High Stakes – Part 2_(0)

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What can I tell you? We returned to the campground, went our separate ways and spent the next few days pretending that nothing had happened. Oh sure, we acted as friendly as ever, as tight his brother and sister. But I’d never rammed hard cock down into my sister’s guts before. As much as I wanted things to be as they once were, they never again could be. The entire dynamic of our relationship had changed forever. I can honestly say that until this time I’d never wished for a holiday to end.

That was almost a year ago. This year Cindy and Stef conspired to rent a timeshare on South Beach, a beautiful spot almost four hours from where we lived. She’d always wanted to do that; rent a beach house, play guitar, sing songs around the bonfire and of course drink our asses off for an entire week. Hell, the idea once appealed to me, too. These days being in close proximity to Stef made me uncomfortable. I couldn’t say no, though. Cindy looked forward to her trip every year, saving every penny for her one big excursion. Top sirloin gave way to Salisbury steak, bottles of fine wine and mellow single malt scotches to cases of Bud, Miller, and Coors, and our weekly Movie Night tradition to watching rented flicks on the DVD player at home. We weren’t poor, but had firmly entrenched ourselves in the middle class. Cindy made small sacrifices to get the things she truly wanted and obtained them without ever going into debt. My pathetic financial situation had been cleaned up two years after meeting her, the only condition she placed upon me before she’d accept my engagement ring. She firmly believed that a new start shouldn’t be hampered by old debts. With her help I completely turned my life around.

She gave so much and asked for so little in return, just my love and one trip a year. How could I refuse her? And what reason could I give for asking her not to invite Jason and Stef along, our closest friends? I had to face the facts. Stef I were destined to have a reunion.

Cindy must’ve felt my trepidation for she leaned over and gave me head while we bombed down the interstate towards South Beach. She had to work hard for that sperm! The stress over the upcoming encounter kept my gun from going pop. She used every trick in her repertoire to coerce a little cum out of my recalcitrant balls. She would’ve been pissed to know that I only managed to blow a wad by visualizing my cock splitting a fat, bronzed ass wide open and plowing nads-deep into a scarlet ringed vice of rectal muscle. Regardless of the reason, Cindy seemed more than content with the results. She lapped at my empty cock like a kitten at an empty saucer, her sharp pink tongue questing for just one more milky drop. I had to pull her eager mouth off of my cock by the roots of her red hair once we finally pulled into the driveway of the beach house.

Cindy and Stef had planned better this year. We arrived with Jason still unloading his new Ford Explorer. Stef looked on from the stairs, doing her part by telling her husband which bag to remove next and where he should put it. From the amount she sweated one would’ve thought she was the person consigned to fetch-and-carry duty and he the director. The light sheen of perspiration slickened her entire body, making her olive skin shine as if oiled. Jason gave me a thumbs up as I stepped out of my eight year old Monte Carlo.

Cindy quickly hopped out of the car and ran to Stef, giggling like a college student over spring break. Stef gained her feet and hugged Cindy, kissing her on both of the cheeks. A puzzled look crossed Stef’s face, then she licked the corner of Cindy’s mouth. Cindy pulled back with mild alarm while Stef concentrated on the taste. A mischievous smile touched her lips.

“So that’s what Mark tastes like,” she said, glancing at her watch. “And you’re on time, too! Did you leave earlier then we discussed?” Cindy blushed redder than her mane of silken fire.

“No, we left at 11:15, just like we planned.”

“Ah. Then you’re more talented than I gave you credit for,” Stef said. Her small laugh tinkled like glass chimes in the breeze. “Let’s go inside where it’s cool. The men can finish up without our help.”

“Help?” Jason muttered. “Things move faster without your help.” He picked up the last two bags from his SUV. His bulky arms strained under the load. What the fuck was in there? Jason and I have always been into exercise and staying fit, but the dude looked seriously buff this year. Those arms looked boosted from a Greek statue. When he returned he helped me take in Cindy’s stuff.

“You’ve been in prison, man? What’s with the jailhouse physique?” I asked him.

“I had to catch up, dude. Stef’s been riding my ass about me getting soft around the middle. Every time I said it’s natural for guys my age to get a little padding she said that you didn’t have any, so I shouldn’t either.” Jason picked up another pile of luggage, leaving me with the beer cooler. I cracked a cold one open and took a long pull. Seeing me with a bottle to my lips, he dropped the luggage and helped himself to an ice-cold Coors.
“You! Drink after you finish unloading.” Stef’s whisky voice said from just inside the doorway. “You’re burning daylight. Cool off in the Jacuzzi after you’re done.” Stef’s disappeared into the beach house’s swallowing pools of shadow.

“What a slave driver,” I said, winking at Jason. “Why do you keep her around?”

“She got assets that just won’t quit,” he replied, winking in return. “And the whole thing is mine to enjoy.”

“Hole thing, you say? Very punny, Jas.”

“Yeah, almost as funny as the amount you’re paying bursa escort bayan for this timeshare. Thanks again, my man. I owe you big time.”

I answered his words of gratitude with a stinging fountain of suds rushing out my nose. “Thanks for what?” I gurgled.

Jason slapped me on the back, trying to help me breathe again. “Thanks for helping Stef and me out by fronting the bill,” he repeated. “Things have been a little tight with the new SUV payments. We were going to bail on you guys this year, but Cindy said that you wanted to cover the whole cost for the week.” Jason looked at my purpling face. “You did consent to pay, right?”

“Of course, man. No worries.” Cindy agreed to pay their way? The girl who never ate in restaurants, who washed tinfoil and ziplock bags for reuse and who used plastic margarine containers as Tupperware? I had a hard time believing that she’d agree to pay anyone’s way. But neither did I believe that Jason lied. He was a proud guy who rarely accepted help and had a hard time saying thank you. “Since I’m paying, you can carry in the rest of the stuff,” I said, abandoning the car and hightailing it towards the house. It felt like 95 degrees in the shade today and I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of the sun.

“Hey Mark.”

I turned around to face him, raising a questioning eyebrow. “Stef’s really glad to be here, too. She thought that you were pissed off at her. She’s glad everything’s okay between you two.”

“And you?”

Jason picked up the luggage and went inside, brushing past me on his way by. I decided to go around back, partly to get in the shade but mostly because I wasn’t ready to face everyone yet.

What did Stef tell him about last year?


My friends, never get into a Jacuzzi to cool off. That water had to be at least 130 degrees. I would’ve been cooler staked out naked on the beach and left to roast. Of course, maybe it wasn’t the water temperature getting me all hot and bothered but the prime examples of female pultritude that surrounded me like mismatched bookends. On my left lounged Stef, resplendent in the rose one-piece that shone with a slick, wet sheen even before she stepped into the water. The material looked like wet paint as it clung to her fat, juicy breasts and slim tummy. All my right sat my own beautiful wife in her lime green bikini top and thong. Her spare, well toned body was wonderfully displayed by the small strips of green sparkly cloth.

What to do? I had lobster with lemon butter on my left, and prime beef rib au jus on my right. My two favorite meals, both mine for the taking, each equally succulent and close at hand.

“So, what’s the game plan tonight?” Jason asked Cindy.

“What should we do tonight?” Stef murmured in my ear. I do have a few new games that I’d like to play.”

“Um, Stef …”

“Cards, baby. I’m talking about cards. I know you suck shit at poker.”

“Cards.” I should’ve felt relieved but instead I felt cheated, like I’d been promised $100,000 and only came back with a ten spot in winnings from the casino.

I didn’t get to brood too long, though. “Ever played Euchre, Mark? How ’bout you, Cindy?” An innocuous enough question, but what lay below the surface of the water was a long taloned, slim hand working itself into my shorts and pulling my cock free. She played with my prick with firm, smooth strokes. My manhood pulsed like crazy in her tight fist. Nothing betrayed itself on her face. She looked like a woman discussing nothing of great relevance. Nothing at all like a sexual goddess milking her supplicant of his precious seed. Her hand felt better than Cindy’s freaking mouth! For the first time in my life I truly envied my best friend his good fortune.

I glanced over to Cindy to make sure she hadn’t seen anything. Her flushed face showed no sign of having detected Stef’s reckless actions. Indeed, her eyes looked rather unfocused and her breath came in deep, ragged gasps.

“You okay, Cindy? Is the water too warm?”

“What? I’m all right hon. Just feeling kinda woozy.” She sure did! Cindy looked like she’d soon pass out. My own pleasure had to wait. Concern for my wife’s welfare overruled it. I leaned towards her. “Wait!” she cried, extending a hand to my chest. The other hand plunged under the water. She pushed me away. “I’m okay, really. I just need to go and lie down. Excuse me.” Cindy fled from the Jacuzzi, leaving a wet trail on the scorching cedar planking. Jason and I watched her go. Stef reluctantly released my cock, giving its rubbery head a last flick with her thumb.

“I’ll go look after her,” she volunteered. Stef clambered out of the tub, following Cindy’s earlier escape route. She shimmied as she walked, each step showing off her full figured, bodacious frame to best effect. The material of her pink, wet suit had crept between the cheeks of her ass, planting itself firmly between those firm globes like floss between teeth.

“You’re one lucky bastard,” Jason said.

“So are you, my man. So are you.” Indeed. Stef’s ass was a treasure men would fight over to possess.


Temperatures in the hundreds with high humidity must be followed with precipitation. The skies vented their displeasure upon my head around seven that night. Fortunately, I’d managed to cook up the critters on the propane barbecue scant minutes before the deluge sent us scrambling indoors. The curtain of rain did look beautiful, as did the sea-green rolling waves that stretched out to the horizon. Those restless, climbing waves had the same deep color as Stef’s escort bursa dark emerald eyes. Stormy, with bright glints of luminescence where lightning flashed within them. I could stare at them forever.

“Card?” Stef asked me. I stopped gazing into her eyes and lifted a finger, acknowledging her offer. She slid a card to me before asking the same question of Jason.
The poker game lasted a couple of hours and ended like usual, with Stef in possession of almost all of our money. The final hand cleaned us all out. Stef chortled as she countered her winnings, $150 profit on top of her $50 stake. Not bad for a night’s work. I earned about that much at my 9-to-5 job.

“Ready to play some more?” Stef asked.

I snorted in her general direction, then stood up. “The only way I’ll ever give a woman more money than that is if I have to pay alimony.”

“You’re no fun, pigeon.” Stef complained. “Come on, Cinds. Make him play.”

“I don’t know,” Cindy said. “Mark’s pretty tight with his cash.”

Stef and Cindy both laughed at my slack-jawed look of incredulity. Me? Tight? Holy shit, the pot had a lot of fucking balls! This kettle was starting to seethe.

“Well, there are other stakes we could play for,” Stef suggested.

“Such as?” Jason said. He’d dumped his empty bottle in the case and snagged a fresh one from the cooler. Beer number fourteen went down as quickly as its predecessors. I was still nurturing my fifth. I wanted to keep a modicum of control this evening.

“Stuff,” Stef said mysteriously. “Favors.”

“Favors, eh? Sounds interesting.” Cindy’s eyes sparkled with mischief.

“The lowest hand in the round has to do whatever the highest hand holder says for the entire next round. What do you guys think?”

“I think I’ll pass on that action,” I said. “I don’t trust this guy.” I shook a thumb in Jason’s direction.

“Why not?” Cindy said.

“I roomed with this clown in school, remember? I know what kinds of things he can come up with when he’s feeling creative.” Jason made an exaggerated bow for the benefit of the ladies. “That wasn’t a compliment,” I added. Jason checked his bow in mid-bend.
“That was mean,” Cindy said. “It sounds like fun to me.” Stef and Jason quickly agreed to play as well. All of them waited for my answer.

Who was I to be the only holdout? I agreed with a sharp nod of my head. I hoped that I wouldn’t regret this decision.


The game went quickly, and for once Stef didn’t dominate game play. The first round saw Cindy giving Stef a back rub. Miss Magic Fingers must’ve been really good at it; Stef’s concentration was disrupted enough for her to lose. Jason won that one. He had his wife get down and give him a foot massage. Such as simple thing, really, but very sensuous the way she did it. She put on a great show for us, that’s for sure! When she sucked on his toes, treating each one like a miniature cock I knew that I couldn’t hold out forever. That was one hot bitch Jason owned, a woman I decided that I just had to fuck.

But how?

I guess distraction improves my game. I won the next one while Cindy lost. I had her fetch me a beer and feed it to me, giving me small sips while she ground her firm ass onto my lap and played with my chest hair. The way she gyrated against me it was clear she was trying her best to make me to come in my shorts. She almost got away with it, too. Only the completion of the next round, Jason’s loss to me, prevented a sticky situation in my pants.

I ordered Jason to give his wife a foot massage. Fair was fair, I said. She deserved to have some pleasure, too. Stef looked mortified at my suggestion.

“I’d rather he didn’t,” Stef said. “Please ask him to do something else.”

“Like me? Not on your ass. My win, my choice.” I waved my hand at Jason, signaling him to commence.

“You sure you know what you’re doing, man?” Jason said. “You heard what Stef said.”

“I remember her saying that the loser had to do what the winner wanted. I also remember saying I didn’t want to play, but being pressured into participating. Are you backing out now?”
Jason hated to be pushed, but always refused to back down from a direct challenge. His chest puffed up like a cock’s did in his barnyard. “Okay, man. I’ll do it. Just remember this moment, my friend. It’ll come back to haunt your ass.”

Jason gave Stef’s feet and calves a prime workout using touches that alternated between feathery soft, and deep penetrating massage. She could barely contain herself. Her entire body shook as her husband worked her over. The crotch of her bathing suit grew into a dark, sodden stretch of cloth. Being so close to her I could smell the earthy musk of her sex, the same delicious scent I recalled from the shower room incident. I guess she was very receptive to any stimulation of her feet and had wanted to avoid the embarrassment she knew that the foot massage would cause. “Stop staring and start dealing the fucking cards,” she said, voice as deep and clear as a mountain stream. Only the ripples on the surface of her voice told me of the tumultuous torrent that raged beneath.

I tore my eyes away from her fragrant snatch and examined the pile of junk cards in my hand. Of course Stef won the next round. Her edict; Cindy had to remove her top and give Jason a tittie massage.

“A what?” I said with a strangled voice.

“A breast massage. I want her to stroke Jas’ back with her tits while we play cards.”

I opened my mouth again, about to protest, when Jason stopped me with an angry glare. “Forgetting your görükle escort bayan rule already, friend?”

“It’s okay, Mark. Really,” Cindy said while she reached behind to unclip her bikini top. She let it fall, but kept her breasts covered with her hands. “Take off your shirt, Jas.”

“Why?” I said hotly. “He can keep it on!”

“I’d rather not scour my nipples off, ” Cindy said. “Like anyone gets a massage through their clothes.”

Fuck. What could I say? I had received a five-star hand job in the Jacuzzi. I owed Jason, though he couldn’t have known that I felt that way, or why. “Go ahead,” I said petulantly. “Let’s play cards.” I prayed that the next hand would pass as quickly as possible to minimize by wife’s contact with my best friend. Time crawled. By the time the round ended Jas was sitting oddly with a steel bar poking him in the navel and my wife’s nipples looking sharp enough to gouge out an eye. I guess they’d enjoyed themselves.

And so it went for the next hour or so, Jason and I hitting the sauce heavily, the ladies sipping daintily on wine spritzers and cocktails. The alcohol both made me more relaxed and sharpened the edges of my anger. What kind of fucking game were these people playing? I’d expected Cindy to back me up, but instead she took Jason’s side. Who was she married to, anyway?

Perhaps not the man she truly desired.

A feeling of nausea overwhelmed me, the rising bile making me feel temporarily ill. I rinsed my mouth out with a swig of beer then swallowed the foul mixture in a single gulp.

“You okay, pigeon?”

“I’ll be fine. Deal.” Stef dealt out the next round, skipping over Jason. He stood behind my wife while he played with her nipples. That had been his assignment from Cindy. She seemed really into it, too. While I sat gagging on a mouthful of puke she’d been getting off on my friend fondling her tits while he rubbed his package against her back.

“Thanks, Stef.”

“It’s the dealer’s job to dish out cards, pigeon. No thanks necessary.”

“Not for the cards. For caring.” I kept my eyes averted from Cindy and Jason. I needn’t have bothered being so careful. Cindy’s attention was elsewhere at the moment.

“It’s okay, Mark. Stef’s hand covered mine. She gave it a gentle squeeze. “Everything’s okay.”

“Of course it is.” If only I felt as sure as I sounded.


Another hour of cards and booze flashed by. From showing Stef my cock and letting her touch it, to Cindy playing with Stef tits, me fingering Stef’s hot, sucking pussy, then Jason sucking on Cindy’s nipples, we all had many opportunities to explore each other’s bodies. The only combination that hadn’t occurred in that hour was me with my wife, and me with Jason. Good thing, too. Right now I didn’t want anything to do with Cindy. It was a childish reaction but an honest one. I was pissed with her for giving Jason that massage and wanted to punish her. The fact that she didn’t acknowledge my truculence further exasperated me.

The next hand went to Cindy. The loser, me. I waited to receive the challenge. The way she stared at Jason gave me a really bad feeling. I hoped that she didn’t say something fucking stupid like wanting me to suck his cock. I would’ve went on a rampage and sliced his prick off with a meat cleaver or something. I wasn’t homophobic but neither did I crave male ass. Splitting a beer with Jason out of the bottle was the closest I’d ever come to swapping spit with the man, and that seemed to be a healthy distance to maintain.

“I want you to service her orally,” my wife decreed. “Make her come with your mouth.”

“You dirty birdie!” Jason said, still feeling up my wife. He’d been doing that for the last twenty minutes or so. Regardless of who was Indentured Servant of the Round, he continued to fondle my wife’s parts. After what I’ve done with Stef – both last summer and earlier today – I had no right to call him on it. It still burned my ass, though.

“Is that okay with you, Stef?” Cindy asked. Okay with her? How about me, for fuck’s sake? Lapping quim wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed doing. Hell, I could count the amount of times I’d gone down on Cindy in the last year on one hand and still have a couple of digits left over. I hated cunt licking and Cindy knew it. What the fuck was she trying to do to me?

“I’d rather suck his cock instead,” Stef said, keeping eyes downcast.

“I want him to take care of your needs,” Cindy insisted. Jason had three fingers up my wife. He reamed her slackening hole with increasingly harder thrusts. She moaned out her words. “I want Mark to get in some tongue work practice on this trip. If not with me, then with you.”

“Cindy – ” Stef began.

“Lay down on the chair and spread your legs,” Jason said. His baritone voice reverberated through the room. Stef immediately obeyed her husband’s command without any further backtalk. She scrunched her eyes shut while her hands held her pussy open for my pleasure and exploration. I stood over her, transfixed by the beauty of her shiny pink inner recesses.
“You goin’ to stand there all day, man? I’m sure you know what to do with one of those units.” Jason glanced at Cindy, who writhed on his lap. “Then again, from what I’ve heard maybe you don’t.”

“I haven’t forgotten. I just haven’t been properly inspired to perform lately, that’s all.” A cheap shot, but one that struck the bull’s-eye. Cindy flinched as if slapped. Served the bitch right. Why would she tell Jason intimate details about our sex life, anyway? That’s obviously what had happened. After that revelation, I didn’t hesitate anymore. I dove straight into the salty, tangy depths of the Mediterranean sea. I vowed to make this experience unforgettable for Stef. Unforgettable for Cindy and Jason, too. I’d show them how a real man treated a quim.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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