Got Milk? 02 – The Reunion Ch. 04

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“Oh, shit, Sandy!” Phillip yells at his sister, snapping her out from her conversation with Delilah. “Ugh, what, ya butt?!”

“We lost track of time here! We were supposed to meet up with Mom and Dad 15 minutes ago, remember?” He says to her, making her gasps in slight terror. “Oh, shit, you’re right. Delly, I’m sorry, girl, but we have to go. We promised we would meet them at the movies later. We gotta get cleaned up and stuff!”

“Haha, no worries, Sand Spider. We can catch up more later. It’s great to see you both again!” Del says as Phillip steps over to give her a huge hug, which she returns. Sandra leans in to give her a small kiss on her cheek, and Delilah giggles as she returns a kiss of her own on Sandra’s cheek. “Sorry to cut this short, guys” Phillip says to the male ratio of the group “But maybe we can plan something else out soon. I should be free this Wednesday if you wanna get together again.”

Mac, still looking at Delilah’s crossed left leg sticking out through the bleacher guardrail (her converse sneaker still popping and sliding off of her black-with-white-hearts sock covered heel), suddenly snaps out of his fetish-induced trance. “Oh, uh, no probs, Wingz. Yeah, I’m down for Wednesday.”

I gotta check to see if I’m off, but I’ll keep you dudes posted” Jesse says to them.

“Same here, I’ve started working with my Pops at his gym for the summer, but I should be able to make it. Just text me the details, Wingz” David says to Phillip.

“You got it, bro” Phillip says back, jumping from the tallest bleacher, which is about 8 feet. Mac and the others can only watch in awe at Phillip’s parkour-esque landing as he rolls into the grass below, getting up flawlessly. “HAHAHA, damnit, Wingz!” Delilah says in laughter. “Why do you gotta be such a showoff?” Sandra sighs in disgust and says “My brother is Jackie Chan.” She then steps off the bleachers casually, choosing not to ruin her ankles and walks around to meet up with her twin brother.

Phillip chuckles and looks up at them, saying “What? We’re pressed for time. Come on, Sandy!”

“I’m comin’. Calm down before you jump over a car or something… again.” Sandra quips. “Bye, guys, love you! We’ll hang again soon!” And with that, the twins run off to Phillip’s car in the distance. The rest of the Kliq finish their waving, and David begins to look at his phone. “Hmm, we should probably start heading out, too, Jess. I gotta drop you off back home and start getting ready for work at 4.”

“The gym is open 24 hours, isn’t it?” Delilah asks David. “I might start working out there for the summer myself.”

“Yeppers. And since my Pops own it, I can let you in for free, so come in anytime!” David says to her. “Sweet!” Delilah shouts with a smile, and turns to Mac “I’ll do it if you will, Mac.” Mac chuckles at her and says “Sure, why not? I haven’t been there in a bit. Would be kinda nice to work on my summer body.”

“Or, LACK of it” Jesse jokes, getting a shove from Mac. Delilah thinks for a few seconds, and asks David “There isn’t a dress code to go in or anything, is there? Dumb question, I know…”

David laughs at her “Not dumb, just… unusual. But you can wear whatever you want, just don’t come in naked or anything.” Delilah laughs and says “Of course not, hahahaha! I just mean like if I was coming in from some place and didn’t have time to change.” David nods and says “Oh, yeah, I gotcha. Nah, there’s no code or anything. Hahaha, it’s not like we’re a totalitarian gym.” Delilah nods and looks back at her phone, biting her lip in her thoughts.

“Isn’t it kinda redundant you just finished working out, and you’re now working at a GYM, just to work out some more?” Jesse humorously asks as he stands up.

“Only I get paid for it, yeah?” he says back, making Mac chuckle. “What are you gonna do in the meantime, Mac?”

“Hmmmm” he softly ponders, secretly looking at Delilah. She is still looking at her phone, but now with her legs uncrossed. Quietly hatching a plan, he remembers a small secret about the old high school… how even though the doors are locked for the summer, there is one spot where a window latch is broken. If he can somehow get Delilah inside…

“I was thinking I would just chill here for a bit, take in the memories a little more, you know?” Mac says to David and Jesse, who turn to each other and laugh. “Haha, look at this High School Musical sentimental-ass mofo here!” Jesse says laughing. “Haha, yeah, but whatever! Hey, Del, did you need a ride or anything?” Mac softly gasps, and looks over at Delilah, who turns around after David asks her. Mac worries to himself, for if she says yes and leaves, then his plan for that moment is already shattered.

Delilah smiles at David, looks over to Mac, and says “Nah, I’m fine. I’m gonna stay here with Mac, too. We got plans tonight, anyway, so we gotta talk about that.”

David and Jesse look at each other, saying at the same time “Suuuuuuuuure.” David laughs again “Hahaha, ‘plans’, she says, Jess.”

“You aliağa escort guys are borderline idiots” Mac says to the both of them, making Delilah chuckle. David gives him a bro handshake “Ah, we’re just fuckin’ around as usual. But still… you crazy kids be careful.”

“But not TOO careful” Jesse adds on, hugging Delilah. “Hehe, bye, Jesse. I’ll see you guys again soon” she says to him as she hugs back. “Later, J-Dawg” Mac says as he waves to Jesse, who steps off the last of the bleachers, waving back at Mac. “Take care, Macintosh.”

David chuckles, “Been a while since I heard THAT one.” David steps off the bleacher behind Jesse, and gestures a final wave at Mac and Delilah, who both wave back at him. David catches up with Jesse, and they both make their way to David’s car.

2 minutes later, it is fully quiet, and Mac and Delilah are completely alone at the high school football field. Mac returns his attention back to Delilah, who is once again fiddling with her phone with her back facing him. He wants to ask her about the secret entrance into the school, but is overcome with dread and nervousness. Would she be ok with it? Would it be going too far?

As he over thinks on the dilemma, he is brought back to reality by footsteps coming towards his way. Looking back up, he sees Delilah coming towards him. “Mind if I sit with ya?” she asks in a preceding manner.

“Oh, no, not… not at all. Please” Mac answers back, scooting over to his left so that Delilah can have more space against the edge of the top bleacher. She giggles, and sits down slowly next to him. “How are you doing up here?” she asks, giggling. “Haha, I’m doing alright, thank you. And yourself?” he asks back.

“Relaxed… and just in a zen-like frame of mind. It feels really good to be home again.”

“Yeah… I missed this place.”

“Me too… hey, check out my notifications. Hehe, already 20 people liked my photo I took of us.”

Delilah scoots closer to Mac as she shows him her phone, letting him observe the Instagram post she made earlier at the park with the group. Mac smiles, as he looks onto another memory they have made together. “Man… we been through a lot of things over the years, haven’t we?”

“No kidding, right? It almost feels like it hasn’t been 9 years. I am so thankful that I met you guys.”

“So am I. I’m sorry if we made your mind dirty along the way” Mac quips. “Haha, too late. My mind was already tainted before I met you guys. Don’t forget I have 3 brothers.”

“How are they doing, by the way?”

“They are doing fine. My Dad said that Marcus is on a cruise, and Kyle is doing summer courses. But Jeff should be home next month, so I’m excited!”

Delilah allows Mac to scroll down on her Instagram pictures, and she crosses her right leg over her left. As Mac admires her pictures, his gaze is altered between her phone and the right foot that makes its presence known behind her phone. Mac softly bites his lip, but carries on trying to look at her pictures.

“Oh my God, I’m all sweaty…” Delilah softly says as she begins to untie her hair, only to retie it back into a ponytail. Her foot inside her sneaker begins to rotate softly, letting the heel of her foot peek out slightly from each rotation. “Feels like over 100 degrees today. I dunno how it can be this hot. it’s scorching…”

Mac looks at her, and smiles “Yeah, it gets hotter and hotter every Summer, it seems. But I think that’s only because you’re here” he says, winking at her. Delilah blushes, and giggles “You’re such a dorky romantic, aren’t you?”

“I tend to have my moments.”

“Oh, yeah! Let me show you this one…”

As she grabs her phone back from his hands, Delilah begins to scroll down on the app, going back into her picture history. Mac gets a full view of her crossed leg, and begins to look at it with full attention as Del becomes distracted at her phone. Her leg slightly bounces in front of him, and her toes flex high into the tip of her shoe, making it stretch once more. As her toes flex, the heel of her foot etches out even more, and the sneaker collapses.

Sliding down ever so slowly, the converse finally loses the gravity battle as Delilah bounces her foot naturally. Soon, the shoe finally clings onto her toes, and thanks the lack of laces, Delilah begins to finally dangle her converse shoe off her socked toes.

“Fuck, where is it…?” Delilah mumbles to herself. Mac stares at her foot as it works its shoeplay magic. As much as Mac wants to bring it up, he dares not to as to not disturb the natural voyeurism of her dangling sneaker. The shoe swivels onto her toes, and her damp sock becomes even more thin with sweat from the exposure of the afternoon sun high in the cloudless sky.

“What are you looking for, anyway?” Mac asks her. “You’ll see. Hehe, just gotta find it.” Delilah says back as she scrolls down a bit more on her phone. Her crossed leg raises slightly, almost becoming horizontal. Mac begins çiğli escort to find himself getting hard from arousal from the flexible display, but keeps his urges at bay, not wanting to end her candid tease she is doing to him.

“Ah, found it! Hehehe, here you go, Mac…” Delilah says as she hands the phone back to him, letting him see the picture. “I’m SURE you remember that, don’tcha?”

As Mac looks at the picture, he sees it’s her taking a overhead selfie. It is a picture from the year 2015, back when they were seniors in high school. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but it is the outfit she is wearing that makes Mac’s mouth salivate out of pure lust: It happens to be a picture of Delilah wearing her long sleeved black blouse with white dots, her white floral skirt, her dark sheer pantyhose and her now legendary worn out white ballet flats. The same outfit she wore when they explored their sexuality through her feet that fateful day. Turns out it is one of Delilah’s most popular pictures, with over 300 Likes. The caption next to the picture reads:

A rare version of me. I don’t like dressing up, but it’s a special occasion. Enjoy. #Uggh #Blouse #WhiteSkirt #WhiteFlats #Pantyhose #DoubleUggh #MyLegsItch

“I took this the night I put it on. I just had it set to private until last year. Hehe.” Delilah says to Mac. As he becomes speechless to talk, Delilah begins to swing her shoe on her toes once again, this time in a more ordained fashioned. “I thought you might like that picture…”

“I… I, um… uh…” Mac stammers again, blushing as Delilah giggles. “Hehehe, there’s that look again. I’ve been watching you all day, dude. You can’t fool me… You’ve been looking at my feet since we stopped playing basketball this morning.”

“Is.. is that why you showed me this picture?”

“Of course… why wouldn’t I?”

“I just didn’t… want you to think I was constantly thinking about it. But… you just kept… kept—”

“Kept fidgeting with my shoes? Hehehe…” Delilah interrupts him, as her toes flex as high as ever into her dangling converse sneaker. Mac gasps, but answers her “Yes…”

“Hehe, aw… What did you see me do with them? Tell me…”

“Um… really? You want me to tell you what you did with your shoes?”

“That’s what I asked, didn’t I?” she says, giggling, her leg bouncing in a interested motion.

Mac takes a deep breath, and looks at her foot as it dangles her sneaker, and looks back up to Delilah, who has a smirk on her face. “Ok… but, um… can I, um…”

“Can you, what, tiger…?”

“Can… can I take your shoe off, please?” Mac asks her, his arousal taking over his fear of a ridiculous question. Delilah chuckles, and reassures him “Dude… you know you don’t have to ask me to do that… this isn’t 2014 anymore.”

“I know, I know… but… I just wanted to be sure… plus… it’s just hot when I ask you stuff like that.”

“Ahhhh, I see… like… you want to earn it, I would imagine…”

“Yeah… so, I should ask you again, then.”

Her shoe clings onto her her big toe, and Delilah smiles at him, saying “Maybe you should. Hehe…” Reaching with her hand, she grabs the heel of the shoe and slides it back onto her foot.

Mac scoots closer to Delilah, and looks at her, saying “Del?”

Delilah softly nods to him while flexing her toes inside the sneaker “… Yes, tiger?”

“Um… can I take your shoe off?”

“Hehe… why do you want to take off my shoe?

“So I can see your foot inside its sock.”

“Ohhhh… ok… hehe.”

“So… may I?”

“Yes, you may… yes, you can take my shoe off. Hehehe…”

With his shaking right hand, Mac etches it towards her sneaker, and softly grabs the heel of the low top converse. Delilah observes carefully with a smile on her face, enjoying the attention she has lacked for years. “Go ahead, Mac…” she softly says teasingly “… take my shoe off.”

Her toes stay flexed upwards as Mac begins to pull the shoe back off of her heel, exposing the sock once more. He is making the moment last as long as it can. Delilah giggles, and continues her motivational soft talk “Almost got it… hehe… you can do it, Mac…”

Mac sighs as the shoe’s grip on her toes becomes obsolete. All there is left is to remove it completely. Delilah continues in whispers “That’s it… take my shoe off, tiger… please…”

With a slight whoosh, Mac finally manages to remove the shoe completely from her foot, exposing her toes inside her black ankle sock. The small white hearts etched on it cover her toes and arch, and the bottom of it is slightly crusted from wear over the years. Delilah has never washed her socks, but surprisingly, they are still in good condition.

Delilah sighs, and leans back into the back of the bleacher handlebars, soaking in the small bliss of even having her shoe removed. Her toes scrunch hard into each other, and an audible pop can be heard through alsancak escort the quietness of the football field. Mac looks at her foot, and watches as wrinkles form on the bottom of her sock from her toes curling.

“Thank you, Mac… that was very nice of you. Hehe, thank you for taking off my shoe” Delilah says sweetly to him.

“You’re welcome” he says back. “I waited 3 years to do that…”

“Was it worth it?”

“Yes… totally worth it.”

“Hehehe… my socks are super thin… can you see my toes?” she asks as she resumes to flexing her toes. Mac looks on, and can see the outlines of the sock expand from the stretching. He chuckles and says to her “Yes. I can’t believe your feet got even more beautiful after all these years.”

“Awww, thank you… I took good care of them for you. You like?”

“Yes. Very much.”

“Don’t forget you need to tell me what I did with my shoes earlier. But right now… just enjoy. Hehe.” With that, Delilah etches her crossed leg closer to Mac, allowing him to look at her foot in her damp-with-sweat sock. “Take a good look, tiger… I know you missed it as much as you missed me. It missed you too…” she says as her toes flex, making her arch become more visible in her sock.

Delilah looks at her shoe that is in Mac’s hands, and chuckles at him, saying “Don’t forget about my shoe you’re carrying. It needs some love, too…” Mac looks down at her converse, absentmindedly pressing into it and caressing it. “Touch it… play with it…” Delilah softly instructs him, who carefully obliges. “Bend it now… hehehe. Ok, now make a circle with your finger on top of it… Yeah… stick your hand inside of it… feel the sweat and dampness on the insole… See how warm it is?”

Mac does his best to satisfy Delilah’s commands of her shoe, and slides his right hand in and out of it, getting sweat and accumulated foot and sock debris on his fingers. Delilah giggles, and carries on with her next command, “Now… look back at my foot as you fiddle with my shoe. Take a REAL good look at it…” Mac looks up from her shoe to her foot, and feels his crotch poke through his shorts.

He instinctively tries to hide it, but refrains after he remembers it’s only the 2 of them there. He allows it to expand, and slightly turns to Delilah, making it visible for her to see. She looks down at his shorts, and seeing how erect his hidden cock has become, her toes clench hard. A gasp can be heard coming from her mouth, and her toes pop again from the force of her clenching them.

“It’s really nice to know that my feet still have that impact on you. You have quite a situation going on down there” Delilah says, grinning wide. Mac chuckles as he looks at her foot, which is bouncing away, like it is putting on a concert for him. “Ok…” she continues, “now you can tell me what I did with my shoes. Don’t leave anything out. Tell me everything I did that you saw, ok?” Mac nods, and as he bends her converse once more, he ponders a bit as he watches her foot, her toes wiggling seductively inside her black sock. He then begins to speak:

“Geez, well… where do I begin? I mean, when we arrived at the park, we greeted everybody and just started playing basketball. You and Sandy played the first couple of games with us so it was 3-on-3, but after that, you both decided to sit out the rest. And during the break in between, that’s when I noticed you were sitting at the park bench with her…”

“Hmm, interesting…” Delilah mockingly says, twirling her foot by the ankle softly. “Keep going, I’m excited to hear more.”

“Well, you and her were just gossiping about whatever, but that’s when I saw you had both of your feet on the ground, with your shoes still on. I missed it earlier, but I noticed you had pulled out your shoelaces.”

“Hehe, yeah… these shoes can get kinda tight, so I usually do that to relieve the pressure.”

“I see… anyway, you started laughing at something she said to you, and as you were laughing, you started to slide your feet out of your shoes while they were still on the floor…”

“Ooooooh, enticing. Did I do anything else?” she asks as her crossed leg swings back and forth.

“It took a few seconds, but you were starting to take them off and put them back on. Like… slipping them on and off.”

“Hehehe… sounds like me. I do that all the time, actually… even when I’m not thinking about it. I’ve been doing that since I was 10 I think. My Mom told me that it’s a habit I tend to do when I’m hyper, or even when I’m bored.”

“Yeah… well, I’m really glad you do it.”

“Me too. I enjoy doing it for you. Hehehe. Watching you squirm makes it even more fun than it already is. Haha, so what else did I do with them?”

Mac snaps out of it, and looks up at the high school in front of the football field. “Oh yeah… Hey, um, I can tell you more of that… but there’s something I need to do first.”

Delilah raises an eyebrow at him “Oh? And what is that, pray tell?”

“Well… I just think we need a little more privacy than this. We’re kinda still out in the open.”

“Haha, true… but where are we gonna go?” she asks him as her toes scrunch more.

Mac smirks at her, and says “Well… we ARE at our old high school, so… why don’t we just go inside?”

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