Her Name Was Virginia

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Her name was Virginia.

I was a young, horny 19 year old who was a friend of her son’s. She was a beautiful middle-aged woman, stuck in a dead-end marriage. We drank a lot back then. I still do now, just for different reasons.

I’d gone over to see her son. We always had a great time at their house. Her husband was a sportsman and always had a great hunting or fishing story, Her daughter was a stone-fox, and James, her son, was just a great guy.

I couldn’t even begin to tell of all the great times I had with this family. They had a place in the country where we all spent a lot of time. Lots of drinking, Lots of laughing and a lot of building friendships that would last a lifetime.

Anyways, I’d gone over to see James. Virginia answered the door and invited me in. The house was quiet. I asked where everyone was and she said, ” The kids are out and Fred was passed-out in bed.” I was going to leave, but she said stay and have a beer with me. I could tell she’d already had a few and so had I, but I thought, what the hell, why not!

She brought us each a beer and we sat in front of the fireplace. Which just so happened to be right in front of where her husband slept. Their bedroom was adjacent to the living room topkapı escort where the fireplace was. I could see and hear Fred snoring his butt-off when we sat down at the fire.

To this day, I can’t remember our conversation. What I do remember is our eyes meeting, and the way her eyes pierced my soul. There was not a word spoken, but when she leaned towards me, I was already leaning towards her.

Now my churchly upbringing told me this was wrong, but my stiffening prick told me,” this is sooooooo right”! The moment that our lips met, I knew I was kissing a WOMAN. I’m not sure what she thought, but I think we both moaned in unison. This kiss was the most electric; the most intense, the most forbidden and the most yearned for kiss I’d ever felt in my young life. After a few short moments our tongues touched and I was lost in this woman forever.

Here it is, 23 years later, and I remember it like it was yesterday! As we kissed, I felt her 40-year-old breasts and she felt my 19-year-old cock. I swear, I grew 2″ in length and a 1/2 in girth, just from her touch!

Her breasts were full and firm. When she released them from their restraints, I lost my breath. I watched as she removed her blouse and offered them to me. fatih escort When I touched her naked breasts, she moaned into my mouth. As I caressed her nipples, she pulled me closer. Her hand was still massaging my cock, which had swelled to nuclear proportions.

I soon released her lips and headed for greener pastures, her nipples were calling me. The taste of her skin, the goose bumps, I felt it all as I ran my tongue down her neck. When I finally reached her nipple, she cried out!

I have yet to touch a woman who was more receptive to my touch. As I sucked on one nipple and toyed with the other, my other hand found its way to her thigh. I swear the heat from her pussy was radiating down to her knees. She had on a pair of lose fitting khakis and they were wet down to the seams in the legs. I snaked my hand up the leg and felt her wet pussy through her soaked panties. As I started rubbing up and down her slit, I released her nipples and sought the sweetness of her lips. Her moans told me I was doing everything right.

As we kissed, I slipped my hand under her panties and was rewarded with the wet smoothness of her womanhood.I slipped a finger into her and she bucked her hips against my hand. My thumb found her clit and eyüp escort began gently massaging it as I slipped another finger into her tight, wet pussy.

For having 3 kids, her pussy was as tight, if not tighter then any other younger woman I’d ever had! She ground down on my thumb as my fingers worked in and out of her. She’d released my cock, caught up in her own pleasure. As our tongues danced this forbidden dance, her pussy clenched down on my fingers. As her body released her pent up frustrations she cried out. (Rather loudly, I should add)

Her orgasm seemed to last a long, long time! Her shrieks of pleasure were loud enough to rouse Fred from his drunken slumber. Needless to say, she bolted from the room, as I sat there with my cock-a-throbbing.

Fred pulled himself from their bed and went to take a leak. He returned to bed none the wiser that I was even there.

By now my cock had shriveled to swimming in cold-water status! I rose up and made it to the front door, where Virginia met me. I’m still not sure if I was trembling because of Fred or Virginia. I’d like to think it was her, but I know it was a little of both!

We stepped outside and she pulled me close to her. She said thank you as she pressed her sweet lips to mine. As I wrestled with my emotions and the love I felt for this woman, I knew there had to be a “next time”. As she stepped back into the doorway she said, “The kids and Fred are going to the country tomorrow”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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