He Wanted to Spend the Night

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He wanted to spend the night with her, but she kept saying “no, I have to go home and do laundry and get ready for the work week.”

They spent the weekend together as usual and enjoyed another lovely Sunday…breakfast, a walk in the park, spending the day together. She warned him early that she needed to go home and do laundry and check on her pets. He kept telling her how he wanted to spend the night with her more often. Finally, she decided to take a chance and told him that he could come over to her house with her to spend the night with her. He was happy to have her invitation and they proceeded with their day and around 5:30 pm, she gathered her belongings from his house and headed home – with him following her in his car.

The arrived at her house and he helped her carry her belonging in and he began to get comfortable on the couch as she went upstairs to gather her laundry. As she came back down and filled the washer, she stepped into the living room to see him lounging on the couch. “Oh, don’t get too comfortable, you need to go upstairs for a while.” He looked at her with a puzzled face. “I guess I forgot to tell you, huh? A friend of mine is coming over tonight for a little while.” He was a bit confused.

“Oh?” He replied; and she responded, “Yes, and if you promise not to touch my cock, I won’t lock you up.” He sat up on the couch not knowing if she was serious or just messing with him. She continued to the kitchen and began to remove some cheese and crackers and a bottle of wine. After she placed the crackers and cheese on a plate and while she began opening the bottle of wine, “You’re the one who was wanting to spend the night with me – which you will. But first I am going to have some company and you’ll wait for me upstairs. But you must be careful and not make the slightest of noises, but I want you to keep the door open.” She handed him a glass of wine and told him to straighten the couch cushions up and then scooted him upstairs. This all happened so quickly, he didn’t have time to react or really respond with any words, nor did she give him a chance to say anything.

He slowly walked upstairs waiting for her to say that she was just kidding, but not a word was spoken from her as she continued to get dishes out of the cabinets – except, “oh, and I want you naked too” she yelled out to him. He entered her room and began to disrobe as she instructed. Once naked, he stood there and thought “now what?” He turned the TV on and hoped it was low enough as he laid on the bed. She was right, he thought, he did want to spend the night with her, which he will spend the night. He loved her and he did agree that she could see other people. At least he would be just upstairs, and that shouldn’t be that bad, better than not knowing where she was or what she is doing, he thought. Then, he heard the doorbell ring.

He laid there frozen thinking she really was serious that she had a friend coming over. Perhaps it was a female friend of hers…until he heard the door open, her warm greeting and the reply of a man’s voice. He lowered the TV even more, to try to hear what was said…or done. He heard her welcome her guest into the kitchen while exchanging the usual pleasentries. She poured him a glass of wine and they apparently stood in the kitchen chatting for a while. Her cuck heard her date compliment her and how sexy she looked while she graciously returned the compliments. During the short silence, he thought he heard a smack of lips. Or was it? Surely she would not be this obvious with her cuck upstairs like this.

Her cuck laid on the bed, wondering how long this would last, but knew it would last a couple of hours at the least; what man would accept an invitation to a woman’s house for only one glass of wine and some cheese?

Her cuck then heard her laugh and after a few more minutes and another glass of wine, they ajourned to the couch in the living room, one room closer to the bedroom. They continued with conversation with some intermittent moments of silence followed by her soft moans. There was no TV to watch in the living room and surely he was not sitting across the room on the opposite chair. How close was he sitting next to her and where are his hands? What were they doing? Then soon the moments of silence were getting longer and the moans were growing Gaziantep Yabancı Escort more often.

Her cuck was getting antsy now as he knew they were getting cozy and began wondering what was going on now. Her cuck had to find out for himself. He knew that he could see the couch from the top of the stairs and thought he could sneak a peek. But did he want to? He pondered this for a few moments and after a few more moments of silence and her soft moans, eventually felt that he needed to see for himself what was going on down there. So, he gently moved his feet from the bed and placed them on the floor, hoping they were as silent as if invisible. He softly and slowly moved each foot and placed it in front of the other as if stepping through a mine field until he reached the top of the stairs. If she knew he was out of her room and spying, she would surely be upset, but he had to see for himself. He peered over the railing, hearing her moan, and was only able to see her shoes set aside the end of the couch and her hair and her semi-clothed shoulder laid out on the end of the couch. Her cuck froze for a second then turned around and sat on the top floor behind the banister. Naked, he sat leaning against the banister, almost in disbelief but knowing what he would see if he looked. He sat there, in silence, amplifying their heavy breathing and sporadic moans. He heard her say, “Take it off.” Take it off?! Take WHAT off he thought. Her blouse, bra, panties, skirt, or her date’s shirt, pants? He felt his shaft harden a little and stroked it for a moment or two but knew she would discipline him for it if she knew, so he released her cock and continued to listen to the sounds coming from the living room.

“Mmmm, you like that, don’t you?” Her cuck had to see more of what was going on, so he tried to quietly take another peek, only this time, he began to descend the stairs, one step by one step, straining his neck and saw her bare feet on the floor, in an obvious kneeling position. With his next step down, he saw her bare back except for her hair which was moving; without hesitation, he took yet another step with revealed her head between his legs slowly bobbing in his lap with her elbows resting on his legs. He was unable to see her lips making contact with him, but he didn’t have to see that. Her cuck’s cock got a little harder as he froze and watched, with amazement that she was actually sucking another man while her boyfriend was upstairs! While the cuck was standing on the stairs, watching her hair floating in her date’s lap, she stopped for a moment to catch her breath and as she did, she glanced up at the stairs, almost as if she knew what she would see, and saw that her cuck was perched on the stairs, naked, spying on them. Their eyes met for what felt like an eternity, as she glared her wicked look, and he knew this was not a good thing that she caught him in this position. He knew he had disobeyed her and she did not like when he did not follow her instructions, especially when she was doing him a favor – by letting him spend the evening with her.

She turned to her date and told him she would be right back. As her date moaned that he did not want her to stop, she assured him she would be back shortly and it would be worth the wait. Her cuck scurried up the stairs as she slowly stood up, kissed her date and turned towards the stairs. Her cuck lay in bed as still as a mouse hoping she would not embarrass him now. He heard her footsteps approach the door and then the door closed.

“Open your eyes,” she whispered. As he opened his eyes, they were met with her eyes only inches away. “I told you not to leave this room, now didn’t I?” “Yes, Ma’am,” he replied. “Did you like what you saw, puppy?” He was not sure how reply, so he just laid there looking at her. She grabbed his face with one hand and turned his face towards her and asked him again. This time, he responded “I don’t know, Ma’am.” She continued, “what am I going to do with you, you beg me to spend the night with me, I oblige you and give you a simple instruction, and you can’t follow that simple instruction.” She reached into her drawer, pulled out the cage and half way threw it at him and told him to put it on, quickly as she continued scolding him about not being able to trust him. He feverishly caged himself and she locked him up, placing the key in her jewelry box as she could not now put on her necklace with a key and then go back to her date.

After she finished scolding her cuck, she told him that since he wanted to be so close to her and her date, he is going to be about as close as he could get without being seen. Again, everything was happening so fast, he had no chance to think or react. She opened the closet door indicating him to get in. Without hesitation or thought, he scurried into the closet and before she closed the door, she told him in a stern voice staring him in the eyes, “Not, a, word, or you WILL be sorry.” He looked at her without saying a word. After a few seconds, she closed and locked the door. He heard her straighten up her bed and quickly exit her bedroom and return to her date waiting on the couch downstairs.

“I’m sorry to make you wait,” she said, grabbing his hand and leading him up to the stairs. He didn’t say a word, but only hesitated to fully remove his pants which were already down around his ankles. He followed her up the stairs to her bedroom as she explained to him that she wanted to straighten up her bedroom real quick as she hadn’t planned on this progressing upstairs. Half way up the stairs, he placed his hand between her legs, she stopped to enjoy this moment and let out a moan – loud enough for her cuck to hear – and they stood on the stairs for a few moments as he stepped up to her back and began kissing her neck as his hand made its way farther between her legs to feel her moist panties; and the other wrapping around to feel her bare breast. She moaned as she leaned into him and turned her head to kiss him. She moaned yet again, as she continued walking up the stairs holding his hand as she opened the door.

Her cuck, sitting in the closet, against the door, naked and caged, and not sure how is supposed to feel. He could be at home, in his bed, floating asleep, but instead, he insisted on spending the night with her and now he is locked in her closet, naked, and caged while she is in the other room with a date. This wasn’t how he pictured the night would be. He was thinking that he would be laying with her, meeting her every need – as much as she wanted – and enjoying a loving evening with her. He continued to hear her moans, and voices from time to time, when all of a sudden, he heard the bedroom door open and her voice, “This might be a bit more comfortable,” as he heard clear moans and lips meeting each other.

He sat against the door, not daring to move in fear of making a noise, wondering just how long this was going to go on. As no words were being spoken anymore, he was only able to hear a moan from time to time and his imagination as to what was taking place on the other side of the wall. After a short silence, he heard hear steady moans which he knew what those were – those were moans of her closing in on an orgasm. “Right there, yes,” he heard her say loud enough to float through the wall. She said it in the way that he must be using his mouth on her. He moans became louder, and he was left to imagine her hips bucking against her date’s mouth with her head back reaching her orgasm, when she let out a long steady moan, then silent, her cuck knew what this meant. She was having an orgasm, with her hips bucking, head thrown back, and probably pushing him away because she gets sensitive after her orgasm. She finally, let out another moan, indicating that she had peaked.

As she laid there with her date’s mouth bringing her to her first orgasm, she thought of her cuck locked in the closet, and smiled. She thought, well, he wanted to spend the night. As she was thinking these thoughts, her date began to kiss her stomach, then her breasts and soon his mouth was on her mouth, laying between her legs, and she felt his hard shaft slowly slide into her saturated vagina. His cock slide all the way in without any friction and soon, he was sliding out of her again with his lips locked on her mouth, he began to slide his entirely into her again She let out a moan, perhaps louder than usual, wanting her cuck to hear this, she was still thinking of her cuck in the closet, and almost had another orgasm immediately.

After a short silence, he heard her moan loudly again, but he knew this was not a moan caused by a man’s tongue or mouth, he had entered her. She was moaning loud enough to let her cuck know what was happening and was even using words to leave no doubt that her date was now thrusting in and out of her. Before long, she was not purposely being loud, he heard the slapping of skin and the bed hitting the wall with every thrust. Her moans were in rhythm with her date’s thrusts and soon, he heard two people simultaneously reaching orgasm with two loud moans which were let out and the slapping and bed movement had ceased. He could hear the breaths slowing down, but still heavy as they were coming to a rest and the moans were softening.

Her cuck, now sloughing against the door, almost in a prone position, was left to listen to his Love letting another man enjoy her sex while she was still enjoying the attention of two men. He did not know how he felt about all this, but did know that he deserved this, he told himself. He agreed to being in this role to her. But she also deserves this as well, perhaps more. He is in love with her and will do anything for her happiness.

After another 30 minutes while he heard idle chat and talk of the weather, he heard them laughing and leaving the bedroom and soon, hearing the front door open and close and her date’s car drive away. He got nervous as he heard her return to her bedroom, obviously straightening it out for a second time tonight and was beginning her punishment of keeping him locked in the closet. She was in the bathroom, for what sounded like she was getting ready for bed, running the water as if taking off her make-up and brushing her teeth. Shortly after she turned the water off for the last time, he heard the door unlock and open slowly to her voice, “Come out,” She spoke as she motioned him to come out as she fully opened the door. He slowly stood up and walked out. She motioned him to the bed. “don’t lay down, face the bed, leave your feet on the ground and place your chest on the bed.” He did as he was told, he knew that she was upset with him. All he could think about was her and how he wanted to be close to her and have her hold him and be with her. But at this point, he was not sure if he was even sleeping in the same bed.

As he was bent at the waist on the bed, she began to speak to him as he felt the paddle being rubbed on his bare ass. She began to lecture him about when she gives him instructions, she expects him to obey them to the “t” without question or hesitation. He stood there, feeling the paddle rubbing his bare skin, occasionally being pulled back and he would expect the stinging pain of the paddle. But she continued to tease him and draw out the inevitable.

“I was nice and chose not to cage you and trust you that you would stay put.” “Yes, Ma’am,” he replied. “Then why didn’t you stay put?” WHACK! He felt a sting on his behind as the paddle met his bare bottom. “I am sorry Ma’am. I could not help myself but to look. My mind was wondering and I…”WHACK! “Umph,” he moaned as he tried to soothe his behind by moving it around.

“You were saying…” She started. “I was going to be nice to you, despite you begging me to spend the night with me. You were going to be uncaged the entire evening, but now, it’s not coming off.” WHACK! WHACK!

She heard his moans and felt that she had gotten her point across, but still left him with one more WHACK! Before soothing him. She explained to him that she did not like to discipline him this way, but that she had to, she could not let this behavior go without acknowledgment.

Soon, she put the paddle down and laid in bed and looked at him standing at the foot of the bed. She thought about just rolling over and going to sleep, as she was tired from the weekend and from the last couple of hours of orgasms and now had to discipline her Love. Eventually, she began to spread her legs to allow her Love to view her freshly filled vagina. She gave her cuck a nod acknowledging permission to lick her for his pleasure; without words, he gently dove to her crotch and softly licked her tasting her and her date. He knew she would not let him give her an orgasm and did not try, she was allowing him a favor and he appreciated it by slowly licking her until she was a few sighs away from sleep. She told him that was enough and he ceased without a word, and crawled up next to her as she rolled onto her side and he placed his chest on her back, feeling his tight cage as he soon heard her heavy breaths of slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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