Good Neighbours

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I was in the bath when I heard the first crash of thunder. It took me by surprise, and I jumped a little, splashing some water on to the ground. Remembering my washing on the line outside, I leaped out of the bath. Quickly covering myself with my towel, I ran outside into the yard to the washing line. I hurriedly removed all my underwear from the washing line, and as I did, I noticed a man in the yard next to me doing the same. I assumed that he was my new neighbour, who I had not met yet. I must have caught his eye as he turned to look at me. He had obviously also been in the bath as he had a towel wrapped around his waist. I smiled and waved as I ran to my door.

I turned the handle but the door wouldn’t open. I had locked myself out in this ferocious thunderstorm.

“Fuck!” I yelled.

“What’s the problem?” asked my neighbour, who I had now forgotten about.

“I locked myself out,”

“Well come in here till the storm lets up and you can call a locksmith.”

I felt cautious about going into a stranger’s house, but I also didn’t want to stand out here in the rain. He let me into his kitchen and offered me a cup of coffee. I declined, and it was only now that I noticed how sexy he looked. Rain glistened off his exposed torso and his chest hair was formed into little swirls by the rain.

“Thanks so much,” I said.

“No Problem, look I am going to go and put on some clothes. I’m dripping wet. Feel free to go sit in the living room. Help yourself to a drink too if you want. You’ll probably see my brother in there. He’s a pervert but don’t mind him, he’s harmless. I’m James, by the way.”

“Thanks,” I smiled.

I walked through the door to the Living Room. The man I assumed was his brother was on the couch, fast asleep. A porn movie was playing on the big screen TV with the sound off. A blonde woman was being fucked in both the mouth and her pussy by to men.

I walked over to the drinks cabinet and poured myself a large vodka tonic. There was only one couch in the room, as the brothers had not yet properly moved in so I sat down next to the sleeping man. I dumped my slightly wet underwear, which I had been carrying until now, onto his legs and picked up a book off the coffee table. I started paging through the book on the coffee table. It was about nude photography. The classy stuff, not pornography. I poured myself a few more drinks while I waited Escort Bayan Gaziantep in the living room.

By now I was starting to feel a little bit drunk. I looked up in time to see the woman on the screen have both men come on her, one on each of her generous, sweaty tits. I put the book down and started watching the porn. The next scene started with one woman vigorously licking at a wet, shaven pussy, belonging to the same woman from the previous scene. She was, in turn casually massaging the cock of one of the man who had been fucking her only minutes earlier. His penis glistened with what I imagined to be pussy juices. I love the feeling of a cock in my hand, and I was now starting to feel aroused. I looked over to see that James’ brother was still asleep, but his hard cock was protruding through the little slit in his boxer shorts. I found this situation too tempting as I leaned over and took hold of his huge, hard cock. I gently stroked the length of it and reached into his shorts to cup one of his balls. It was hot and pulsing. Slowly, I licked my fingers for lubrication and massaged him. It felt good. I could feel my pussy swelling with juiciness as he began to awake. He looked up at me with a puzzled expression on his face. I smiled sweetly and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked hard until my mouth was full of him, then I pulled away, stopping only at his head to linger a little with my tongue. I pulled his shorts off now, and began to tease his balls with my tongue.

He started moving on the couch and we both fell onto the floor. He quickly started rubbing my cunt with his hand. He was moving very quickly. My towel had dropped when we fell and now we were both entirely naked. His searching fingers quickly found my engorged clit and he took it in his thumb and forefinger, squeezing it fiercely. His hips were jerking as I sucked him into me, and I could feel the throbbing in my dripping cunt growing hotter. His fingers found my hole and he thrust his three reaming fingers into me. He finger fucked me while I sucked his dick. I was getting so hot now. I slowly licked the length of his cock again, and I noticed a tiny drop gleaming on the top of his cock. I greedily sucked his head of all its’ pre-cum. I was so wet now; his fingering was driving me over the edge.

“Fuck me now, “ I begged.

He obliged by forcing his fat cock into my throbbing cunt from behind. I was now lying face down on the floor, and while he fucked me my pussy strained to take all of his meat. He distracted my by reaching under me and grabbing my hard nipples in his hands. He squeezed them between his wet fingers. I moaned loudly as he thrust his cock deeper into my soaking pussy. I rolled him over and rode him while he fondled my breasts. I was so close to coming, I was grinding back and forth on his cock so hard by now with my wet cunt. I came loudly as he reached forward from behind me and massaged my clit. He shot his load deep inside of me.

My face flushed, I felt good. As I stood up, I noticed some come and pussy juices dripping down my leg. I covered myself with my towel and he told me where the bathroom was and I went.

Opening the bathroom door, I noticed the shower was on. James was in there and had not heard me come in. His brother had been a marvellously good fuck, but he had not satisfied me entirely and I wanted more. I opened the shower door to see James leaning against the wall with one hand and jerking off with the other. I dropped my towel and stepped into the shower behind him, taking his hard cock in my hand and working it violently. He turned around and looked at me. With one movement, he lifted me by the butt and put his cock inside my still wet pussy. He fucked me against the shower door and I came almost instantly. He kept pushing himself into me, deeper and harder, all the while holding my ass up against the glass of the door. He leaned forward to finger my asshole, but he lost his grip and the door slammed open. Landing on the pile of towels he had brought in off the line, he just kept fucking me on the floor. I was filled with his hot cock and I loved the way he pounded himself into me, over and over. He could tell I loved it, so he rolled me over to tease me and I was now on top of him, riding him hard, gliding up and down his massive cock with my wetness. My pussy was filled with his hard cock.

The shower was still running and the room had filled up with steam. I heard footsteps in the hall as I realised I had left the bathroom door open. His brother was standing in the doorway, still naked. I saw his cock begin to stiffen again as he walked in to the bathroom and stood next to where his brother and I were fucking. I was fucking James so beautifully that he didn’t notice his brother standing over us. He took a handful of my hair and guided my mouth onto his hard cock. As I started sucking his cock again I could taste myself on him. He rammed himself into my mouth. I struggled to keep up but my gagging sounds only seemed to make him fuck my face harder. I was enjoying this. James looked up; his hips beginning to jerk wildly. His whole body shuddered while I squeezed at his cock with my pussy. This fucking from both angles made me so wet I could feel myself coming again. The spasms made James come, and I got off him in time for it to land on my own hard left nipple. His brother was still fucking my mouth harder now, and I expected to taste his salty come any second. Instead he released my hair and lay down on the floor. His cock was hard and glistening and standing up straight. I lowered my hole onto his juicy cock and felt him slide deep inside me. I was riding him hard now and I could tell he was about to come.

I looked over and saw James with his cock in his hand. He was massaging it and it was almost hard now. I leaned over and took it full in my mouth but he lifted my head away from him and got up. I couldn’t see what he was doing but when I felt him fingering my asshole, I got an idea. He eased his cock into my ass and started fucking me. The three of us moved with a slow rhythm. I was now lying on top of his brother, while James was gently fucking me from behind. His brother came inside of me quickly with such a force I screamed and I came at the same time. James was not finished though. I lifted myself off of his brother and turned over. Now he was fucking my ass as he watched me rubbing my clit. The pleasure was obvious on his face and I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm again when he pulled his cock out of my ass and slid it tenderly into my open pussy. It was by now quite sore from all the fucking. He fucked me delicately for a short time, and then came quickly into my pussy; the hot cum turned me on as much as my own hand. I came again.

The three of us were lying on the bathroom floor, spent. I had cum on my tits and it was dripping between my legs so I stood up quietly and stepped into the shower. I washed myself off with the cold water.

I got my towel and underwear out of the dining room and went in to the kitchen to call the complex manager to let me into my house. He arrived and I went home. The storm was over and I was completely sexually satisfied. I left a note on the front door the next morning, thanking the brothers for their hospitality. It is, after all, the neighbourly thing to do.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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