Homosexual Humiliation

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My name is Subhash kaloo I am 30 years old married for the last 6 years to Nirmala, residing in England. We are from an Indian Hindu background. Our marriage is open and consequently enjoy a wide and varied sex life, but was becoming routine.

My story began 5 years ago, Nirmala and I regularly watch pornographic films of all types while we fuck. She never really liked giving oral or recieving anal she is however very submissive but sometimes I want her to dominant and humiliate me. She knew of my desires, but considered them too kinky for her.

I use to buy a adult contact magazine and would masturbate while reading the adverts from couples, and singles looking at their photos.

I once sent in a photo of Nimi I took of her in our garden bending over with her panties down to her knees and dress over her back showing off her big wide brown naked bottom. Asking for big men to fuck her. We got plenty of replies but she never really fancied any of them.

I also read the adverts from gay men in the homosexual section of the magazine. The idea of sex with a man didnt repulse me, it even began to turn me on. I suppose from watching all those porno films. I wanted to know what it would be like to suck a cock and take anal. There were adverts from transvestites, she males, bi males Sub and Dom males. All wanting singles and couples for all forms of sexual activities. They were mainly from white people, with some wanting blacks and Indians.

I showed Nimi the gay section of Rendevous, and asked her if she minded if I sent in a reply to one of the men. She was surprised at my desire for a man and didn’t object to the idea. It even seemed to turn her on thinking of her husband getting fucked by a man. She got very excited and sat on my prick and rode me. She came with a shuddering climax something I hadn’t witness in a long time.

She said men get turned on watching women together, so why shouldn’t women get turned on watching men fucking. She encouraged me telling me I should try it at least once, I would then know how it felt, or would be forever wondering. Her concern was about disease amongst gay men, and would I prefer homo sex instead of her afterwards.

She suggested I should post my own advert instead of sending in a reply, that way only people interested in me would bother to reply.

She took some pictures of me in various naked poses, but erect penises isnt allowed in UK magazines. She selected one of me dressed in a black thong showing my bottom.

“Married Indian male 5´6″ slim, dark brown, smooth, firm round buttocks, 7″ penis, sub tendancies, seeks males to introduce me to first time homo sex. Must be clean and discreet, willing to try anything, including humilation. Any age or colour, photos returned with sae”. I sent in my advert with the photo.

Three weeks later the new edition of Rendezvous was on the bookshelf. I was in my local Indian newsagent in slough eagerly flipping through the pages searching for my advert, then suddenly there it was. I was on top of the page in full colour of the gay section showing my bum, but to my horror also my face. They hadn’t obscure my face as I requested on the form. I prayed no one of my friends or work collogues shared my kinky interest.

After ten days the first of many brown envelopes arrived. We would lay in bed naked, opening each one discussing their replies and pictures. There was six replies that appealed to me, but I narrowed it down to one from a man that lived locally in West Ewell London. Nimi liked his photo especially his cock, and the novelity of me with a white man.

Bryan was a 28 year old married experienced bisexual transvestite. He could be both sub or dom, willing to teach and develop my homosexual tendencies. His photo was full frontal showing a slim, smooth, good looking blonde man with a good size erect cock. His wife knew of his bi side and didn’t object to him visiting or having regular partners in their home. She hadnt gotten involved,so far. He worked from home and as his wife is a teacher we could only meet during the day.

Nimi said he sounded all right and to go ahead and give him a call. It was 9am when I rang. He was happy I called and said he liked my picture and really wanted to meet me as he had never experienced an Indian before. He wanted to know about Nirmala and would she want to get involved. I told him to leave her out for now, she might become interested later.

He told me he was currently involved with a couple that lived nearby. We talked about the things I wanted to try, he said he would do whatever I wished. We made arrangements to meet at his house the next day.

After hanging up I rolled Nimi on her front and placing a pillow under her hips fucked her pussy quickly spurting inside her.

Next morning I packed a bag with the cameras and a few other essentials. Nimi wanted me to fuck her, but I refused. I told her my seed was for Bryan today and if I had any left when I returned then she could have that.

She helped me to get ready, she gave me izmir escort a pair of her small pink worn knickers, black fishnet stockings, very short yellow flowery mini dress and high heels. She helped with the face make up and arranged my hair to look like a little girl. I had to wear chadour (black cloak) and headscarf to cover myself.

She kissed me and said to enjoy myself, I told her I loved her and she was a loving and understanding wife, that I would phone her to let her know how I was getting on.

The drive to Bryan´s house took thirty minutes, my cock hard with anticipation. I arrived at his house at 10am, it was in a quiet suburban area, Jasmin Road. I removed the chadour and headscarf, and stood like a cheap tart on his door step, hoping it was the right house and that no one was watching.

I knocked on the red door, it was opened by a good looking blonde hair woman dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, white blouse, short grey pleated skirt, flesh coloured stockings and high heel shoes. Her face made up with red lipstick, blue eye shadow, and big earrings.

I stood staring at her, Bryan I mumbled, he/she grabbed me with both hands and gently pulled me inside and close the door.

“Hello darling”, he said “you look gorgeous”, “I am so glad you came”. She held me behind my head with both hands and kissed me on the cheek, quickly followed by a full kiss on the lips, my first man-to-man kiss, and I liked it. I dropped my bag and responded by holding him by the bum and pulled him close. He opened his mouth his tongue inside mine, I sucked and bit on it. He said I wasn’t as shy as he thought I would be.

We held hands as he led me into the lounge and sat together on the settee. I took out the video camera and set it up telling him I wanted to video everything for my wife. I took a few still pictures of him posing on the sofa. I set it on the tripod and using the timer took some of us kissing. He had set up his own equipment to record the event for his purpose!

He went to the kitchen to make drinks, I watched his long stocking clad legs, wide sticking out arse that wobbled under the short skirt, it was big for a man, and I could see the blue knickers disappearing between his buttocks.

We sat back down and took some whisky, he put his hand on my dress and was rubbing my cock. He turned on the remote for the video player.On the screen were three naked people, and a lot of screaming. There was Bryan, his hands tied above his head with the rope going over the top of the door and attached to the door handle on the other side. There was a couple aged about 35, the man big and hairy, the woman short and plump.

They had whips and were flogging him. I watched excited as they beat him calling him names. They finished the beating and untied him, then made him kneel on the bed. The man fucked him in the arse, as Bryan sucked the woman´s fat hairy pussy. I watched the man pumped Bryan´s bottom full of sperm.

The woman strapped on a double ended black dildo, one end inside her cunt. She lifted Bryan´s legs till they rested on her shoulders, then inserted the other end of the dildo into his bottom. She fucked him and herself at the same time.The man mastubated Bryan till he shot his load over his belly. The woman legs was shaking and buttocks clenching,let out a scream as she climaxed.

I was ready to cum just watching the video. He said they were the couple he told me about, and would I like to be dominated by them. I said, “yes”, he told me that is what he thought I would say. He had shown them my picture, and they were keen to meet me. The wife wanted to fuck me, as she never had a black cock before, and was also eager to try lesbian sex, maybe with Nirmala.

Bryan pulled my hair telling him I was a cheap fucking whore, and to get over to the other side of the room.I got up and started to walk, he shouted at me and told me he didn’t tell me to walk but to crawl. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled wriggling my buttocks for him, the panties stretching tight over my arse. I turned my head and looked at him with big sorrowful eyes.

“Reach back and pull down your panties, bitch” he ordered. I lowered the panties down to my thighs. “Now pull the cheeks of buttocks wide apart so I can video your fuck hole for the internet”. I did as I was told showing him my shaven anus. “Now wriggle back like a snake”, I meekly obeyed and wriggled on my belly back to where he stood.

I knelt in front of him my face level with his cock. He pushed his crotch in his face and told me to suck him. I lifted his pleated skirt and saw the big bulge inside the blue panty. Using my teeth I nibbled his cock through the panty. The pink head was peeking over the top, I could see his pre cum. I pulled down his panty and freed his cock, it sprang out hitting me in the face. It was long and thick with the veins bulging out over its length. I kissed the head running my tongue under the shaft down to his balls. I sucked and tickled each hairy ball in turn, they were alsancak escort full and heavy. I opened his pee hole and put the tip of my tongue inside the slit.

He tilted my head back and pushed his cock inside my mouth. My cheeks were bulging as I struggled to breathe. It was nice sucking a cock for the first time, nothing dirty or disgusting. I squeezed his buttocks and fingered his arsehole, pulling him onto my face. He pulled away and slapped my face with his cock, smearing the wet sticky pre cum into my eyes nose and ears.

He turned round bending slightly, removed his skirt. His bottom was milky white, smooth and fleshy. I licked and sucked it, giving him love bites on each buttock. I ran my tongue along his crack tasting his musky shit hole, wriggling it inside his rectum. He took off his blouse and was naked apart from his stockings and shoes.

He pulled off my dress over my head, then laid on top of me with his full weight, he was so much bigger and heavier than me. He kissed me all over my face letting his salavia dribble into my open mouth, giving me love bites on my neck. He licked and bit my nipples, working his way down my belly.

He positioned himself with his legs either side of my head. I held his cock as he relaxed his hips down onto my face, his cock sliding pass my lips. I held him by his bottom as he fucked my mouth. This new experience of sucking a warm, throbbing slightly salty tasting penis was unique and all men should try it at least once. I then felt his warm mouth engulfing my penis. We carried on sucking each other for some time delaying the urge to cum even through our balls were aching for release, we wanted to prolong and enjoy the day.

I phoned Nirmala, she was curious to know how I was getting on, I told her all what we had done so far, and I was liking it. I could hear her breathing heavily, she said she was naked fucking herself with her dildo thinking of what we were doing. she was disappointed he hadn’t fucked me yet.

I asked her if she wanted to talk to him, she said it would be embarrassing. I said just say hello and gave Bryan the phone. They exchanged pleasantries. it was unreal my shy naked wife talking to a total naked stranger about intimate sexual things with the permission of her equally naked husband. He asked her if she ever had anal sex, she told him I tried to do it to her once but she didnt like it because it hurt. Would she like to experience sex with another woman or least consider the possibility with his wife. She said she never thought about it before, but would think about it.

He said she sounded a nice person. I showed him the photo album from my bag, about fifty naked pictures of nirmala, of us in fucking poses, and some of our threesome together with ex boyfriend Muni. Bryan was taken by her and asked for a few to keep. I told him to choose what he wanted as I had plenty more. He said he wanted to fuck her, I told him she was submissive sexually and compliant. He was also keen on learning about our threesome with Muni. I promised to show him the video of them next time.

Looking at her pictures and although she had big tits, Bryan wasn’t interested in them. He said you couldn’t do much with breasts apart from suck and spunk off between them. He was however turned on by her big fleshy brown bum, and thick solid thighs.

Bryan said we should continue, and he showed me to the whip that was soon going to be employed on my buttocks. He said it will serve its purpose and it wouldnt leave marks.

He led me to the bathroom, it was large with a tiled floor, toilet, bidet, bath and shower cubicle. He produce some equipment and a tube which he inserted inside my rectum. He flushed warm water inside me, and made me empty my bowls several time.

He filled me with water until it was hurting my belly. Then he made me kneel and open my arse for the camera. I couldnt hold it, and pressed down the water jetted out of my bottom hitting the wall.

He roughly tied my hands above my head with a rope and made me lay on the wet floor. He filled his arse with water. Then squatting over me squirted it over my face, I was drenched. I was made to kneel with my head on the floor.

Then before I knew what was happening, I felt a sharp stinging pain on my buttocks, as he began flogging me. “You fucking black bastard”, he shouted as he beat me. My knees slipped on the wet floor and I fell flat on my belly. He screamed at me, “get up you fucking useless slut”, he kicked me hard several times whilst still whipping me.

He flung me onto my back, and straddling my chest began spitting on my face, slapping my cheeks really hard, tears was streaming from my eyes. I was pleading and begging him to stop but it only encouraged him to do it even harder, and swearing more.

He dragged me by the hair over to the dirty toilet, lifting the lid, pushed my head inside the bowl and holding it there with his foot, flushed it. The toilet smelt and the cold water washed my head, he waited till buca escort the tank filled, then flushed it again.

He kicked and pushed me on the slippery floor into the shower cubical, plugging up the drain hole. He lifted my ankles and rested them against the wall. Then holding my penis, aimed it at my face, ordering me to open my mouth and piss. The warm salty fluid splashing my hair, eyes, nose and mouth. The piss quickly filling my mouth and was flowing out. Bryan kicked me again telling me not to waste it, I gulped it down.

He let my legs down and stood over me then proceeded to urinate, it was warm and smelling. He sat on my face and rubbed his anus on my nose and open mouth. He got off and rolled me around in the stinking urine puddle to get me soaked.

He found some clothes pegs and attached them pegs to my balls, penis, buttocks, and nipples. He squeezed and pulled the pegs attached to the nipples causing intense pain. I started screaming, he told me to shut up, as he took out a soiled pair of his wife knickers from the wash basket and stuffed it in my mouth.

He lit a candle letting the hot wax melt and drip on my nipples, he did it all over, my cock, my anus, I was wimpering in pain but loving the attention.

He turned me to face the bidet my head hanging over the edge. I felt him applying KY jelly on my anus, penetrating it firslty with one finger, then two, finaly three stretching it making it ready for what was to come.

I looked round relieved to see him putting on the condom. He slapped my bottom hard as he rested the tip of his cock against my virgin hole. I felt his cock forcing its way up my bottom, my rectum stretching to accommodate him. He told me not to push but to relax my muscles.

He drove his cock inside me up to the balls in one push. I saw stars, as he violated me, now I knew how nirmala felt when I buggered her. “You are a whimp, enjoy your black shitty arsehole being fucked for the first time by a white man”. he sneered

He withdrew slowly before quickly plunging back. I felt his balls banging against my bottom, as he held me by the hips. He settled into a steady rhythm, the pain not so bad now as I began to relax. The room was filled only with the sound of his thighs slapping against my bum.

He fucked me for some time before removing the gag and led me downstairs into the kitchen. There he laid me on the kitchen counter, lifted my legs over his shoulders and fucked me with long slow strokes. He said he was near coming but was going to do me in another room.

He led me to the study, it had a desk and computer items, and a small padded stool. He laid me over the stool and secured my wrists to the legs on one side. He spread my legs and attached my ankles to the other. My bum was at the right height for penetration.
I was secure, venerable and completely at his mercy. I flinched tensing my arse muscles as I felt the now familar stinging sensation of my arse being whipped.

He turned on the computer monitor, there we were live on the screen. There was four smaller pictures in the cornors. One I recongised as Bob and Anne naked, she was bound and gagged on the bed as Bob fucked her from the back. The next one was of two middle aged balding men fucking a young man in the arse and mouth. The third was a middle aged woman being fucked from the front while another man was fucking him. The final scene was of an old man mastubating.

“Why are we on the computer”, I asked. He explained that we were on the internet the whole time, the people watching were in different parts of the world. It was like a club and they would watch each other having sex. He had turned off the sound but text messages would appear. He read one from Bob, he said Bob wanted him to impregnate me.

“No”, I meekly protested, he said he wanted to ride me barecock, that I could feel him naturally without the condom, and his hot juices when he came. I could also do the same to him. I was frightened but sexually excited, I could do nothing anyway.

I heard the snapping of elastic as the condom came off. “Please Bryan”, I wimpered, but there was no reply. I waited eyes closed as I felt his naked cock violating my body, there was no more protection, I was being raped by a stranger. He held my waist as he rodded me, his breathing quickened as he stopped and his body stiffened. His cock fully impladed inside me, then letting out a loud grunt emptied out all his pent up seed, soiling me.

We stayed connected, his cock softening when I felt another warm sensation inside, he was pissing, filling me up. He used a trash bin to collect the warm liquid from me. Bryan untied and kissed me, and told me I was a true homosexual now, and that Bob and him would fuck me at the same time in a homo threesome.

He knelt on the carpet face down, arse high in the air and told me to fuck, without any protection. I straddled his arse and told him to open up his arse cheeks, I spat on his anus for lubrication. I inserted my cock in his rectum for my first fuck with a man, I pushed forcefully into my lover. I looked at his big white buttocks wobbling as my black cock pounded someone else other than my wife. I fucked him hard but couldn’t last long, I squeezed his buttocks hard as I flooded him with my sperm, I almost passed out as I came. We collapsed together on the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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