Graduation Celebration Ch. 03

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I was sitting at the kitchen table, my pasta already devoured, waiting for Shawna to get on with the preparation of dessert. It could have been a friendly neighborly dinner, but the fact that we were both naked and dessert was going to be Shawna’s “Strawberry Pussy” didn’t fit that equation.

Shawna had put away the plates and the pasta, and the only thing on top of the table were bananas, carrots, an eggplant and a box with strawberries. Oh, and of course Shawna.

“I want you to have a close look, so you’ll know how to properly prepare that dessert!” she whispered, and sat herself right in front of me. Her legs were spread wide, and I had a very good look at her pussy. Hell, I had fucked that pussy that day already, and it still looked like it had never been used before. Brand new, and absolutely fuckable. Shawna’s long blonde hair almost fell to the table, and her large, fake tits were pointing straight ahead. I could have started another round of fucking easily, but I knew I had to sit still in order to really enjoy the show.

Shawna smiled and grabbed the first strawberry from the box. She slowly trailed it up to her mouth, leaving a very fine film of water on her tits. Gently, she let her tongue flicker over the strawberry, making it wet with her saliva.

“Now take a good look, John. The first one is the most important”, she said and slowly let it roll down, first over her left breast, her tummy until it was right in front of her pussy. I could see a glimpse of wetness between her silky pussy lips, and my dick was already twitching. I had never come before without touching myself, but I think I was getting very close then.

I intently watched as Shawna slowly and gently pushed the strawberry between her lips. It didn’t take more than a second for the wet strawberry to disappear inside Shawna’s love channel. It wasn’t visible anymore, but the slight protruding of her lips gave the little fruit resting inside her away.

“Now John, from here, it’s all about space. I know you like to have a good meal, and I don’t want you to be disappointed, so I think I’ll prepare an extra-large dessert for you. Let’s see how many strawberries will make it!”

With that, Shawna started to push one strawberry after the other inside her pussy. Some were already a bit soft, and soon her pussy was covered with splotches of red, strawberry pulp covering her whole crotch. I had watched without touching her, but Shawna had told me if I wanted I could start jerking off. I did a bit, but I didn’t want to come early, so I half-heartedly tugged at my erect penis once in a while.

I had lost count of the strawberries, but when Shawna suddenly stopped pushing strawberries inside, I knew she was ready to have me eat that dessert.

“Bend forwards, big guy. It’s time for a dessert prepared with lots of love!” Shawna said, and scooted a bit more to the edge of the table. I didn’t hesitate a second, and plunged directly into her pussy. First, it all smelled like strawberry, and I licked and chewed the pulp Shawna kept pushing out of her pussy. Then, Shawna’s distinct pussy taste came through. It tasted so divine, I didn’t want to stop. Shawna obviously didn’t either. She started moaning and pushing her pelvis even more into my face, almost smothering me with her strawberry pussy.

Soon my mouth was covered with sweet strawberry juice and Shawna’s sweet pussy juice, a combination nothing in the whole world could beat. I kept licking and swallowing until suddenly Shawna’s moaning became louder, her hips moving wilder and I heard her uttering şişli escort the words:

“Oh god, John, I’m cumming, I’m….cumming!”

I plunged even deeper inside the mess in front of me and with a scream, Shawna bucked her hips so wildly that I was almost thrown off her pussy. Another strawberry was pushed inside my mouth together with a gush of Shawna’s pussy juice, offering me another swallowing challenge. It wasn’t easy, and a few drops just ran down the corners of my mouth. It was crazy and at the same time made me hornier than ever.

Shawna kept breathing hard while recovering from her orgasm, almost flat on the table. Her pussy was a red mess, pieces of strawberry clinging to her wet pussy-lips.

I was already getting up, trying to see if I could maybe have another go at her tits or something like that.

“Sit down, I’ve just thought of a variation of my dessert!” I heard Shawna say. She propped herself up again, smiled and repeated her request for me to sit down. I did, a bit confused though, but eager to see what she had in store for me.

“Alright, you’ve had ‘Strawberry Pussy’, now I want you to enjoy my newest creation. ‘Strawberry Asshole’!” Shawna said and turned around, her ass now right in front of my face. Her small asshole was already covered with juice, pink from the mashed strawberries. Shawna looked back at me, registering my excited face and unceremoniously got a strawberry from the box and started pushing it inside her asshole. First, it didn’t seem to give in, but after a few seconds of pushing, it went in, the asshole closing above it.

“Now, you’ve seen me do it, now you try!” Shawna said. Fuck, I almost came in my pants. She wanted me to stuff strawberries into her perfect ass, into that asshole I had just licked not so long ago. Of course, I jumped at her ass. Taking a strawberry I placed it right on her puckered little hole and slowly started to push. It caved in just a bit, before that ring opened up and quickly swallowed the strawberry. That was almost too much.

I mean, that was Shawna, my neighbor, and I had found out only some time ago that she was a sex-crazed slut, and now here I was, an eighteen year old high-school grad, with a dick to burst, stuffing fruit inside Shawna’s perfectly shaped asshole. And she loved it, she craved it. It was a fucking dream come true, and I wanted it to last forever.

“Come on, hunk, do it. Stuff my ass with that delicious fruit!” Shawna urged me to go on. So I did. I took one after the other, slowly pushing, and seeing it being swallowed by Shawna’s ass. Meanwhile, Shawna had grabbed a banana and was starting to fuck her pussy with it. Whenever she pushed the banana in, it seemed as if all the strawberries would pop out of her ass, but the only made her asshole stretch a tiny bit, just enough for me to get a glimpse of red.

“Go on, more, John, I want more. I know I can take more, make me feel full!” Shawna moaned, and pushed her ass even more into my face. I complied, pushing more in until suddenly a strawberry almost burst when I tried pushing. Juice ran down Shawna’s thighs, as obviously her limits were reached.

“Oh yeah, I think I’m full, but you can make more room, John!” Shawna said, looking at me. I seemed to look as startled as I felt. “Well, John, you need to squash a few of those. With you fingers!”

Fuck, fuck, fuck. She wanted me to finger her ass. My cock hurt by then, it was as solid as granite. Ok, I would do it. I placed a finger on her asshole and gently started to push. Shawna moaned, and I applied a bit mecidiyeköy escort more pressure. Feeling that tight, wet ring on the tip of my finger was driving me crazy. It was more than just one dream come true what I was doing right then. It was my whole fucking dreamworld turning into one big reality.

I pushed more, and slowly, my finger slid in. It only slid in about an inch before it was stopped by what was obviously a whole bunch of strawberries. I pushed a bit more, and felt my finger cutting through the pulp of those strawberries. Shawna moaned louder, and I knew I was on the right path. I pushed until half of my finger was in, right inside her asshole, squashing strawberries.

Suddenly Shawna reached back, grabbed my wrist and pushed the finger in up to the hilt. Yep, she really wanted it. I knew that now for a rock-hard fact, and started moving my finger in and out. Whenever I pushed it out it was covered with strawberry pulp and juice, and when I slid it in again, everything was pushed in again.

“Use more fingers, John, use more!” Shawna begged, and again, I complied. A second finger went in smoothly, but I felt her asshole being quite tight around it. Shawna’s rhythmical moving of her ass and her moaning encouraged me to go faster and harder. Soon I was pumping those fingers in and out, Shawna moaning like a fucking bitch in heat. Yeah, I was the man.

“John, I changed my mind. Don’t use your fingers, give your cock some relief!” Shawna suddenly said, pulled my fingers out of her ass. I was startled. She wanted me to fuck her ass? Well, that would have been no less than the ultimate dream come true. If dreams were houses, that ass-fucking dream would be the fucking Taj Mahal. And right then, I saw that big, monumental building materializing right there in front of me.

Shawna climbed off the table, kneeled in front of me and took my cock in her hand.

“I think my asshole is wet enough, but your cock needs some wetness!” she said and hungrily devoured my cock. Alright, good start. Feeling her wet mouth around my cock was heavenly, but the action that was about to follow couldn’t be compared. After a few seconds, Shawna deemed my cock wet enough and stood up. She turned around, grabbed the edges of the kitchen table and rested her torso onto the smooth surface. Like that, she presented me her asshole on a silver platter.

“Come on, big guy, fuck my ass!” was all she said. That was exactly what I had in mind. I stood behind her, and guided my cock to her tight, small asshole, covered with juice and strawberry pulp. When my cock-head made contact with her asshole, I almost came then and there. But I concentrated and managed to suppress my cum boiling in my balls. I gently started to push. Just like with the strawberries, Shawna’s asshole caved in a bit, but I applied more pressure and with a popping sound, my head was in.

Fuck, it felt absolutely divine. I don’t know how to describe this feeling of pressure, wetness and warmth. Adding to the feelings, there was my brain, telling me that my dick was now inside Shawna’s perfect, porn-star like ass. I held on to Shawna’s asscheeks and slowly drove my dick in deeper. The pulp f strawberries inside her ass was obtruding my way, and I was about to call that the deepest I could go in, when suddenly Shawna pushed back hard.

My dick slid in almost two thirds, and I let out a yelp. It felt so fucking good. It was tight as hell, but it felt about a million times better than a pussy. I mean, Shawna’s pussy was the best I had ever fucked, but it was nothing compared to her asshole stuffed with strawberries.

“John, give it to my ass hard, I need that now, fuck your dear neighbor Shawna deep in her slutty, married asshole. Make me scream, big boy, make me scream!” Shawna moaned, looking back at me, her eyes filled with pure lust. Well, I think it was pure lust, because in fact I had never seen pure lust in a woman’s eyes before, but I was quite sure that there inside Shawna’s eyes, it was total hunger for a hard pounding.

So I started pounding. First with slow, long strokes, but soon with such a force that Shawna was pushed into the table every time I plunged into her. The strawberries were making squishing sounds whenever I was deep inside Shawna’s ass, and my dick was covered with a thick film of red juice.

Shawna seemed to be in another world. Her eyes were closed, and her moans soon turned to screams, and I’m more than sure they were screams of passion, of lust, of hunger for my dick. Her whole body was shaking, covered in a thin film of sweat, her tits mashed on the table. My dick felt like it was on fire, and I felt I was nearing the biggest orgasm I had ever had.

“Oh…God…Shawna. I think ….I’m….CUMMING!” I moaned, the last word a scream. Shawna reacted by pushing her ass back as hard as she could, my dick now deeper inside her than ever before. When I felt my whole dick being covered by the warm, tight walls of her ass, I came. I came so hard, it almost hurt. Shawna seemed to like that a lot, because her moans turned into little yelps and screams.

“Oh John, cum deep inside me, deeper, deeper. Fill my bowels with your cum, flood my slutty ass with it!” Shawna screamed.

Her encouragement was not needed. I was already pumping as much cum out of my balls as I had never done before. I felt I was really flooding her whole insides, and after two minutes of spurting, I slowly withdrew my cock. When it popped out, a torrent of cum, mixed with red strawberry juice came with it. It was fucking incredible, and I think I just collapsed on the chair behind me.

Shawna kept whimpering, her body still flat out on the table, her legs seeming wobbly and almost unable to carry her. After a few minutes of panting, Shawna turned around and looked at me.

“John, that was fucking incredible. You’re the born ass-fucker. I’m gonna keep you!” she said, came up to me and planted a kiss on my face.

When she was done battling my tongue with hers, I smiled at her.

“Shawna, you’re a dream come true. I hereby declare myself your everlasting servant. Well, in sexual matters only, of course!” I said.

“God, you’re so cute. I promise, I’ll make you my favorite slave! But you know what, I haven’t had dessert yet. Why don’t you just sit back and watch me have it!” Shawna said, and while I sat back, she climbed back onto the table.

She spread her legs again, only this time, I could see her asshole too. Before I knew it, she was pushing a large glob of strawberry pulp out of her asshole. I couldn’t believe it. That glob was mixed with my juices and looked fucking nasty, but Shawna was already catching it with her hand.

“I really love the taste of ‘Strawberry Asshole with Cum’”, Shawna said, and swallowed the glob. Fuck! Shawna was topping everything I thought couldn’t be topped anymore. She was eating squashed strawberries from her ass mixed with cum. She was a goddess, and I wished that night would never end.

To be continued…

Thanks a lot for your great feedback. Sorry I made a few mistakes in the second part of the story, with names and such. I tend to get carried away while writing those stories, and once in a while, I overlook stuff. So keep sending in feedback, and I’ll see when I’ll be able to write another part.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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