to the gentle ebb and flow of the ocean. Caught up in his own daydream, with his eyes closed he got carried away and kissed her inner thigh imaging they were there. She stopped mid-twist. He lifted up his head quickly snapping himself back to reality, just happy she didn’t wet him up with her drink or hit him in the back of his head. She didn’t look angry, more pleasantly surprised, he thought and hoped. He took it as a sign that he could continue to test the waters, one toe in at a time.

He went with another kiss to the thigh, this one a little firmer and deliberate, and then another and another inching her skirt up with him with everyone.

The light dress had gone from a hammock shape to an appropriate vee hanging down just in front of her pelvis framing her shape.

Now he fully turned to face her on his knees, arms now moved from her sides, to moving along her bare thighs to end up wrapped around her waist. He had expected to be met with the sides of her thong or panty, but there was no panty perimeter to clear. Yet another reason he loved when summer finally graced Canada, as soon as winter is over and summer hits, we almanbahis yeni giriş wear the least amount of clothes possible. She bent her head down and kissed him, he was a little surprised. Shit, she surprised herself, and she wanted to blame it on the drinks but that would just be a cover. Too grown to play games and make excuses, it was simple. She wanted to fucked, he was here and so was the opportunity. Spontaneous and passionate under the warmth of the sun with a soft breeze was a perfect setting.

He retreated from her kiss and went down one step and took the hanging material from the vee shape it had formed and scrunched it up she raised her backside off the cold cement so he could gather it all and he put it under her behind to give her some cushioning as well as give him space to work.

On his knees he kissed both thighs this time before tasting her sweet nectar. Tongue first, followed by his skilled lips and mouth. He darted in and out at varied speeds, clearly hitting all the right spots paying special attention to that extra sensitive little protrusion. She arched her back and her neck, the concrete edge of the step digging into her back. Her breasts escaping out the sides of the top of her summer dress, she helped them completely free themselves; squeezing her nipples while pushing the double D’s together burying the dress in the middle.

He knew what he was doing, now he was using his fingers, thumb, his tongue and those lips, goddamn those soft lips! She didn’t even realize she was now holding a fistful of his hair.

He paused and asked if she wanted to go inside so her neighbours wouldn’t see, but she said, rather panted out, “Mmm, nooo, uhhmm, don’t stop, they can’t see.” She knew that wasn’t entirely true. If they were in their backyard the lattices and shrubs offered some cover, but anyone in the 4 rows of houses upstairs could easily see them.

But even if they could see, she didn’t really care. She like the idea of voyeurism, and she almost hoped somebody was watching. Watch, enjoy. She was only ever curious if it stopped there at watching, or if it would lead to someone jerking-off or masturbating benefiting from the free amateur porn show. Sharing is caring after all.

She waited anxiously to see and feel him, not that she wanted to rush his eating. She was teetering on the brink and her moans were starting to fill the yard competing with the chirping birds. Her dress was clinging to her back and she wanted to dig her nails into something but unlike a bed the cement wouldn’t have been wise. Instead, her fist clenched even tighter around his locs and she was sure a mini release of excitement just washed over his mouth.

With the evidence on his face, he knew he’d done his job and he came up for air. She like that he didn’t ask if she enjoyed it, he was right to be confident in his skills. He stood up and stretched out with all of his 5 ft. 11″ self, leaving his crotch at her eye level.

The shock of his cock size made her gasp when she pulled down his shorts and took it, or rather it escaped and sprung out, and she finally saw it. All 9.5 inches with a circumference that equally matched the length. Despite being introduced to the elements he was hard and ready for action un-phased by the warm breeze scented with the lavender from her garden.

She wanted to have him in her, his tip was glistening already with a little pre-cum excitement and she wanted to taste almanbahis giriş it, to taste him.

“Go ahead, he won’t bite” he said smiling coyly, not realizing she was admiring him not hesitating.

Equally coyly she responded, “He might not, but I might.” and began gently licking what he’d dripped. She took her time getting to know it. Stroking him, licking him noting his depth and width she was calculating based on her experience if she could she make it to the base? Was it veiny? How sensitive what that mushroom shaped dark brown tip? She answered all those questions happily to both their satisfaction based on his reaction. He braced himself against the glass door in front of him to steady himself against the rocking motion being created by her strong suction around his cock, pulling him forward and back when she released and her tongue and mouth worked in unison to glide back up his shaft. His triceps were put to work and flexing in the sun quite nicely she noted staring up at him wide-eyed, with his cock still sheltered from the elements in her warm mouth. She cupped his balls and massaged them while still working his knob, he let out a long “Fuuucckk, mmm, you’re amazing!” No shit she thought, head was her specialty. If he ever became a regular treat, she would eventually create him a customized experience. Unable to take much more without shooting all over her pretty face, he pulled her up to her feet, spun her around and lifted up her damp dress to her waist.

Pressed against the glass door, her sweaty palmprints overlapped with the ones he’d left and her breast creating their own silhouette.

Cocking out her backside and assuming the appropriate stance to receive all had to give in her aching and now drenched pussy, she braced herself. This proved to be a smart move because the first penetration reached depths and spaces no one had reached before and she cried out. It must’ve startled the birds in the tree nearby, she heard the rustling of the leaves and saw them fleeing to the skies in the reflection of the glass patio door that was supporting her.

He held onto her waist tightly for the first couple of strokes until they found their rhythm then he let go and joined her hands against the window with equally sweaty palms. The sound of the slapping of where his pelvis met her curvy round brown ass was musical and then he noticed another beat, her large breasts colliding into each other and he wanted to join in.

Not wanting her to stop the moaning and grunts he found incredibly sexy that was contributing to this outdoor musical he placed one hand back around her waist and explored her breasts one at a time. Paying attention equally to each nipple, pinching the soft but hard nipples, rolling them in between his thumb and pointer finger. He’d found the right combination to really set her off. Breaking free from his tight waist hold, she turned around to face him. Both of them were glistening with sweat from the afternoons sun and their body heat. Their mouths found each other and hungrily met, mmhmm those full lips worked just as well on both sets of her own lips she thought. He tasted familiar, what was it? Ahh whisky. It was a nice compliment to what her pussys tasted like. As they kissed his tip continued to jab at her, so wet it just slid in and out in between her legs searching for her warm entrance again. As if this wasn’t already hot enough of an experience, he stepped it up another level. Scooping almanbahis güvenilirmi her up by the bottom of her ass cheeks he had her sweaty back against the door holding her up on those toned forearms while he reentered her and they both exhaled in utter pleasure in unison. She gasped, she howled and tried to contain her own cries and his by putting a free hand over his mouth until he could quiet himself. While she didn’t mind being watched she didn’t want unwanted attention in case someone called the police misunderstanding the screams coming from a usually very quiet yard.

He stroked and pounded her so fiercely she thought for sure she was getting a burn on her naked shoulders and low back from sliding up and down the hot glass where the dress wasn’t covering her. Hands over head she tried gripping at the un-grippable glass, instead her hands just ended up sliding down just like she was. She wasn’t sure but she felt if somehow, he’d gotten harder and bigger, she was definitely wetter. He was making her shake with his increased speed and force and she could feel the wave coming, the tension building, that indescribable feeling. Euphoria.

He must’ve sensed it coming like she did in him too; they held onto each other and rode the wave together. He shuddered and shook and released inside her, not ideal but there was no time for her to safely to dismount. If not for that patio door to help steady themselves they probably would have ended up on the ground. After a moment of just leaning into each other and trying to regain their breath and composure he let her go gently and her feet touched the ground for the first time in some time. She felt every ounce of their warm stickiness on her courtesy of the breezy outdoor air. A little light headed he stumbled back a bit, his now deflated cock flapping a bit retreating from the air. She continued to use the door for support, knowing her legs were nowhere ready just yet to support her. Using her damp dress like a washcloth, she wiped up in between her legs. He pulled up his boxers and used them to wipe himself off as best he could.

And now they both just stared at each other looking sweaty and spent.

“Umm, did you want to go in and use the bathroom?” she tacked on a nervous smile to the end of her sentence while trying to sound normal.

“Ya, cool thanks.” She gave him directions to the first-floor powder room and added, “There’s some clean towels under the sink too.”

He smiled sheepishly as he passed her and headed inside.

‘Ok, so now what? Do I offer to finish his hair? I can’t send him home with a head half done? But this is totally weird now, right?’ she was asking out loud walking around on the grass looking up at the windows of her neighbouring houses to see if a pair of eyes were watching her. She didn’t see any, but she did see some curtains sway when she looked in their direction. He’d be back any minute and obviously the trees couldn’t answer her.

He reappeared and came outside closing the door behind him, “Thanks for the towels, gonna need some Windex on this glass.” he smirked, and she smiled and chuckled. Maybe not so weird? Reminding herself she was not going to play these little games, and reciting her own little mantra in her head, ‘See It, Want It, Get It.’ and said, “If you’re not in a hurry I can finish your hair, but I need a shower. You can wait, or join me if you’d like.” It came out as she hoped; more like two statements and not one statement and one question, her nerves hadn’t betrayed her.

She turned and while still a little weak in the knees strode inside leaving the smudged glass door open behind her. She was almost to the stairs when she heard it slide and lock followed by quickening footsteps.

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