Handy Man

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Rob had been the maintenance man at Arbor Estates for over eleven years. What had started off as a way to earn some extra cash over the summer had become a full time, year round position with Rob earning a nice paycheck and half off rent for tinkering around the apartment complex. He had been a bit of a wild child in his youth, but now he was well on his way to his late forties with his graying hair and goatee and fading blue and black arm tattoos. Although the years had been rough in many ways, Rob had maintained a good disposition and kept up his body toned thanks to twenty four access to the apartment’s gym. All in all, Rob felt that he had a lot to be happy about and thankful for-especially on the days he cleaned and filtered the pool. Every Sunday afternoon, Rob would feel a pang of excitement as he gathered up the cleaning materials and made his way through the metal fence that lead to the pool and outdoor lounge area. These afternoons had a specific routine; first, Rob would cast the long net into the water to fish out any leaves and debris, starting from the shallow end and moving gradually to the deep. Then, like clockwork, once Rob had fished his way to midpoint in the pool, he would hear the gate latch open and close behind him. He would hear a padding of bare feet on the wet cement before turning slightly to see her, this afternoon was no exception-or so he thought.

Madison Weathers sauntered up to Rob with a bright, toothy smile, her blue eyes hidden behind her oversized sunglasses. Every Sunday afternoon, like clockwork, she would show up to tease or taunt it seemed in her array of fashionable bikinis, walking as if she were on a runway. She was young and vibrant with snowy white skin and soft blonde hair. Rob was always amazed at how pleasant she was on these Sunday afternoons, and even more intrigued as to why she decided to do her sunbathing while he was cleaning the pool. Surely this youthful beauty had no time or interest for an older man such as himself-but he certainly didn’t mind the view she provided while he skimmed dead bugs off of the surface of the water.

“Afternoon Rob!” Madison beamed as she stood beside him now, placing one of her small hands on her slender waist. His guess was that she was barely eighteen, and he tried to focus on something other than her bikini clad body. He straightened up and wiped one of his hands on his brow before giving her a friendly grin.

“Hello,” He nodded before returning to his work. He cast out the long net again, collecting a clutch of dead leaves. At this point, Madison would usually chose a chair to relax in while flipping through a magazine or painting her nails, but today something was slightly different; Rob could feel her lingering by his side, watching him. He slowly turned to met her gaze, still shadowed by her dark lens.

“Hot outside today…,” Madison said, breaking the still silence between them. Rob nodded in agreement and then spied the bottle of lotion in her hands. He suddenly felt as if they were standing too close.

“Do you mind doing my back? I mean..I wouldn’t bother you but..,” Madison paused and pushed her sunglasses up to her hair line, batting her blue eyes as she studied the lounge area, “there’s no one else around.” She turned back to Rob with a soft smile almanbahis splayed across her glossy lips.

Rob blinked in surprise. He too looked around to see that they were the only ones around the pool. This wasn’t unusual for this time of day, but he couldn’t help feeling as if he were out of place. The thought that Madison could possibly be trying to seduce him left his mind as quickly as it had entered. Afterall, she was half his age…why in the world would she be interested in him. He rubbed his rough chin for a moment before putting down the pool equipment.

“Alright..,” He replied. Before he knew it, Madison was eagerly pulling one of the lounge chairs closer to him and then plopping herself down, back facing toward him. Rob straddled the chair as Madison handed him the bottle of lotion and gathered her long blonde hair to the side. Rob shook the bottle, hearing it’s contents sloshing around as well as feeling as though his stomach were doing the same. For some reason, he felt an overwhelming sense of nervousness, as if what he was doing was practically illegal. The anxiety only increased as he watched Madison’s arms snake around her own back to untie the back of her bikini, letting it fall carelessly to the concrete.

“Madison..w-what are you doing?!” Rob exclaimed, as she scooted closer, practically into his lap. He felt his body’s involuntary response as his semi-hard cock twitched.

“What? I don’t want to get burned..I have very fair skin and I need you to make sure you get every little spot,” she replied nonchalantly.

Rob’s eyes darted and he felt the heat rising in his face and body as he slowly brought his lotion filled hand to her right shoulder. He skin was softer than he had imagined, and she bent forward slightly to expose more of her bare back to him. He tried to coat her skin as quickly as possible; even though touching her was like a fantasy, he knew that they had already crossed a line and God only knew what would happen if someone were to walk in on this little scene. Once he had slicked the last of the lotion onto her lower back, he quickly got up and turned to avoid seeing her in an indecent way.

“Well that should do it..I should really be getting back to work now..,” He mumbled before he felt a tight grip on his forearm.

“Wait! Um..actually..I think I’m going to sunbath nude today..will you do the rest of my body?” Rob detected a slight girlish giggle in Madison’s request and he quickly moved away from her grip. Why was she doing this? To humiliate him? To see how far she could take it?

He heard her moving behind him and then felt her so close to his turned back that their body heat mingled together. She was silent now, and Rob could only hear his own frantic heart beat in his ears.

“I want you,” he heard her say…not in her usual girlish tone but in the hot and heavy breath of a lust filled woman. He turned around, mouth slightly agape and brows furrowed…he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. She stood only an inch away, completely naked now with her bikini bundled in a pile on the other side of the chair. His eyes widen immediately as he scanned her gorgeous, supple body. Long legs leading up to her curvy hips, soft tummy and pert handful sized breasts with baby pink nipples, almanbahis yeni giriş already hard. She sprung into action immediately, bridging the small distance between them by throwing her arms around his neck and balancing on her tip toes to reach his mouth with her own. Her soft lips crushed his mouth and he could feel the heat of her skin through his thin cotton shirt. His mind was racing frantically. He knew he should stop this, but how could he? His own body was fighting against him as his full erection now ached in his swim shorts.

“Fuck me,” she pleaded breathlessly breaking away from his mouth. “Do anything you want to me, I’ve been waiting for you to for so long..,”

Rob scanned her lovely face, his own full of surprise and confusion, “Madison..I-I can’t..I mean..God..you,”

Before he could finish, she silenced him with another rough kiss. This time, he opened his mouth and their tongues dove into each other. ‘To hell with it,’ He thought suddenly, knowing that fucking this beauty would be worth any later repercussions. He scooped her up and laid her on the full length lounge chair, not breaking their kissing as she tugged at his ragged shirt. He quickly pulled it over his head and stood to remove his shorts, exposing his hard, thick length. Madison sat upright, eye to eye with the head of his cock and quickly grabbed his length, running her hand up and down his throbbing shaft. Rob gasped as she grazed her tongue along the underside of his member, teasing the pulsing vein before running her tongue across his sensitive balls. ‘Oh fuck,’ He thought, ‘Too much more of this and I’m gonna shot my load..,’

He quickly pushed her back into a lying position on the chair and grabbed her thighs, pulling her to the end of the seat and throwing her knees over his shoulders. Her pussy was gorgeously pink and smooth and already moist. He kissed along her soft, swollen lips teasing her with his mouth and facial hair. Madison threw he head back and groaned in delight as Rob lapped his tongue against her pussy, rubbing her thigh with one hand as he gently entered her hot hole with his other two fingers. She was extremely tight as he thrusted his fingers upwards, massaging her insides as his tongue swirled across her clit. Madison gasped and sprang up, resting on her elbows as she watched Rob eat and finger fuck her pussy. She bit her lip and shuddered as he sucked her clit and forcefully thrust his fingers into her tight hole.

“Oh yes! Oh God I’m cumming!” She cried as he felt her vaginal muscles clamp down hard on his fingers and her whole body convulse momentarily. She bucked her hips and moaned wildly as he continued to relentlessly tongue her most intimate area.

After a few moments, she relaxed, still breathing heavily and slumped back in the chair, smiling blissfully. Rob removed her legs from his shoulders and replaced them on either of his sides, rubbing the tip of his dick against her soaked, tight hole.

“Do you still want me to fuck you?” He asked, grinning to himself as she nodded eagerly. But before he could plunge into her, she abruptly turned around and got on her hands and knees, clutching the chair arms and wiggling her perfectly round little butt at him.

“Fuck my asshole,” She commanded, looking almanbahis giriş over her shoulder to see the pure shock on his face. Rob’s eyes widen even more as she sucked her own fingers and began to rub her puckered, pink rim.

“A-are you sure?,” He asked, completely bewildered at her request. He watched her tease her own ass more and felt his dick begin to throb again. It was obvious that she meant it.

Rob scanned the area for the bottle of lotion and quickly doused his manhood with the slick sunscreen before gently running his fingers over her tiny hole. She shivered at his touch and pressed herself against his fingers urging him to continue. He pushed through her extremely tight rim and wiggled his digit inside her anal canal, causing her to whimper and rock her hips. He removed his finger and replaced it with the swollen head of his hard cock, gently and slowly pushing into her. She responded by raising her ass higher. He spread her luscious cheeks and watched as his cock slowly slipped into her stretched, pink hole. He had never felt anything as tight or as good as Madison’s ass.

“Fuck..yeah…mmm, oh that feels so good,” She practically whispered, urging Rob onward. Once he was about two inches inside, he slowly pulled himself back out and watched as her expanded hole collapsed back to it’s small size. It was such an erotic scene that he couldn’t help but let out a lust filled groan of his own. He quickly entered back into her and slowly began to fuck her hot anus. The heat completely enveloped him and she pushed back, wanting him to fill her deeper. He rocked his hips and pushed himself deeper and deeper with each thrust, causing Madison to whimper and cry out in pure pleasure. Before he could increase the speed of his thrusts, Madison quickly scrambled to her side on the chair and motioned for Rob to lie beside her. He obliged, pressing his chest against her hot back and lifting her leg slightly for access. She reached her hand around and guided his hard length back into her wanting ass.

“Is this what you like, baby?” Rob brushed his lips against her ear as he rocked deeper into Madison’s anus. He held up her thigh with one hand and began to massage her breasts with the other. She met him stroke for stroke, practically impaling herself on his thick cock. The both moaned and cried out as Rob increased his speed, now pounding her harder and deeper. Madison reached down to her clit and began to rub it relentlessly as Rob heard her supple ass smacking against him as he fucked her.

“Ah! Yea..oh fuck…yes! I’m cumming..don’t stop!” She cried out desperately as Rob kept his pace up. Suddenly, he felt her muscles squeeze his whole length as she shuddered in another orgasm.

“Oh shit..oh God..baby..fuck…,” He heard himself groan incoherently as her ass muscles milked his dick of every squirt of his built up orgasm. He panted wildly as he shot his load deep into her anus. It felt as if fireworks were going off in his head as his cock was drained.

After their orgasms, Madison rolled over to face Rob with another beaming smile. He was still trying to catch his breath and looked at her in amazement.

“Did you like fucking my ass?” She asked in her sultry voice. He grinned and closed his eyes, still feeling the intense pleasure of his orgasm surging through him. ‘Yes,’ was the only reply he could utter. Madison giggled softly and brushed her fingers along his sweat covered face and chest.

“Good,” she said, “Cause I’ll be here next Sunday afternoon for more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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