Happy Birthday to You

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After his unforgettable Fathers Day gift the previous night, Miles rises early the next morning as Elayna still slumbers. Careful not to wake her as he slips from the bed, clad only in boxer briefs, he steps quietly to the door. Before he departs he glances back at her—messy hair, mouth drooping open, arms and legs everywhere—and his love for her swells. She beautiful and funny and super smart, and now she’s hotter in bed than ever. He can hardly believe how fortunate he is, and he turns to head out the door, pulling it shut, and Miles makes his way to the kitchen to brew some coffee. Once it’s percolating, Miles sits in a high top chair next to the kitchen island and reflects on last night’s journey into bold new territory. .

A flurry of images and sensations speed through his mind—Elayna’s sweetness at the start, their productive shower, his joy at seeing her dressed in such sexy lingerie, the texture of her mouth sucking him, an unmistakeable flavor of her most intimate body parts, and the tight grip of her ass around him for the very first time. Miles can feel himself getting turned on, the memories rushing blood between his legs. Without much thought he reaches down to squeeze his member, and the rush of blood gets him nearly hard. Trapped by his tight briefs, Miles ponders whether he should adjourn to the couch or bathroom to continue this journey, but he decides to cool his warm-blooded impulse, adjust his briefs to reduce the swelling inside them, and enjoy some coffee.

After a few more minutes of ruminating, he pours a second cup and heads back upstairs. He places the new cup on the bedside table next to Elayna, who is still asleep. He hustles to his side of the bed, places his coffee on his nightstand, and then undressed to get in bed. Without the briefs to keep it hidden, his manhood swells as Miles slides between the sheets to spoon behind Elayna. His warm body meets her back, and he wiggles just a bit to nestle himself in line with her. He finally settles, presses firmly against her, his hardness aligned perfectly with the crack of her bottom. Miles closes his eyes and rewatches more of last night’s adventure.

The vague but annoying chirp of a bird is the noise that drags Elayna from her sleep. Eyes still closed, her senses begin to decipher the rest of her environment. She smells something delightful and exclaims in her own mind, “Coffee!,” which makes her grin. Her back starts to sense a familiar heat and pressure, and she quickly realizes it’s Miles spooning her. She smiles broadly now, a happiness and intimacy radiating between them that tells her how strong their love is. Basking in this moment, she almost ignores his body’s throbbing appendage poking sweetly at her behind. She opts to push back a little, grinding herself against him. Miles loves the pressure and friction, his erection so firm that it can hardly be contained.

Knowing she’s slightly awake, Miles extends his arm around her, reaching her right breast. Once there he wastes no time fondling her ample flesh and teasing her nipple. Elayna is instantly turned on, and she raises her right leg to give Miles access. His hand shifts quickly to her bare mound, already slick and wanting. He swirls his fingers on her clit and feels her grind against his hand. Withdrawing his tight embrace, he shifts away from her for a moment in order to direct his cock to the right destination. Elayna’s body agrees, feeling his warm, hard tool slide between her thighs and press against her swollen lips. He thrusts and grinds against her, his cock gathering her wetness with each pass. This outercourse lasts a couple of minutes, the build up driving them both wild. At last, Elayna waits no longer as she uses her hand to guide the head of his cock to her dripping hole. He methodically slides inside of her, and they both relish the ecstasy of this embrace.

Short, gentle thrusts have them barely moving, both concentrating on this point of contact. Miles pauses after a few, simply leaving himself inside her. In this respite, Elayne tightens her interior muscles, gripping and then releasing him. The sensation finally causes Miles to utter a deep, rumbling “Ohhh…” as he savors the pressure around the head of his cock. He can feel nothing else on his body other than the velvety caress of her walls. If she does it much longer, he’s going to explode, and that seems unfair, so he withdraws. Elayna turns her head to glance back at him.

“You ok?” she inquired.

“Yeah. Just need a sec,” he says through heavy breath. His wet cock is pointed north and presses to the crack of her ass. Elayna ponders her next move and decides to sit up, push Miles on his back, and the climb on top of him. Their wet genitals connect again, and she leans down to kiss him. Fully aware of her morning breath, it’s only a lip kiss and then she leans up again, grinding her hips to bring them both delight. After a few moments, she opts for a new approach, this time swinging her right leg over, turning around, and porno climbing back on him, reverse cowgirl style. She reaches down to grasp his dick and usher it inside her. It slips in with ease, and she lowers herself down to take its full length. She leans forward and starts to gyrate forward and backward, fucking him aggressively. Miles loves this view, watching his tool, shiny with moisture, disappear inside her gorgeous pink slit. He massages her ass checks as he watches her work.

“Touch it,” she says barely above a whisper. He’s not totally sure what “it” might be so he waits. “Touch it,” she says louder, thinking he make have missed it the first time. When she slows her motion a bit, he spies her tight ass hole, and in one quick motion, he runs his thumb on the base of his shaft to gather some of her self made lubricant, and then brings it to her pucker. Rubbing and swirling around the entrance, Elayna stops moving to enjoy this feeling. It’s still new and exciting to accept this kind of touch, and she wants Miles to know that it’s perfect. He’s perfect. They are perfect. “Yeah, right there,” she adds as his thumb works diligently on her tight flesh. She begins her movement again, up and down on him, and she uses one hand to touch herself, fingers rubbing furiously at her clit. Sensing her intensity rising, Miles pushes the tip of his thumb inside her ass. She relaxes and accepts the rest of it.

“Ohhhhh…fuck,” she moans. “Ohhh…ohhh…ohhh,” she utters with each thrust filling both holes. Her pace becomes more urgent, hands, body, and voice rapidly accelerating. “Mmm…oh…mm..oh…OHH…OHHHH,” and the final bellow brings her orgasm. Her hips shimmy and legs shake as her muscles clench both his cock and thumb. He contains his own climax by focusing on her body, every inch of her beautiful and desirable. As her movement ceases, he slips his thumb from her bum and grasps her hips. He’s still hard and horny but wants to be sure she is ok. Slumped forward, her hair tangled and loose around her face, Elayna holds herself up by grasping his legs. After a few seconds she leans straight up and grabs her hair, pulling it into a ball at the back of her head. She looks over her shoulder at Miles, knowing he’s still not had his moment.

“Should I keep going? Or do you want me to do something else?” she asks sweetly.

“Are You ok?” he says in return.

“Yeah, just a little woozy. That was a big one for this early in the morning.” He flexes his cock inside of her, its mild movement surprising her. “Hey now, I can squeeze you back,” she says with sass and then completes the motion, her pelvic muscles clenching around him.

“Mmmm…keep doing that,” he requests, and she obliges. Contracting and releasing, its the most intimate of massages, and the pleasure is incredible. Elayna adds a small rise and decline with her hips, and Miles grunts his enjoyment. Hoping she can get him off, she increases the speed of her movement.

“Oh, yeah…” he mumbles softly, and she knows he’s close. Her hand moves down between his legs to cradle his balls, gently caressing them.

“That’s it, babe,” she demands sweetly. “Get me all sticky inside. Come for me. Make—-“

“—AHHH…AHHH…AHHH…Mmmm,” he almost whimpers at the end as her muscular grip loosens on him. Hearing his deep breaths and feeling his organ soften, Elayna climbs off of him, and lands on her stomach at his side. She kisses his chest, just a touch salty from the thin layer of sweat this morning brought.

“So where’s that coffee,” she asks with a smile.

“On your table,” he says and points. She sidles up to his face, gives him a quick peck, and then slips away to get her coffee, still hot in its mug.

Elayna stands to sip her mug and glances at Miles’ naked, expired body. “Such a hottie,” she tells herself, surveying his body. She sees his sex, softened and slumped to the side. She can feel the tiniest trickle between her legs, his seed easing out from deep within her. Realizing she may indeed leak, she shuffles the the bathroom and sits on the toilet. A quick pee and careful cleaning have her more confident, so she flushed and exits the small room. Back in the main bathroom she finds Miles standing at the shower just as he turns it on. Satisfied with the warmth of the water, he hops inside and starts to wash. Elayna follows him to do the same, and their playful interaction continues throughout the bathing process.

Miles dresses in his plaid pajama pants and t-shirt, while Elayna simply wears her white terry cloth robe again. Refreshed and very happy, they move downstairs for more coffee and some breakfast. He makes waffles, she cuts fruit, and their hands can hardly stay off of each other. Their post-coital connection is stronger than ever as each moment is another opportunity to touch each other lovingly. With their plates assembled, they sit at the kitchen table, a quiet place without the girls or tv. Among the nibbles and sips are knowing glances and flirtatious grins. Not much is said, but their happiness is spoken.

“Remember when we used this?” Mikes asks as he holds up a can of whipped cream. His comment brings them both back to a night when they were engaged and Elayna brought the Readi-Whip to bed one night. They laughed and played and licked the sweet substance off of each other for quite a while that night, and it remained one of their “wildest” encounters for a long time.

“That was yummy,” Elayna responds. “I still remember my whole body feeling sticky,” she laughs.

“Hard to believe how long ago it was. And now we’re here,” he says with pride, glancing around the room, thinking of his little girls and amazing wife.

“Yeah, now we’re into anal,” she blurts. He turns a bit red.

“Layn—” he starts to say.

“—well it’s true! Come on, it’s ok to talk about it. The kids are gone, no one can hear. And I like when we talk about our sex life. Makes me feel closer to you.”

“Ok,” he reluctantly adds.

“Do you like it?” she asks. Elayna knows the answer but wants to hear him say it.

“Well, Yeah! Of course! It was amazing. I liked…seeing you that way,” he says.

“What way?”

“I don’t know…open? Free? Willing to let go and explore something with me?” he searches for the right words. She reaches a hand over to grasp his, knowing her reassurance will help him. “What about you? Did you…enjoy…I mean, did it feel good?” he inquires sincerely. Never one to hold back, Elayna is frank with him.

“It felt strange at first. Sort of painful, but more like pressure than pain. Once I relaxed and got used to it, I really liked it. Like, really really liked it. I had no idea it could be such a turn on for me. It helped that you were in control. That was hot too,” she adds with a warm grin on her face.

“That was fun for me, to be able to do all of that,” he grins back at her.

“Then we should do it again soon ” she winks.

“…it being…?” he trails off, hoping for clarity.

“You know…butt stuff. Maybe not all the way every time, but kind of like this morning. Even when you touch me there, it drives me wild. So, tie me up and touch my butt anytime, babe!” she declares enthusiastically. His places one hand over his eyes, embarrassment rising. He peeks through his fingers to find her peering at him.

“What?” he asks.

“You’re so cute and funny. I love that you still get shy after all these years,” she says and leans forward to kiss his hand, her lips a little sticky from the syrup on her waffle. They finish breakfast, clean the kitchen together, and head out to pick up the girls. Holding hands in the car like they are teenagers, they chat and laugh and relish their synergy.

Picking up the kids from Liz, they head home for a Sunday Funday—a enjoying trip to the neighborhood pool, blowing bubbles for hours in the backyard, coloring the patio with sidewalk chalk. Each segment of the afternoon is light and filled with laughter. At the pool, Miles sits under an umbrella and watches Elayna play and splash with the girls. She looks gorgeous in her two-piece, but more than just her physical beauty, Miles marvels at her joyful interactions with Mia and Grace. She’s an incredible mom, giving eveey second she can to her kids without any regard for herself. In his mind Elayna is the perfect role model for her daughters, and he admires her commitment to professional success and familial engagement. He knows her struggles, and he does all he can to make sure she knows her time, effort, and sacrifices are recognized.

After playtime and baths, the family gathers for dinner and games before bed. Hugs and stories and kisses send the girls to their sweet slumber quickly. After the long, joyful day, Miles and Elayna settle in bed together, her cuddling his side and gently tracing her nails across his chest and stomach. It’s a simple but intimate practice that keeps their bond strong.

“Love you, ” Elayna whispers. She’s sleepy and happy. This is her favorite place on earth, safe and lovingly held in his arms.

“Love you too,” he responds and kisses the top of her head. He closes his eyes to wait for sleep to carry him.

“Babe?” she spontaneously says.


“I love your penis too,” she adds, half asleep but smiling. Miles chuckles.

“He loves you too,” he adds and they both drift to dreamland.

The days that follow are full of life. Something between them has shifted or opened in a way that’s new. It’s almost another honeymoon phase where every interaction is electric. Each conversation feels like foreplay. This feeds them both in a profound way, and the whole house radiates a richer love than its ever had. Work becomes easier as they both can’t wait to get home to each other and their kids. The four of them spend each evening together, not hustling through the routines and rituals, but savoring the splendid moments at the table, in the yard, or just rolling around on the floor. The girls seem to notice too, their senses tuned to the lightness in their parents. Miles and Elayna are more affectionate in front of their kids, hugging, kissing, cuddling more than they have in the past. Piling into one big bed at night for story time, this family feels complete.

Nearly every night when the girls go to sleep, there is another opportunity for Miles and Elayna to connect intimately. Thriving on so much more connection and closeness now, they both feel tuned in and turned on with each other. Without question or hesitation, they make love with erotic intensity and explosive pleasure. Their sex life has reached a level they never expected or believed was possible. Maybe it’s the feeling that they’ve settled into their marriage fully, or perhaps their careers have stabilized to allow this space to develop. Regardless, Miles and Elayna recognize that a new chapter is unfolding in every aspect of their relationship because their intimate union is so strong. Open, honest, and vocal, they both communicate their desires, and each partner indulges the other entirely. Whether it’s quick work in the shower or a luxurious exchange of favors in the bedroom, each event brings them closer.

When she demonstrates she is so inclined, Miles chooses to take Elayna from behind, usually enjoying her ass as the final act. It’s become natural and normal for them at this point. Her orgasms continue to include full-bodied convulsions, her screams only stifled by the pillow she presses to her face. Seeing her enjoy this new chapter in their marriage brings him closer to her and let’s him be more vocal and even aggressive in bed. She loves all of his facets, but his newfound sexual authority makes her so hot for him.

One night after the girls are in bed, Elayna opts for a luxurious bath to unwind after a tough day at work and a long workout at the gym. Miles is reading bedtime stories to the girls, his rumbling voice audible down the hall as he creates sounds for all the characters. Sitting at the edge of the tub as it fills, her eyes get teary hearing her husband and daughters together. She loves them all so much that it hurts. She inches into the bath and allows herself to relax, glass of wine in hand at the edge of the tub.

A few minutes later Miles strolls into the bathroom, having sent the girls to drram of farm animals effectively with fun stories.

“You ok?” he asks since she rarely takes a bath.

“Yeah, just a long day. Need to exhale a little,” she responds with her eyes closed.

“Anything I can do to help?” he inquires. Seeing how tired she is, he starts to offer ideas. “Want me to catch up on laundry? Make lunches for tomorrow? Get you some more wine?” He suggests these with the hope that Elayna will let him help her, but he knows that won’t happen.

“How about you get in this tub with me?” She adds with a smirk. She had no specific plan but knows there will be something sexy and fun that develops. Her bones are tired, and her muscles ache, but she still holds a passion for this amazing man.

“You bet,” Miles says and starts to strip down.

Without hesitation, Miles swings one leg into the tub, and the climbs all the way in to settle at Elayna’s feet. She scoots a little to give him room but keeps her legs extended right to his hip. As she lays still, Miles considers what he should do. She doesn’t seem chatty so questions about her day probably aren’t going to help. He peruses her naked body, beautiful breasts perched right at the water line, her pink nipples firm from the cool air above. Fighting his lust, he simply grabs her right foot and starts to massage it. Thumbs and fingers rubbing, circling, and pressing all around the bottom of her foot, Elayna relishes the feeling. Hitting pressure points on the arch and ball of her foot, he hopes to make the rest of her body relax. He wiggles each of her toes gently and then starts the process again.

“Mmmm…that feels so good,” she shares, eyes closed and her face flushed from the warm water. Miles switches to her other foot and starts to massage it as well. Alternating between arches, ankles, heels, and toes, Miles does his best imitation of a reflexologist, much to Elayna’s delight. After what seems like hours of indulgence, she opens her eyes and grins. “Thank you, honey. My long day in heels just got so much better.” Miles hugs her lower legs, cradles her feet in his lap and smiles back. He then lifts one leg and playfully bites her big toe. “Hey that tickles,” she exclaims. He retreats a little, instead offering gentle kisses to her feet and toes. This act is sweet and sensual—and maybe a little kinky? Elayna remembers a college roommate who dated a guy that always offered to give her foot massages. When he started touching her feet during foreplay, she finally asked him why, he admitted he had a fetish. Her roommate said it was a little strange but also kind of fun to have a partner into her body so much. The memory flashes in her mind, and Elayna teases Miles by asking, “So do you have a thing for my feet now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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