Her Dirty Little Secret Ch. 01

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Big Tits

She stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind her. Letting out a scream of frustration, she stood on the porch for a minute trying to calm down. Her mind kept whirling. How could he have done that? After everything I do for him, in and out of the bedroom. After everything I put up with from him? And he has the nerve……after no action at all for the last two weeks….How could he?

She felt like she was about to explode. As she headed for her car all she could think about was getting back to her own place and taking care of things herself, since obviously he wasn’t going to be of any help. She was almost to her door when something caught her attention. She looked down the sidewalk. Jogging her direction was one of the finest specimens of a man that she’d ever seen. She felt like she was looking at a scene straight out of a romance novel. The sun was setting behind him, giving him a sort of glow. It was obvious he was fit, but even that was an understatement. His body was sheer muscle, taunt and hard. She didn’t have to see him close up to know that. It was in the way he moved. As he got closer she could see his pectoral muscles flex as his arms moved with his gait. He wasn’t wearing a shirt; his tanned chest glistened with sweat.

She snapped out of her daze in embarrassment. She knew him from work, in a vague sort of way. They both worked for the same company, but on different floors. She couldn’t remember his name at the moment. Actually she could barely remember her own name; all she could think about was how sexy he was and how amazing it would feel to….Snap out of it! she told herself. God, I need to get laid!

When he reached the end of the driveway, he stopped. Smiling at her, he said “You work in my building, don’t you? Kelly, right?” She was shocked.

“Yeah,” she replied, laughing a little. “I’m surprised you even know me. Since we’re in two different departments, I mean,” she hurried out, trying not to sound like a high schooler. She suddenly remembered his name. “Heath, right?”

“That’s me,” he said. He continued to smile at her as he walked toward her, hand outstretched. She shook his hand politely. As she pulled away, Kelly thought she felt him rub his thumb across the top of her hand. I’m imagining things. I’m just really horny and he looks really good.

“Sorry I’m all sweaty,” Heath said with a grin.

“I don’t mind,” Kelly replied. She couldn’t take her eyes away from his. The color was mesmerizing, blue-green with gold flecks.

“You seemed pretty upset. Are you ok?” Heath asked, his voice showing genuine concern.

“What? Oh,” Kelly started to say. “It’s nothing. Just some…relationship issues.” Kelly sighed, frustrated.

“Really? Do you want to talk about it? Maybe I could help.”

Oh I think you could be all kinds of help, Kelly thought. She felt herself grin a little at the ideas shooting through her mind. “It’s fine. I just need to find a man who can actually satisfy me.”

Heath started laughing. Kelly’s hand flew to cover her mouth and her eyes got wide with mortification. “Oh my god! I don’t know why I just said that!”

“Who cares why?” Heath said, still laughing. “If it’s true, then that’s definitely a ‘relationship issue’.”

Kelly started laughing as well. “It’s definitely true.”

“So tell me what happened?”

Kelly began to tell him everything. Starting with the fact that her boyfriend, who also works in their building, but on her floor as a manager, had been gone at a conference for the past week; and that the week before that he’d been so preoccupied getting everything prepared for it that they’d barely seen each other then either; and finishing with this evening’s events: she’d come over for a romantic evening — dinner, wine, music, and some much needed intimacy — but it ended abruptly when, just as the romance was starting, he fell asleep.

She had no idea why she’d told him all that. Or why she was so comfortable doing so. She was normally pretty reserved when it came to talking about her relationships. But there was something about Heath, the way he casually leaned against her car as he listened, the fact that he listened in the first place. She felt completely relaxed talking to him.

“So, things were just starting, and he fell asleep?” Heath repeated in disbelief.

“Well, some things were finishing…” Kelly began.

“What do you mean?”

Kelly sighed. She’d already told him everything else. She might as well go for broke. “I was giving him head. He fell asleep after he came.”

Heath stared at her for a moment, shocked. “You’ve got to be kidding me. A gorgeous woman was pleasuring him, he took advantage of it, and then he fell asleep??”

Kelly looked away, “Yeah well. It’s hardly the first time…”

Heath interrupted her, “Are you telling me that this has happened before? And you’re still with him? Tell me he’s incredible when he’s on his game and that’s why you stay.”

She shrugged and Kütahya Escort said nothing.

“Aw, babe,” Heath said. “Why do you stay?”

Kelly shrugged again. Heath moved closer to her. She could smell his sweat and the musk from the outdoors, could feel the heat radiating from his body. Hot chills ran down her spine causing her to shiver involuntarily.

“Are you cold?” Heath asked.

“No, just…” Kelly stopped. “Nothing. I’m fine.”

“Just what?” Heath said as he moved even closer. His arm was pressed against hers; it felt like she was set on fire.

Kelly couldn’t meet his gaze. She looked down. Big mistake. Her eyes happened to fall right on his groin. The bulge was unbelievable. Kelly thought she gasped, she wasn’t sure. She wanted to look away, but she couldn’t. Even fully erect her boyfriend didn’t have that big of a bulge; and Kelly doubted that Heath was even close to fully erect.

She heard him chuckle. Her eyes flew up to his, her face flushing. He winked at her and said, “See anything you like?”

Hell yes! Kelly thought. She just kept staring at him, trying to think of something clever to say, but drawing a complete blank.

He moved to stand in front of her. She backed up against her car as he came closer, his body nearly pressed against hers. Her breath caught in her throat. He leaned in, his mouth just inches from her own.

“Did you?” Heath asked in a low, husky voice.

“Did I what?” Kelly whispered.

“See anything you like?”

Before Kelly could respond, Heath brushed his lips across hers, drawing a sigh from her. He braced himself against the car, arms on either side of her head, and lightly kissed her again.

The sensation of his hot mouth against hers was a shock to her system. Just that feathery kiss aroused her immediately. She leaned up to meet him again. Kelly hadn’t realized how tall he was until that moment, when he towered over her, his bare chest pressed against her silk blouse. It felt like the fabric was melting into her skin from his heat, or her own. She shifted slightly and stood on her toes, putting her arms around his neck.

He moved to press his whole body against her and slid his hands down her sides, relishing her curves. She had a perfect hourglass figure and was soft and round in all the right places. Heath growled low in his throat when she rubbed against his growing erection. He pinned her to the car as their kisses grew hot and wet, almost carnal. He could feel her nipples getting hard through her thin blouse. He took one breast in his hand and began to knead it, his other hand slipping behind her head and into her thick dark hair. He tore his lips from hers, pulled her head to the side, and moved to her throat, kissing and biting down to her collarbone.

Kelly was overwhelmed with pleasure. She had never been this turned on this fast. She could feel the warm knot forming in her stomach. She moved her hips slightly and gasped at what she felt. He was as hard as a brick and as long as…she couldn’t even think of an accurate comparison. Needless to say, she was stunned.

At that moment, the porch light clicked on. Set to a timer, it automatically turned on at dusk. It jarred Kelly from the haze of desire she’d slipped into. She suddenly realized that she was standing in her boyfriend’s driveway, making out with a man from work who she barely knew, and was dangerously close to doing something she might regret.

“Stop,” Kelly gasped. She pushed him back a step. He looked at her. His gaze was so hot she thought it would burn a whole right through her.

Heath stared at the woman in front of him, possibly the sexiest woman he’d ever seen. Her blue-violet eyes had turned dark and misty with passion, her lips were full and rosy from their kisses, and her chest heaved as she struggled to catch her breath. He was trying to control his own breathing as well. He knew he was hard from what just took place, but standing there, looking at her creamy white skin, flushed with desire, he could feel his shorts getting snugger and shorter. He reached out with one hand and touched the side of her face gently, trailed his fingers down her throat, and brushed her hair back from her shoulder.

“Why did we stop? I know you were enjoying it. I certainly was,” Heath said with a grin.

“Because we’re standing in my boyfriend’s driveway…people can see us!” Kelly whispered loudly as she looked around.

“People can see us? That’s the problem? Well, we can fix that.” Heath inclined his head to the back seat of her car.

“Are you serious?!” Kelly exclaimed.

She wanted to be appalled, but all she felt was the thrill of the idea. She didn’t realize that, as she stood there trying to dissuade Heath, she was absent-mindedly stroking his chest. Heath realized, and, with a smug grin, leaned in next to her ear. “Kelly, why are you discouraging yourself? Think about the guy in that house. Think about what he can’t give Kütahya Escort Bayan you.”

His breath was hot against her ear and neck. She turned her head and looked at her boyfriend’s home. As she did that, Heath slowly kissed the column of her throat, making her moan a little. “Heath, that feels…” She couldn’t finish the thought. He’d used the tip of his tongue and licked back up to her ear lobe, which he took in his teeth and nibbled on. She went weak in his arms.

He took her hand and placed it on his erection. She gasped slightly. “Now think of what I could give you. Think of how good I could make you feel. When was the last time you really enjoyed yourself with a man? I mean a real man. Not a limpdick loser like him.”

Kelly had no response. I know this is wrong, but don’t I deserve some pleasure as well? she thought.

Heath was driving her to distraction, kissing and licking her throat. Unconsciously, Kelly had been stroking him through his shorts. He didn’t think he could stand much more of this. Knowing that she’d lost her focus, Heath slowly slid one hand down her side, to her hip, then toward her middle. He cupped her in his palm and could feel her wetness through her jeans. Kelly inhaled sharply.

“God, Kelly,” Heath said with arrogant satisfaction, “You’re already soaked. How can you deny that you want me?”

“I…I…” Kelly couldn’t complete her thought. His warm hand teasing her, his lips against her ear…she could barely stand anymore. Heath knew it. He also knew it wouldn’t take much more. He settled his lips on hers, his tongue sweeping in, enjoying the taste. She moaned into his mouth and sagged against his chest. He had her.

Heath reached behind her and opened the door to the back seat; he guided her in and followed. He came down on top of her, bracing himself to keep from crushing her. They continued kissing, his mouth slanting over hers again and again.

Kelly began unbuttoning her blouse. Heath kissed a path down her throat to the skin exposed on her chest. He grew impatient and ripped her shirt open; buttons flew to the front seat and bounced off the windows. Kelly gasped in anger, but it quickly turned to pleasure as his hand wrapped around her breast and he bit at the skin just above her bra cup. He was pleased to see that the bra snapped in the front. He had it unhooked and on the front seat in no time.

Her nipples were hard, waiting for his mouth. He dragged his tongue around one, toying with her, then took it between his teeth and began sucking. Kelly arched up into his mouth. Heath switched from one breast to the other, replacing his hand. He had her pants undone and was pulling them down before she realized he was no longer teasing her nipples. She raised her hips, making it easier to remove them. Her heels were already on the floor.

Once the pants were out of the way, Heath took a moment to take in the sexy woman in front of him; her soft, ivory skin; full pouting lips; eyes bright with passion; dark hair splayed across the smooth leather interior; her chest rising and falling in short, fast intervals as she tried to catch her breath. His eyes traveled down her body, from her full breasts to her flat stomach to the sheer red panties covering his target and her long, shapely legs that would feel so good wrapped around him. He placed his hands on her breasts again, fondling them, making her moan and arch her back once more. Heath firmly ran his hands down her sides to her hips, where he grasped the top of the panties and slid them down her smooth legs, then tossed them to the floor as well.

Kelly sat up and kissed Heath, pressing her mouth against his, hard and hot. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of his running shorts and pulled them down. Even his thighs felt like steel. She pulled away from him and looked down. He was huge and throbbing, veins pulsating with anticipation. Any control she had snapped. When she looked up, Heath saw a fire in her eyes that told him that she was ready for him, and ready for anything.

He pushed her down to the seat and came down on top of her, parting her thighs with his knee. Their mouths met. As his tongue parted her upper lips, his fingers parted the lower ones. She was wet and hot. He ran his fingers up and down her soft folds. He began teasing her clit, making her moan and purr in the back of her throat. He then slid one finger inside her. She involuntarily bucked her hips in pleasure. He pulled out and then put two in.

“My god, Kelly,” Heath growled. “You’re so tight.” His head fell to her neck and shoulder where he licked, bit, and sucked until she could barely focus.

He tormented her for a few moments, until he heard her gasp, “Heath…”

He raised his head and looked at her, almost expecting her to tell him to stop. Not that he would have. He would have continued to stroke her until she was begging for it. Instead she said, “Use three…”

He grinned a Cheshire cat Escort Kütahya grin and plunged three fingers into her hot tunnel. She groaned and bucked again, harder. He leaned over her, watching the passion build in her eyes like a storm. She couldn’t speak. She mouthed to him “Harder”. He not only picked up the pressure, but the pace as well. He knew he found her spot when she moaned again, louder and bucked her hips with each thrust of his fingers. As he worked his magic inside, he rubbed her clit with his thumb. He had her writhing beneath him in no time.

Kelly could hardly breathe, the sensations were so intense. He felt her begin to pulse around his fingers as she hit her first climax. Her legs began trembling as wave after wave of pleasure ran through her. The feel of her cumming around his fingers made him even harder.

“Oh god! Yes!!” Kelly shouted over and over. “Right there!”

Heath felt her coming down from her peak and positioned himself between her thighs. Before she could completely relax, he placed the tip of his rock-hard dick against her wet pussy. He started to push the head in, trying to go slowly, knowing that he was larger than she was used to; he always was, with every woman. But she was, by far, the tightest woman he’d been with.

“Shit, Kelly,” Heath said, a sweat breaking out on his forehead as he tried to keep control, “does that guy have a dick at all? You feel like a virgin…So fucking snug,” Heath moaned in pleasure. He was now half way in, still trying to take it slow, to give her time to adjust to him. He didn’t want to tear her.

Kelly raised her hips, locked her ankles at the small of his back and pulled him in. They both cried out at the same time. He buried himself in her completely.

Kelly gasped, “Heath, it feels like you hit my lung!” She smiled at the feeling, completely new, and utterly satisfying. “It’s never felt like this before.”

“That’s because nobody can fill you like I can, baby,” Heath huskily replied as he began thrusting, slow and hard.

Kelly looked up into his eyes. “Don’t be gentle. Fuck me. I want it.”

Heath smiled at her and did exactly that. He started pounding into her scorching flesh, harder and faster. The car was moving with each thrust. Kelly placed feverish, wet kisses on his chest, spurring him on. He became so forceful that she nearly slid off the leather seat twice. Each time, Heath grabbed her waist and practically threw her back on.

They lost all track of time, not knowing if it had been an hour or only a few minutes. The only sounds were the creaking of the car frame and their moaning.

Kelly’s phone began to ring; they both ignored it and soon it kicked over to voicemail. A few seconds later it rang again. Kelly realized that it was on the console in the middle. She forced her eyes to focus, looked over, and saw her boyfriend’s name on the caller ID.

“Oh my god. It’s him.”

Heath slowed his pace, and, smiling mischievously, handed her the phone. “Answer it,” he said with a wink. When she stared at him, he just nodded, breathing heavily, still smiling. She answered.

Trying her best to control her voice, Kelly said, “Hello?”

“Oh god, hun. I am so sorry. Please believe me, I feel awful.”

“It’s fine. Whatever,” Kelly replied quickly. She had been holding her breath and biting her lip to keep from moaning. Heath hadn’t stopped moving, and to make matters worse, he was nibbling her earlobe and trailing his tongue up and down her neck.

“It’s not fine. You had this whole evening planned. I feel like I ruined it.”

You did ruin it you dumb fuck! Kelly thought. “It doesn’t matter. Just go back to sleep. Obviously you need that a lot more than you need me.” She sucked in her breath again as Heath continued to thrust, slow and hard, hitting just the right spot. It took all her control to keep from screaming.

“Kelly, that’s not fair. You know what I’ve been going through for the last month with all the stuff at work.”

“Yeah. Fine. Just go back to bed.” Kelly wanted to end the conversation as soon as possible. She could feel the hot pressure building up in her again and knew she was close.

“All right. I’ll call you tomorrow, ok?”

“FINE!” Kelly screamed as she hung up. “OH GOD, HEATH! YES!” Kelly began her second orgasm, throwing the phone to the front seat. She dug her nails into his shoulders and braced herself as he pounded into her again and again.

“FUCK, KELLY!” Heath shouted. “FUCK! SO GOOD!” Each word was punctuated with a hard thrust.

Kelly cried out as she felt the erotic explosions take over her body. It was an orgasm like she’d never felt before. It was more than intense; mind-blowing — while trite — seemed to be the best description. She was riding the last of her climax as Heath hit his own. Because he hadn’t worn a condom, he pulled out, shooting hot streams of cum across her stomach, the seat, and the floor. He collapsed on top of her, both panting and trying to regain control.

After a few minutes, Heath lifted himself up and kissed her collarbone, chest, and breast. He trailed his tongue down to her nipple and circled it, teasing a whimper from her lips. Using the tip, he played with the hard nub, enjoying the little sounds she made.

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