Hooking Up with a Coworker Ch. 03

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So, it had been a month or so since I had last seen Kat, we had both been busy with online learning, her oldest being home from college and her youngest just being a typical high schooler.

One Friday morning Kat texted me and asked if I wanted to go for a hike that afternoon/evening. I agreed and told her I meet her at the nature preserve that is halfway between our two houses.

When I got there, Kat was already in the parking lot; I pulled my truck in beside her car and she got out smiling. She was wearing a pair of trail shoes, black leggings, a green tank top and what looked like a black sports bra.

She hugged me and said, “Hope you’re ready, I want to do 6 miles!”

I laughed and told her “I’m more than ready, I’ve been running to stop from going crazy during this mess.”

We started out and ran into a bunch of people as we hiked but about a half hour in, we got away from the less popular trails that are close to the parking lot and headed up the hill that is in the middle of the preserve.

As we started up the hill, the trail narrowed so I let Kat go in front, I have to admit I did so to enjoy the view of her ass.

About halfway up the hill Kat stopped to get a drink and she looked at me and said, “You enjoying the view back there?”

I smiled and told her “Of course, you have a great ass.” I took another drink from my water bottle and gave her a light smack on the ass and said, “Well let’s keep that ass firm, let’s go!” She laughed and started back up the trail.

After another 20 minutes or so, we reach the top of the hill which is a bit of an overlook that can see the whole area.

As I caught my breath, I remarked “Man, I forgot how beautiful it is up here, it’s been forever since I’ve been up here.”

Kat commented “Yeah, when Andy and I started having problems, I used to come up here all the time to relax and collect my thoughts.”

I reached over and pulled her close and kissed the top of her head telling her “I get that, it’s a peaceful place.” She looked up at me and kissed me firmly, which I gladly welcomed. As we began to kiss more passionately, my hands wandered down to her ass and gave it a squeeze.

Kat pulled away and said, “I don’t know if there will be anyone coming up here, let’s get back in the woods, there’s a rock that is pretty private.” As we moved back into the woods, we came upon the rock she was talking about and while we could see the trail coming up the hill, someone would have to be looking pretty hard to see us.

When we got back to the rock, Kat’s hand was immediately down my shorts that had created a nice tent from my cock.

I looked at her between kisses and said “Fuck! Other than sex in a car or your hot tub, I’ve never had sex outside.” She dropped to her knees and took my shorts with her. As soon as my shorts were around my ankles, Kat and taken my cock into her mouth. She proceeded to suck my cock while working my balls with hand. I don’t know if it was her technique, the air, the chance güvenilir bahis of getting caught or what, but I had to lean against the rock to support myself because it all felt so good.

I could feel myself getting close, so I reached down and pulled her up and said; “You don’t get to have all the fun, I want to eat you out then fuck you over this rock.”

She responded, “Please do!” I pulled her leggings down to find that she wasn’t wearing panties, and when I commented on it, she said “I will never be caught with panty lines.” I bent her over the rock and knelt behind her shoving my face into her ass and pussy. The hike had left her a bit sweaty and musky, but she tasted phenomenal as usual.

As I stuck my tongue deep into her, she began to moan and shimmy her hips getting me to hit just the right spot. Being that this wasn’t my first time with her, I could tell when she was getting ready to cum, so I stopped.

When I stood up, she glared at me and goes “Why did you stop, I was so close?!”

I grinned and said, “So I could do this!” and buried my cock all the way into her. She kind of yelped due to being suddenly filled up. Due to being in public, I decided that there wasn’t time for slowness, so I began to fuck her hard and fast. As I had a hold of her hips, she is moaning and telling me how good it feels and how she had missed my cock for the past month. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she began to cum.

As she came down, I slowed a bit, and asked her, “Do you just want me to cum in the bushes?”

She said between gasps, “Fuck no, don’t waste that cum, it belongs in me.” I began to speed back up and it wasn’t long before I began to cum, pumping it deep inside her pussy. No sooner had I cum, we both froze because we could hear people coming up the trail.

We both laughed and hurriedly pulled our pants up and jumped back into the clearing that is the overlook.

We passed the small family that was coming up the hill and smiled as we started back down the hill. As we get a little past them, K looks at me and goes “I can feel your cum leaking out of me and soaking my leggings; if that family only knew.” I gave her a quick peck on the lips and laughed.

We made our way back to the parking lot and when we got back, she said “You want to come over for dinner and maybe stay the night? I’m still not used to a completely empty house.”

I agreed and told her I’d be over after I grabbed some clothes and call a buddy to let my dog out in the morning. She said “Okay, you like BBQ chicken and can you run a grill?”

I laughed and said, “I think I can manage, see you in about an hour.”

As I was getting in my truck, she said “You can just shower at my place, don’t worry about it at home, I’m hungry.”

I ran home and got some clothes and texted a buddy to let my dog out and then headed back to K’s house. When I got there, I walked in and found her still in the same clothes from our hike, minus the tank top. Seeing her in the sports güvenilir bahis siteleri bra and leggings made her look 10-15 years younger than her 45 years.

I set my backpack down and walked up and kissed her neck and slid my hand down to her crotch where I was welcomed with a damp hand.

She giggled and said “Stop, we need to cook dinner.”

I told her “I just wanted to see if you had changed on not.”

She said “No, I came home and started prepping for dinner, plus I like feeling your cum in and on me. Now go put your stuff in the bedroom and get back out here to cook.”

I did as I was told and when I came back, she handed me a plate of chicken and pointed me towards the grill. When the chicken was about done, she came out with a beer for me and a glass of wine for herself. We sat down on the deck and ate dinner, just chatting about life, work, what we thought would come of the next school year, etc. After dinner, cleaned up and she asked if I would like to take a shower.

We went into her room and into the bathroom. Her bathroom was insane, had a shower that was built for two with 4 showerheads, a soaking tub, and plenty of room to move around, it was like what you see on TV.

Anyway, we got into the shower and let me tell you, those showerheads were amazing. We did our own thing, continuing our conservation from dinner. I have to admit, I couldn’t help but stare at her body as the water and soap flowed over her.

Kat handed me her loofa and said, “Can you wash my back.” I smiled and began to wash her all over. As I got to her ass, I dropped her loofa and began to use my hands, this caused her to sigh and begin to lean back into me. I moved my hands around to her front and began to cup her breasts and kiss her neck. She reached behind and grabbed my hard cock and began to stroke it.

I bent her over a little bit more and slipped my cock into her and began to slowly slide in and out of her. This went on for a few minutes with her moaning louder and louder before she tensed and said, “OH yes I’m cumming!” I kept ahold of her stopping her from falling.

She turned around and kissed me saying “Let’s go to the bed!”

We grabbed towels and dried off before I pushed her into the bedroom and into the bed. I climbed up into the bed with her and told her “Can I fuck you with your legs on my shoulders?”

She smiled and said, “I’ve never had sex in that position, but I’ve seen it in porn.”

I smiled and said, “I’ll go slow, it is really deep.” As I slipped into her, I realized that K was incredibly flexible because instead of being bent in an “L” shape, I was able to bend her in half almost. As I got all the way inside her, we both just sighed. I began to go slowly in and out of her, causing her to moan.

As she got use to the depth, she looked at me and said, “Harder and faster!” I was hesitant but as I sped up, she began to moan louder and louder.

Because of the speed and the depth, I wasn’t going to last long, and I felt iddaa siteleri her cum which sent me over the edge as I blew my load deep inside her pussy.

I collapsed on top of her as she got her legs off of my shoulders. She smiled at me and said “Wow, you weren’t kidding about that being deep, I could feel you up in my gut, A never fucked me like that.”

I laughed and rolled off of her as she pulled the blankets up on us. She scooted against me and I could feel me cum leaking out of her and onto us and the bed.

The next thing I know I am waking up and it is morning, and Kat is spooning me, but her ass is moving against my cock.

I reach over and whisper into her ear “Are you awake?”

She wiggled her ass a little more, and said “Yes I am, and something seems to be poking me.”

I laughed a little and said, “he seems a little cold, there somewhere I can put it?” She reached behind her and guided my cock into her already wet pussy. I began to slowly fuck her, cupping her breast and biting her neck as my clock slid in and out of her.

She started to tense up as she came with a grunt. She scooted away from me and rolled over and said “Good morning to you too. Can I ask you a question?”

I replied that she could, kind of afraid she was going to ask where we were “going.”

Instead she said: “I really liked that position last night, can we do it again, but instead of cumming in me, can you cum on my face?”

I wasn’t sure what to say and she continued “I really like how you dominated me, and as much as I love you finishing in me, I want you to cum on my face. I asked Andrew a couple of times and he said it was to degrading. Well I want you to treat me like a whore.”

I told her sure, moved between her legs and slid back inside.

As I began to fuck her hard and deep, she was moaning gripping the sheets while saying “Yes, oh god, just like that.” As I got closer and closer to cumming, I pulled out and slid up her torso and was able to stroke my cock twice before I blew my load all over the face. As I came all over her face, she had slipped her fingers into her pussy and finished herself off. I got up and got her a towel to clean up with.

She smiled and thanked me for being willing to give her what she wanted. We both got dressed and went downstairs and ate breakfast.

I told her I needed to get home to my dog and some things that I needed to get done around the house.

She smiled and said “alright, I had a great time, I don’t want to scare you off, so don’t worry I’m not looking for a relationship.”

I smiled and said “Okay, that could be a little weird cause of the boys, but I like what we have going on now.”

As we walked out of the house, she kissed me and said “I agree, but there is something I want to tell you; I have told one of my girlfriends about you, and I’ve always wanted to have a threesome, and she’s interested if you are.”

I think my mouth dropped a little because she said: “If that is something you’re open to.”

I’m not stupid and go “Of course, maybe we can set something up for later this week.”

K said, “That sounds awesome, the boys are spending Tuesday with Andy, come over for dinner on Tuesday night and bring swim trunks.”

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