Henry’s Home for the Summer Ch. 08

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This is the eighth in a series. It helps to read the other chapters first but is not critically necessary. Bodily functions, such as urination, defecation, and menstruation, are part of this story, as are caning and spanking, so if discussing any of those offends you, read no further. All characters are 18 or over.


Margaret Ames was truly enjoying her summer spent as governess for Henry, a 19-year-old back from college whose parents felt he needed some supervision. Not only did she get to dominate Henry, who had turned out to be quite nice and trainable, but Henry’s mother, Lucille, had introduced Margaret to her friend Lenore, who had also retained Margaret to serve as governess for her son Robbie.

Things might have become complicated because Lenore’s slightly older daughter Kathy was Henry’s girlfriend. But Kathy and Margaret soon became fast friends and the thirtyish dark-haired governess hit it off very well and quickly with the 19-year-old blonde. Soon Margaret and Kathy were dominating both Henry and Robbie but also having wonderful sex with both and each other.

Margaret had instructed both young men to report to her room at Henry’s house that evening. Henry’s parents were away for the whole week so she and Kathy could use the house to their hearts’ content. Margaret’s room had been Henry’s but now Henry had been assigned his older sister’s room, complete with altered female garments that Margaret had been making him wear, usually underwear beneath his suits worn to the office each day.

When Robbie and Henry appeared, they were at ease. They had been getting used to an easier regime from Margaret now that she had apparently enjoyed having sex with them both, as had Kathy, even though she remained Henry’s girlfriend. Margaret grinned at them both and said she wanted them to remove their clothes.

There was a slight moment of possible protest, as both young men feared that Margaret was going to discipline them, and they had great respect for her skill at wielding her thin cane, among other implements of punishment. But Margaret had other ideas in mind for the evening and indeed, for the week.

She and Kathy responded to the boys’ shedding their clothes by lifting their skirts and pulling down their panties, then climbing onto the bed on all fours with their bottoms staring at the boys. Then Margaret said to Robbie, “I’d like you to get your face in between my cheeks and for you to show me with your tongue how you appreciate being allowed contact with my bottom.”

Kathy similarly told Henry, her boyfriend, to get up on the bed so his face was between her cute bottom-cheeks. As both took up these positions, the women felt the male tongues licking the women’s anal rosettes.

“Both of you,” Margaret said so they could hear her, “I want those tongues to get inside us and stimulate our bottoms. You will be pleased if you make us cum…”

She didn’t have to add that they would not be happy if they failed to bring the women to quick orgasm. Robbie was studiously licking Margaret’s bottom-hole and getting his tongue far enough inside that he tasted the traces of excrement from her not-so-recent bowel movement. For his part, Henry loved being so close to Kathy and his tongue also twisted inside Kathy’s cute little hole and he was sure that the tip of his tongue had touched something in there that he assumed—as his cock hardened at the thought—was her shit waiting to be excreted.

Kathy realized that she was going to release her bowel movement soon as she felt it moving down her anal canal. She whispered to Margaret next to her and Margaret then told Henry to be prepared to accept whatever might emerge from his girlfriend’s rear hole.

“You needn’t do more than take it into your mouth and hold it sticking out,” she said. “I will tell you when you can release it.”

Suddenly, Henry felt the pressure of Kathy’s feces pressing hard against his tongue. He moved his mouth to her opening and kept it open as the thick, smelly but firm movement slid out of her bottom-hole into his mouth. He had to back up and the brown sausage was now sticking obscenely out of his mouth.

Margaret told him to go into the bathroom ensuite and put the movement into the toilet.

He complied with her order and returned. She now added, “Get back in between her cheeks and lick her sweet bottom-hole clean.”

There was some residue around the hole but he licked it and found the acrid taste strangely fascinating. He thought to himself that he never had expected to be licking a girl’s asshole and enjoying the taste.

When he had cleaned her hole completely, Kathy pushed back off the bed, grinned at Henry, thanked him, and told him to go into the bathroom and brush his teeth. She left her panties at half-mast and her Gaziantep Escort Numaraları skirt up so Henry was staring at her light-colored pubes.

He did what she said and returned to find her waiting to be taken into his arms. Henry held her tight and she whispered to him that she wanted to be kissed and then fucked.

Henry was quite happy to comply with that request so he gave her a deep tongue kiss which felt really good to both of them and Kathy lay back on the bed, her legs spread and invited Henry, still nude, to get atop her and make love to her. Henry moved in between her legs, slipped her panties further down her legs and off, and then licked her cunt as thoroughly and lovingly as he had licked her asshole. Then he quickly mounted her and slipped his hard nine inches into her waiting quim.

Kathy and Henry then proceeded to fuck with abandon. Kathy twirled her legs around Henry’s midsection and he alternated between soft, slow and hard, fast thrusts into her sopping quimmy. He cupped her breasts over her blouse and bra and then Kathy unbuttoned her blouse, reached back and unhooked her bra, and shed both to get even closer to her lover.

Robbie was turned on by watching his older sister engaged in hot intercourse with her boyfriend, who was his good friend, right next to him. He kept his eyes on Margaret, however, always wondering if the governess would decide it was time to apply her little cane to his bottom.

But Margaret had other ideas, rather, impulses. She was on her period, had just gotten it earlier that afternoon. Margaret became much hornier when she was menstruating. It had always been that way with her but rarely did she have a well-endowed man, and she regarded Robbie, who was 18, as a man, given his nice long, thick cock.

She had tucked her tampon string into her cunt when Robbie had been licking her bottom-hole but now she turned toward him and told him to crawl between her legs and remove her tampon by applying his teeth to the string. This was all new for Robbie, even as being subjected to the dominance of a thirtyish governess had been something he had never contemplated until it happened.

Robbie was surprised when the tampon slid out of Margaret’s wide-open vagina and it was lined with dark red blood stains and an occasional much darker clot. The smell was strange, somewhat unpleasant, he thought, but then he reminded himself that pleasing Margaret during her period was a heck of a lot nicer than being on the receiving end of her nasty little cane.

Margaret had intended to have him suck on the soiled tampon but she was hot to trot and wanted to feel his tongue on her quim—her labia, her clit, and inside her hole. She pulled his head between her legs and told him to get his tongue right up inside her. When she felt him and realized he had followed her instructions, she felt an immediate orgasm coming on.

Robbie had his mouth and nose deep inside her folds and felt the heat emanating from her as she rose to her climax. He actually like the usual taste and smell of her vagina and its fluids which definitely performed their function as pheromones as far as stimulating him was concerned. But now the orgasm had apparently stimulated something else—her flow, as he tasted a metallic flavor permeating the inside he was licking. He didn’t let himself think about what he was smelling or tasting, but just went ahead with licking the source of her femininity.

Meanwhile, Margaret enjoyed his tongue’s activity down inside her quim. She had a number of orgasms, culminating in a powerful one that must have released a gush of menses into her vagina and thus into Robbie’s senses because all of a sudden, he exclaimed and when he drew away, she saw the dark red menstrual flow all over his face as it dried and turned darker.

Margaret chuckled but took a cloth and wiped Robbie’s face as she told him he had been so good at pleasing her. She lay back, spread her legs, and invited him with her forefinger to insert his definitely ready cock into her steaming hole. Robbie needed no further request to respond to this one and he deftly inserted his hard member into her waiting pussy.

Despite her multiple orgasms already, Margaret was ready for more. It was not at all unusual for her to go on making love well into the night when she was having her flow, and the earlier stimulation of her feminine parts by Robbie’s tongue had made her wet enough so that the stickiness of the menses did not make intercourse painful in any way. To her, it did not get better than this.

Robbie still was amazed that his being subjected at age 18 to the supervision of a governess had turned out so well in a way he had never allowed himself to anticipate. True, Margaret had spanked and caned him and made him wear tight little girly panties as well as tight control panties. He still resented his mother for placing him under the thumb and cane of a governess but little had he expected to be fucking that desirable thirtyish dark-haired woman so soon after coming under her dominance.

It seemed, indeed, that Margaret on her period was insatiable for cock. Robbie not only was starting to tire—the sucking and licking had been more exhausting than the intercourse—and he asked her calmly if she minded if he came, because he felt he was getting very close and did not want to incur her displeasure by ejaculating inside her without specific permission.

Now that Robbie had been lucky enough to have sex both with Margaret and with his sister Kathy during a previous session at their house, he was used to Margaret’s very active responsiveness. She continued to buck and writhe as he thrusted and he had trouble holding off on releasing a volcanic burst into her vagina.

Margaret smiled and realized the marathon she had put him through pleasing her and told him to cum inside her as soon as he could. .Finally he felt her walls press on his cock and he let go as she came. His cum surged into her love canal and she now held him in her arms and kissed him for all he was worth. She had reached down and teased him under his scrotal sac and even inserted that finger into his bottom and stimulated his prostate. This was all he needed to have an amazingly powerful explosion of his balls into her warm, still welcoming sheath.

Slowly he felt his member shrink and slip out of her now very sopping hole. He realized he needed to make sure she was ok about her period and asked if he might insert a tampon for her.

Margaret smiled at him and handed him a Tampax slender regular she had managed to grasp from her handbag. Robbie was not yet all that familiar with women’s sanitary protection but he pulled the thin thread to open the tampon and then as Margaret watched and advised him, he placed the business end at the entrance to her vagina and pushed the applicator, holding onto it so the whole thing didn’t go in.

She grinned and told him he had done that like a pro. He giggled and said, no, it was like a girl. Fortunately, she did not take umbrage and told him he had earned a kiss. So he rose to face her and take her in his arms, hug her, and kiss her very, very deeply. She then handed him a small cloth and he knew that he was expected to wipe her quim, inside and out, so she was clean down below.

Meanwhile Henry and Kathy had been fucking as if no one else was there and they had no reason to interrupt their lovemaking. Margaret watched the two young people go at it and felt a twinge of envy despite the ripe royal fucking Robbie had just given her. She just couldn’t get over how absolutely cute Kathy looked with her legs curled around Henry’s waist and as the two seemed to be totally lost and engaged in nothing but plain, delightful fucking.

Meanwhile, Henry’s mother, Lucille, who had hired Margaret and recommended her to Robbie’s mother, Lenore, came home early from her appointment. She heard some noise emanating from what was now Margaret’s room and without remembering that the governess she had retained had actually brought Lucille under control.

Lucille just quietly walked upstairs and entered Margaret’s room through the open door. She was surprised and angry to see her son Henry engaged in fucking his girlfriend Kathy while Margaret was sitting on the bed with her skirt up and bare pussy on display while Kathy’s brother Robbie was sitting next to her with his arm around the governess.

“What is the meaning of this?” Lucille asked Margaret, forgetting how the thirtyish governess had taken control, shamed and embarrassed her with a severe spanking after Lucille had failed a panty inspection she had herself requested that Margaret undertake.

Margaret decided that she had better take Lucille on directly immediately, without allowing Henry’s mother to think she could excoriate them for their pleasure.

“Lucille,” she said firmly, “you seem to forget that you subjected yourself to my supervision of you in a rather intimate way recently. Do we need to rehearse that inspection now or will you instead apologize for intruding without asking my permission?”

For a moment, Lucille was taken aback by the imposing response of the young woman she had employed to manage her son over the summer. But then her naturally submissive side, hidden for years beneath he grande-dame exterior, re-emerged, and she meekly looked at Margaret, and yielded.

“I am sorry, Miss Margaret, for interrupting you here,” Lucille said, trying to avoid tears at the shame she was incurring now that her son, as well as his girlfriend and her brother, would know of her subservience to the governess who ostensibly was employed by her.

“You will definitely be sorry,” Margaret said resolutely, reaffirming her control of both Lucille and the situation. “Because of your misbehavior, I’m going to inspect your panties right now.” She then told Lucille to lift her skirt and lower her underpants.

“Oh, please, Miss Margaret, not in front of everyone, it is so…shameful,” Lucille whined.

“It is indeed, Lucille, but you have brought this on yourself,” Margaret responded coldly.

Lucille now followed Margaret’s instructions and the three young people were astonished to see Henry’s very formidable mother lift her long skirt and pull down her full-sized white panties to disclose a dark hairy bush. It almost totally obscured her quim but they could discern her large labia at the base of the pubic triangle.

Margaret rose, assumed her manner ad governess, and peered down at Lucille’s lowered panty crotch. She was delighted to see that it was stained both in front and back, with yellow and brown streaks, respectively.

“Lucille, it looks like you have not improved your hygiene since your last inspection,” she intoned, as Henry and Kathy tried to refrain from giggling. “It would seem that I will need to accompany you when you use the toilet to go over how you need to wipe yourself after you pee or make a doody.”

Robbie almost laughed now as he heard his governess use the humiliating term for defecating that she had made him use during his initial training once his own mother, Lucille’s friend, Lenore, had hired Margaret to oversee his behavior during the summer.

“I’m sorry, Margaret,” Lucille said softly. “I’ve behaved very badly and I know that you will punish me. But I heard noises up here and I guess I just forgot myself. It won’t happen again.”

Then she whispered into Margaret’s ear that she had needed to use the toilet but had come upstairs before she had a chance to do so.

Margaret smiled and told her that she would be supervised in the toilet—the rest managed to suppress their need to grin or even laugh—but that first she would be caned right there and then for her effrontery and her failure of her panty inspection.

Lucille’s face turned crimson but her submissive side had taken over and she said she would do what Margaret ordered.

Margaret had her bend over the side of the bed and keep her skirt up above her waist. Then Margaret adjusted Lucille’s lowered panties so that everyone could see the soiled crotch. She then reached into her handbag and took out the small thin cane that had so impressed Henry and Robbie when it had seared their bottoms.

Margaret proceeded to give Lucille six good strokes across her broad white bottom, aiming the last at the sensitive crease between her thighs and her bottom. Lucille screamed at the last one, shaming herself even more.

She then thanked Margaret for disciplining her and teaching her proper hygiene and quietly asked if she could now be excused to use the toilet.

Margaret had decided that she would make sure Lucille remembered this session. She proceeded to ask Lucille what she needed to do and with her face reddening yet again, Lucille said she needed to pee, badly.

Then Margaret shocked her by reaching for a decorative bowl on a shelf, placing it on the floor in front of Lucille, and telling the 48-year-old that she could squat and pee in the bowl.

“And you had better not get any on the floor,” Margaret warned. “I will wipe you after you are finished.”

Lucille did not think she could be more embarrassed than she already had been, but she now was, as she squatted over the bowl and her need to pee overwhelmed her natural reluctance to perform this intimate act in front of her son and his friends as well as her now-governess.

All listened as her pee stream noisily hit the bowl and foamed up inside it. Finally, it dribbled off and she looked at Margaret.

“Are you quite finished?” the governess asked imperiously.

“Yes, Miss,” Lucille said with deep shame in her voice.

Margaret then took a tissue from her handbag, bent down, and wiped Lucille’s vulva from front to rear. She showed the now-stained tissue to Lucille and to the others.

Then she told Henry’s mother she could pull up her panties and go to her own room.

“Thank you, Miss Margaret, for correcting me,” Lucille remembered to say, “and I apologize again for interrupting you.”

“You are forgiven, Lucille,” Margaret said with a smile, “and you may go.”

Once Henry’s mother had departed and the door closed, the three looked at Margaret and together let out a breath as they said “Wow!” to her in unison.

“I’m amazed at how in control you are,” Kathy gushed. Henry and Robbie merely grinned and were stupefied at how the woman who had brought Margaret in to control them had subjected herself to the governess’s rule.

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