Home for Christmas!

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On The train journey home for the Christmas break all I could think about was my first few months away from home, away from the dominance of mother and how I’d changed. Grown up was more like how I felt as a woman, not only losing my virginity but also the pleasure I’d discovered with my Jennifer. Now I was in for about eleven days of boredom, or so I thought at the time. Little did I know how that was going to change.

My first surprise was my Mother and her reaction to my appearance, walking in on her in my make up looking like a young woman should, but after a welcoming hug held me at arms length and looking at me said something like, “well well look at you, all grown up now.” She did not seem angry or upset, just said it in a matter of fact tone.

Christmas Eve I spent in town doing some last minute shopping, and ran into school chums I’d known, and they all seemed surprised at my appearance. Of course I was pleased with their remarks once they realized who I was, telling me how different I looked.

We had Christmas dinner at home with a couple more relatives joining us as well as Emma, who mother had invited as she would have have been on her own otherwise, so she was more than welcome. When Emma first saw me she stopped and stared saying, “wow look at you, you left home as a little girl and have come back as a full grown woman?” I was so pleased to see her too as we gave each other a welcoming hug.

We had exchanged gifts and finally sat down to dinner, it was wonderful in the candle light and during dinner mother had another surprise for me, allowing me to have a glass of wine with the meal. After I cleared the dishes away, (some things never changed with my mother) I could join the others and I was offered a glass of sherry, she had bought some for the festive season for everyone to enjoy. Sitting round the fireplace and sipping sherry made me feel really good, the first in a very long time at home with Mother and my Aunt.

Emma would occasionally look at me and smile as if she was still finding it hard to believe how different I looked, I knew she was happy for me, and as I told you I’d always liked her growing up for her treats like sweets etc. As mother wouldn’t approve of me getting too many sweets Emma would smile and quietly say something like, “this will be our little secret”, or “no one else needs to know” in a way that made me feel special.

I always thought she had Spanish looks, a big boned woman with Jet black hair an ample body and very pretty expressive eyes, during the evening she often made eye contact with me and I thought they were sparkling, but the wine was probably making me think that.

During the conversation Emma, as a school teacher was also off for the duration, and said she was going to re-wall paper her living room, and as had happened so many times before mother spoke up and offered my services to help her. Emma protested she didn’t need any help, but mother insisted saying it would give me something to do during the holidays. In a way I didn’t really mind as I liked Emma, still it would have been nice if I’d been asked by her rather than having mother making my decisions for me.

It was to be another day before she was to begin stripping off the old wall paper, so it was arranged I’d be there to help her. That first morning I got up early and threw on an old blouse and skirt and digging out my old bike rode over to her house. Emma met me at the door, took my coat and hung it up before ushering me into her kitchen where she insisted we should have a cup of tea first.

I sat at the table while she scurried around pouring the tea before dragging up a chair to sit close to me. I could see she bursa escort was excited as she took my hand in hers and started talking to me. Now I’m not going to pretend I remember exactly what she said to me after all these years, so what follows is how I remember it.

Clasping my hand she said something like, “my my look at you all grown up now and so pretty, hard to believe the difference only four months have made.”

I told you we had written to each other every week and told her about losing my ‘maidenhead’ to Derek, now she raised that and asked me to tell her all about how it happened. Sitting that close it was embarrassing, but she wouldn’t give up till I told her all about it.

Next she asked about Jennifer and insisted I tell her all about her. I had written a lot about Jennifer over the weeks and didn’t realize how much I’d told her about Jenny in my letters, and now holding my hand between hers pressed me for more details of our friendship. I danced all around the intimacy part but I couldn’t fool Emma, I realized later she had read between the lines in my letters to suspect there was something going on between Jenny and I.

Now sitting so close to me and I could see she was excited as she hung on every word I said, pressing me for every detail when at last she asked me if I loved Jennifer. I think I said, “of course I do, she’s my best friend there,” and Emma went on, “no dear, I mean did the two of you really love one another?” Sitting so close together there was no mistaking what she meant, only I didn’t know how I should answer her.

Caught unawares at the boldness of her question I looked away and kept silent, and in so doing I gave her the answer. Putting a hand on my cheek she turned my head so she could look me in the eye said, “that’s OK Rosalyn, lots of girls love one another and you are so pretty dear, who could blame her.” I felt so ashamed, here was this Teacher who I’d known all my life, probing me for my darkest secrets. Now she had her chair right up against mine and put an arm around me giving me a big hug, just holding me for a moment then kissed me on my cheek and brushed my hair away from my face.

Now she was whispering, “that’s OK dear lots of us women have done that, nothing to be ashamed of, it’s good to love a friend all the way like that.” I didn’t know what to say to that, she was holding me so close, cheek to cheek and brushing my hair with one hand then I felt her other hand on my knee. Intimidated, embarrassed or what I don’t know, she had been my friend as well as my mentor for so many years, I just sat there not knowing what to do.

The hand on my leg started to caress me and move slowly up, I just sat there letting her touch me as her hand crept up my leg to touch the bare skin above my stocking top. Gently she pried my legs apart and I didn’t really resist, I felt her breathing change as she kissed the corner of my mouth. The hand on my leg was caressing it so slowly and I was very conscious of what she was doing. Scared with what was happening yet didn’t try to stop her. She was murmuring to me about how beautiful I was, how she had always thought of me as, ‘her girl’ and that I deserved to be treated nicely.

My body was responding as she’d hoped, and soon I felt her fingers at my crotch and for a moment I closed my legs to trap her hand, she just left it there and in a minute I opened my legs again that she took to be a silent invitation to continue. Her lips were wet as they brushed mine, I closed my eyes and thought of Jenny, how sweet her kisses had been, now I was experienced that sweetness again as I felt her tongue push between them.

Her fingers were pushing my knickers bursa escort bayan into my pussy lips, stroking up and down. I held onto her as I opened my mouth to let her searching tongue push it’s way into it, weakening I began to suck on it. My orgasm hit with such force I called out and and she held on to me till I relaxed as the force subsided. “Like that” she whispered, I never answered her, just held on to her letting my body speak for it’s self.

Giving me time to recover she whispered, “let me see you dear” and started unbuttoning my blouse and took it off me, then unsnapped my bra and it fluttered to the floor too. She caught her breath as she ran her hands over my breasts cupping them, leaning forward kissing my nipples then pressed her face against them. There was no resistance as she had me move over to sit on her knee as she continued to kiss me, opening her legs to pull my knee into her crotch, pushing her dress up as if to let me feel her there.

She returned to rubbing my pussy through my knickers, then had me stand for a moment so she could pull then down below my knees, then when I sat back down she removed them altogether. She knew what she was doing, pushing one finger inside, then two into the depths of my pussy and out to caress around my labias, over and around my clitoris. I wanted to touch her in return, I felt my leg up against her crotch, her big breasts pressing against mine as she pulled me into her yet, I was too shy or scared to do anything.

Her breathing changed noticeably as she put her hand on my knees again, pulling them tight against her crotch for a moment kissing me again then whispered, “come on” and pushed me off her knee and got up.

She held my hand and led me through a little hallway and into her bedroom. I offered no resistance as she unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor and indicated for me to sit on her bed. Keeping her eyes on mine, a smile on her lips as she undid the buttons followed by the belt at her waist and pushed her dress off her shoulders and stepped out of it. Next she removed her bra letting her tits swing free, They looked gorgeous, I couldn’t help but stare at her dark nipples standing out against her pale skin. She then pushed her bloomers and girdle down together and stepping out of them. She took her time doing this until she was standing there smiling at me revealing the beauty of her body, her thick bush very dark against the whiteness of her skin, and glistening with the wetness our closeness had induced.

She was definitely full breasted and had generous hips, I trembled with anticipation as she moved closer; kneeling over me as she climbed onto the bed, and laid down beside me, then taking my hand placed it on her tit and whispered, “I want you to love me”. It felt so soft, so much bigger than Jenny’s and I knew what to do and began stroking her. She talked to me telling me what she liked as she held the tit I was stroking, then moving so I could play with her other one. She kept telling me what she liked as I kissed and sucked, first the one then she moved to offer me the other one. She was getting excited, her breathing changed as her pleasure grew and I was also excited to learn how I could please her with my caresses and kisses.

All the while she was looking into my eyes as if to gage my reaction, I was higher than a kite loving what I was doing to her yet still a little tense, but was soon rewarded with her moaning and movements, then holding my wrists held me tight for a moment as I felt her convulse as she had a climax. Now relaxing she took hold of my hand and moved it down then placed it on her vagina and pressing it against its lips, she was wet, escort bursa so wet as my fingers slipped easily between her lips to explore the depths of her vagina.

I had no difficulty in locating her clitoris, larger than mine, its erect shape under my fingers felt like … what? … A tiny teat or nipple? … something like that and so slippery. Such comparisons became irrelevant as my touch brought its effect. “Just one or two fingers and gently at first,” she instructed breathlessly, lying beside me she let me explore her anatomy and I quickly learned the technique she enjoyed, and in a very short while was rewarded by her cry of joy and that deep, internal shudder, which announces a woman’s orgasm, was transmitted to my own body.

We lay there for a while then slowly I felt her hands start to ever so to lightly caress me again, the way her fingers flickered lightly over my tits and tummy was delightful and soon I felt my body responding. We were kissing passionately and she moved on to her back and pulled me on top of her, thigh-to-thigh, breast-to-breast, face-to-face. She opened her legs wide raising her thighs then wrapped her ankles round the back of my legs to hold our pussy’s together. She cupped my face between her hands and kissed my lips again, getting more urgent this time as her tongue found its way into my mouth. I began to respond like I never had before, clasping my arms around her as I returned her kisses, pressing my mouth against hers and opening my mouth wide to invite her ever-questing tongue to probe me deeper.

With her thighs spread wide to accommodate me, a few wriggles brought my pubic arch to hers and I began to move rhythmically rubbing my pubis against hers. She moved in unison with me, our pubes pressing against each other in perfect harmony as I brought her to another climax. She whimpered and gasped as an incredible wave of pure delight swept through her. As the wave subsided and I felt her relax, I rolled off her so we lay side by side, one of her arms under me as she murmured endearments to me, maintaining my pleasure with voluptuous movements of her body and hands.

Suddenly she grabbed me in a big hug with her legs around my hips kissing me and said, “we better get going”. I had lost track of time, in fact I never even though about it, realizing she was right as she got up and began to put on her bloomers.

I lay on the bed, warm now, comfortable and full of an indescribable happiness, she handed me my knickers indicating for me to put them on. I put on my shoes and we spent the next few hours stripping wall paper dressed like that, except for a break for lunch. Later in the afternoon she made tea and we took another break then led me back to her bed for more lovemaking.

After it was getting on towards suppertime and she suggested we could finish the papering later, it was almost all stripped off anyway, so I got fully dressed. As I went to leave she gave me a light touch on my hand and smiling at me told me she was happy with me, it was the way she said it, full of emotion then as I was about to leave added, “this will be our best kept secret.”

That night I lay for a while in the dark thinking over what had transpired with Emma, I felt mothers strictness made me very shy and introverted, and Emma was perhaps taking advantage of that. If I had said anything to anyone who would have believed me? She being a respected school teacher and I was not only a teenager, but seen by some as a bit of a loner and perhaps weird as a result.

I recalled the delights she had introduced me too, so different from Jennifer’s love making, and I loved every minute if it. She had specifically asked me to make love to her, “I want you to love me” is what she’d said. It seemed as if her love making to me was to show me what she wanted me to do to her, what else did she have in store for me? I could hardly wait for tomorrow to come to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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