His Black Master Ch. 06

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Abella Anderson

Red walked into the warehouse. “Hey Ty, is Kevin around?”

Ty turned and smiled at Red. “I have him cleaning out some storage units. Want me to get him for you?”

“Nah, that’s ok,” Red said as he walked up to Ty. “Could you do me a favor and give him a ride home tonight? I have to leave a little early today.

“No problem Red, I would be happy to give Kev a ride home,” Ty replied, grinning from ear to ear.

“Thanks for being so good to my son, he really likes you, Ty.” Red’s voice trailed off as he walked back to the office.

Kevin had more than half of the contents in the storage room emptied out when he heard footsteps. He looked up and saw Ty heading his way. He felt butterflies in his stomach as Ty approached.

“Hey Kev, are you almost ready to go? We have to go meet the guys and help finish up the move.”

Kevin looked at the clock; it was only 12:30 and he heard Ty tell the guys he would be there at 3:00. Kevin looked around to make sure they were alone before he answered. “Yes, Sir,” he said with a smile. He was going to like calling Ty ‘Sir’.

They hopped in the Escalade and drove off. Ty looked over at Kevin. “Your dad asked me to drive you home after work, he had somewhere to go.”

Kevin’s heart started to race wondering what, if anything, Ty had planned. Kevin was silent.

The Escalade was stopped at a red light, getting ready to turn onto the highway. Ty leaned back and unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing black cock. Kevin licked his lips; he could still taste Ty’s cum from earlier in the day and he wanted more, but he knew better than to touch Ty’s cock without permission.

The light turned green and the Escalade rolled onto the highway. Ty looked over at Kevin. “What you lookin’ at?” he asked in a stern voice.

“Nothing, s-sir,” Kevin said quietly.

“Nothin’, nothin’,” Ty laughed as he took hold of his throbbing 12″ cock and hit it several times against the steering wheel. He pointed is blood engorged cock at Kevin. “Does this look like nothin’ to you boy?”

Kevin was nervous thinking he had pissed off Ty. “S-s-sorry, Sir,” he said with a quivering voice.

“Talk to me boy. I want to hear you ask for it,” Ty said through gritted teeth.

Kevin took a deep breath. His head was spinning. He wanted to jump over the seat and worship Ty’s big black throbbing cock. He needed to smell it, lick it and taste it. It was all Kevin could think about. Kevin could barley say the words, his voice was soft and weak as he spoke. “I want to suck your cock, Sir.”

“What?” Ty growled as the Escalade sped up.

Kevin cleared his throat and began to speak. “I want Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort to suck your cock, Sir.”

“I don’t give a fuck what you want,” Ty shouted. “Didn’t yo momma teach you any manners little man? You ask fo’ what you want.”

Kevin cleared his throat. His eyes were locked on Ty’s hard cock. “May I suck your cock, Sir?” Kevin’s voice was much stronger this time.

Ty reached over and grabbed Kevin by the base of his head as he pushed Kevin’s face into his balls. Kevin took a deep breath. The smell of Ty’s sweaty balls excited him. He could still smell his saliva and Ty’s cum from earlier in the day. Kevin’s tongue flickered across Ty’s swollen balls. He desperately wanted to taste the precious fluid they contained. When Kevin reached the underside of Ty’s cock head, Ty let out a moan. That urged Kevin further. He lapped at the pre-cum that was flowing from his cum slit. Kevin paused to rub his tongue to the roof of his mouth to get a proper taste. Kevin was growing to love the enticing flavor.

“You like how I taste, boy?” Ty asked in a low sexy voice.

“Yes, Sir,” Kevin answered as he took the head of Ty’s cock into his hungry mouth.

The Escalade pulled into a parking lot and stopped. Ty grabbed Kevin by the back of the neck and pulled him off his cock. “C’mon we gonna get you some stuff,” Ty said in a gruff voice.

Kevin got out of the car and followed Ty towards a concrete building. There was a neon XXX sign in the window. Kevin’s hear began to race and he broke out in a sweat.

Ty swung open the door and Kevin followed him in. The place was relatively well lit. There was a big, burly tattooed man behind the counter. “Good afternoon, gentlemen,” he said in a gruff voice. “Can I help you find anything?”

“Wait here.” Ty’s voice seemed 10 octaves lower to Kevin. Kevin stood still as Ty walked around the store. There were a few other men milling about the store. There was a young scruffy looking guy that came over and winked at Kevin. “Hey there,” he said. “You wanna go in the back and uh…”

The burly man behind the counter cut him off. “That’s his daddy over there,” he said as he nodded his head towards Ty. “Leave the kid alone.”

Ty walked up to the counter with a few items. “Will that be all?” asked the burly clerk.

“Gimme ten dollars in tokens too,” Ty mumbled.

The clerk winked at Ty. “You got it, enjoy.”

Ty motioned to Kevin to follow him. They walked through a curtain into a very dark hallway. Kevin noticed there were little rooms with monitors in them. There were a few more men standing around. Ty went into the very last room on the right. Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort It was rather small and smelled like bleach.

Ty handed Kevin the bag containing the item he just purchased. Kevin’s hands were shaking as he opened the bag. Inside there were 3 black dildos in graduating sizes and a male chastity devise. Kevin’s eyes widened as he took out each item.

Ty laughed as he spoke as he pointed to the dildos. “Those are for you to practice with cuz’ I’m gonna take that sweet pussy of yos before you head out to school.”

Kevin felt like he was going to pass out at the thought. He took the chastity device out of the bag and look at it. He had no idea what it was.

Ty took it from Kevin and held it up. “This goes around your cock and balls so you can’t shoot. I don’t want you cummin’ unless I tell you to,” he said with an evil laugh.

Kevin’s head felt light. Part of him wanted to run but he knew he couldn’t. Ty had a strong hold on him already and although it scared him, Kevin knew he needed whatever Ty had to offer.

“Strip,” Kevin heard Ty say in a loud demanding voice. Kevin was frozen.

Ty grabbed Kevin by the front of his polo shirt. “Get naked boy,” Ty said as he shook Kevin.

Kevin put the items down and slowly began to take off his clothes. Ty grabbed them and put them on the bench. Kevin’s cock was rock hard with excitement.

“You got a nice body boy,” Ty barked. “Turn around.”

Kevin turned around and he felt Ty’s big black hand on his white ass. Ty first started to rub it gently then Kevin felt a hard slap across his ass, then another and several others. Kevin’s ass felt like it was on fire. He heard Ty unzip his pants and fall to the floor. Ty took off his shoes and boxers. He flipped his huge cock and it hit him in the stomach, while scratching his balls as he sat down on the bench.

“Get yo’ ass over here,” Ty demanded

Kevin turned around and saw Ty sitting on the bench; his legs were spread and his big black cock was rock hard. Kevin walked over to Ty and got down on his knees as if to pay homage to his massive black tool.

“Go ahead worship it,” Ty said as he shifted his eyes down to his cock.

Kevin moved his mouth toward Ty’s dick. Ty was rock hard and leaking like a faucet. Kevin loved the taste of Ty’s pre cum and there was plenty of it oozing out of his slit. Ty grabbed Kevin’s face and moved it lower. “Balls first,” he growled.

Kevin started to lap at his big black balls. He could taste the salty sweat and saliva from earlier. He ran his tongue up over each of them, lifting the sack with his mouth. Ty put both of his Ataşehir Vip Escort hands on the sides of his head and stared to direct Kevin’s mouth to his crotch.

He pushed Kevin’s face into his groin and he started to lick around the base of his dick and balls. Ty enjoyed having Kevin licking him and he kept Kevin there for a few minutes. Then Ty moved Kevin back to his nuts. “Take ’em both in your mouth and suck on them.” His balls were huge and Kevin could hardly fit them in his mouth without them rubbing against his teeth.

“Time to lick my asshole, boy,” Ty said as he slid his muscular black body down the bench to give Kevin access to his hole.

Kevin dove in. He ran his tongue between Ty’s asshole and balls, stopping at each end to give them extra attention. Ty was moaning loudly. Kevin stuck his tongue in Ty’s ass and planted his nose in Ty’s big black nut sack, savoring the scent of his balls as he licked his ass.

Suddenly Ty pulled Kevin’s face out from his ass. He grabbed Kevin by the hair directed him to his cock. Ty scooped some pre cum from his cock slit and shoved his fingers in Kevin’s mouth. “You like the taste of that shit, don’t you slut?”

Hearing Ty calling him a slut excited Kevin. He realized at that moment he was a slut, a slut for black cock. Ty’s fingers were still in Kevin’s mouth as he nodded his head yes.

Ty directed Kevin to his cock. “Jerk yourself off while you suck me,” Ty ordered.

Kevin didn’t need any encouragement, his cock was rock hard and his balls hurt. He started to pull on his dick while he sucked Ty’s massive black cock. Kevin worked Ty’s cock head well before starting to move deeper down his shaft.

Kevin had been sucking on Ty’s cock a few minutes when Ty shouted, “Here it comes!” and he pulled his cock out of Kevin’s mouth.

His first shot went straight up Kevin’s nose. Then four more thick strings shot across Kevin’s face and into his hair. As the hot cum hit Kevin’s face, he lost it and shot his load on the floor.

As Ty’s orgasm subsided, Kevin dove back onto his cock and ate the last few spurts. His cum was thick and delicious. Kevin kept it in my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. Ty said, “That’s a good boy,” and then rubbed his hand through the cum on Kevin’s face. He made sure that every inch of Kevin’s face was covered with his cum. Then he put his hand in front of Kevin’s mouth and told me to lick him clean. Kevin gladly obliged, sucking every finger and digging his tongue into every crease on his huge black hand.

Kevin’s cock had finally softened. Ty took the chastity device and clamped it around Kevin’s cock and locked it. The steel felt cold and heavy on Kevin’s cock.

Ty pulled up his boxer and pants. “Get dressed boy, we got to meet up with the crew.”

Kevin got dressed, picked up his dildos and followed Ty down the dark hall. Kevin could feel Ty’s cum drying on his face.

They jumped into the Escalade and headed over to meet the crew.

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