Honeymoon Ch. 02

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The boat trip from Florida to the Bahamas was quite uneventful. Regardless of what one might think, it is near impossible to get away for a quickie on a large boat when you don’t have a cabin. We docked in Freeport, and got a taxi to take us to our hotel where we checked in. Refreshed from the fresh air on the boat, and reinvigorated by the tropical climate, we immediately began to put on our swimsuits. However, after 4 hours on a boat and being unable to satisfy any desires, we really couldn’t wait anymore.

I pulled her bikini top off and dove in, licking all over her chest avoiding her nipples. I licked, nibbled, kissed, and caressed her tits until she was going crazy with anticipation. When she grabbed my head to force a nipple into my mouth, I resisted little and popped her hard bud between my lips and began lightly nipping at her nipple. She threw her head back and moaned, and I switched to the other. I continued alternating between her super sensitive nipples for several minutes before standing up and pushing her back on the bed. I yanked her bottoms off then, and began kissing my way down to her golden triangle paying extra attention on the sides of her stomach.

I finally reached the area between her legs, but didn’t pay any attention to her dripping pussy, but instead began licking her thighs and hips, especially the areas adjacent to her vagina. Again, she grabbed my head and maneuvered it to where she wanted, and I found her clit pressed right up against my tongue. I started attacking her little nub with circles of my tongue, then moved to run my tongue up and down her slit without sticking my tongue inside of her. I continued licking and licking, and began to work deeper and deeper as she started breathing harder and harder until she finally exploded and began trashing around. I grabbed her hips and held her in place and went crazy on her clit putting constant pressure on it until she begged me to stop as she was so sensitive.

I crawled up her with my face full of her juices and began kissing her. She never fails to enjoy the taste of a woman, even if it is herself. After she had licked all of her juices off of my lips, I flipped over so she could take my cock. I was surprised when instead of going down on me, she instead climbed up, straddled my hips and plunged her soppy hole over my dick. She sat straight up, and began fingering her clit with one hand while pinching her nipples with the other hand. She started cumming almost immediately and kept on slamming herself up and down, rubbing herself to a continuous orgasm. After she came down, I flipped her over and raised her ass up in the air and shoved my cock back where it belonged. I grabbed her ass and started moving her back and forth, sawing my cock in and out of her pussy.

I reached up with one hand to wipe the sweat away from my forehead, and glanced at the windows. I had thought that the blinds were pulled, but was surprised to see them partly cracked open. I was doubly surprised to see what appeared to be someone watching us? I thought Oh well, if they want a show, if there is anyone there, who am I to stop now? So I continued at the task at hand and began plowing into her even faster. I leaned forward and pressed my weight down on her back so her knees flattened out under us and she was lying flat on her belly while I rutted into her from behind. Feeling the need to finish, I adjusted my position slightly so there was a little more pressure on my dick. Soon enough, I felt the familiar tinglings in my balls, and within seconds cum was surging out of me and filling her pussy.

We both rolled then so we were lying on our backs. We took a couple of moments to regain our breath, and I took the opportunity to glance again at the window. I did not notice anything that looked like a voyeur, so I just dismissed it as being an aberrant shadow. Dawn leaned over, gave me a kiss, and went into the bathroom şişli escort to clean up a little. Within a few minutes, I heard the shower running. I laid there feeling really good, and began thinking about what we might do tonight once we got out of this room. Just then, the phone rang. I picked it up, and said hello? On the other end was a guy, somewhat young by the sound of his voice saying, “I enjoyed your show.” I said thanks; he said “How would you and your woman like a little company?” My curiosity piqued, I asked what he had in mind. He said “I can bring a couple of friends along, and we can take care of your woman real good for you.”

I was stunned for a second or two, not sure what to say. I could hear him breathing on the other end of the line so I knew he was waiting for an answer. I knew I had to make up my mind now, do I share my new wife with a couple of strangers and fulfill one of my biggest fantasies? Do I hope that this situation will come up again if I say no now? How would Dawn react to me allowing other men to fuck her body? I heard the shower shut off, and knew I had to make my decision now. I planned on saying no thanks, but thanks for the offer, but instead found “Sure why not” coming out of my lips. He said “You want us now or later?” I said better do it now before I change my mind. He said “okay, you want me to bring one, two or three friends?”; I said, better just bring two with you, not sure how too many would work out.

He then hung up, and I held the phone for a second before placing it down just as my new wife walked out of the bathroom She asked who I was talking to, I said room service called and they were bringing a couple treats for us. She asked what we did to deserve that, and I said that someone must have liked the way she looked. She asked when they were coming by because she was hungry and wanted something to eat now, I said it sounds like we will only have to wait a couple of minutes, then she would be able to eat to her hearts content. I told her to lay down on the bed naked, I wanted to look at her some more before we had to get those obstructionistic clothes back on. She did, and I sat on the bed rubbing my hands up and down her thighs while watching her chest rise and fall with each breath. She looked beautiful lying there, totally unaware of what was about to happen to her. I felt confident that she would be receptive to the situation as we had lightly talked about groups before, and she had always seemed to be interested in the idea of having more than one man at a time.

After what seemed to me like forever, although I know it was only a matter of minutes since I had put the phone down, I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and looked out the key hole to see three dark skinned well built youths with only Bermuda shorts on. They all seemed to be in their late teens, and I knew that my wife would love the room service they offered if their bodies were any sign of what their cocks would be like. I said come on in, my wife scrambling under the covers while I opened the door. She seemed like she was about to yell at me for opening the door when to the world when she was lying there naked on the bed when she saw them walk in. Awareness suddenly dawned in her eyes as she realized what was happening. She looked to me, I smiled and winked my eye at her, then closed the door as the youths walked in and started to move towards the bed. They fanned out with one moving to each side of the bed, and the third moving to the foot of the bed. I myself found a comfortable chair where I could watch the entire affair unfold.

The one by her feet reached down and without saying a word grabbed the blanket and gently but insistently began pulling it off of her. She was still sitting straight up, but after a brief tug of war, released the blanket so she was now sitting naked surrounded by these three. The one with the blanket finally retrieved the çapa escort entire thing, and tossed it in the corner of the room. While he was getting rid of the blanket, the two on either side of her kneeled on the bed and began kissing her neck and shoulders while gently pushing her down on her back. She willingly went with them, and was soon flat on her back again, with her breasts heaving again. The one by her feet began to lick her toes and nibble on the tender bottom of her feet, while the other two continued kissing her neck, face, shoulders. All three men began to slowly explore further on her body with the two on top reaching her breasts at the same time. As they both took a willing nipple into their mouths, the other had reached her knee and was slowly licking along the inside of her legs. She was really getting into it now and reached out to grasp both of her nipple lickers cocks, but they brushed her hands away simultaneously. She took the hint that they were in charge and placed her hands on their heads as they continued lavishing her nipples with a combination of nips and circular lickings.

Suddenly, she gasped out as the other one had finally reached her pussy and was busily licking away at her lips. He would take one lip in her mouth at a time, and gently suck on it before releasing it and switching to the other. He continued doing this several times before inserting first one then two fingers into her again dripping pussy. He started finger banging her slowly, and then took her clit in his mouth. He sucked and licked on it while fingering her with two fingers, and the other two guys continued working over her nipples. I was again rock hard, but in no hurry to move as I was enjoying the show far too much. I merely sat in my chair and slowly stroked my dick while watching.

The guys on her nipples suddenly pulled off as if by unseen signal and began to take off their shorts. I was impressed by the hardware these two had brought as they were both about 5 inches around and 8 inches long. They both climbed up and surrounding her head, began lightly slapping her in the face with their manhoods. Being no dummy, Dawn knew what to do and took both of them in her hands and started alternating on fitting them in her mouth. Meanwhile, the guy down below was still doing a number on her pussy with his tongue and two fingers. I then saw him remove his fingers, and heard her whimper with disappointment. He licked a third finger, moistening it up really well, and I suddenly knew what he had in mind. He placed his original two fingers back in her pussy, and she made a contented sound around the dick that she was sucking, then suddenly arched as he stuck his third finger into her ass. She was obviously not ready for this, but just as obviously did not object as she began to suck even harder the guys dicks. The guy between her legs had worked his hand and tongue into a rhythm that was driving her crazy and she started loudly moaning around the dick that she was sucking. She started made wet slurping sounds, and then shifted to the other dick while furiously pumping on the soaked cock that was in her hand. The guys in her mouth showed amazing control, even better than I was showing as I had to stop stroking myself for fear of cumming before they even got around to fucking her.

She removed the cock from her mouth and said that she needed some dick in her right now. The guy between her legs removed his fingers from her pussy and ass and stood up to remove his shorts. If I was amazed at the size of his tool, she was downright fascinated. It must have been 10 inches long and 6inches around. She told him to lie on his back, she wanted that monster in her right now. He laid down, and she crawled over him taking no time at all to align the head of his cock with her desperate pussy. She slowly started lowering herself, allowing her inner walls to stretch to accommodate his girth. She paused several times fındıkzade escort to get comfortable, then finally released her weight and just dropped down onto his cock. She laid there for a moment making little contented sounds, then began rocking her hips back and forth. He reached up and placed a tit in his mouth and began sucking on her nipple while she began to move faster. The volume of his breathing began to increase as her pussy really worked his dick over.

Suddenly he grabbed her hips and stopped her movement. She whimpered a little as another orgasm was quickly approaching, and begged him to let her finish. He merely smiled and said that he had something else in mind that would allow her to finish. He gestured to one of his buds, and pointed to her ass. I was about to see my wife get double teamed! The second guy maneuvered around her, got on the bed behind her, and began tonguing her asshole. With a huge cock stuffed into her and a talented tongue stuffed up her ass, she was really beginning to moan again. After the guy felt that her ass had been sufficiently lubed, he straightened up and spit on his hand, then began to moisten up his own ample cock. He shuffled forward, and pressed the head against her asshole, then began to slowly and gently push forward. There was the briefest resistance to this intruder, but suddenly the head popped in and he began pushing forward. She nearly screamed at the overwhelming feeling of being so full of cock and just about collapsed on the guy beneath her. The guy in her ass started moving back and forth, and the guy below her gently raised her back up on her hands to a slightly more upright position.

As the two guys continued fucking her together, the third guy moved up onto the bed and stuffed his cock into her mouth. It was not difficult as her mouth was hanging open and she was practically drooling from the sensations she was experiencing. She was now airtight with three cocks plugging her three holes, and I don’t think she could have been happier. Her animalistic side had been released, and she was little more than one large nerve experiencing nothing but pleasure. The three guys were now into a perfect rhythm as she did not have to do anything but let them move her back and forth to take all of the cock they could offer. They continued fucking her as she experienced one continuous orgasm.

She removed the cock from her mouth and begged the guys to cum on her as she could not take much more. The two guys fucking her pulled out and stood up as she rolled over on her back to lay on the bed. They all took up positions along side of her body, and for the first time, I stood up and joined the group. We all started stroking our cocks while she was begging for our cum all over her face, her tits, in her hair. The guy that never got to fuck her came first and shot three rapid streams all over her tits, before he finished, the guy that had fucked her ass shot his wad all over her neck. His load was about the equivalent of the first one, and she began rubbing it all over herself from her stomach to her face. Seeing her laying there and enjoying the warm cum that had splashed was too much for me and I added to the load on her face. She was gasping with the pleasure of the whole situation and caught a good portion of my load in her mouth. She added the other guys cum to mine in her mouth and began trying to get as much as possible in to swallow. I heard the big boy finally start grunting and he came like a porn star. His first shot hit her in the forehead, the second on her nose, he kept moving down spraying her neck then her tits with his final blast. He then crawled up and stuck his dick in her mouth so she could retrieve any that might remain.

The other two guys silently began to get dressed as their leader removed his cock from her mouth. He leaned down, gave her a deep kiss, and came up with a little cum on his lips. He licked it off, then began to put his shorts back on as well. Without a word, they all made their way out the door, with only big boy pausing to glance back, wink at us, and mouth thank you. He was then gone leaving us alone in the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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