Her Awakening Ch. 01

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Victoria’s mind wandered to the list in her head of things she needed to do tomorrow. She needed to go by the grocery store for a few things, she need to pick up the dry cleaning, she needed some things from the drug store and she wanted to go by the book store to find that new biography she had heard so much about. She was going to have a busy day. Unexpectedly she was brought back to the present by the sound of her husband groaning as he released his cum inside her.

He laid his sweaty body on top of her and she kissed him. Then he rolled off her and almost immediately fell asleep. She felt his seed start to slip out of her, so she reached down between her legs and held it in the best she could as she hurried off the bed. She was not going to sleep in the wet spot again. She went to the toilet and removed her hand and the fluid fell out of her. She wiped and went to the sink to wash her hands. As she dried her hands, she decided she was not tired yet and headed to the living room to watch a bit of TV.

Victoria loved her husband, but his idea of good sex was what just occurred. He would climb on top of her, get himself off and roll over and go to sleep. She had never complained, just played the good wife. Sure she had fantasies, but knew her husband would not go for playing them out with her. He was very conservative when it came to that. He got upset even at the sexual innuendos on TV. Of course he never even gave her pleasure any thought. Victoria had only had one other partner before marrying him and that had only been a few times in the back seat of his car when she was in high school. She wasn’t sure, but didn’t think she had ever even had an orgasm before. She really never gave it much thought, but lately something inside her had been yearning for more satisfaction. She had tried masturbating, but really had nothing to really think about, so she had not been able to bring herself to orgasm. She thought she might be doing something wrong, but was too embarrassed to ask any of her friends.

Victoria was not beautiful, but she was nice to look at. She was about 5’6″, a bit on the round side, but held her curves well. She had a large set of tits that gravity and her age had started to take affect on. Her butt was full and round, but that was to be expected at her age, 45. She had brown curly hair that hung a little past her shoulders and a pretty pair of pale green eyes that lit up her face.

Her husband was a region sales manager whose job required a lot of travel, and with her son, Aaron, leaving for college last Fall, she had much time at home alone. Maybe that was why she had so much time to dream about those nasty thoughts she had been having.

After flipping through the channels for a while , she started to doze off and decided she did have a busy day ahead tomorrow, so she turned off the TV and headed for bed.

The next weekend, her son came home from college and while having dinner on Friday evening asked his mom if she minded if he invited a few of his high school friends over the next day for a BBQ and swimming. His father would be gone until Wednesday, so she didn’t see any reason to say no. He thanked her and went to his room to make some calls.

Saturday came and the back yard was bustling with activity. Aaron had invited about 10 friends over, and 8 had showed so far. They all seemed to be having a goodtime, horsing around in the pool and talking. Victoria was running back and forth bringing snacks to the patio table as Aaron manned the grill.

When everything seemed taken care of, Victoria grabbed a glass of wine and sat down outside under the patio cover to enjoy the warm Spring air and take in all the activities. She watched as the girls tooled around the pool showing off all their assets. They all seemed to have nice bodies, and Victoria felt a twinge of jealousy. She watched as all the boys gawked at the girls and made snide comments to each other about them. Victoria had never been able to enjoy being a young single adult and flirt with boys like these girls were doing. She had married young and was expected to dress and behave like a good wife. She had not really taken notice of any of the boys in particular when from around the side of the house a boy she really didn’t recognize appeared.

“OK, the party can start.” He yelled for all to hear.

“Jake!” the whole gang yelled in unison, almost on cue like when Norm came into the bar on “Cheers.”

“Jake?” Victoria thought to herself. “Who is that?” She pondered. Her mind rifled through the index of Aaron’s friends and Jake did not appear. He did not look familiar.

All the girls got up or out of the pool and ran to hug him and say hi. The boys all waved or shook his hand to greet his arrival. He was immediately the center of attention, and that included Victoria’s attention. She stared at his tall thick muscular build in his shorts and too tight tank top. No wonder all the girls gravitated to him. Victoria got up and walked over to ask Aaron who he was.

“That’s Jacob, you know Jacob Roberts.” ataşehir escort Aaron told her.

“Oh my gosh!” She said. “Little Jacob Roberts are you kidding?”

Jacob was a boy Aaron had been friends with when he was a freshman in high school. Aaron had mentioned him occasionally since, but she had not seen him since the summer after that school year. Back then he was maybe 5 foot and all of 100 lbs. He had definitely grown up well. She was a little embarrassed about her attraction to him now. She made her way over to Jake and re-introduced herself.

“Hello Jacob, remember me?” She asked extending her hand.

Jake grabbed her hand and lifted it to kiss the top of it like a gentleman should. “Oh yes Mrs. Mueller, I remember you.”

He had a little crush on her when he used to hangout with Aaron. He had tossed off a few times years ago thinking of her. Jake had a confidence about him. He knew he was good looking and he could tell when he was having a positive affect on a girl, or in this case a woman. He kissed the back of her hand and gave Victoria a little wink.

Victoria couldn’t believe the affect he had on her. As he kissed her hand, she looked into his steel blue eyes and her knees got a bit weak. Then when he winked at her she could feel the blood rush to her face as she blushed like a school girl.

“How have you been, it has been a long time” He asked her

“I have been well.” She answered trying to hide her face from everyone because she knew everyone would see her blushing. She excused herself, faking like she had something in her eye. Letting go of his hand, she hurried into the house

Once in the house she composed herself. How could a boy of his age do that to her? Her husband hadn’t even affected her that way when she first met him. She decided she should just stay in the house, away from Jake and her naughty feelings. She turned on the TV and tried to forget it all.

Some time later she got thirsty and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. She poured herself some juice and after she finished she went to the sink to wash out her glass. She was staring out the window in a daze when she was startled back to reality by a voice.

“Did I make your pussy tingle when I kissed your hand and winked at you?” Jake whispered in her ear. He was pressing his large firm body against her back pinning her to the counter,

Victoria jumped a bit and tried without success to push him off of her. “What are you doing?” She snapped at him. “Don’t talk to me like that. Who do you think I am?” She talked a big game, but all the time she was spouting those words to him, her body was betraying her. Her heart started racing and again her knees got weak and she couldn’t believe it, her nipples were getting hard. She could feel them straining against her bra, as his breath brushed past her cheek and down her front toward her cleavage.

“I think you are woman who needs to get fucked and fucked hard.” He said forcefully. “I saw you get all hot when I touched you. You know you want me.” His confidence was amazing.

Victoria knew he was right. She did want him. She wanted him to take her right there over the counter. However, she also knew that was no way for a proper wife to act. She needed to tell him “No way! No How! Never!” Her only response was, “We can’t, not here, someone will come in and see us.” All her fight was already gone.

Jake beamed with confidence. He already knew he would have her and he would have her soon. He reached around her with both hands and cupped both her large breasts and squeezed them together. “No one will come in. They are all busy fucking around in the Jacuzzi.

Victoria could feel his hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks through his shorts and hers. Her pussy radiated with heat and she could feel it getting wetter by the second. She knew she should be fighting this advance, but her need for fulfillment won out and she just let out a soft, “Oh my.

“You like that huh? You like you tits squeezed like that?” He asked

“Yes.” She moaned. She leaned her head back as he continued to talk and tease.

“You like your nipples pinched?” He asked as he grabbed each one and twisted them a bit in his fingers.

Victoria let out a little gasp. She didn’t know the answer to that question, because she had never experienced that before. Then her voice let out an involuntary “Yes!” The feeling went straight from her tits to her pussy. She didn’t want him to ever stop.

Jake continued to twist and pinch her nipples for a few minutes as he would grind his cock against her ass. He backed away from her a bit and slowly lowered one hand down her stomach and pulled her away from the counter. Still teasing her left tit, he lowered his right hand further until it rested between her thighs. Victoria opened her legs to grant him access. “What a hot bitch.” he thought to himself. Then he reached down her shorts past the elastic waist and inside her panties until he found her clit. He gently rubbed it back and forth avcılar escort as he moved his other hand between her tits.

He stroked her clit faster and she started moving her ass back to feel his hard cock. She was hot and she wanted his cock now. Jake could feel the urgency in her movements. He knew what she wanted, and he was not going to have her telling anyone he had taken her against her will. He was going to give her what she wanted, but she was going to have to beg.

He again moved his mouth near her ear and spoke, “Grab my cock.”

Victoria reached behind her and felt the bulge in his pants. It seemed quite large. She slowly moved her hand up and down its length. Her pussy dripped with anticipation of it being in her.

She didn’t know what had come over her. Maybe it was all those years of sexual frustration. She had never felt these kinds of feelings. She was a married woman, standing in her own kitchen with her hand on a cock that was not her husband’s and that man’s hands on her body, with her son and his friends right outside. This was not proper behavior. However, the new feelings rushing through her body were heavenly and she did not want them to stop.

“Take off my shorts.” Jake told her.

She turned around and lowered them to his ankles and he stepped out of them. His hard cock was now inches from her face. It was large and thick. She wanted it in her. She just stared at it. She didn’t know what to do.

“Stand up.” He told her. “Grab it. Stroke it”

She did as she was told. She wrapped her hand around it and started moving it back and forth. She started into Jakes eyes as she continued to stroke his throbbing hard cock.

“You want me to fuck you?” He asked

“Yes!!” She gasped.

“Tell me.” He ordered.

“Fuck me!” She said.

“Say please.” He teased her. “Tell me you want me to please fuck you with my big hard cock.”

Victoria had never spoken that way to anyone. She had heard those words occasionally, but had never used them. However, hearing him say them to her further turned her on and she repeated them back to him. “Please fuck me with you big hard cock.” The sound of those words coming from her mouth sent a chill through her body.

Jake spun her around and told her to bend and put her hands on the sink. He grabbed her shorts and panties and pulled them down to her ankles. She removed one leg and opened her legs for him. Without any hesitation, he grabbed his cock, placed it at the entrance of her pussy and drove it all the way in. It was so wet there was little friction.

Victoria let out a loud moan. Then realized she had to keep it down. Night had fallen, and the only light in the kitchen was from the TV in the other room. The kids outside would not be able to see her, but she did not want them to hear her.

Jake leaned against her back. He reached around her and grabbed both her tits and again started mauling them through her top. He didn’t pull his cock out much; he just moved his hips in a circular motion as he pinched her nipples and squeezed her tits.

Victoria couldn’t believe the talent he had for making a woman feel good. He was barely out of high school, but he knew what he was doing. Sensation after sensation ran through her body. The pinching and squeezing, the feel of his cock moving inside her, the feel of his pelvis on her ass, all new and wonderful sensations.

“You like my cock in your pussy?” He asked. “You like getting fucked from behind while I play with your nice big tits?” Once again the nasty talk thrilled her.

“Yes.” She said.

Jake stood up and pulled his cock almost all the way out of her pussy. Then he grabbed her hips and drove it back in hard. Then withdrew again and plunged it back in. Then again and again, picking up the pace each time.

Victoria bit her lip to keep from screaming. She was beside herself with pleasure. She started moving against his thrusts. Something was happening to her, she couldn’t help herself. She was pushing hard against him each time, and something was happening in her body. Jake was fucking her hard and fast now. She felt something building in her. Suddenly an eruption of feelings she had never felt before rushed through her body. She cried out with pleasure. Her knees got weak and she had to catch herself from falling. She felt a sensation in her pussy she had never felt before. It caused her to tighten her muscles in her pussy. She could all of a sudden feel every bump of Jakes cock. Her nerves seemed super sensitive. Each stroke of his cock sent another wave of pleasure through her pussy. “This must be an orgasm”, she thought. “This is what I have been missing all my life? Oh my, I have missed a lot.” She thought as she continued to ride the wave of the passion in her body.

Jake knew she had just had an orgasm. Watching her cum, and feeling of her grabbing his cock with her pussy was bringing him to orgasm too. He grabbed her hips harder and started pumping her pussy harder and faster. Finally he felt the wave coming. He ataşehir escort bayan thrust forward and spilled his seed deep inside Victoria. He pumped her slow and deep until he had spilled it all.

He leaned against her back again and whispered in her ear, “How was that Mrs. Mueller?”

“Incredible!” was the only word she could get out.

Jake pulled his cock out, grabbed his pants and pulled them on. Then he reached into his wallet and grabbed a business card with his phone number on it, and handed it to her.

“Give me a call if you ever want to do it again.” He said as he walked out the front door.

Victoria stood there bent over the counter with her legs still spread, recovering from her first ever orgasm. She could feel the cum oozing from her used, but satisfied pussy. Feeling a bit ashamed, but totally fulfilled, she grabbed her clothes and headed for the shower.

Victoria awoke the next morning and recalled the events of the previous day. She was a bit ashamed. She never should have acted that way. She was a married woman. She didn’t want to ruin her marriage, and she didn’t want to break up her family. She remembered that Jake had given her his phone number. She rolled over and found the card on her night stand. She grabbed it and crushed it in her palm and tossed it in the trash. She was not going to call him. It was a one time thing. It was fun, but that was over. She had to act like the proper wife she was.

She tried to keep her mind off it with household chores all day. However, occasionally she would find herself daydreaming of Jake’s cock. She recalled how it felt in her hand. She remembered the feel of it as he pounded her pussy hard and fast. Then there was the dirty talk. She couldn’t believe how much it turned her on when he said those nasty things to her. As she dreamed of these things, her pussy would get tingly and her nipples would get hard. She even caught herself pinching them like he had. Oh what a feeling. She had tried that before, but without something to think about, it had never felt that good. Then she would come back to reality, shake off the thoughts and try to put them out of her head.

Later that night Aaron had left to go back to school. It left her alone at the house. Her husband was not due home until Wednesday evening. All night she sat trying to get Jake out of her mind. Finally about 10 pm, she could hold out no more. She returned to her room and dug his card out of her trash can and dialed the number.

Jake’s cell phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number so he let it go to voice mail. Victoria heard the recording. She listened and wondered. Should she leave a message? She heard the beep. “Ummmm, uh, it’s….Victoria. I…….just wanted to say thanks. For……..well, you know.” She stammered into the phone. “Call me if you get a chance.” Then she hung up.

She thought to herself, “I shouldn’t have left a message. I look like I want more. Hell, who am I kidding? I do want more.”

Jake listened to her message and smiled to himself. He had a fish on the line and he was going to let it flounder around awhile before he reeled it in. Over the next couple days he received a few more calls from Victoria, each time he let his voice mail pick up, and then he listened to her message. Each one got a bit more desperate, she kept reminding him that her husband was due Wednesday night. Finally, Wednesday afternoon he decided to see how desperate she was, and how willing she was to get caught for the chance to fuck him. He called her about 4pm.

“Hello?” Victoria answered the phone.

“Hey Mrs. Mueller, it’s Jake. You called?” He snidely replied.

“Yes, more than once.” She snapped.

“Yeah, I’ve been real busy. What did you want?”

“You know what I want, but my husband will be home soon.” She said

“What time?” He asked.

“His plane arrives about 7. With the shuttle, he will be home about 8:30 or 9:00.” She replied.

“Well maybe next time he goes out of town we can meet.”

“I would like that. I will call you.” She said, “I have to go. Talk to you soon.”

About 7:30 Victoria was getting out of the shower when the doorbell rang. She was dry already so, she wrapped her short robe around her and hustled to the door. She peeked through the window and saw Jake. Feelings of panic and excitement both rushed through her body. She opened the door and peeked around it, using it to block her half naked body.

“What are you doing here? She said in a panic.

“You said you would like to see me. So here I am.” He opened the screen door and walked right in before she could protest.

“My husband will be home in about an hour we don’t have time for that.” She said a bit disgusted.

“Well then I guess you won’t get fucked, but you still have time to suck my cock.” He said.

Victoria instantly got a chill from his vulgar talk. She just loved listening to him talk to her that way. “I can’t do that. I have never done that, and my husband will be home soon.”

“Sure you can, you have plenty of time and I am sure you have seen movies, you are probably a quick learner.” He unbuckled his pants and reached in his underwear and pulled out his flaccid unit. “Now take off that robe and come suck my cock.” He said confidently.

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