Her Mother Becomes My Boss

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When I was a freshman in high school, Madeline was a new girl that moved in part way through the year. While talking to her in class one day, I found out that she had a very likeable personality and because we were both athletes, we had a lot in common. We became friends not only in person but on social media as well. Madeline was tall and athletic. The 5’10 brunette would go on to make the varsity volleyball team that first year and I was a short 5’3 blonde gymnast.

I learned right away that Madeline’s family was very wealthy. Her home up the street from mine in our southern California suburb was basically a mansion and was her parents’ sixth around the world. During those three years, her mother Betty was never there because she worked at a large company in Tokyo. I never met her mother in person even though I had seen many pictures of her on Facebook. Her father was a movie producer who was the parent who raised her those two years she stayed in my hometown.

Unfortunately, after those two years, Madeline’s mom wanted her to finish her education at a private school in England. Madeline moved away and even though we skyped and stayed in touch, it was not quite the same. Our lives went on and that summer after my junior year, she sent me an invitation to meet her in Japan for two weeks. I had just turned 18 and was excited not only to see Madeline for the first time in many months, but I had always wanted to visit Asia.

Her family paid for my flight and off I went. When I landed, I was fascinated by all the sights and all the people. While at the airport, there was a driver who actually held up one of those signs that read, “Brittni Hart.” I felt like royalty. I stepped into the large Rolls Royce and in 25 minutes, we were buzzed into the large electronic gates. When I saw the house, I was even more amazed at its size and luxurious amenities.

There was a butler, maid, gardener, and cook and they were all willing to wait on me hand and foot. There was nobody at the mansion except the workers when I unpacked into a room that was the size of most people’s houses. My phone hummed and I could see on the caller ID that it was Madeline.

I answered, “Hey girl! What’s up? Where are you? I could get lost in this house of yours.”

Madeline apologized, “Hey yourself. I am so sorry but my flight out of London got delayed. I’m just about to take off. My mother will be there later on in the evening. I hope you’re not mad at me. I tried everything. It looks like I will be there tomorrow sometime.”

I laughed even though I felt a little uncomfortable in a strange county, staying in a house with people I did not know, “No problem. I will hang out here and get to know your mom. We will make a night of it.”

Madeline giggled, “I’m sure you will.”

I found that peculiar but shrugged it off and we chatted for an hour before ending our call. I wanted to freshen up after my eleven hour flight so I hopped in the shower before putting on my comfortable leggings, t-shirt and rainbow colored ankle socks. I walked through the mansion, looking at all the fine art and sculptures. From the inside, it had the feel of a castle.

In the early evening, I saw a silver Ferrari F60 pull into the driveway with Madeline’s mom driving it. The car was spectacular but I found it strange that someone so rich would drive themselves. She exited the car and handed the keys to servant like her own personal valet. Just from curiosity, I was watching out the window until she approached the door. I didn’t want to seem like I was staring so I quickly sat down on the large sofa and beginning scrolling through my phone.

Betty walked in wearing her professional business black blazer over top a grey button-up blouse with a matching skirt containing a v-slit up the side. Her DD breasts were so tight in her top that it made the lapel on her blazer outwardly bow so much, the opening was in the shape of a light bulb. She also wore shimmer nude pantyhose and closed pointy toe, black, spiked high heels. Her long brown hair was put up in a messy bun and after she put down her briefcase, a maid quickly came to her service and asked if she wanted something to drink. Betty nodded and the maid disappeared.

She looked my way before letting out a big sigh, “Wow! What a long day!” She then continued, “Hi Luv. You must be Brittni. It is so glad to finally see you in person. I have seen your pictures and hearing Madeline talk about you, I feel we are already close. Come here and give me a hug.”

I stood up and went over to her and that is when I really gained perspective of how big Betty was in stature. She was 6’1 and very large. Of course while wearing the heels, she seemed even more gigantic when she had to stoop way down to hug me. I bet she weighed about 180 pounds but not an ounce of it was fat. She was curvy with small waist and a large tight booty to match her large boobs. Her body build was a larger Caucasian version like the tennis player Serena Williams with thick arms and legs and extremely fit. kuşadası escort She was just a big lady and I was immediately intimidated by her size.

After we broke our embrace, Betty said, “You make yourself at home. I had a tough day and my stress level is off the charts.” Just then the maid handed her a glass of wine before exiting.

She sat down on a chair, crossed her legs and went on to tell me that she was now the CEO of the Japanese company she had worked for these many years and on that day, there was a board meeting where things didn’t go her way. She sipped on her wine and continued, “Those pricks on the board think they are running the show but they have no idea who they are dealing with. Sometimes men can be so damn stubborn but if it weren’t for me, we wouldn’t have profited 1.6 billion dollars the last fiscal year.”

As Betty continued to talk and I listened, it didn’t take long for me to realize she was a 44 year old lady who was in complete control and wasn’t used to not getting her way. She liked to drive herself in her own car and had me come to her for a hug which only confirmed my belief that she was a rich Alpha female that did not like to be told no. Even though I found that dominant nature to be intimidating, I also found it arousing in my own sort of way.

We talked a little more and Betty didn’t seem to have much interest in my life but only continued to talk about hers. She told me about her money, personal trainer, her favorite restaurants, what celebrities she has kept company with and things like that. I mostly listened and asked questions. Eventually, she stood up and came over to the sofa and sat back down directly next to me but turned inward where her knees were touching mine.

She leaned in and commented while using her hand to rake my damp hair out of my eyes, “You really are a very pretty girl. Your hazel eyes compliment your features. I knew you were attractive from your pictures but in real life you are quite stunning.”

She was now in my personal space and I was slightly nervous but replied with a polite, “Thank you, Mrs. Green.”

I had to do a double take to make sure I had heard correctly when Betty continued, “You are a perfect little girl toy with your tight little body. The perfect kitten. I bet you make all the boys happy.”

Not knowing how to respond, I replied again, “Thank you. I do have a boyfriend. His name is Ben and…”

Before I finished my sentence, Betty interrupted, “I bet you and Ben have loads of fun. Am I correct, Kitten?”

I had not replied yet when she asked, “Forget about all those dumb boys for a minute. The real question is have you ever had fun with a girl? Did you and Madeline ever…you know?”

I had never fooled around with a girl and hadn’t really thought about it when I responded, “Uh…no. I don’t really think about girls like that, Mrs. Green.”

Betty stopped running her fingers through my hair and gently pressed her thumb and fingers under my chin before leaning in and whispering, “How do you know Kitten until you have tried it?” She gave my lower lip a gentle kiss before adding, “Maybe you haven’t had the right girl to make you feel really good.” She kissed my lips two more times…peck…peck…before finishing, “You are very beautiful and I think you need to find out right now.”

It was hard to describe my feelings at that moment. There were a multitude of emotions running through me. I was intimidated yet calm. I was uncomfortable yet curious. I was scared yet aroused to the point of butterflies fluttering in my stomach. From under my chin, Betty used her large hand to pinch my cheeks together causing my lips to pucker before planting a long, slow open-mouthed kiss on them. With my eyes now shut, her tongue gently caressed my tongue. I could taste the wine she was drinking along with her lipstick and smell the hint of expensive Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume she had worn that day.

My pussy was getting damp and I even began to kiss her back mostly from not wanting to let her down. She moved her hand from under my chin to the back of my head. Our heads were tilted and we were engaged in a full blown make-out kiss. I let go of my hesitancy and made out with this large, mature woman who I had not met before that day. It became very real when I felt her hand slip inside my leggings. Her middle finger slid inside my panties and found my clit.

That rush of pleasure caused my eyes to pop open and for me to murmur before quickly closing them back up. Even though Betty had long fingernails, she was careful to use only her finger to rub my love button side to side. Just the pure thrill of my first girl on girl experience and because she was so much older than me, I quickly released a powerful orgasm while gasping inside her mouth, “Ummm…ummm…uhmmhhh!”

Betty stopped kissing me and pulled her hand out of my pants. She stood up in front of me and put her finger under her nose, “Mmmm, you smell great.” She then put her finger in her mouth kuşadası escort bayan like a Popsicle, “You taste even better, Kitten. I think it is time for you to see how I taste. This will help me relax after the day from hell. You don’t know how long I’ve needed this. “

I wasn’t sure how to react. I guess I was already too involved to say no and was still curious. Those butterflies hadn’t disappeared so I was just going to let her control the situation. I would have been too scared to have stopped her anyway. Betty had her skirt unzipped and slid off. That is when I realized I had been mistaken about her wearing pantyhose as she was clearly wearing stockings. The blazer and black, lacy, silk thong were also removed but she kept on her blouse and high heels.

The top of her pussy was extremely hairy and when she hiked one leg up on the arm of the sofa, I couldn’t believe her outer labia was so large. Those lip folds were bulging and thick like the wrinkled wattle hanging from a turkey’s neck. Betty, took both her hands and spread her pussy lips apart, exposing a gaping vagina. I still haven’t seen anything like it to this day. I rarely use the word cunt other than when I’m in the throes of passion but that was one large cunt.

Just as I was beginning to smell the strong scent emitting from a long day, she instructed, “Go on Kitten. I’m going to need you to get in there and eat it. Don’t be afraid.”

Using one hand to coax me, she put it on top of my head and pulled me in. My nose was up against her marble-sized clit as my mouth disappeared into her stretched pussy. Those meaty folds rested on my cheeks and my nose nestled in her pubic hair. I stuck my tongue out and began to lick all around the insides causing her to let out a large sigh, “Oh! That’s it my little girl toy. Lick my pussy like I know you want to. Can you smell that flavor?”

Within minutes, her juices began to flow. The pungent wetness and smell were all over my face. I continued to lick Betty’s hairy pussy while she continued holding the back of my head so that I would not stop. The more I licked the more I became turned on. Any awkwardness I once had, was gone. I was enjoying myself and wanted to please this strong, dominant, mature woman.

“Keep going, Kitten. I want you to make me cum. Suck on my lips. Ooooo, yes that feels amazing. Oh. Oh. Now, stick your nose it in and lick my asshole.”

When I obeyed and planted my tongue on her ringed sphincter, she quivered, “Oh. Faster! Faster! I’m so close! Faster!”

Betty was pressing my face deep up inside her cunt while I used my hands to reach under her spread legs and hold her ass for leverage. She screamed, “Oh, here I goooooooooo! Ahhhhh! Don’t stop! Oh! Oh! Ahhhhh!”

I felt her entire cavernous canal pulsate around my mouth. During her orgasm, additional juices began to flow and trickle down my chin. She released my head and I pulled my face out of her pussy to catch a breath like I had been underwater. I don’t know how she kept her balance standing in those spike heels with one leg up on the sofa arm and the other on the wooden floor. As I wiped my mouth, I thought about how proud I was to have made her cum so quickly and powerfully. Betty put her leg back down on the floor.

She lifted one eye brow, “Are you sure you haven’t done anything like that before? You are very good at it.”

I smiled and shook my head, “That is my first time.”

She then shook her head, “I would have never guessed that.” Betty then changed the subject, “These shoes are killing me. I’ve been wearing them all day. I bet you are good at giving foot massages too.”

I found that an odd thing to say and was she suggesting? She had already forced me to lick her vagina so I just went with the flow. Betty sat on the sofa a little ways from me and spun facing my direction. She lifted up her feet and placed them onto my lap.

“Go ahead Kitten. Take them off me and show me if those magic hands are as good as that magic tongue,” she smirked.

With her shoe covered feet sitting directly on my lap, I had a firsthand look on how big Betty’s feet actually were. After I removed one high heel, I saw that she wore women’s size 12 and with the added stylish point on the end, they looked like 15s. I removed the second one and her hose covered feet were now airing out in front of me. Through the clear nylon, I could see that her apple blossom colored toenails matched her fingernails.

I hesitantly took hold of her feet, began to rub and Betty let out a moan, “Oh my goodness! That feels wonderful. Dig your thumbs in my arches. Oh…YES! Like that.”

Her nylons were damp and smelled of sweaty leather which now added to her strong pussy aroma on my face. I continued giving her a foot massage for at least 15 minutes. I kneaded, pressed, and dug my fingers into her feet while she approved. Betty lifted one foot up to my nose and rubbed it on my lips, “I hope they smell OK. Sometimes they can get a little overbearing wearing escort kuşadası heels all day.”

They were strong but I responded, “They are fine, Mrs. Green.”

She laughed, “Then kiss them.”

She had this dominant ability to make people do what she wanted and I was no exception. She was in control and I was her submissive. My mature powerful lady was making me her kitten and I had no problem with that. I was there to service her and that was my aphrodisiac. I was on fire and felt hypnotized into doing anything she asked. As she turned to her side and rubbed the bottoms directly on my face, I kissed her nylon clad feet like I was making out with my boyfriend. The smell along with her moaning only inspired me more. I knew she wasn’t moaning because of the physical pleasure but more from the emotional one of being in control. Her hand diddled her pussy while I made out with her feet.

She then suggested, “Go ahead and take Mama’s stockings off. I want to feel your warm lips and tongue directly on my skin.”

I couldn’t reach where they started so she slipped her fingers inside the lacy elastic and got them started for me. I pulled each nylon off one at a time and snapped it in the air, causing dried sweat dust to poof off in a small cloud. She held her bare feet back up to my face. I began to kiss and even lick the bottoms like she had asked.

“That feels great. Don’t forget the toes. Suck them nice and soft,” she seductively requested. Tilting my head around to the side, I put each toe in my mouth one at a time and sucked up and down like they were tiny cocks. I didn’t even mind the tangy taste because I knew I was pleasing her.

In the middle of me orally pleasuring her tired feet, Betty took them away from my face and sat up before expectantly scolding me, “You are such a bad girl! You have made me feel too good too quickly. You know I’m going to have to punish you.”

I looked side to side thinking to myself, “What is she talking about? I thought I was doing a good job.”

She ordered, “I’m going to have to give you a spanking. Come up here Kitten. Remember this will hurt me more than it hurts you.”

Then it dawned on me that she was continuing her role playing dominance. I wasn’t all in on the spanking because I wasn’t sure how hard she might do it. She was so much bigger than me and I am not a fan of pain.

I looked into her eyes and she said, “You heard me. Get up here, lay over my lap and take your punishment.”

Even though it felt weird, I crawled up and laid on my stomach across her bare lap. Her hand slapped down on my legging covered ass cheek and I got a tingle in my pussy. Another slap and it hurt but the tingle was stronger.

“You have such a tight ass. I don’t think you are getting the messages with these leggings on. Raise up so I can get them down,” she demanded.

I complied, “Yes ma’am.”

When I dug my feet onto the sofa and raised my booty, Betty tugged my leggings down, exposing my bare ass. She rubbed it first which felt wonderful. She then massaged each cheek before, “Slap!” Her hand came crashing down.

I let out a groan, “Oh!” It actually felt delightful to have this controlling lady spanking me, then another “Slap!” A couple more slaps and my pussy was gooey and craved attention.

Betty said, “There. I hope you have learned your lesson. Let’s go into the bedroom and you can take your time being my little girl toy. If you do it right, I won’t have to spank you again. Let’s go.”

I got up and Betty stood. After she scooped her thong and nylons up off the floor, I followed her to the bedroom. The size of her bed was equal to that of a small swimming pool. She told me to take off my clothes so as I was doing that, she unbuttoned her blouse. Once she removed her bra, her large boobs were free from their silky captivity. I believe my entire head could fit into one of her bra cups.

They were huge. I could tell they were real and only sagged slightly from the sheer size and her age. She had small areoles but large nipples just like her clit. She pinched them and chuckled, “You like what you see?”

I can only describe them as spectacular when I responded, “They are very nice, Mrs. Green.”

She quickly sat next to me and grabbed the back of my head with both hands, forcing me down to one of them. I felt like a guy getting a lap dance at a strip club. My lips completely surrounded her engorged nipple. I sucked it like I like having mine sucked. I would give a series of quick rapid-fire sucks before slowing down to a tongue circle followed by a slow powerful suck. She made sure I gave equal attention to both breasts as she would manually move my head to the other one. Even though the scent of her strong vagina remained on my face, I could also smell the hint of perfume on her soft skin. When she pulled me off her nipples, they were as hard as thimbles and glistening with my saliva.

“You have me so worked up Kitten. My pussy is even wetter than you made it with your mouth. Here feel,” Betty grabbed my hand forcing it to her flabby cunt.

She was correct. It was so sloppy! She then ordered me, “Stick your hand in it.” I easily slid four fingers inside the wide opening but Betty grabbed my arm and pulled, “Put your hand inside. Fist me Kitten. Make me feel it.”

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