Good Morning

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Ellie rolled over sleepily, stretching with her arms above her head and eyes barely open. Thin rays of light streamed through the blinds in her bedroom window, and it seemed to be mid-morning already. Arching her back and stretching once more, she kicked the tangled blankets away from her feet and turned to look at the man lying next to her.

His face was buried in the pillow, but that did nothing to hide his short brown hair, fair lashes, and full lips. At 6’2″ his feet dangled off the end and his right arm nearly reached the floor as his sprawled haphazardly across her bed. He lay on his stomach, hiding his smooth, well muscled chest. Her eyes followed the smooth curve of his back, surveying his body from top to bottom and instantly making her wish that she could return to the night before.

As college students, they had seen each other in class or around campus, but never really gotten to know each other. Pushed together by mutual friends, they had been out on a casual date, and had both had a few too many drinks. When he insisted on walking her home, she insisted on inviting him in. When Ellie stumbled trying to walk up the stairs to her bedroom, he scooped her up and carried her. Her face pressing close to his neck, she began kissing him, and when they reached her room they had their arms locked around each other, groping each other and losing clothing in the process.

As he kissed her naked body, he realized just how stunning she was. Her long brown hair fell to the middle of her back in slight waves, her brown eyes looked like melted chocolate; her lips were smooth and soft. Her body was even better: at fixbet 5’4″ she was much shorter than he, but her curves were amazing, a smooth, flat stomach, ample hips, a neatly shaven pussy, a nice round ass, and round C cup breasts, all spread out before him and just waiting to be touched.

Leaning over her, he bent down to kiss her, tasting the remains of her last cocktail. Lips pressed together, he lowered his body onto hers, the heat between them escalating with every racing heartbeat.

He groaned and rolled over. Ellie snapped out of her daydream, annoyed at herself for getting caught up the passion of the night before. She surveyed his body again, this time he lay on his back, still sprawled across her bed, but much more accessible, and she felt a growing need to wake him.

Carefully, she ran her fingers across his chest, hoping not to wake him. He snored. She moved her hands over his stomach and along his sides, rubbing gently, still no response from him, but she felt herself getting wet. Her hands found their way lower, gently massaging his balls and limp cock. He stirred a little, and she froze. His breathing returned to normal, and she continued to touch him, running her hand up and down his shaft, playing with him until it grew big and hard in her hand. His cock was incredible, long and thick and hard as a rock… she felt herself get more and more aroused as she continued to stroke him. He continued to sleep.

“This is amazing” she thought to herself, staring down at her own hand on his cock. She began to kiss his chest and slowly moved her way downward, over his stomach, past his fixbet giriş bellybutton, until she could smell his musky scent and the tip of his cock was a mere inch or two away from her lips. She kissed the head, tasting him, before slowing sliding him into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, licking and sucking, teasing him… she didn’t notice he was awake until she felt his hand on the back of her head. He groaned, pushing himself deeper into her throat, and she opened wider to accommodate his huge cock, he plunged deeper, and she took him as far into her mouth as she could, eagerly sucking and watching his face, contorted with pleasure. She moved her tongue, flicking it just a little, and suddenly she felt him buck beneath her before tasting his cum in hot spurts that she swallowed hungrily.

“Good morning,” Ellie said, sliding her body up next to him again.

“Good morning, did you enjoy your breakfast?” he teased.

“Very much,” she replied with a coy smile.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her on top of him. She sat on his stomach, her perfect breasts dangling in front of his face. She leaned over to kiss his neck, nuzzling into his shoulder. Ellie felt his hands on her hips, pushing her down his stomach, lower and lower. Surprised, she realized his cock was still hard and ready to go, even after he came so much in her mouth. Her pussy was dripping wet, and she could feel a trail of juices from where she had been sitting on his stomach to where she was now- poised over his cock.

“Would you like more?” he asked.

Ellie nodded, and lowered herself onto his shaft. She gasped as he filled her completely, and didn’t have time to adjust before she felt him plunge into her fully. She felt her pussy tighten around him, wetter now than she had ever been before, leaking sweet juices all over his cock. Moving her hips, she began to ride him, sliding up and down on his cock, forward and back, grinding against him to stimulate her own clit. She had him pinned to the bed, her hands on his shoulders, as she felt her own oncoming orgasm. She thrust her hips into him, he raised his to meet her. Ellie gasped and moaned as she felt her pussy clamp down, releasing her own juices, as she felt the rolling wave of pleasure take her.

He smiled, and rolled her gently onto her back. He knelt between her legs, his cock throbbing and coated with her juices. He thrust into her completely, feeling the smooth, wet pussy take him in. He knew he was ready to cum again, and slowed down, waiting for Ellie to recover. As his cock slowly fucked her, she started to participate again, moving her hips to meet his. He knew she would be much more sensitive this time, and as soon as she began to move, he thrust in deeper. She moaned. He slid his cock out entirely, and plunged it back into her, she gasped, raking her fingernails over his back. He was almost on the verge of losing control. He shoved his cock in and out of her slick wet pussy, thrusting faster and faster, deeper and harder, she was screaming and moaning beneath him, he felt his own pressure building, and with one final fast, hard, pump, he let go, shooting his hot, sticky load of cum deep into her soaking wet pussy. She screamed again, and he felt her pussy spasm, wracked by another orgasm, and they both collapsed in exhaustion.

Pulling up the blanket, Ellie snuggled with her lover, “Yes, that was definitely a good morning….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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