Good Things to Those Who Wait

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I never had a problem attracting women, all women. Any shape, size, color, and nationality available. I’m attractive, I’ll be honest about it. But that isn’t what gets girls into my bed, although I’m sure it helps. My personality is what gets them. I know it’s cliche but it’s true. I’m confident sometimes to the point of arrogance. I know that about myself. I would by lying if I said I was the nicest person on earth. I’m a bitch, okay, I’m okay with it. What does it matter anyway? They are the ones that want me. They get the whole package and that includes the attitude. I’m never overly mean just brutally honest, but let me get to the story.

I was going into a little restaurant when I noticed a smoking hot girl seated at the bar. I quickly told the waitress that that was were I wanted to sit. So I went over and sat right next to her. She looked at me oddly for one moment but then went back to the book she was studying. She was a couple years younger than myself, maybe 22 or 23.

“Hi.” I said confidently, as if I could act any other way.

“Uh… hey.” she mumbled as she shot me another quizzical glance before turning back to her book.

“My name is Ava.” I laughed. I thought it was funny that she seemed so busy while at a restaurant.

“Zoey.” She said, this time without looking up, as she finished writing a sentence in her notebook. “Look, I would normally love to talk to you but I am really busy studying for this test and I don’t exactly have time to carry on a conversation. I’m sorry that I’m being so rude.”

“Well if you want to come back to my place, I’m sure I can teach you a few things.” I winked at her suggestively and smiled. She just laughed and turned back to her work. I ordered a soda from the bar and I offered to get her a drink as well.

“No thank you. I can buy my own.” she looked at the bartender and order a soda. When her drink came she went to pay for it but I beat her to it. The bartender took my money and walked away. She looked furious and even more beautiful. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“Of course I didn’t but I’m hopping that now you will feel obligated to talk to me.” I sipped at my coke but Zoey didn’t seem to have felt obligated to talk to me. She just turned back to her work and kept writing. After twenty minutes of silence I was fed up and bored to death. I decided to try once more before going home to call some nameless girl to warm my bed for the night.

“Here’s my card. You can call me sometime or you can stop trying to delay the inevitable and just leave with me now.” I pulled one of my business cards out of my wallet then I scribbled my cell phone number across the back of it. I placed it on her notebook so she couldn’t avoid it. Just when I was about get off of my barstool she looked up at me in shock.

“You’re Ava Greene? Like the writer Ava Greene?” she asked in pure wonder. I smiled as I settled back into my seat. I had won another one. It was a good feeling because she was beautiful. Her hair was a coppery brown color that was absolutely amazing and her golden brown eyes were captivating.

“Yes, I’m Ava Greene the writer. Have you read some of my work?” I exuded pride. That would probably be the sin I would go down for. Pride and lust.

“I love your stuff. I read your piece about your travels through Russia. It was amazing. And I also loved the stuff you wrote about the corruption in the local government. You are a great writer.” Zoey talked rapidly but I have to be honest, I was thinking about what she would look like topless. I’m shallow, okay. I already said this. It’s wrong, I know, that but she was so hot it was almost impossible not to. Especially when I noticed that her nipples were hard. Either from the cool temperature in the room or because of me. I don’t know which but I preferred to think the latter.

“I’m glad you enjoy my work. It does pay the bills. So what about you. What do you do?”

“I’m a student right now. I’m actually about to graduate, that’s why I’m studying.” She showed me the cover of her book. It said something about advanced computer something or other. “I want to do web design.”

“That’s very interesting.” I told her. We made small talk for another twenty minutes before I realized that I really did have to get going. I had a deadline that I had to meet and my papers weren’t going to write themselves.

“I’m going to have to get going. I have some work that I need to finish up.” I looked into her brilliant brown eyes and I smiled. “Feel free to join me.”

“Are you really like this all the time?” Zoey blushed. “I mean, are you so forward with everyone or is it just me?”

“I am forward with every woman that I find so remarkably attractive. I think we would have a great time and I want to pursue that.” I actually liked that girl. She was interesting and I felt like we had some things in common. I hadn’t talked to anyone that long in one sitting since the last time I had visited my mother.

“I have known you for Mersin Eskort

about an hour and you have already invited me to your house three times.”

“And you have ignored me three times. It was a simple offer. You are gorgeous and I like you. Is it a crime that I want to take you to bed? If you aren’t interested then I apologize but I think that you are interested. I think that you want to sleep with me.”

“Listen, Ava, it was nice to meet you but I am not going to sleep with you.” Zoey gathered her books and stood from her chair. “I’m not that easy, Ava. You are going to have to work for this.” I couldn’t stop the deep laugh that came from me.

“Okay. I can do that. Same time and place tomorrow?”

Zoey nodded and left. I sat in at the bar for an extra moment or two thinking about her. She was something else. I had never had anyone put me on hold like that. I had been turned down before, I’ll admit it. Girls either were interested or they weren’t but I never had anyone say eventually or maybe later. My interest didn’t usually last that long but this girl was different. She had an air about her that exuded equanimity. I was looking forward to our meeting and I decided to sleep alone that night. Thoughts of Zoey clouded my head.

I was dressed in my most jaw dropping outfit when I went to the restaurant the next day. A tight, and short, strapless black dress with white heels. I wore my long black hair loose and it fell past my shoulder. When I entered I saw Zoey sitting at a booth by herself. I felt excited that she was no longer at the bar, the booth was so much more intimate.

“It’s nice to see you again. Are you ready to sleep with me yet?” I spoke in a joking manner as I took my seat across from her.

“It’s nice to see you too, Ava, and no I’m not going to sleep with you today.” Zoey giggled. I faked a sad look and we make small talk for over an hour. She was single, yay for me. She lived alone, double yay! Her parents were happily married, going on 23 years together. Zoey had one brother and one sister, both older. She didn’t have pets and she was allergic to cats. She hated shellfish and peanuts and often lied that she was allergic to both. I shared similar information and by the end of the hour I had forgotten about wanting to sleep with her…Okay fine I had ALMOST forgotten about wanting to sleep with her.

“I hate to do this but I have to get going. I promised my brother I would baby sit.” Zoey said with an actual look of remorse. I guess she did like me after all.

“When can I see you again?” I asked immediately, gaining a smile from my lovely companion.

“Dinner Friday night? There is a cute little Italian restaurant near the interstate that I love.” She offered, I quickly agreed. There was an awkward moment when I didn’t know how to say good bye to her. I was unsure of whether to shake her hand, hug her or kiss her cheek. I decided to go for a friendly kiss so I was surprised when she hugged me. She then whispered into my ear. “You look great by the way but you shouldn’t bother trying so hard. I’m not going to sleep with you.”

With that, and a laugh, Zoey walked out of the restaurant. I was shocked. No woman had ever down right refused to sleep with me. I determined smile crossed my lips as I exited the restaurant as well. I had three days to decide on how I was going to get Zoey in bed, it was more than enough time to come up with a brilliant plan. I spent my three days plotting but I also spent them alone. By the time our dinner date came I was prepared.

I wore a new dress. Red with deep v neck and a plunging back that rested tightly on the top of my ass. There was no hiding the fact that I wore nothing under my red fabric. I arrived after Zoey; I was fashionably late. Zoey stood when she saw me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek, very friendly.

“You look nice, Ava.” She sighed. She seemed rather apathetic actually. I was disappointed, I had worn it for her.

“Thank you.” I smiled arrogantly. I leaned in close to her so I could whisper. “I’m not wearing anything under.” I sat back and waited for her to blush but she didn’t. She just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“I noticed. So did everyone else in here.” Zoey’s eyes scanned the crowded restaurant before looking back at me. She looked a bit awkward, almost shy.

“So are you still not going to sleep with me?” I was in a genuinely good mood and in that instant I realized that I had been in a good mood ever since I met Zoey.

“Not today. I already told you that you are going to have work for it.” Zoey laughed at me and we went through dinner with no more talk about sex. We spoke of her work and mine. She had already been hired by a big internet company to help design new web pages and I told her that I worked from home. We laughed and joked as if we had known each other all our lives and when the night came to an end we both left the restaurant like old friends. I walked her to her car, that was parked on Mersin Escort Bayan the other side of the lot from mine and I said good night.

“So what next?” I asked. I almost laughed at the fact that I was following HER around like a puppy. ME! I was following HER. It was comical to say the least.

“Movie tomorrow night?”

I agreed and she kissed me on the lips before getting in the car. Her kiss sent shocks through me. It was like I had never been kissed before. Zoey smiled and waved as she drove off. I was left standing in the parking lot like some teenaged girl.

We spent 9 weeks like that. Dating, I guess you would call it. We went out a few times a week and we never did more than kiss, most of the time she didn’t even use tongue. I had never waited for 9 weeks for ANYTHING. EVER! And I hadn’t gone that long without sex since I was 17. But I waited because it was interesting, and a bit exciting. It wasn’t until the END of the 9th week that Zoey finally agreed to go to my house at night. But it was only to watch a movie. She was explicitly clear about that and I honestly didn’t expect anything. I had kind of given up, although I never stopped asking or joking.

Zoey arrived at my house in her pajamas and I was in mine, as we had agreed. She was tired of my ‘constant need to impress’ and she wanted us to be casual. Her pajamas were long loose fitting pants with a tight white tank top and mine were a pair of boxers and a spaghetti-strapped top. She had picked a stupid war movie so I spent most of the first half just watching her watch it. It was four hours long after all, and in another language.

“Why aren’t you watching it?” Zoey asked without looking at me. We were both resting back into the couch comfortably only I was looking at her instead of at the tv.

“It’s boring and I like looking at you more. I don’t know why you couldn’t pick a movie where the people speak English. I really didn’t plan on spending my night reading a movie.” I said without taking my eyes from her.

“You’re such a guy sometimes. You are a Pulitzer Prize winning writer and you can’t even read a few subtitles.” Zoey laughed but then turned to me seriously. With a sexy voice she spoke softly to me. “Watch the movie Ava.”

“But I don’t want to…”

“Watch the movie Ava.” She repeated with a bit more confidence. I was vaguely tempted to refuse and see what she would do but I gave in and focused on the movie. But it was still boring, big shocker there. When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I turned my attention back to Zoey who simply shook her head and refocused me to the tv. Five minutes later I was bored out of my mind once more. This time I didn’t care about returning to the movie. I scooted closer to her and I kissed her neck, which made her jump.

“Ava, I need you to stop that. Just watch the movie.” Zoey grabbed my head and was practically begging me with her eyes.

“I’m tired of the movie. How about we do something a bit more fun?” I reached out and kissed her lips. She kissed back for a moment before pushing me away.

“Watch the movie and I promise I will make it up to you.”

“Done.” I said as I sat up and focused every ounce of my concentration on the television set. Zoey rested her body against mine and we watched the next two hours in silence. It was STILL boring. But I powered through. It was cliche despite the exotic foreign language. It was about a soldier who fell in love with a woman from the country he was at war against. At the end of the movie she left her country and went home with him. She left everything for him. How unbelievably predictable. The credits rolled and I looked at Zoey, expecting payment for sitting through that monumental piece of shit.

“I was surprised you actually listened to me.” Zoey joked as she turned around in my arms. She was laying on top of me and it was incredibly sexy.

“You bribed me and now I expect full payment.” I took advantage of my position and I kissed at her neck again and I even licked at her tasty flesh.

“I’m not going to sleep with you tonight.” She moaned out as I continued to work around her throat.

“You say that a lot, baby.” I laughed.

“I mean it a lot.” Zoey finally pushed off of me and sat on her side of the couch. “Do you realize that that was pretty much the first thing you said to me. It was the first thing you said right after you said your name. You introduced yourself then asked if I wanted to sleep with you. I know you haven’t seriously pressured me or anything like that but I like what we have. I know you were with a lot of women before me and I don’t want you to get bored like you did with them. I want us to last.”

“We are going to last. I’ve never waited for anyone before. You’re worth it.” I told her. Zoey let me hold her and I made the mistake of kissing at her neck. She stiffened in my arms and pushed me away.

“Is that all you want? You have been putting up with me so you could get me in bed.” Zoey Mersin Escort tried to get off of the couch but I pulled her back down into my lap.

“That’s not true.” I told her as I refused to let her go. “I’ve waited because I genuinely enjoy spending time with you and because I love you. It stopped being about sex the moment you agreed to have lunch with me.”

“You love me?” she asked. I hadn’t said it before and I guess it had just slipped out. She was wondering if I wanted to take it back. I didn’t of course. I had come to love her. I had never found anyone, male or female, whom I cared for as much as her. Relationships had always been about sex and when the sex ran out I would get bored but in the nine weeks I had spent with Zoey I never once got bored of her. I wanted to talk to her more and more and I wanted to spend more time with her even when she was right next to me.

“I do love you.” I repeated. Zoey looked like she was going to cry but she just smiled and kissed me instead.

“I love you too.” she responded when she was done kissing me. “I made a promise so I guess I have to pay up.”

I nodded my head dumbly and Zoey just laughed at my stupidity. I loved our carefree nature with each other. I was always comfortable with her around. There was never a time when I would’ve preferred to be alone and I think Zoey felt the same way. She was always very calm and easy going. It always looked like she was being herself.

“Fine. I guess I can spend the night, but no sex. Just because you say the L-word doesn’t mean you automatically get some ass.” Zoey was slightly serious and that only added to the humor. I laughed and kissed her neck again, this time playfully. I even ran my tongue around her throat. She giggled then pushed me off.

“Oh, Ava that’s so messed up…” Zoey complained as she wiped at her throat where I had just had my tongue. I couldn’t wipe the amused smile from my face. I took her face lovingly in my hands then licked her cheek. Zoey just rolled her eyes.

“You want to go to bed or do you want me to put the movie on again so you can catch the beginning.” Zoey gave me a sly smirk as she just got up from the couch and headed towards my bedroom. She had been in my house during the day but she had never trusted me enough to go at night. She said it tested her will power. I never argued.

I followed quietly. When I reached my doorway I stood silently and watched her. She sat on the corner of my bed silently and laughed when she realized I was watching her.

“What side do you sleep on?” Zoey asked seriously. “I like the right side.”

“That’s perfect.” I told her with a huge grin as I approached.

She smiled and laid herself back in the bed. “You sleep on the left then?”

“No.” I said as I crawled right in top of her. “But this is perfect.”

“You’re such a clown.” Zoey chided as she threw me off of her. I landed on the other side of the bed with an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

“Hey, you said you loved me too. That means you get all of me.” I giggled as I pulled my shirt off. I was wearing a bra underneath so it wasn’t like I was naked but the look on her face was priceless. She looked like she expected me to keep stripping. I grabbed her and pulled her into my arms. “I was talking about my jokes, you loser.”

“I bet you were.” Zoey’s wry smile let me know that she knew me better than that. I have to admit that I wasn’t talking about my jokes.

“Fine! You win. I was talking about my ass, you get that too now.”

“Oh, honey, you’re so funny.” Zoey was now the one laughing uncontrollably. I was a bit surprised. That definitely hadn’t been one of my best jokes. “I could’ve had that ass the first day we met. The fact that I love you makes no difference. HA! You said I get your ass ‘now’ that is so funny…” her giggles picked up once more. I rolled on top of her once again and I pinned her down.

“Are you calling me easy?” I said in mock anger. Zoey struggled to get free but I held her down. She suddenly stilled under me and gave me a very sexy look.

“Baby, are you telling me that I couldn’t have you if I wanted you? What if I ask real nice? Please with sugar and me on top.” She purred in the sexiest voice that had ever touched my ears. I melted. I could never be angry at her.

“You’re a real bitch you know that.” I huffed jokingly as I went back to my side of the bed. Zoey just laughed, even more. “Just plain cruel.”

“Oh baby, I’m sorry. That was mean of me, wasn’t it?” Zoey leaned over closer to me and kissed my shoulder. She did sound apologetic. “I shouldn’t have done that. Ava, I love you; I’m just not ready yet. You joke about it all the time so I’m not really sure when you’re serious. I was just trying to joke too.”

“It’s okay. I’m not angry. Just a bit sexually frustrated is all.” I smiled and kissed her before pulling her close to me and wrapping us both up in the sheets. We both slept well that night and if it was up to me I would’ve never let her out of my bed. She woke up first the next morning and I was woken up with a soft bite to my shoulder, which was incredibly sexy. I rolled over and watched her smile for a moment before I grabbed her and pulled her into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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