Herworld Chronicles Ch. 05

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He woke cold, wet and shivering; the Team Mistress arrived and he was marched to the citadel with the others. She smiled with pleasure at the discomfort of the slaves through the hood of her shiny full length rubberised rain coat. Though cold and wet, the view of her from the rear as she squeaked along with her short whip in hand, gave him an erection as he imagined her naked beneath it. His fantasy ended when he was put to work. The rocks were difficult in the wet and he soon bruised hands, knees and toes as many slips occurred.

For five days he was worked, like this, and was fed very little by Clara, who had bought another male on the third day. True to her word she made Nilok watch, while the timid male did his best to satisfy the large and dominant woman; he was overcome by the presence of the formidable woman all too early. He showed his naivety by coming far too soon for her; he bucked and gasped involuntarily as he shot his mess, clenched between her enormous thighs.

She thrashed him with a cane, and then dragged him head first into her sweaty sex, nearly smothering him in her anxiety to orgasm. Nilok watched with pity; though the scene aroused him, he was not jealous of the new boy’s position. The poor wretch was terrified.

Only slightly sated by a less than satisfactory orgasm, Clara lashed the slave face down on the bed, spread-eagled. She wiped the cane across her sex and left it under his nose; ensuring he knew he would be severely punished for his poor performance when she returned. She said little as she took Nilok to the cage, as the rain hammered down. She noted how weak he’d become, and this gave her great pleasure, compensating for the inefficiencies of the slave who lay whimpering on the bed. She sneered as she tossed the damp blanket at him.

“You won’t be the first slave I’ve buried down by the wall. Good night.” He had slumped in the cold and slept fitfully, the same went for the fourth and fifth night; the only thing that kept him going was the thought of a brief sight of Serena again. Though she had seen him in the cage the once, she could not have conceived he would still be there in such conditions, and with little food.

On the sixth morning he awoke sat in a pool of water and wheezed trying to catch his breath. He found he could barely stand. He was dragged up the hill, the others doing their best to support him without being seen to do so. Clara smiled when he was returned in the evening and laughed as he slumped to the floor of the cage.

“Not worth much to anyone now are you?” he did not really hear her, as his head buzzed with pain and he sweated with a temperature. He could only think of seeing her tomorrow. The collar stuck to his neck where sores had wept then congealed; he cursed the stinging sensation as he dozed and started through the night.

When the team arrived in the cold grey morning, he used all his strength to pull himself up by the bars; he knew something was wrong. As the rain lashed through the cage, he found he could not put one foot before the other; his head raged and he could not fully feel his legs. Clara whipped him with the cane as the other wretches stared pitifully at him. He felt a bubbling sensation rising from his ankles, up through his legs and torso. When it reached his neck, he found the wet stone floor coming up to meet him; the world went black.

At the citadel, Serena tried to pay attention to her would-be flautists, but was distracted by the arrival of the team. She looked anxiously for him; where was he? She ventured out at their first break and casually mentioned to the Team Mistress that they seemed to be short today. The Mistress was amazed that she was that observant, and then casually explained that one of them had probably died by now. She laughed as she remarked how she’d left him there, with Clara trying to cane some life back into him. Serena put her head in hands, she was horrified.


He felt the softness and warmth of soft fabric from the tips of his toes along the length of his body, and his head was laid on soft silk; his hand felt a soft bandage round his neck, and his nose was assailed by a sweet delicate scent. He was almost scared to open his eyes; such were his recent experiences he feared he were dead. As he regained his senses a little more and stirred, a soft hand and arm wrapped itself about kuşadası escort him at his front, and a soft warm body clasped him from the rear.

“Bella, he’s awake, he’s going to be alright!” He opened his eyes and looked straight into Serena’s. He had truly arrived in heaven; he considered he must be dreaming or dead. He smiled at the apparition and tried to rise, but was still very weak and the women held him firm.

Serena cuddled up to him and kissed him softly, her eyes welling up. She was naked and smelt divine; his feeble body managed a weak erection and she giggled as she felt him grow against her thigh. Bella nuzzled the back of his head and squeezed her soft body and ample breasts into his back, which aided his blood pressure tremendously. A tear ran down Serena’s cheek and he licked it away.

“We thought you might die; you were so hot for around 24 hours, and then you were freezing cold, we’ve been in bed with you for two days.” He smiled and squeezed her, almost scared to ask.

“Am I to stay with you?” She broke into a broad smile and engaged him in a long and succulent kiss, teasing him with suspense; she drew back and smiled smugly.

“Yes, I’ve purchased you. You are my property now and this is one of your new homes…” He used what strength he had and pulled her into another kiss before she could finish; his cock pressed hard against her softness, he was recovering by the minute. She pushed him away gasping and giggling.

“You’ll not be ill-treated anymore; I have lots of jobs for to do and your main task will be to keep me safe and warm… and other tasks assisting me in my tutoring.” He wondered what she meant by this, as he felt a hand come from behind his waist and caress his cock; Bella leaned over and kissed his cheek, whispering after.

“And you’ll please her servants too.” Serena gently cupped his balls as Bella continued to gently stroke him.

“You’ll need to sleep to aid your recovery, and if you are strong enough tomorrow, I intend that you will get to know your new mistress and her housekeeper more intimately; your tongue is going to be very busy! I can see you’re very excited, so we’ll help you settle.”

Serena picked up a silk napkin from beside the bed and made it ready for Bella’s handiwork. He was still very weak, and being mothered by the two attractive women had its own erotic stimulation. He soon shuddered and gratefully spilled his hot cream for Bella, as Serena gently caressed his balls and smiled sweetly as he spoiled the napkin.

Bella kissed him and left the bed to prepare some food for later. Serena took great pleasure in softly wiping him clean, before cuddling close and closing her eyes. He held her tight, as if to ensure she would not disappear into some bad dream before he awoke. He sniffed at her flesh and hair, as she squeezed as close as she could to him.

As Serena held her new property, she could not believe Clara had let her take him for so little when she had boldly knocked on Clara’s door and demanded she sell him to her. Clara was more than happy to accept what she’d paid for him herself; she couldn’t see him living more than another day or so. She had a girl get Bella and her cart and had him back at her western house in 10 minutes.

Had she been just another hour he might well have never recovered. As soon as he was well enough she would take him to Maidenbower Manor, where he could fully recuperate and where they would have a little ceremony for him, before the small team of servants there.

He was nursed through the day and fed each time he woke, by Serena and the doting Bella, who spoon fed him and was very pleased as he regained his strength.

“Don’t you spill any or I shall have to put you across my knee and give you a good spanking!” She said, longing for the time to come when she could actually oblige him. He dutifully sipped the soup as the warmly assertive woman spooned it, in her matronly manner. She smiled as her words gave him an erection; the thought was enough to make him purposely dribble his food. The women laughed at his audacity; Serena added to his teasing,

“If I think you’re doing that on purpose, I shall have to cane you as well!” The thought did not help his slumber; having had his face wiped, Serena settled him down again and stroked his hair as she nestled in with kuşadası escort bayan him again. He slept fitfully with his erect cock nestling against her thighs; she would not relieve him again as she wanted to enjoy him when he was ready to pay homage to her.

He awoke with a start the next morning; Serena was not there, and neither was the bandage about his neck, which had healed nicely. The door opened and the two women came in, smiling seductively at him. They both wore loose dresses which they discarded after placing his breakfast soup on a small table in the middle of the room.

His arousal was instant as he viewed the two mature and shapely women standing naked before him. Serena smiled dominantly, as she displayed a soft collar and leash; her ownership of him would now begin in earnest.

“Come here and kneel before us. You shall have your breakfast and then we shall have our pleasure of you. You shall spend the day learning what your new mistress and her housekeeper like, and tomorrow you shall come with us to Maidenbower, where you will aid my tuition.” The two women watched, secretly anxious that he may not be ready, as he rolled in the bed and placed his feet down for the first time in several days. He was still very weak but had a healthy erection; Bella licked her lips.

They almost went to him as he faltered slightly on wobbly legs, but he walked purposely over and knelt in humility before them, much to their relief. His erection pulsed as he knelt looking at the glorious thighs and sweet little ginger and brunette tufts before him; both women had shaved, but left a strip above their delectable lips to show their colours. Bella spooned his first helping; she was delighted with his progress and was eager to have him please her.

“You’ll definitely feel the warmth of my hand across your buttocks if you spill any today!” he smiled at the dominant but kindly woman as he gulped down the soup; he was anxious to please the women but was too weak to enjoy a spanking just yet. He did not miss a drop and Bella wiped his face in motherly fashion before having him drink a large glass of water to clean his mouth internally; he would soon be tasting soup of another nature.

Serena moved close and he sniffed at her as her delicate hands buckled the soft collar about his neck, tugging the leash playfully. He now felt owned by her and his cock dribbled its lubrication at the thought as he sniffed again.

“Patience please; you’ll be allowed to sniff your Mistress when told!” Giggled Serena, as her milky white thighs and ginger tuft moved tantalisingly close to him. She passed the leash to Bella who tugged it taut to express her dominance also. As Serena moved behind him back to the bed, he looked up at the glorious brunette woman from his knees as she smiled back down at him.

“Oh I’m so looking forward to giving you a spanking; you shall have one if front of my maids at the Manor, at the first opportunity.” His cock pulsed at the promise and he kissed her feet; much to her delight. She tugged on the leash and turned him, on all fours, as they heard Serena’s voice behind them.

“Come, you shall know your Mistress now.” As he turned he was greeted by a sight he could only have dreamed of just a few days ago. Serena smiled as she viewed him from between her legs; she sat at the foot of the bed, her feet up with legs splayed. He pulled at the leash like a hungry dog as Bella giggled and walked as slowly as possible so that he might savour the sight.

Savour it he did; her milky white thighs blended into her beautifully rounded bottom, her sweet ginger sex and invitingly puckered anus displayed and ready to be licked. Bella moved him close and handed the leash to Serena. She smiled and almost drooled as she spoke.

“You are now Nilok of Maidenbower Manor, and are the property of Serena of Ovum. You may now sniff your new Mistress and owner. You will lick me when I command it be done. I’ll have my bottom sniffed first; commence!” He needed no further encouragement and could see the supreme satisfaction in her face as he looked up whilst he took in the sweet honeyed scent of her anus. He then watched her pussy quiver and her button bulge in and out as his nose hovered over the tangy prize.

He yearned to lick and the command seemed to take forever. When it did escort kuşadası he gratefully tasted her sweet tang as first he lapped his tongue round the perimeter of her pucker, and then slipped his tongue deep into the warmth of her rectum. Serena sighed with appreciation and put her hand behind his head, encouraging him to probe as deep as he could go. The juices dribbled from her pussy as the full length of his tongue penetrated the heavenly tightness.

His cock bobbed and pulsed as his enjoyment of this act of absolute submission to the woman that owned him, made him yearn to be able to come right then.

Bella bent down and rubbed his arse with one hand, whilst she ran her nails up and down the underside of his eager cock. Serena pulled him away from her bottom, and his tongue lapped at thin air as he tried to reach the warmth of her anus; it was just so heavenly. She chided him once again about his impatience, as she giggled, both women thoroughly enjoying the tease. Bella playfully slapped his cheeks as he now sniffed urgently at Serena’s gloriously aromatic womanhood; the succulent scent of her arousal had him whimpering to be allowed to lick her.

Serena kept the leash taut as her scent itself completely dominated him. She eventually let him down as she was eager to have her first orgasm by him. His cock dribbled with excitement as his tongue licked the slippery folds of his new mistress for the first time. He worked vigorously up and down, as her juices dribbled from his chin. He looked over her mound and stared her eye to eye as she began to moan in ecstasy and lifted her legs high. Bella kept his head pressed against her Mistress’s sex as he teased and stimulated her clitoris to the point of no return. She moaned in pure ecstasy as the orgasm coursed in wave after wave through her body.

She relaxed her legs as he gratefully continued to lap at her juices. Bella pulled back on his leash as Serena kissed his head as she moved from the bed. She took the leash; now Bella would have her arse licked, and then have her orgasm. He was pressed to the same ritual again; Bella’s arse was bigger and tangier. She taunted him with threats of spankings and canings as he licked excitedly at her.

She nearly suffocated him when he brought her off; she wrapped her thighs about him and screamed in satisfaction as he serviced her to satisfaction. He was now very wobbly on his knees and the women took pity on him. They laid him on the bed, and Serena straddled him, so that he may lick her arse once more. Bella toyed and teased his cock as Serena told him of her tuition.

The flute was only an aside to her main tuition which was ‘Assertive Husbandry’; she was adept at teaching young females how to assert and master the slaves they would shortly own. Now she had him, they could indulge their fantasies whilst being tutored, and he would be used to demonstrate upon. She had a group of six eighteen year olds scheduled for later in the week; he would be used for the first time on this occasion.

She assured him he would enjoy it; as he licked her juicy anus and thought on it, Bella stroked him hard as she felt him pulse. He duly expressed how he felt about it, by erupting in a glorious orgasm; the women giggled triumphantly as he pumped his cream for his new owner for the first time. Serena pushed her bottom tight against his face, as Bella stroked relentlessly, draining his balls with spurt after spurt until he was thoroughly spent.

The day was spent in him repeating the gesture many times for the women. They rested him regularly then aroused him with their bodies and talk of what his duties would be with his new life. Though he would no longer face the ill-treatment he received at the hands of Clara, they made it clear that he would be caned and spanked on occasion; this would remind him of his place, and Serena had many pupils who were likely to show him just where that place was.

By the time he was allowed to sleep that night, his balls were well and truly drained. The women told him just how pleased they were with him and Serena kissed and petted him to sleep.

The rain had relented and the sunshine made everything steam as they sat on the cart on the rough track through the Darkwood. He was still not fully fit but was almost back to his strength. Bella took the reins as Serena cuddled up to him, leash in hand. She could not wait to show him his other new home and have her little ownership ceremony. As the gate opened, three maids ran up to the cart excitedly to see the new slave; they were all very pretty and his cock twitched again. The gate closed behind them; he was Serena’s now.

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