Happy Anniversary Ch. 01

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“I’ve booked us into the Hilton for next weekend.” Steve smiled at Angie.

“Mmm.” She cooed, “and what about the kids?”

“Leave them at Mom’s place. We need time to ourselves.” Steve replied. “And as a bonus, I’ll give you 500 to spend on anything you want”

It was Steve and Angie’s wedding anniversary next weekend. Steve had forked out a bundle for a night’s stay at the Hilton, one of the swankiest hotels in town. The whole week, Steve had lusty thoughts about his wife and finally Saturday arrived.

Steve had requested for an early check-in but the earliest the hotel could give them was at 1pm. Steve dropped the kids off at his in-laws and then dropped Angie off at the nearby Shopping Mall. They had agreed that he would send her a text message when he had checked in and all was ready.

Steve rushed home and put the pre-packed luggage into his car. He showered, had a shave and trimmed the hair around his cock and balls. He smiled to himself as he remembered the events of the last few days. He had been at work when Angie had text messaged him:

“You are in for a treat.”

He could only presume that Angie had spent the 500 dollars on something exciting. He messaged her back:

“Any time with you is a treat.” He congratulated himself on his reply. His phone buzzed again.

“You’re sweet. But sometimes I prefer you salty!”

Steve smiled at Angie’s sensuality. She was one hot woman but it wasn’t often that she showed this sexual side of her. He replied back:

“and I love your taste too.” He waited for a reply but none came. It was just as well as he was able to concentrate on his work. Just before knocking off time, his phone buzzed again.

“I didn’t get you a present. Your present is me. Anyway you want me.”

Steve felt his cock lurch in his pants. He eagerly replied:


He waited with bated breath for the reply. It came soon after.

“Anything except in my ass.”

Steve smiled to himself. Angie never let him near her ass. He had tried corn holing her for years but she always stopped him. His mind moved to the vibrating strap on he had bought some time ago that Angie had never let him use on her. The one time he had tried, she had screamed that it was too big and hard and that it hurt her.

Steve snapped out of his reverie and packed the camera and video recorder. He also packed the vibrator, the strap-on dildo as well as the restraints and blindfold. He really didn’t know what was going to transpire but he wanted all his implements ready.

He dressed in a light blue shirt and black trousers – Angie’s favourites – and sprayed himself with her favourite cologne. He then made sure everything was packed in his car and drove off to the hotel.

*** ***

Angie looked at her watch. It was almost 1230 and there was no message from Steve yet. Wandering about the mall, she came to a cosmetic counter and decided she would go for a quick makeover. The makeover took about 20 minutes and Angie had to admit she looked ravishing. They had used a light foundation on her and a light, sandy pink on her lips. Her eyes were highlighted with dark eyeliner and her lids lightly touched with a brownish hue. She almost looked like a model, she thought to herself.

Just as she finished up, her phone buzzed.

“Ready. Come now.”

Angie made her way to the underground train station and messaged back to Steve.

“On my way lover.”

Her phone buzzed again:

“Let me know when you are at the hotel.”

The ride to the hotel station was about 15 minutes. Angie felt a tremor of excitement as she alighted from the train and sent a message:

“Here. What do I do?”

“go to reception. Room in your name. Pick up key. Then confirm”

Angie smiled at how detailed Steve liked to be. She walked up to the hotel reception, got the key and messaged Steve.

“Got key. Now what?”

“go up to room. Message me when you are ready.”

So he’s not in the room! Angie thought to herself. Her heart beat faster as she walked to the elevator and rode up to the 15th floor. Her eyes scanned the room numbers as she walked along the corridor, finally finding room 1524. She unlocked the door and walked in. The room was fantastic! Angie looked around and found a beautifully wrapped rose on top of a gold box sitting on the Van Escort bed.

She unwrapped the box to find a smaller box with a note inside. “Wear what you find in this box”. Angie opened the small box to find a beautiful gold choker and earring set.

*** ****

Steve was sitting at the bar downstairs, waiting for Angie to message him. He had watched her sashay into the lobby, get the key and then disappear into the elevator. He wondered what was taking her so long. It was almost 20 minutes since she had gone up and she couldn’t be taking so long to dress, or could she. He gulped his beer and lit another cigarette, taking a long, slow drag. His phone finally buzzed:

“Come up in 5 mins.”

Steve smiled and finished off his fag. He downed the beer and then made his way up the elevator. He walked briskly to the room, his cock already hard in anticipation. He unlocked the door and he gasped, his breath catching in his throat.

Angie stood in front of the bed, dressed in sheer pink lingerie. She was wearing stiletto heels that accentuated the shape of her calves and thighs. Her breasts stood firmly up, the nipples poking out excitedly of the pink sheer top. The gold choker sparkled around her neck and the long earings dangling off her ears gave her an extra sophisticated, sultry look.

“Hi lover.” She said sultrily, her heels clicked along the floor as she walked toward him and kissed him hard. Her tongue snaked into his mouth and twirled around his tongue. Her lips crushed hard against his and she pulled on his lower lip with her teeth. Angie’s hands were busy undoing Steve’s shirt buttons and then his pants as she continued to kiss him.

With his shirt pulled open, she licked along his neck and then kissed him slowly on his chest, moving herself down to his crotch. She knelt before him and tenderly took his cock into her mouth, licking the crown of his penis lasciviously. Steve groaned and moved his hands to her breasts, gently squeezing them and then lightly pinching her nipples. Angie sucked harder as Steve pulled a little more roughly on her erect nipples. Angie moaned on his cock and pulled off him.

“God! You have to suck me baby.” She said as she moved to the bed and lay down on it. “I’m so hot for you!”

Steve knelt at the foot of the bed and spread her legs. He kissed her slowly along her legs and licked softly at the vee of her thighs. He reached up and pulled her pantied off her, and then gaped at her crotch.

“Oh baby! This is amazing!” Steve moaned. “Is that what took you so long?

Angie had shaved every inch of hair off her pussy!

“Uh, huh!” Angie replied. “And there’s another surprise there waiting for you.”

Steve licked along her bald slit and then dipped his tongue in. Something wasn’t quite right. It was as if there was something inside. Excited beyond description, Steve slowly parted her lips, exposing a pussy that was stuffed with a strawberry!

Steve’s cock lurched as he licked her tight snatch, teasing the strawberry out.

“You like that lover?” Angie moaned, thrusting her hips hard against his mouth. “Get that fruit out. Eat the pussy flavoured strawberry.” She tensed her internal muscles, forcing the strawberry out and squeezing some of the juices out.

The fruit popped into Steve’s mouth and he licked harder on Angie’s cunt as her juices mixed with the strawberry in his mouth. He fastened his mouth on her clit and sucked and tongued it simultaneously.

“Oh God! Oh Goddd! That’s it! That’s the spot!” Angie cried out as she lifted her hips of the bed. Her clit was throbbing wildly and causing her thighs to quiver. Her entire body tingled as Steve sucked and licked on her clit. She grabbed his head and thrust her hips and and down, practically fucking his face with her cunt.

“MMmmhpp….Muummphhh….Oh don’t Stop… That’s it! Oh God!! Ohhh Fuccck!” She cried as her body convulsed and jerked as a powerful orgasm washed over her. Steve continued sucking softly as he felt Angie’s hands clench on his head and then slowly try to push him away. He moved away from her, wiping his mouth on her pink panties.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck me now!” Angie cried out, her legs splayed open and juices covering her thighs.

Steve positioned his cock against her gaping pussy and thrust in hard. She was wet and hot and Van Escort Bayan he slipped in easily. He pulled his cock out and slammed it back into her hard.

“Unnh!” Angie moaned. “Fill me fucker! Fuck me with your cock!”

“Take it baby.” Steve moaned back “Fuck it hard”

He grabbed her shoulders and half lifted her up. At this angle, his cock rubbed against her clitoris as he fucked her. Her mouth opened wide and she started gasping as her already distended clit got worked up again.

“Oh yess! Yes baby! Yeeahh! Gonna cummm. Gonna Cummm!!!” Angie mewled loudly. “Cum with me baby…Cummmm!”

Steve watched as her eyes bugged out and he slammed into her hard, triggering her climax. He held on to her as he felt her pussy walls clamping and spasming on his cock. Her body lifted and she let out a guttural moan as she trembled and convulsed under him. She finally collapsed back on the bed to feel his shaft still hard within her.

“You didn’t come…..?” She said half as a question and half in realisation.

“No baby!” Steve smiled “You better be prepared to cum a lot more. Now get on your fours.”

Angie turned over and raised herself onto her fours. Steve walked in front of her and turned on the video camera.

“Wanna capture your cumming face as I fuck you!” He announced. He then walked over to his bag and withdrew his strap-on dildo.

“Awww No..” Angie protested. “Not that again, please”

“Just relax babe. Try it. You promised you’d do anything.” Steve retorted.

Angie nodded her head in acquiescence.

Steve slipped a condom onto his cock and then slipped his cock into the hollow core of the strap-on. Steve had a pretty decent cock at 6 inches but it was his secret wish to see his his wife cum hard on a large cock that was wide as well. The strap-on was slightly longer than 8 inches and about two and a half inches wide in diameter. As he adjusted the dildo to fit him and tightened the straps, he felt like it was indeed an extension of his own cock.

Steve adjusted the video camera so that it focused on Angie’s face but still captured her dangling breasts as well as the rest of her on all fours. He would be just out of focus behind her. He then walked out of the camera focus.

“You want to be fucked baby?” He taunted her in a strange voice.

“Yes! Come and fuck me.” she replied wantonly, realising his game and looking straight into the camera. “Fuck me with your big cock!”

Steve positioned himself behind her and dipped his fingers into her pussy. She was soaking wet and the he could feel the heat rising out of her like steam. He placed the head of the dildo against her pussy and realised that although he could feel a little sensation, it was hardly the same as his own cock plunging into her.

He pushed forward slowly, watching as her pussy lips spread wide to accept this huge dildo. Angie gasped as she felt the hard cock poking into her. The rubber cock was covered in ridges and bumps and she felt every inch of it as it slipped into her slowly. Her pussy walls were stretched wide, wider than they had ever been and she was just thankful that she was so well lubricated.

Steve pushed in until about 6 inches were inside his beautiful wife – about the length of his cock. Then he pushed again, a little slower. Angie moaned deeply as the cock went deeper into her. Deeper and wider that any object had ever been into her. She groaned as she felt a little pain as the cock brushed against her cervix. She relaxed her body and realised that this wasn’t really so bad. It felt artificial no doubt but it also felt good. She rocked back against the rubber cock and felt Steve’s balls brush against her pussy. It was all in!

Steve grabbed hold of her hips and pulled out of her slowly, getting used to the appendage. He thrust back slowly into her, delighting in her low moan as he did so.

“You like a big cock baby? Your husbands cock too small for you?” he taunted her again.

“His cock is just fine.” She replied, not wanting to give in. Steve smiled at his wife’s loyalty to him, even in a game.

He moved faster within her now, causing her to gasp involuntarily. The thick dildo brushed against her g-spot as Steve fucked her. He reached around her and grabbed on to her tits, pulling her nipples as he fucked faster into her Escort Van seething cunt.

“Ohhh…. Unnhhh. Aahhh…Unnhhh. Oh yessss.” Angie moaned, unable to deny the pleasure this hard, thick cock was giving her.

“You like it huh slut?” Steve said softly as he handled her nipples more roughly.

“Unnhh…Yesss…Unnhhh…I ..I like it….Unnhhh.” She cried out.

Her g-spot was really reacting to the thick cock and her pussy was juicing wildly. Steve felt the extra lubrication as he noticed his cock pistoning into her easily. There was even a wet, squelching sound as he fucked her.

Angie clenched at the bedsheet as her pussy started to spasm. Her body tensed and she raised her head and squealed as another orgasm washed over her.

“Unnh…Arrrgh..Ahhhhh Cumming!… Oh Godddd…Oh yessssss.”

Steve enjoyed the feeling of his wife cumming on his cock and revelled in the thought that he could keep fucking her like this and keep her cumming! He quickened his pace, slamming harder and deeper into her.

“oohh…Ohhhh..Ohhhh unnh..unnh…Harder….Harder!” Angie squealed as just as one orgasm finished, she felt another starting to quickly build in her.

“Shall I stop?” Steve teased her, stopping a little while.

“Noo…Nooo…don’t!” Angie protested, “Keep fucking me…pleassse!”

Steve quickened his stabs again, pistoning in and out of her cunt. Her cunt responded with wet, slushing sounds.

“You want another cock bitch?” Steve continued to taunt her.


“Where bitch?” Steve continued, enjoying his wifes utter debasement.

“Unnh…Ohhh…In…in my mouth….Unnh…Ohhhh Aahhh.”

“You want a cock to suck don’t you?” Steve tormented her. “To suck as you get fucked!”

“Ohh..yesss…unnh…fuck me….unnhh…I’ll suck a cock….unnhh…harder baby…unnh”

Angie was beside herself in sexual ecstacy. She could no longer think about anything other than her pussy and how her pussy was reacting. She was a fuck machine and she was enjoying it.

“will you take it in the ass bitch?”

“unnh…Yesss…yesss…anything…..goddd…fuck me… fuck me…..oh shit…gonna cum…yesss…unnhhhh” Angie cried. Her body was trembling and shaking as she felt Steve pinch hard on her nipples and lift up her upper body .

“Eeeyyaggghhhhh…unnh….aaargghhhh!!!” She screamed as her entire body convulsed and spasmed. Her whole being felt as if it was on fire and for a short moment, she actually forgot to breathe. She finally caught her breath and gulped in air as she felt juices trickling down her thigh.

As her body calmed down, she hoped that Steve would stop fucking her with the dildo. Much as she liked it, she was sore and it really was too big for her. Thankfully, Steve pulled out of her and slipped his cock out of the strapon. Angie sank her face down to the bed in relief before she felt a prodding at her pussy again. She moaned as she felt the dildo slip into her once again and then Steve slid under her, offering his cock to her waiting mouth.

She had never seen his cock so hard and long before! She bent her head to swallow it as she felt his tongue working on her clit as his hands moved the dildo inside her. Stars popped in her brain as her pussy was teased and inflamed with lust once again. She felt another crescendo building inside her as she concentrated on sucking the hot, hard flesh in her mouth.

“Uhh..Yeaahh…suck it baby! Suck it!!” Steve cried as he worked the dildo harder in her pussy. Angie had never sucked Steve so forcefully and he realised that it was because she was so far consumed by last. Her juices were dripping out of her and he fucked her hard and fast with the dildo as she reciprocated on his cock.

“Take it baby…take it…take it!!!” Steve yelled as his cock stiffened and spurted stream after stream of hot sperm into his wifes mouth. He continued slamming the dildo into her and he felt her stiffen and then suck harder as he felt her body go into spasm. She continued spasming as she sucked his cock dry and swallowed every last drop before collapsing on to the bed.

They both lay quietly for a while before Steve pulled himself out from under his wife. He walked to the front and turned off the video recorder before kissing his wife deeply on the lips, tasting himself. He then walked behind her and pulled the dildo from her leaking pussy.

Getting on to the bed, he pulled her toward him and snuggled her close.

“Happy Anniversary darling.” He said.

“You too love. And this is just the beginning” she laughed.

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