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I love my job, but on this night after a stressful week, I find myself feeling burnt out. Being single definitely has its perks, but sometimes it’s nice having a warm body at home. Tonight nothing seems to be working to make me feel better.

Finally I decide I’m too restless at home, so I decide to visit a new bar that is on the next block. Perhaps I’ll meet someone or at least enjoy a couple of drinks and relax. That sounds much better than staying here.

Upon arrival I notice there is a window framing a lively scene. I notice you sitting alone at the bar and a smile spreads across my lips. You catch my eye and nod to the seat beside you. Right away I am intrigued and push the door to find you. I make my way to where you are sitting.

Ordering my drink, I lean against the stool as I face you. I glance longingly at you and catch my breath. Your sexual radiance so beautiful to me. You stretch your arm gracefully and touch my leg with your hand. I feel your heat, my legs part so you can get closer, and, you move üvey kız kardeş porno into my space. Your skirt tight silhouetting your legs. I tighten my thighs around them and breathe in your scent. My drink now forgotten, all I want is you. My fingers trace around the edge of your sleeve but really want to trace your nipples. I see them standing hard against the soft material of your blouse. Fuck, I don’t want to trace them, I want to bite them. You lean in and I feel your tongue part my lips. I take you in. Long and slow; I don’t care who is watching. They’d trade places with me if they knew how good you make me feel. It’s time. I slide off the stool and toss money on the bar. Grabbing your hand tight I guide you home.

Shutting the door, I push you against it and start biting your lip as I stare into your eyes and hike up your skirt. I feel how wet you are and tear off your panties. My tongue teases yours as my fingers start to explore your folds so smooth and wet. I bring xnxx porno my fingers to our lips and we lick your taste from them together, your scent pulling me beyond. I pull off your top and bring your soft pink nipple to my mouth. Teasing it with my tongue as it grows, I bite, and hear you breathe in sharply. I move to the other, sucking and biting while pinching the first. Your body arches into me. Looking up at you against the door, I find you so alluring. Your nipples hard and red. Skirt hiked so that your glistening lips are free and begging to be touched, tasted. Your mouth swollen and red, your eyes unfocused. I need you.

I escort you to the couch kissing your neck, my own nipples straining, my pants soaked. Sitting you down I spread your legs as you suck your nipples. I slip off my clothes. So wanton, I watch your tongue flick, your lips suck. Kneeling between your soft thighs I shift your hips forward to expose your ass. I want all of you. I lean in to kiss you as suck your mouth into mine. zenci porno Your tender hands caressing my tits. I exchange the soft touch by feeding you as your teeth nip and bite my nipples.

Exploring your face with my lips I slide down and follow your curves. Tasting your sweetness as I explore. Your scent draws me to your wet core. I feel your hands move to my hair and push my head deeper. I probe deep with my tongue and slide down to your ass. Getting it wet and pushing your juices back. I return and nip the inside of your thighs marking you lightly. My fingers running back to your ass … I tease and slide into your tight hole. I feel you relax and I explore further. Short and slow as you adjust to the fullness.

I move to your clit and suck and bite as you pull my hair. I feel your hips move as you moan louder. I bite harder, fuck your ass deeper. Feeling your wetness bathe me. I want your release to come hard and loud. I feel your thighs tighten around my head, your hands heavy pushing me in. Your breathing heavy as I feel you tighten into a scream. Your walls holding my tongue as you spasm and stream into my mouth. Surrounded by your scent I drink you in as you recover. You release and pull me up. My legs wrapped in yours. Our heat still at a low boil. The air filled with the essence of us. Your kisses long and slow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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