Holding Nothing Back, The Sequel

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*Note to readers: After telling someone who emailed me asking me to write another chapter to a recent story I never do that, I’m doing that. I should have said almost never. My apologies even though I seriously doubt she’ll read a story about smoking.

I’m also fulfilling two requests from another reader who asked for the MC to smoke VS 120s and wear Louboutin heels. 🙂

**Standard disclaimer for stories about smoking: Yes, this story deals with the fetish of smoking. If that offends you, please find another story to read without wasting your time or mine by leaving a negative comment which will just be deleted. Additionally, please spare me the lecture about smoking and its associated health risks. In all cases, life comes with a death sentence. There are NO exceptions. What we do in between birth and death is a matter of personal choice. As long those choices are legal and harm no one else, they are the individual person’s decisions and theirs alone.

Many men find women who smoke to be incredibly attractive for a variety of reasons. I’m not going to try and justify it because it’s a fact. For those who find that unlikely, I can assure them the internet is full of videos and stories on this topic and they can find out for themselves.


“I haven’t forgotten about your birthday, honey.”

“I know. Me, either. I’m so excited about this and even though she won’t be ready by my birthday, I am going to find a pretty girl to mentor in my image.” Bradley smiled as she put her arms around her husband and said, “And no worries. I will never, ever try and coerce someone to start smoking. I’m sure I can find a willing young girl out there somewhere who’ll be more than happy to do so.”

“I have no doubt about that, honey. But finding one willing to start smoking and join us in the bedroom may be more than even you can do,” Eric told his beautiful wife.

“I can be very determined and persuasive. Look, you were sweet enough to say ‘yes’ to my birthday wish to bring a pretty young girl into our bedroom so I happily said ‘yes’ to your challenge to get her to start smoking first. Once I do, it’s a classic win-win for both of us, right?”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Eric told her. “And yet, as I recall, you were very hesitant about starting yourself if you remember.”

“Was I ever! After you left for Advanced Camp, I spent time with my sister every day trying to get to the point where I could stand to get through most of just one cigarette so I could do it for you ‘on special occasions’ once you got home.”

“Right! And how long did that take you?”

“The first three weeks you were gone, it wasn’t exactly pleasant. The fourth week wasn’t as bad but it wasn’t enjoyable. I’d say after the full six weeks, I finally didn’t mind smoking one cigarette, but I had no intention of ever smoking all the time.”

“And yet now you do. And you love it,” he said kissing her soft lips.

“That’s an understatement,” she told him. “I find myself looking forward to my next cigarette as soon as I light one. To say I love smoking just doesn’t do justice to how much I enjoy it.” Bradley kissed him and said, “And my sweet little girl will, too.”

“So have you even identified your protege yet, sweetheart?”

“I have,” she said happily. “You’ve seen her many times, in fact.”

“Are you talking about the girl with the long, dark…um…greasy hair who lives upstairs?”

“Uh-huh. Exactly.”

“The one with the alcoholic dad or uncle or whatever he is? The guy who yells all the time?”

“Yep, one and the same. She always looks so awful because she doesn’t have nice clothes or makeup, but you can tell she’s really pretty.”

“Yeah, I feel so sorry for her. I don’t think that guy even lets her buy shampoo. I hope there’s nothing…you know…’going on’ in that hell hole.”

“Well, if there is, then this whole thing is off and I’m calling the cops. I know she graduated from high school in June, but other than that, I don’t know anything about her. Once I win her trust, I’ll do a little probing. Since she’s a legal adult, child services wouldn’t be getting involved, but if he turns out to be a sicko, we’re definitely getting her out of there.”

“Agreed. Getting an adult to do something willingly like smoking or having sex is one thing. Doing…that…to your daughter or niece is another altogether. I’ll be right there beside you if it turns out that he…you know.”

“Well, let’s hope that’s not the case.” She kissed him again then said, “And let’s do hope she and I hit it off and bond right away.”

“Hmmm. You’d be very hard for anyone to resist. Trust me on that, Bradley. You are the sexiest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.” He pulled away and said, “And that was before you started smoking and drove me even crazier.”

“Speaking of smoking…” she said. “I’m dying for one right now.” She reached for a Virginia Slims menthol light 120 and lit up taking a very deep inhale.

“When did you switch to 120s?” he asked.

“This is my first Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort pack,” she told him. “It just made sense, you know? I love smoking so much this gives me several extra drags per cigarette, so…” Bradley took a monster inhale followed by another one then exhaled a huge plume of dark-blue smoke. “And I love the way they look and taste.”

“You might want to leave right now and go talk to your/our future girlfriend unless you want to find yourself in bed getting fucked very hard while you smoke.”

Bradley inhaled again and as she exhaled she said, “Normally, I’d be heading for the bedroom without being taken there, but I want to catch her on her way to work or wherever she goes each morning. Her crazy dad or uncle seems to keep a pretty tight leash on her. I don’t even know her name yet!”

“Good luck,” he said as she kissed him goodbye. “And good hunting.”

As he watched his gorgeous wife walk outside, cigarette in hand, he looked back on his life since getting out of the Army. Meeting Bradley was the best thing that had every happened to him and her willingness to start smoking made him love her even more. And truth be told he found himself almost as excited as she was about finding a pretty, young girl to join them in their lovemaking after getting her addicted to smoking. Just the thought of it had him so hard he was going to have to take his wife to bed when she got back inside no matter what.

Bradley waited halfway between their apartment complex and the bus stop. As the girl approached, Bradley smiled and said, “Hi! Good morning.”

The girl was walking with her arms folded in front of her and her head down. It was early September and just starting to get cool in the mornings. She was wearing a faded pleated black skirt, a yellowed-looking white blouse, and an old black cardigan sweater with some scuffed up black shoes. “Oh, hi,” she said quietly.

Bradley walked alongside her and said, “My name’s Bradley Phillips. My husband Eric and I live downstairs. I see you all the time, but we’ve never even talked. I just wanted to say hello.”

“Oh, um…I’m McKinley. McKinley Adams,” she said without looking over at her.

“Wow, that’s a beautiful name. It’s perfect for such a pretty girl.”

“Who—me?” she said without looking up.

“Yes, you! You have such a pretty face and those really beautiful eyes. So the name fits. How did you end up with such a unique name if you don’t mind me asking?”

They got to the bus stop and McKinley said, “My dad used to be a mountain climber. So was my mom. They both climbed Mount McKinley the year before I was born You know back before it became Denali again.” She still hadn’t looked at Bradley. “Two years later they were climbing Mount Everest when my mom was killed in an avalanche. My dad almost died, too, but they rescued him a day later.”

“Oh, my God! Oh, honey, I’m so sorry!”

“It’s okay. I never really knew her. But…it…it just changed my dad so much,” she sad, the sadness dripping from her voice.

“Well, listen. We’re celebrating my birthday this Sunday here in the apartment. We wanted to invite you to come down and join us. You know, just so we can get acquainted. I feel so terrible for letting all this time go by and not even saying ‘hello.’ Would you like to come?”

McKinley looked at her for the first time and said, “You want me to come to your party?”

“It’s not exactly a party, sweetheart. It’s just Eric and I having some cake and maybe a glass of champagne. We both just really want to get to know you and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

“I don’t want to spoil it for you,” she said as though she somehow believed her presence could do that.

“What do mean by spoiling it? McKinley, we would love nothing more than for you to join us. You can stay as long as you like or leave as soon as you like, but won’t you at least please come?” Bradly put her hand on her forearm and pretend-begged her saying, “Please, please, please?”

McKinley tried not to smile, but one broke out anyway. “Well, I guess I could ask my dad if it’s okay. Also, my birthday was just last week so I could kind of pretend it’s my party, too, I guess. Or my non-party?”

Bradley smiled at her comment then said, “Seriously? Oh, then you’re definitely coming! We’ll have a combined non-party and it’ll be so much fun! Please do! We really, really want you to come. Anytime from 6-10pm is fine. Just come down whenever you like, okay?”

“I don’t know what to get you, though,” she said once again looking away from Bradley.

“Nothing! McKinley, I don’t want a present. I just want your…presence. That will be the perfect gift for me and for my husband.”

The play on words made her smile again. “Well…I guess that’d be okay then. I don’t think my dad would mind me being gone for an hour or two.”

“Wonderful! We can’t wait! I’m so glad we finally got acquainted!” Bradley put her arms around her in a platonic way and gave her a brief hug. McKinley raised her hands slightly and put her forearms on Bradley’s waist but that was it.

“So we’ll see you then, okay?” Bradley said with a beautiful smile as she began to walk away.

“Okay. Bye,” McKinley said as she waved weakly.

That Saturday, Eric picked up a cake he’d had made for Bradley wishing her happy birthday and all his love and he also had ‘Happy Birthday, McKinley!” put on it with a smiley face. He picked up a bottle of champagne…well, sparking wine to be technical since it wasn’t from that region of France, and headed to one more store before going home.

He stopped to pick up some party decorations at Target and got everything up while Bradley was out doing some shopping as one of her birthday presents. Eric knew that too, was a win-win for both himself and for Bradley. With the weather turning cooler, she’d once again be wearing the sweaters he loved so much and she got the enjoyment of going shopping and wearing whatever she bought.

This time, Bradley also bought a pretty white sweater and a black skirt for McKinley, who like Bradley, appeared to be about 5′ 6″ and maybe a 110 pounds. She was very thin but not skinny, per se, and Bradley thought she might be about a full-B cup in the boob department—just a bit smaller than her own small-C cup size. She had them wrapped in pink birthday paper with white ribbons and a pretty white bow. Bradley also picked up a birthday card from Hallmark and wrote a personal note to McKinley then signed it before asking Eric to do the same.

Bradley got home and changed into one of her new outfits, a beige sweater and matching skirt a pair of 3-inch heels. She picked out a gold necklace and matching earrings and although she rarely wore lipstick, she added a copper color to her lips and was very pleased with the final result. She hadn’t smoked for almost an hour and a half and her skin was starting to crawl as she stepped out onto the little patio and lit up a 120 and took two long, deep inhales.

Eric looked very nice, too. He wore a dark-red sweater over a dark-blue button-down shirt with a pair of Levis 501s and some dark-blue Topsider shoes. “Wow! Look at my handsome husband,” Bradley said when she came back inside. She knew he was dying to kiss her so she walked over and put her arms around her. “So…if we’re lucky, McKinley should be here any time.”

She kissed him and heard him moan as he tasted the smoke on her lips. “I never get tired of that,” he told her and she teased his tongue with her own.

“You better not,” she said. “Because I have no intention of ever quitting smoking.”

“Mmmm. I hope that’s a promise,” he said as he kissed her again.

“And with any luck, you’ll be able to kiss another girl who smokes in a few weeks. But only after I’m done kissing her first.”

“You are positively evil,” Eric said smiling. He grabbed her ass with both hands and said, “Don’t ever change.”

Bradley laughed then flinched as the doorbell rang. “She’s here!” she said excitedly. “Is my hair okay? Should I touch up my lipstick?”

“You’re fine, honey. In fact, you’re perfect. Just relax and enjoy yourself, okay?”

Bradley took a deep breath then went to the door with her husband. He opened it up to reveal McKinley standing there wearing the same things she’d worn the last time Bradley saw her. “Hi! You must be McKinley. I’m Eric. Please come in. We’re so glad you’re here!”

“Hi,” she said shyly. She held out a card in a white envelope and handed it to Bradley. “Happy birthday,” she told her in her subdued voice as she stepped inside.

Bradley took it and saw her name on it written in calligraphy and held it to her chest. “Oh, my goodness. This is so special! Thank you so much, McKinley! You didn’t need to do this.” She gave her another platonic hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

McKinley said, “It’s just a card. I hope you like it.”

“I do! I love it. Thank you, sweetheart. Come in and sit down, okay?”

She showed Bradley to the living room and offered her a comfortable seat on their sofa. “We were just getting ready to have a glass of champagne. Would you like to join us?”

“Oh, I’m only 19. I don’t think I’m allowed to drink alcohol,” she said sincerely.

“Nonsense! It’s one small glass of champagne and it’s your birthday, too, honey. Eric? Would you pour a glass for our other birthday girl too, please?”

“Coming right up!” he called out. Moments later he came in carrying all three glasses and handed the first to their guest. “Happy birthday, McKinley.”

“Thank you,” she said quietly. She was sitting straight up with her knees together looking down at her glass.

“One for you, my love,” he said to Bradley as she took her glass. He kissed her and said, “Happy birthday to the love of my life.”

“Ah! Thank you, Eric. I love you, too. Isn’t he sweet, McKinley?”

“Oh, yes. He’s very nice to you.”

Bradley leaned over and again put her hand on McKinley’s forearm and said, “And he’s SO handsome, right?”

McKinley laughed for the first time and immediately covered her mouth. She had a beautiful smile to match her gorgeous eyes and both Bradley and Eric saw the underlying beauty Bradley assured him was there.

“To the beautiful birthday girls!” Eric said raising his glass. Bradly extended hers to McKinley who touched hers to Bradley’s then to Eric’s.

All of them took a sip and McKinley burped. “Oh, my gosh. I’m so sorry! It’s just so…bubbly.”

“Is this the first time you’ve tried champagne?” Bradley asked.

“Yes. Well, no. I’ve taken sips out of my dad’s beer bottles when he’s done, but that’s it.”

“It’s an acquired taste, sweetheart,” Bradley told her. “Some of the finer things in life are like that. Champagne, wine, caviar…smoking. It just takes a little getting used to, but you’ll find they can be very enjoyable if you give them a chance.”

Eric and Bradley laughed as he asked McKinley, “What do you think? Do you like it?”

She took a third small sip and said, “I feel a kind of tingling in my lip or something.” She pulled on it slightly then realized what she must look like. “I’m so sorry. That was very impolite of me.”

“Not at all,” Eric said. “It’s something many people experience the first time or two when they drink. It’s kind of fun!”

“Yes, it is,” McKinley said in agreement. “I think I like champagne.”

“Wonderful!” Bradley said. “You can have another glass later on if you’d like.”

Eric chimed in saying, “Okay, girls. How about we do birthday cake and presents?”

“Yes! Let’s do that,” Bradley said.

“Oh, wait. I thought you said I didn’t need to bring a present so I didn’t.”

“McKinley, you didn’t need to bring one. Remember how I said your presence was my present?”

She smiled as she said she did remember that.

Eric carried the cake into the living room and set it on the coffee table in front of the girls. He sat between them on the couch and waited for them to react.

“That’s so sweet, Eric!” she said. “Thank you! And I love you, too.” As she kissed him, she saw McKinley staring at the cake and she thought she might be tearing up.

“Are you okay, McKinley?” Bradley asked.

She nodded and used the sleeve of her faded cardigan to wipe away her tears. “I’ve never had a birthday cake before. It’s so beautiful. I don’t want to cut it.”

“Then we won’t, sweetheart,” Bradley said. “This is your birthday, too, so we can leave it just as it is. In fact, you can take it home with you.”

“Yeah, I’ll carry it upstairs for you,” Eric told her.

“Oh, no thank you. I don’t think my dad would like that.”

The couple looked at themselves and Eric stood up letting Bradley slide over next to her. He went back into the kitchen and Bradley put her arm around McKinley’s shoulders. “Honey? Is everything okay at home? I’m not trying to be nosy, I just need to know you’re okay.”

“Um…sure. My dad just really needs me, you know. He’s so sad and lonely.”

“Because of your mom?” she asked.

“I guess. I mean, I never knew him before she died. Not really anyway. But he started drinking after that and…he kind of drinks a lot.”

“But he’s not mean to you, is he?” Bradley asked as she softly pushed her stringy hair back over her ear exposing her pretty face.

“He yells sometimes. But he doesn’t hit me or anything. He just gets mad if we run out of beer and I still can’t go buy it for him.”

“Does he like you to stay home with him?” Bradley asked very sweetly.

McKinley nodded. “I don’t really have any friends except at work, you know.” She quickly added, “But that’s okay because Daddy really needs me.”

“Honey? When you say he ‘really needs you’ he doesn’t…you know…touch you or anything, does he?”

Bradley worried that McKinley might get defensive and leave. Instead she just shook her head and said, “Oh, no. Never. But he gets sick a lot. From all the drinking maybe, and I’m afraid to leave him alone too long.”

“But you do go to work, right?”

“Just from 8-2 during the week. That’s when my dad mostly sleeps.”

“Well, listen. I want you to know our home is open to you any time. Any time at all, okay? If you ever just need a girlfriend to talk to…or even a nice guy friend like Eric, we’re here for you.”

“Thank you,” McKinley said softly. “You guys are so nice to me.”

“Okay, time for presents!” Eric said sensing a lull in the sad conversation.

He brought them out and set them on the table next to the cake. There was one for Bradley and three for McKinley.

“What are these?” she asked.

“They’re for you, honey,” Bradley told her. “It is your birthday, right?”

McKinley was tearing up again and Bradley put her arm back around her. “What’s wrong, sweetie?”

She shook her head and sniffed several times. “I’ve never had a wrapped present before, either,” she said trying not to cry. “My dad bought me a doll when I was seven but it was in the box. These are so pretty.”

Eric kneeled in front of her and took her hand. “So are you, McKinley. You’re a very pretty girl and pretty girls should have pretty things.” He handed one of them to her and said, “Go ahead. Open it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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