Honeysuckle Lingerie Ch. 02

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2. Another Satisfied Customer

“Come on poppet,” James Hedley-Wilson said impatiently, sweeping a hand through his greying hair as once again he had to wait for her to catch up.

“Sorry, James, it’s these new shoes,” the flustered young woman said as she skipped along, her dangerously high heels rattling against the paving stones.

“I only said I liked you in those heels, you didn’t have to wear them Emma,” he said, as he glanced at his Rolex.

“Sorry,” Emma repeated.

“We’ve only got a couple of hours before the show starts. What’s this shop called again?”

“Honeysuckle Lingerie. Sarah, my friend from work recommended it. She said it was down the end of this road,” she panted as she struggled to keep up with him

“Yes, well, let’s hope so, hmm?” he said, already regretting to offer to buy her some new underwear.

“What do we always say in this shop?” Stacy said.

“Um, I don’t remember,” Casey replied.

She was bent over Stacy’s desk in her office at the back of the store, her charcoal skirt stretched tightly over her pert bottom, a firm hand in the centre of her back, the desk’s varnished surface cold against her chin and forearms.

“Ow!” she squealed as Stacy brought her hand down smartly, the sharp sound echoing off the plain magnolia walls like a rifle shot.

“What do we always say?” she repeated slowly, as if she was addressing a child.

“The customer always comes first,” Casey said, intoning the phrase like a mantra.

“That’s right,” Stacy said running a hand over her sister’s smoothly rounded buttocks.

“Look, I’m sorry, alright? Let’s get back to the store, eh?” Casey said, trying to straighten up.

“Not so fast,” Stacy said, pushing her back down with a firm hand between her shoulders. “So what was going on with that girl Abby earlier, hmm?”

“It wasn’t my fault, she came on to me,” Casey protested, then squealed as she felt Stacy’s cruel hand spank her sharply again.

“Why do you always make it so hard on yourself, hmm?” Stacy said as she wriggled Casey’s tight skirt up over her stocking tops, unable to resist running her fingers along the sheer black nylon. She was always surprised at how much longer the stockings and black stilettos made her sister’s legs look.

“No, please don’t,” Casey whimpered as the older woman neatly folded her skirt up around her waist, and she felt the cool air kiss her warm buttocks. The tiny thong was just a thin black ribbon plunging between her cheeks, providing little protection against her sister’s mean hands.

“Now why don’t you tell me the truth while you can still sit down?” the blonde said, extracting another yelp from her sister with a fierce slap.

“Ow! Alright, alright! I may have encouraged her a little,” Casey whined, seriously regretting wearing such a skimpy thong as her sister stung her naked skin again.

Stacy smiled as she brought her hand down again, once on each buttock, a little harder this time, enjoying the sight of her sister squirming, her smoothly rounded buttocks wiggling provocatively.

“Ow! Jeez! Not so hard!” she whined.

“It’s not the first time, is it? Hmm? What about that middle-aged woman last week? Jessica, was it? I seem to remember finding you encouraging her to check out what was beneath your skirt too, you little tramp!” Stacy said as she delivered several more hard slaps to Casey’s reddened buttocks.

“Ow! Ouch! Please!” Casey yelped.

“And the teenager with the impressive tattoos? Didn’t I find her between your legs too?” she said, as she warmed Casey’s derriere.

“Ow! Please! I don’t remember,” Casey whimpered miserably, her buttocks beginning to throb painfully now as her sister slapped her. It wasn’t the first time this had happened, and Stacy knew all the tender little spots that would make her wail.

“Well, then maybe it’s time you had a proper spanking so you have something to remember next time,” Stacy said, thoroughly enjoying the sight of her sister’s bottom glowing hot pink as she began to ease the tiny thong down over her hips.

“Wait, wait! Stop! I think I hear the bell, someone’s waiting in the shop,” Casey squealed, straining her ears, and desperate to avoid any more punishment.

“If this is a trick you’re only going to make it worse, you little tart,” Stacy growled, pausing, her hand poised in mid-air.

Casey held her breath and hoped she wasn’t mistaken. Her older sister seemed in a particularly vindictive mood this afternoon.

“Hello? Shop! Shop?” James shouted as he roughly slammed his hand on the little brass bell.

“Please don’t make a fuss, James,” Emma said.

“No, you wanted to shop here, so that’s what we’ll do,” he said, ringing the bell again.

“We can always try somewhere else,” Emma said quietly as she nervously fingered some silk brassieres.

“Ah, about time!” he said, as a tall blonde assistant appeared.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, I had some staffing issues. How can I help?” Stacy said, smiling politely at the middle-aged man dressed in Porno a pink polo shirt and beige chinos.

“My, um, friend here is looking for something slinky for the boudoir, some kind of nightgown or slip, something sexy but classic,” James said, indicating his redheaded partner, who looked to be much younger. He looked at least forty, whereas she didn’t even look thirty.

“I see, well our slips, teddies, body-stockings, corsets, negligees and babydoll nighties are all over here,” Stacy said, leading them towards the back of the store.

“Yes, I like these babydolls,” James said, fingering the sheer material. “What do you think, dear? I think you’d look great in one of these.”

“Um, yes, they’re nice,” Emma said.

“Yes, very nice, have you got this in pink or white?” he asked.

“Well, I’m not sure…” Stacy began to say, before being interrupted by the harsh ringtone of his mobile.

“Hello!” he barked, holding up a finger to her face and stopping her in mid-sentence as he pressed it to his ear.

“It’s work, I’ve got to take this,” he said over his shoulder as he strode back towards the front of the store.

“Okay, well, I was about to say that we do have this in pink and white, but I think an emerald or midnight blue might suit your colouring and complexion better,” Stacy said pulling a dark green babydoll from the rail and holding it up in front of her.

“Well, James does prefer white or pink…” she said.

“Yes, but don’t you think if you’re happy, James will be happy? Anyway, he’s not here to give an opinion is he?”

“Well, if you think so…”

“I do, it’s your body, you’ve got to wear this. So why don’t we start again? My name’s Stacy,” she said, holding out her hand.

“I’m Emma,” she said, relaxing a little as she wrapped her warm fingers around Stacy’s.

“Okay Emma, you look like a size ten, right?”


“Well, let’s find something that you really love, and we’ll worry about what James thinks later, hmm?”

Outside, James held a hand up against his ear as the noise of a lorry echoed loudly off the walls of the narrow street.

“What’s that?” he shouted.

“I said, how’s your conference going?” his wife repeated.

“Oh, you know how these things are. A bunch of middle-aged men in the function room of the Radisson talking about developing markets in China and India. It’s pretty much like it always is,” he complained.

“Well, never mind, only one more day to go, eh?”

“Yes, formal dinner tonight, lots of networking opportunities, but I’ll be home tomorrow sometime.”

“Okay, well don’t drink too much. And don’t forget to pick up Olivia from St Catherine’s on your way back.”

“No, no, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten.”

“Okay, see you soon darling.”

James pressed the little red button to disconnect the call as he re-entered the store. There was another lady behind the counter, with the same slender figure as the other assistant, but he couldn’t see Emma.

“Excuse me Sir,” the dark-haired girl said, intercepting him as he started towards the rear of the store. “Your friend’s in the changing room but I’m afraid we don’t let gentlemen back there. You’re welcome to take a seat, if you like.”

“Oh, I see,” he grunted. “Well, I hope she doesn’t keep me waiting too long.”

“Hmm, I think this looks okay…” Emma said, twisting around as she examined herself in the full-length mirror. “What do you think?”

She was wearing the pink baby doll that James had picked out, the satin plunge bra clinging to her full boobs. Hanging from the opaque bra, the sheer chiffon skirt hung loosely over her curves, barely covering her thighs, and beneath Stacy could clearly see the matching v-line panties.

“I think I love my job,” Stacy thought to herself as she took her time, assessing the girl from various angles. She was exactly the kind of cute, innocent type that Stacy found irresistible, a little plump but not overly so, her impressive cleavage and the rounded curve of her hips emphasizing her narrow waist. Tresses of auburn hair spilled over her shoulders and framed her rounded, elfin face and rosebud lips.

“Well it’s certainly very feminine and it seems to fit okay,” she said finally, unable to resist sliding her hands over the bra and exploring their soft fullness of the girl’s breasts as she adjusted the cups a little.

“What do you think?”

“Well I thought I’d like it but now I’m not so sure and it’s quite similar to something James bought me last Valentine’s Day, actually,” she said, biting her lip thoughtfully.

“If you want my honest opinion, I’d say the colour doesn’t really suit you, and it seems a little old-fashioned,” Stacy said.

“Yes, but it is James’s money…” the girl argued.

“Well, tell you what let’s come back to it if we can’t find you something you think James will like better, hmm?” Stacy said.

“Okay, fine,” Emma said as she pulled the gown up over her head.

“So how long have you known James?” Stacy asked, trying not to be distracted Türkçe Altyazılı Porno by the sight of Emma’s ample boobs bouncing into view as she sorted through the pile of underwear which she’d left over the back of a chair, trying to decide which outfit she wanted to see Emma in first.

“Oh, about two years, ” Emma said, grabbing the back of another chair to steady herself as she stepped out of her panties. “I used to be his secretary.”

“Two years, well, that’s quite something,” Stacy said, trying not to sound too surprised. “He seems very, um, generous.”

“Oh, he is, very generous,” Emma said, nodding. “And kind. In his own way.”

“So, um, I don’t mean to be nosy but I couldn’t help noticing his ring…” she said, handing her an emerald green teddy.

“He is married, but he’s virtually separated from his wife, in fact they’ve been sleeping in separate rooms for a while,” Emma said.

“Oh, I see.”

“Yes, he’s going to leave his wife, once things settle down a bit…” Emma said, sounding a little unsure of herself as she stepped into the little tangle of satin and lace, wriggling it up over her legs like a one-piece swimsuit.

“I don’t want to sound judgemental, but two years seems like a long time to wait,” Stacy said, stepping behind the redhead and helping her slide her arms through the straps.

“Yes, we argue about it a lot actually. Now I say it out loud, you’re right, it does sound like a long time,” Emma replied, as she eased the thin straps over her shoulders, the dark green contrasting with her pink skin.

“Hmm,” Stacy said as she adjusted the straps.

“And frankly, it’s not like the sex has been great recently. Just between you and me I haven’t had a, you know, satisfying conclusion in months,” Emma said candidly, smiling as she examined herself in the mirror, pleasantly surprised at the result.

“Oh, really? Well perhaps some sexy underwear will help,” Stacy said. “So what do you think?”

“Wow, this looks great, I think you’re right about a stronger colour suiting me,” Emma said.

“Yes, and I think this is a better style for you, you see how it emphasizes your lovely slim waist,” Stacy explained as she ran her hands over the satin, noting how the darkly shiny material caught the light and emphasized her feminine curves.

“Yes, looks really sexy,” Emma agreed.

“And the lace shows off that gorgeous cleavage,” she continued, sliding her hands up the girl’s body to squeeze her breasts through the lace-trimmed, satin cups.

“Oh! You’re very hands on here, aren’t you?” Emma gasped, her eyebrows shooting up over her forehead, her crimson lips formed into a perfect ‘O’-shape.

“Well, we like to think we provide a much more personal experience than the big chain stores, we want to make sure our customers get exactly what they want,” Stacy said, smiling as she ran her hands over the woman’s body, savouring the feel of the girls firm but yielding flesh.

James slumped in the chair, feeling a little bored as he flicked through the texts on his mobile. He deleted several, including the one from his wife reminding him to pick up his daughter from school on the way back home. Once he’d finished, he glanced at his watch again, then looked around the store.

That rather sexy dark-haired assistant was putting some underwear back on the racks, and his cool blue eyes followed her lovely nylon legs as she crossed his path, her spiky black heels tapping against the hardwood floor.

“Wouldn’t mind seeing her in some of those little lacy numbers,” he thought to himself as he watched her slipping a hanger through the shoulder straps of a racy little negligee. He found himself fantasizing about coming back here later without Emma and asking her to model some of the underwear for him. Perhaps pretending he wanted to get something for his mistress as a surprise and hinting at a large tip if she helped him out.

“Was it this one you think she liked Sir?” he pictured her asking as she performed a little pirouette in that lace-trimmed black slip she was holding now, the wet-look satin clinging to her firm young boobs and just barely concealing the curve of her pert buttocks.

“You know, I’m really not sure. Perhaps you need to try on that white babydoll again,” he’d say, pointing to a tiny, virtually transparent number.

“Are you sure, Sir? I tried it on earlier,” she’d sigh.

“Oh yes, I’m very sure,” he’d say, leaning back in his chair and lacing his fingers behind his head as he watched her easing the thin straps from her shoulders, and wriggling it down over her hot little body.

“Does it feel like it fits okay?” Stacy said, as she slid her hands up and down the satin, smoothing it over the redhead’s generous curves. She was a few inches taller than her barefooted customer and up this close, she could see the fine spray of freckles across the slope of her breasts over her shoulder. She felt Emma’s heart fluttering against her chest as she slid her hand lower over her ribcage.

“Yes, Brazzers it fits really well,” Emma said, a little breathlessly, watching in the mirror as the blonde assistant’s hand slid between her thighs.

“And what about down here? It’s not too tight?” Stacy asked, lightly trailing her fingers over the sheer emerald lace stretched over her mound.

“No, no, it’s perfect,” the redhead sighed.

“I like these little flowers picked put in the lace, they’re ever so pretty, aren’t they?” Stacy said in her crisp English accent, as she traced tingly lines with a teasing fingertip.

“Yes,” Emma moaned as fiery sensations radiated from her pussy.

“What about this high cut? You like it?” Stacy said, feeling the young woman shiver as she ran her finger along the lacy edge, slowly tracing a line from the gusset up over the crease of her thigh.

“It’s good, so good,” Emma repeated.

“Imagine striding into the bedroom just wearing this and a pair of heels, hmm? Your boyfriend won’t be able to keep his hands off you,” Stacy said, easing her copper curls to one side, unable to resist kissing the pale, marble skin of her neck.

“No,” Emma moaned, leaning back into Stacy’s warm body as the blonde nuzzled her neck and her hand slowly moved back and forth between her legs tracing the inflamed contours of her pussy.

“I know I can’t resist,” Stacy confessed as she slowly licked the girl’s ear.

“Oh God, we really shouldn’t be doing this,” Emma groaned as she felt her sex-starved body surrendering to the blonde’s gentle, patient caresses.

“I know, he’s just outside, it’s so naughty,” Stacy agreed as she slipped a spaghetti strap over the girl’s smooth shoulder and nuzzled her neck.

“Please, you really need to stop,” Emma said, watching in the mirror as Stacy eased the clinging teddy down, exposing her left boob.

Hot flushes of fiery pleasure danced over her body as she watched Stacy’s hand massaging her breast, squeezing it tightly before drawing a teasing thumb back and forth over her rapidly hardening nipple. She watched as the blonde licked her fingers till they glistened wetly then spread the wetness around her taut, stubby bud. As one hand continued to stroke her between her legs, she heard herself moaning happily as Stacy’s fingers plucked at her tight, achingly-sensitive nipple.

“Oh God, it’s so good,” she moaned happily as the blonde’s fingers massaged her pussy, the wet lace clinging to her sticky lips now. As Stacy’s experienced fingers swirled in tight little circles, waves of sweet pleasure swept over her body and she felt her knees turn to jelly.

“Perhaps you ought to sit down,” Stacy murmured, her lips next to Emma’s ear as she wrapped an arm around her waist and helped her towards the chaise longue.

James wandered around the store, pretending to examine the seemingly endless varieties of sexy underwear that crowded the aisles as he followed the dark-haired assistant. He’d noticed that she reorganising a whole shelf of brassieres, removing the old stock and replacing it with new.

He watched her patiently, noting how she working from the upper shelf downwards, feeling his arousal grow and his cock stiffen as she moved lower. His cock swelled as he watched her bend at the waist now, her dark grey skirt stretched tightly over her derrière as she plucked bra’s from a cardboard box on the floor and slid them onto the racks. As she bent over, the skirt rode up a little over her shapely legs, exposing the dark band of her stocking tops.

She had a gorgeous arse, he thought to himself as his fully-hard cock pressed uncomfortably against his boxer shorts. He was sorely tempted to creep up on her and give it a little slap, test the firmness of her tight buttocks. But, of course, you weren’t allowed to pay a woman a compliment like that these days. Bloody political correctness gone mad, he thought, shaking his head.

He slipped a hand into the pocket of his chinos, tugging at his erection until he found a comfortable position as he watched her kneeling on the floor, bending low as she stocked the lowest shelf.

Of course, he wanted to do more than just slap that bottom. He pictured himself, kneeling behind her and grasping her tightly around the waist, his crotch pressed against that lovely tight arse.

“Oh Sir! What are you doing?” she’d gasp as he roughly pulled the hem of her skirt up over those nylon legs exposing the band of bare creamy skin above her dark stocking tops.

“I thought we could find something to do to pass the time,” he’d say as he wriggled her skirt higher, exposing what he was sure would be a tiny pair of panties, the kind you could easily hook aside with a finger to expose the pink velvety treasures beneath.

Stacy licked her glossy pink lips as she hooked the narrow, lacy gusset aside to expose Emma’s sweet pussy, running a fingertip along her prominent rose-pink labia and stroking the triangle of tight, copper curls that nestled between her milky thighs.

Emma was sprawled on the scarlet chaise longue, one leg hooked over the arm, her thighs spread wantonly. She placed an arm behind her head, looking straight into Stacy’s cool grey eyes as the blonde slowly ran her moist tongue along the length of her slit from her tight little anus, along her sensitive pussy lips finishing at the swollen nub of her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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