Holiday Romance

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It was a typically hot morning and Lucy Small had managed to get a sun lounger in her favourite spot by the hotel pool. It was July and she was on a week long holiday in Italy, with her parents, taking advantage of the long break between finishing her school exams and starting her course at university in the autumn.

Her parents were gone for the day, visiting the ruins of a roman villa. From beneath the shade of the large umbrella, listening to her mp3 player, the direction of her gaze hidden behind her prescription sunglasses, she settled back to watch.

What was she watching? The other guests round the pool, checking them out. This morning was a disappointment. The only other bathers were two older couples and their teenage sons. They were German, or perhaps Austrian, and, to be frank, with the exception of one of the boys, they were overweight. Worse still this hadn’t stopped them all wearing unflatteringly small and tight costumes. The one thinner boy, whose slimness made Lucy suspect that he must have been adopted, wouldn’t have attracted her even if she had been into boys, since he was a real show-off.

Just when Lucy had resigned herself to wasted morning, there was a new arrival. With short brown hair, curvaceous and wearing a strappy white bikini with black polka dots, she paused for a moment and then began to walk round the pool, in the direction of Lucy.

The curvy beauty stood before her, reached behind her back, unfastened her bikini top and took it off, freeing her fantastic boobs.

“Come and lick these for me Lucy” she invited, cupping her breasts and holding them forward…

“Excuse me.”

The voice penetrated Lucy’s day dream. She’d been having daydreams like this since that party at Rosie’s (her best friend) where they had ended up sharing a single bed together. Nothing much had happened beyond some kissing and stroking, but Lucy couldn’t help wishing it had gone further.

Flustered, she looked up. The new arrival at the pool was standing beside her.

Lucy replied, “Sorry I was miles away. What did you say?” She felt the colour rising in her cheeks.

“I asked if this lounger was taken.”

“Oh, no, that’s fine, please sit there.”

Inwardly Lucy winced. ‘Please sit there’? How pathetic did that sound, she thought?

“I’m Lucy by the way,” she added.

“Rebecca,” replied the brunette, “but my friends call me Bex.” She was amused by the young woman’s visible embarrassment, but said no more.

Lucy broke the silence. “I’m just going in for a dip, back in a minute,” adding after a tiny but distinct pause, “Bex.”

Bex watched as Lucy, took off her sunglasses, pulled her long dark hair back into a ponytail, walked over to the pool, sat down on the edge and then lowered herself into the pool. She registered with approval the long slender legs and small, firm bum the young woman possessed.

For Lucy the dip in the cooling water was a chance to regain her composure. Faced with a beautiful woman, she had blushed and babbled like an idiot. Also, without her glasses she couldn’t see very well and her short-sightedness meant she couldn’t gauge Bex’s reaction to her, which she suspected was unfavourable. Even as she swam, her mind filled with thoughts of the older woman’s magnificent, in Lucy’s view, figure. Feeling better she got out and returned to the lounger. With out her glasses she was unaware that Bex watched her intently on her way back. This time Bex noticed Lucy’s small breasts and flat tummy. She also noticed that Lucy was not yet very tanned. Lucy had a slightly awkward air, not quite in control of her long limbs.

‘One day she’ll realise how elegant and graceful she is,” Bex reflected.

“Feeling better, Lucy?”

“Yes thanks, Bex, it’s lovely in there.”

Lucy sat on the lounger; her legs curled beside her and dried herself.

“You’d better put some sun block on, you don’t want to burn,” advised Bex.

Lucy sprayed on some lotion and then rubbed it in over her front. For a moment she imagined how nice it would be if Bex were applying the lotion.

“Turn round, I’ll do your back,” offered Bex.

Lucy couldn’t believe her luck. She sat still as a statue while the older woman rubbed the sun block over her shoulders and back, on the verge of drifting bursa evi olan escort into another erotic day dream.

“Lay on your front and I’ll do your legs,” offered Bex.

Lucy did as she was told. The feel of Bex’s hands rubbing the sun block all over her legs began to arouse her, unleashing a tingling feeling in her pussy.

Unbeknown to Lucy, Bex was enjoying the feel of Lucy’s long slender legs equally as much. It was only with some difficulty that she resisted the temptation to fondle Lucy’s bum! She too was getting aroused.

“All done!” Bex announced.

Lucy turned over praying that the growing moistness she felt wouldn’t be visible through her bikini bottoms.

A period of idle chit chat followed, both women keeping the conversation light and inconsequential, a million miles away from their current feelings. Bex took the first step in that direction and invited Lucy to join her for lunch.

“Only if you’ve nothing better to do,” Bex added, giving Lucy the chance to refuse.

“No, that’d be great, I’d love to.”

“Great, we’ll go back to my room and order from room service.”

Bex’s room was on the top floor and, as she explained to Lucy, it cost extra, but came with the benefit of a sun terrace and a beautiful view across the Bay of Naples.

“My room has a view of the bins and is just bigger than a cupboard. Yours is awesome!” gushed Lucy, “That view is fantastic!”

“You’ll love it even more tonight when the lights across the bay are all lit up like fairy lights.”

Lucy didn’t say anything but inside she was singing with joy and the words ‘you’ll love it even more tonight’ and the implication that she was invited to spend the rest of the day with her new friend and object of desire.

Lunch was delivered and eaten as the chat became more about each other. Both women tried to casually find out snippets of information about the other. Both were delighted to discover the absence of either husbands, boyfriends or other male partners in their lives.

“Lucy, I have a question.”

“Go on…”

“One of the advantages of the terrace is that it isn’t overlooked,” Bex said. “I like to take advantage of that and do a little bit of nude sunbathing each day. Would you be ok with that?”

Bex’s words went straight from Lucy’s ears and turned into butterflies in her tummy and a tingling feeling in her pussy. Aware that she was blushing, she tried to sound nonchalant as she replied.

“That’s fine with me; in fact I might join you.”

Bex smiled broadly as she took her polka dot bikini off. Lucy stood transfixed looking at Bex’s breasts, full and inviting; then her gaze travelled down to Bex’s neatly trimmed bush. Then realising that she was staring, she looked away, and began to remove her own bikini.

“I don’t mind you looking, Lucy, you don’t need to be embarrassed. I’ve been checking you out too, you know.”

In Lucy’s imagination she took the bull by the horns.

“Actually Bex, I’m looking because I’m gay and I think you’re gorgeous!”

There was a pause. Lucy realised Bex was staring at her, with a broad smile.

“Do you mean to say that?”

“Say what…” Lucy began then, realising what she must have done, she cried “Oh no!”

She ran towards the door. With tears running down her cheek she fumbled with the lock. Mentally she scolded herself for her stupidity.

Bex embraced her and lead her away from the door.

“You can’t go out there Lucy.”

“I must, I’ve made a fool of myself! You must think I’m a total idiot.”

“You haven’t; I don’t; we need to talk about it and anyway, you’re naked, so you really can’t go out there!”

Then Bex kissed Lucy, gently on the lips.

“Are you…?” Lucy began.

Another kiss ended the sentence like a full stop.

“I am,” answered Bex.

They kissed again and for Lucy time stood still.

“Do you want to talk?” asked Bex.

Lucy nodded.

“Like this or do you want to get some clothes on?” Bex continued.

“Like this is ok,” Lucy replied, “after all, I’ve been thinking about it since we met!”

The two women sat on the bed; Bex reclining on the pillows at the headboard end whilst Lucy sat, legs curled beside her at the other end. altıparmak escort Bex allowed Lucy to tell the story at her own pace. It was achingly familiar to her in many ways. She could recall that moment of realisation that she was different. The feeling of confusion and of wondering what people would think was still with her. Right now she felt the tangible embarrassment that Lucy was feeling of succumbing to that overpowering desire to experience more and take the next step along the path that made you do stupid things.

“I guess your parents don’t know?”

“No way! They’d freak out.”

“Don’t feel you have to tell them. Wait until you’re ready. I knew when I was 14 or 15, but only told them last year. I’m 26 now and my Mum, bless her, still thinks it’s just a phase I’m going through! Come here, Lucy we both need a hug.”

Implicitly they both knew this was a comforting, consoling, nurturing hug, not a prelude to passion. Somehow that would have seemed cheap and tawdry after their intimate meeting of minds. The two women lay on the bed in their naked embrace, safe in each others arms.

They spent the afternoon by the pool, making plans.

When her parents got back that evening, Lucy was waiting for them.

“How did you enjoy your day, dear?” asked her Mum.

“I made a friend.”

She went on to tell them about her friend, Bex; none of the good bits of course, but with careful editing, enough to paint a positive picture of her. Consequently when they ‘happened’ to bump into Bex outside the dining room, she was invited to join the Smalls at dinner.

Bex and Lucy were on their best behaviour; no sly holding hands or lingering glances, but there was obviously a rapport between them. While Lucy, as arranged, took her time at the dessert trolley, Bex put the next stage into action.

“Mr Small…”

“Please call me John.” John interrupted.

“John, would you mind if I borrowed Lucy sometimes. It would be great for me to have some company and I promise to keep an eye on her.”

The Smalls agreed it would be good for Lucy to spend some time with Bex, who Mrs Small thought would be ‘like a big sister’ for Lucy. After dinner Lucy and Bex made their escape.

The lift door had barely shut behind the when they started kissing, passions dammed up since early afternoon flooding out.

Bex had a hand up Lucy’s skirt squeezing her bum, by the 2nd floor.

Not to be out done, Lucy had managed to get her hand inside Bex’s bra stroking her right breast by the 4th floor. By then the kissing had turned into an exchange of tongues. By the 6th floor Bex had tugged Lucy’s panties down and, as they embraced, gravity had finished the job. When they arrived on the top floor Lucy nearly tripped up, before stepping out of the panties, picking them up and exiting the lift with Bex.

They ran, hand in hand, along the corridor to Bex’s room, burst through the door and straight onto the bed. Prudently Bex remembered to check if the doo had shut. It hadn’t so she shut and locked it. Lucy was naked by the time she returned.

“Hurry up Bex!!” she squealed.

Bex pulled off her already unbuttoned blouse top and finished the job of removing her bra, before sliding her jeans and panties down in one go. She crawled cat-like on all fours across the bed the where Lucy lay waiting. She ran her hands over Lucy’s long dark hair and onto her face. They lay, facing each other, and kissed. As they kissed Lucy pulled Bex closer to her, so that their bodies pressed together.

The kisses strayed from lips, to forehead, nose, neck and shoulders and turned into licking and gently nibbling. Bex’s beasts pressed against Lucy in a way that delighted them both and she moved slightly to get her face closer to them.

Bex sensed her desire and moved up. Her breasts were tantalisingly close to Lucy’s face. She put her hand on it and steered it towards her mouth. Gleefully she took it in her mouth, continuing to suck and kiss it. She had been dreaming of this all day and it didn’t disappoint her. Her breasts were soft and yielding as she buried her face in them. She sucked a nipple into her mouth and licked and sucked on it. Bex let out a moan of pleasure, which encouraged Lucy; she was clearly doing something right.

While Lucy could have spent the rest of the evening on Bex’s breasts, Bex had other ideas and desires. She moved, turning slightly and took a position on top, kneeling between Lucy’s legs. For a moment she kissed Lucy’s breasts, smaller than her own, but no less sensitive; she felt Lucy stoke her hair. Then she moved lower again across Lucy’s smooth tummy and beyond. Gently and tenderly she placed kisses all round Lucy’s neatly trimmed bush and on her thighs, then licking her soft skin, getting closer and closer to her pussy.

Lucy was almost bursting with anticipation. Her pussy had been getting wetter and wetter all evening. She finally felt Bex’s tongue slide between the folds of skin of her pussy lips and she trembled at every touch. Bex skilfully used her tongue to open her young lover’s pussy lips wide apart, then began to lick her from clit to cunt and back again, over and over, lingering longer at each end every time. She sucked and licked at Lucy’s clit and pushed her tongue deep into her cunt, tasting her juices.

“I want you to cum Lucy, don’t hold back.”

“I won’t!” Lucy managed to reply, between moans of pleasure.

Bex began to centre her attention onto Lucy’s clit, kissing and licking and sucking it into her mouth. Lucy’s trembling became more and more extreme; she began to moan loudly. The feeling was more intense than she had ever experienced.

“Oh my god, Bex, yes!” she called out as her orgasm reached its climax. Her back arched, her whole body stiffened before she flopped back on the bed.

Naughtily Bex licked her again, making her whole body twitch.

“Bex, Bex please stop, it’s too much.”

Bex did stop but only after another twitch-inducing lick. Lucy lay totally exhausted and Bex moved up the bed to embrace her. They lay like this for a while.

“Good?” asked Bex.

“Totally amazing,” sighed Lucy. It was like she was in a day-dream, but this time it was real. “That was so much more, um” she sought in vain for the right word, “just totally more than when I’ve, um… fingered myself” she added shyly with a blush.

They kissed and Lucy got her first taste of her own juices on Bex’s lips. They kissed again longer and deeper, hands beginning to roam once again. Lucy was drawn once again to her lover’s breasts, but she knew this was only a beginning.

“I’d like it if you ate my pussy, but I’ll understand if you want to wait til later,” began Bex, concerned that things might be moving too fast for Lucy.

“Get on your back now, I can’t wait to taste you!”

Bex obeyed, marvelling at Lucy’s confidence. In fact behind the confident veneer

Lucy was nervous, scared that her first time might prove a let down to Bex. The first thing that struck Lucy as she gazed at Bex’s pussy was the smell, rich and musky, closely followed by the thought that Bex’s juices were almost dripping from her partly opened lips. She dived in, plunging her tongue between those lips, licking feverishly, concentrating on her lover’s clit.

“Hey, slow down a bit,” said Bex, “take your time!”

Cursing mentally, Lucy took the advice; her tongue movements became slower and more probing. As she pushed her tongue right inside Bex’s cunt, she felt a familiar tingle in her own; she realised just how much she was enjoying this too. After a while she felt it was time to concentrate on the clit. She took her clit into her mouth and began to lick and suck. Bex writhed appreciatively which encouraged Lucy and spurred her on.

Swallowing the intoxicating mix of saliva and her lover’s juices she sucked Bex’s clit into her mouth and kept flicking it with her tongue. Bex felt the sensation growing within her. Wave after wave flooded her senses with each flick, building to a juddering climax.

“Oh yes, Lucy!!” she yelled.

Both women relaxed and the passion subsided. Lucy lay with her head on Bex’s breasts, like a pillow, arms around each other, legs entwined, sharing the moment as one living entity.

They lay like that as dusk turned to night. Around midnight Bex led Lucy by the hand onto the terrace. They stood, naked, hand in hand looking at the view across the Bay of Naples. It was even more beautiful than Lucy had expected; the stars shining down, the moonlight reflected on the water and the lights of distant towns and villages strung out along the coast. Bex slipped her arm round Lucy’s waist and held her tightly.

It was the happiest Lucy had ever been.

“And this is only the beginning!” she thought.

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