Holly Ch. 01

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All characters are at least eighteen years old. Thanks go out to musicloverxo91 and boheminxen for their editorial assistance.

Holly Blaine walked down the steps of Glen Hill High. This spring Friday afternoon was beautiful with the temperature in the low eighties and sunny. The eighteen year old senior thought in a few weeks she would graduate and have the whole summer ahead to relax until going to college at State University in the fall. “The only downside to the end of summer will be leaving my friends behind,” she thought.

“Hey gorgeous, want a ride?” interrupted her thoughts. She turned and saw her boyfriend, Billy Barker, on a motorcycle.

“Where did you get that?” she asked with her mouth gapping.

“It’s my graduation present. My parents said they would get me a Kawasaki if I got the athletic scholarship at Mid State College. I did and here it is. Hop on and I will take you home, the long way,” he said, with his wicked grin that she loved.

“Billy, I’m wearing a miniskirt. There is no way I can ride on a motorcycle.”

“Come on, Holly. No one will see anything on the bike. Your skirt will cover you.”

“Just how do you suggest I get on that thing without everyone within a hundred yards seeing?”

“I will stand blocking anyone’s view.”

“What about you?”

“I’m not anyone,” Billy said, “Get on and let’s go. We have a few hours before our date and we can kill some of the time. You’ll still have time to make me wait.”

“Oh, alright, stop your pouting,” Holly said with a smile. She handed Billy her backpack and swung her leg over the seat. She flashed her green panties before she settled on the seat. While Billy was securing he books to the bike, “Billy, you know I’ve never been on a bike before, right?”

“Thanks for telling me, I will be gentle.” Billy grinned wickedly as he swung into the front seat, started the engine and goosed the gas. Holly felt the vibrations in her pussy as only the thin nylon fabric separated her from the seat.

Billy popped the clutch and the front wheel lifted off the ground. Holly grabbed him as hard as she could and held on for dear life. Holly screamed and started laughing. Billy went around some curves at what seemed like excessive speed to her, but actually was the speed limit. Things were much different on a motorcycle than in a car. Holly was enjoying herself as much as if she was on a rollercoaster at the amusement park.

Soon, Billy pulled into the Sandwich Shack,”I think I need a Coke, how about you?”

“Sounds like a winner,” Holly responded. “But how am I supposed to get off this thing without the whole town seeing my panties?”

“Very carefully, “Billy replied with his wicked smile. “Just swing your leg over quickly. Hold on to my arm to steady yourself. Otherwise you may be flashing more than you want.” Holly took his arm and quickly swung her leg over the saddle. Billy got another shot, but no one else saw a thing. He thought he saw moisture showing on the fabric. “She must really being enjoying this. More fun might be in store for us this evening.”

Billy came back to the table with two cokes. “You mean you have never been on a motorcycle before? You aren’t kidding?”

“Nope. I’m not kidding, first time.”

“How do you like it?”

“It’s great and I’m having a lot of fun. You startled me when you took off back in the school parking lot.”

“I noticed! I thought you were going to squeeze me to death.”

Holly laughed, “That was a matter of survival. I’m too young to die!”

Billy took her straight home without anymore wheelies. Holly still felt the vibrations working on her twat. When she got off the bike this time, there was a small wet spot on the seat. A flush came to her face from embarrassment, but she hoped Billy didn’t notice.

He had. “This could be a good night,” he thought.

“Pick you up at 6.”

“Sounds like a plan, man,” Holly replied, “It will be fun. I enjoyed the bike ride. I would love to ride with you again, Billy.”

“Anytime you want, my lady,” Billy replied with a bow. He gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “See you soon.”

Holly went in the house, said hello to her mother and went to her room. She removed her clothes in preparation for taking a shower and getting ready for her date. She noticed a strange feeling between her legs and when she removed her panties noticed the crotch was wet. “Who would ever think that a motorcycle ride could turn a girl on!” she thought.

Billy was five minutes early and, as he had predicted, Holly was late. He made small talk with her mother and father while he waited. At 6:15 she made her appearance wearing a dark blue tank top and black mini skirt.

“I don’t know whether I should let you go out with this bum dressed like that,” her father teased. Anadolu Yakası Escort Holly got a startled look on her face and turned to her mother.

“He’s teasing you,” she said with a laugh. “Go and have fun.”

“Remember you curfew is midnight, no later,” her father said.

“He’s not teasing about that!” her mother interjected, looking at both of them.

Holly said, “Let’s get out of here, time’s a wastin’.” Of course she was smiling when she said it. Billy’s eyes showed fear of what would happen if he got her home late.

When they got to the van, Holly told Billy, “Don’t worry. They are just teasing you. Although, I think they would start to get worried if I was very late getting home. It is part of being a parent, even though I am an adult.”

“You could have fooled me. I was looking for where your father keeps the shotgun!” They both laughed.

“Don’t worry; we will be home in plenty of time, as I don’t want them worrying any more than necessary. I remember when I went on my first date, I expected my father to come out and get in the rear seat!”

They pulled into the Sandwich Shack for dinner. They ordered and were seated when Mark and Molly came in. Mark was the star wide receiver on the team and another reason why the team is so successful. He was going to Mid State College with Billy. He was a tall, slender, dark haired fellow with an infectious smile and super friendly demeanor.

Molly was a short bubbly blonde who had an outgoing personality coupled with beauty and brains to match.

After they ordered Holly excused herself to go to the Ladies Room with Molly going with her. Holly was glad Molly picked up on her signal and after they were in the room said, “Molly, you are not going to believe what happened this afternoon!”

“I’m not? Try me.”

“After school Billy came by on a motorcycle to give me a lift home.”

“Whoa, you had on a short skirt today. You can’t ride on a motorcycle!”

“That’s what I told Billy. I learned you can!”

“You’ve got to be shitting me! You were showing your ass to the world!”

“Not really, “replied Holly, the only time anyone could see anything was when I swung my leg over to get on. Billy stationed himself to screen me. It worked and I think he saw my panties. So what, he is my boyfriend. However, what I wanted to tell you and get your opinion is that the vibrations stirred my pussy. I can see why as panties aren’t that thick. I noticed moisture on the seat when we got to my house. Do you think that is normal?”

“I really can’t answer that as I have never been on a motorcycle, let alone in a mini skirt; although, I can see where the vibrations could cause wetness. Remember, those vibrators we saw in that catalog?”

“I forgot about that. It’s probably normal and nothing to worry about. We better get back or our food will be cold and our boyfriends pissed.”

The friends talked for a while after they finished their burgers, fries and shakes. They walked to the parking lot together.

“Don’t forget we are double dating tomorrow to see the new bands at the Center tomorrow,” Holly said to them.

“How can we forget? Are we meeting here? Mark asked.

“Yes and we can take your car as there are not any seats in my van,” Billy replied. I will split the gas with you.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Don’t forget to ask for a later curfew from your parents Molly,” Holly called out.

“Thanks for reminding me. I completely forgot. Have you asked your parents yet?”

“Not yet. Shouldn’t have to, but while I am living under their roof, they get to make the rules.”

“Isn’t that the truth? Come fall we get to make our own rules when we get to college.”

Billy and Holly went to the amusement arcade and played various games. Neither one did any good on them. Finally Billy asked Holly, “Are you ready to quit this place or do you want more punishment?”

“No, I stopped having fun a long time ago, but thought you wanted to stay. Let’s go.”

As they had purchased drinks in the arcade, Billy drove out to the lovers’ lane. They were lucky as only a few vehicles were there this early since most movies were still playing. It would get crowded later. Billy found a spot nestled in some trees affording them more privacy as no one could park directly next to them.

“I think this is the best place we have ever had,” Billy said.

“I agree as no one can get next to us, even though seeing into the van is more difficult than a car.”

“Are you planning on doing something you don’t want anyone to see?”

“I’m not saying!” Holly replied.

Billy leaned over and Holly did the same. They shared a long kiss with their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. When they finally came up for air, both were starting to breathe Kadıköy Escort a little harder.

“So that was your first motorcycle ride today? I take it that you liked it?”

“Hell Yes!” Holly exclaimed. “It is like riding a roller coaster.”

“Let’s get in the back where it is more comfortable, said Billy. “Let me get it ready.”

“OK,” Holly replied. As he went back to the rear Holly thought, “He really is a great guy and intelligent too. He did all the work in the rear himself and managed to keep his dad from figuring out what he was doing. It really made sense as a car is too small to be comfortable and parents are not away from the house that often.”

“OK, you can come on back,” Billy said. She stepped between the seats to the rear. After she was in the back Billy drew the curtain across behind the seats.

“That is something new. When did you do that?” asked Holly

“Last week I finally figured out how to conceal the curtain in a long tube. Took me a long time to find what I wanted as I had to go all over town to find two that matched. This way no one can see in from the front. Wait a second while I check that the front doors are locked. We don’t want anyone sneaking up on us,” Billy said with that wicked smile of his.

While he was gone Holly looked around at what he had accomplished. There was an air mattress in the middle and indirect lighting which illuminated the area with a seductive glow. She never tired of seeing what he had done and still is doing. To her it is amazing and she just knew he would succeed in college studying engineering. He hadn’t yet decided what discipline he wanted to go into, but wouldn’t have to commit until his junior year.

When Billy came back, Holly was kneeling on the mattress. “Looks like someone is anxious to get started,” he said with that smile as he joined her.

“You never know until you find out,” Holly replied with her own smile. She leaned into Billy and gave him a French kiss. He gave as well as he got and eventually his hands started rubbing her back. Holly purred encouraging Billy to get a little more aggressive. He moved his hand to her side gently caressing the side of her left breast. When Holly didn’t protest, Billy continued until his hand covered her breast. He started gently moving over the mound and felt the nipple start to harden. Her right breast was next to receive the massaging action.

Holly moaned and pushed her breast into his hand, leading Billy to reach for the bottom of her top. He started upward under the top until he reached her bra where he resumed his ministrations. Holly was getting hotter and pushed into his palm. He slid his hand to the clasp at her back and squeezed the hooks open letting the strap separate. Billy reached to the hem of her top to pull it up. Holly surprised him by raising her arms so he could pull it over her head.

“I think you want to see my boobs, so enjoy,” she said coyly smiling as she slipped the straps off her arms and let the bra fall away. Billy gulped and Holly covered herself with her hands.

She lowered her hands so Billy could see them. He saw they were a perfect size, about a 36C, they just fit into his hand, with little sag, and nipples the size of pencil erasers set in the center of areoles the size of nickels. He reached out taking one tit in each hand, gently massaging each with his hands, drawing his thumb lightly over each nipple. Billy noticed both became more erect as Holly emitted a moan.

“Oh that feels so good!” she exclaimed while drawing in a deep breath, “Keep doing that.”

Billy then lowered her to the mat. “Now is where he will start to maul my breasts and that will be that. It has always been that way and I don’t know why guys want to hurt my boobs.” thought Holly. She got a surprise of her own when Billy continued his gentle massaging of her breasts and tweaking of her nipples.

“Oh, Billy, that feels so good. I have never felt this way before.” Billy then placed his mouth over the right nipple, gently sucking the knob into his mouth and lightly nipping. This really caused Holly to moan and she pushed her breast more into his mouth. She noticed a wetness forming between her thighs.

When Billy moved to give equal attention to her left breast, he moved his hand to her thigh. Holly was so enjoying his ministrations to her breasts; she didn’t realize he had his hand on her thigh until after he was under the short hem of her skirt. In her aroused state, she slightly spread her legs to give him easier access. Billy couldn’t believe his luck and continued moving his hand toward its goal.

Shortly he reached her panties and massaged her pussy on the outside. Holly reacted by lifting her hips increasing the pressure of Billy’s hand on her mound. “Billy that feels so good!”

Billy Ataşehir Escort replied, “It feels good to me too.” He then moved his hand to the crotch slipping his finger under the band. Her bush felt moist as he moved to trace the outline of her lips.

“Billy, we have to stop,” Holly said as she pushed his hand away.

“I thought you liked what I was doing,” Billy replied somewhat disappointed.

“I do, probably too much. That is the problem and we have to stop.”

“Do me a favor, Holly, and put your hand on the front of my jeans.” Holly complied with this request and found a solid mass inside attesting to Billy’s state of arousal. “You can take it out if you will give me a hand job,” Billy said breathlessly.

Holly didn’t think that request was unreasonable after Billy had stopped when she asked him. She reached over, unbuckled his belt, unfastened the button and pulled the zipper down. In the process, her hand brushed against his dick and she thought it jumped at her. Billy rose up so she could pull the jeans down and off. Holly was really interested now as he was going to see his cock, her first big boy cock! She reached for the top of his briefs to pull them down. Again Billy lifted up so she could remove them. He had to pull the band out as is dick got caught in his aroused state.

“I am ready to explode,” he thought, “I hope not as I will be so embarrassed.” Fortunately he didn’t shoot his wad when his briefs cleared his feet.

“There is no way this will fit in my tiny pussy,” Holly thought. “What do you want me to do?” she asked, “I have never done anything like this.”

“No problems,” Billy replied, “Just put your hand on it closing your fingers around it and gently move up and down on the shaft.”

Holly did as instructed, discovering a stiff rigid pole covered with soft skin. She moved up and down the shaft gaining a feel for lighter and more rapid. Billy indicated how she was doing ny his moans and groans.

“Holly, I am going to cum,” Billy panted, “You may want to put it in your mouth.”

“No way am I doing that!” she thought just as Billy’s cock twitched and there was an explosion of white substance out of the tip. It hit her on the shoulder startling her. “What the Hell!” she said. Holly looked at her shoulder and started laughing as she saw his sperm starting to run down onto her tit.

“I’m sorry!” Billy cried out when he came down from his bliss. “I will get a towel so you can cleanup.”

As Billy turned to get something for her, Holly put some on her finger and tasted it. “Hmm, tastes good. A little salty but not bad, I may have to try a blow job next time.” She thought. It would definitely be less messy.”

Billy came over with a roll of paper towels, ripped a couple off and started cleaning Holly up. He wiped her shoulder and her breast. When he rubbed over her nipple Holly giggled. “That tickles,” she told Billy. Soon he had her cleaned up.

“Are you sure I can’t do something to satisfy you?”

“You already have,” replied Holly

“I have?”

“Yes, I got to see your cock and a bonus as you just cleaned up,” she said with a smile. “L don’t know what got into me tonight as I had no intention of going so far. The only thing I can think of is that motorcycle ride home from school. Also, you were so gentle with my breasts, I appreciate that. Others have mauled them and I stopped the session right then for good. Where are my clothes?”

They found their respective garments and soon were on the way to Holly’s house. Billy parked in front and leaned over to kiss Holly as soon as he turned off the engine.”I enjoyed myself tonight,” he said.

“So did I,” Holly responded, “I learned a lot tonight and hope you are happy.”

“I sure am. Maybe you will let me pleasure you next time.”

“Maybe, but I don’t know if I am ready.”

“We don’t have to go all the way, there are other things we can do to have even more fun. Don’t forget we are going with Molly and Mark tomorrow.”

“I won’t, what time?”

“Around 6, I think. Any change I will call you.”

“Sounds good see you tomorrow,” Holly said as she kissed him deeply and then went into the house.

“How was your date?” Holly’s mother asked when she came into the family room.

“It was really great. Oh, by the way, we are double dating with Mark and Molly tomorrow. We are coing to see the bands at the Center. The show will not get over until late, so may I have an extension on my curfew?”

“You have a midnight curfew. How late can a show go?” he father asked.

“It doesn’t start until 8:30 and they play close to three hours so it wil be difficult to get back by midnight as it is over half an hour drive. You don’t want Mark to get a ticket trying to get back just to meet a curfew do you?”

“Alright, you have until 1 AM to get home. But remember young lady, if you are late, you will be grounded for a month. Do you accept these terms?”

“Yes, Daddy, you should know that I will be home on time. Thank you. I really appreciate this.” Holly kissed each parent and retired to her room.

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