Hot and Sweet Ch. 17

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Bubble Butt

I awoke before Jana on Sunday morning. I spent a few minutes watching her sleep, then began kissing her gently. I kissed her cheek, her lips, and down her neck. She smiled but slept on. I licked the special spot on her collarbone, then each of her nipples. I flicked my tongue around and around both until the small nubs were standing upright. Still she slept. I kissed my way down her flat belly, circling her belly button with my tongue. Still she slept. I slid between her legs and began slowly lapping at her pussy. She moaned quietly but didn’t open her eyes.

I went on eating her out, running my tongue across and around her pussy lips and clit. I finger fucked her, hitting her g-spot while flicking my tongue across her clit. Soon enough she was bucking her hips beneath me and pressing my face into her crotch. She cried out as she came. I strove to collect and taste as much of her sweet juice as I could. When she was done she pulled me up her body and kissed me deeply. I’m sure she could taste herself all over my lips and tongue.

“That’s got to be the best way in the world to wake up,” she said languorously.

“Not quite,” I said. “Stay here while I go make you breakfast in bed.” She laughed and kissed me again. I climbed out of bed and threw on my boxers. She stretched, her small breasts arching up and looking beautiful, then snuggled back down under the covers and closed her eyes. I went out to the kitchen and set about making pancakes.

I was just putting a stack of pancakes on plate for Jana when Dana walked into the kitchen from her mother’s bedroom. She was naked. We exchanged good mornings and kissed. I squeezed her tight little ass.

“I can tell Jana’s getting a good deal this morning,” she said. “An orgasm and breakfast in bed. Must be nice.”

“I do my humble best,” I said. “If you’d like the same treatment, you’ll need to stick around some night. In the meantime, I’d be happy to give you some portion of the same treatment if you’ll wait while I deliver this to your sister before it gets cold.”

“Oh, I suppose I can wait a few minutes,” she told me with a smile. “Don’t be long now!”

We kissed again and I carried a tray in to Jana. I kissed her and said, “Here you are, my love. I wish I could stay, but I promised your sister I’d make her breakfast too.”

“Don’t forget to eat her out,” said Jana. “And don’t forget my mom either.”

“You’re a delightful little hedonist,” I told her with another kiss. “Enjoy your breakfast.”

I returned to the kitchen and set about making more pancakes. Once they were cooking, I lifted Dana bodily onto the counter and knelt between her wide-spread thighs. I licked and sucked at her shaven little pussy until I brought her to orgasm. As she caught her breath, I went back to cooking. Soon enough, more pancakes were ready. Jana settled onto the couch to eat her breakfast in front of the TV. I carried Mrs. Gecinyelo’s breakfast in to her on another tray.

“Jo reggelt,” I greeted her.

“Jo reggelt,” she replied with a smile.

I put the tray down on the bed next to her and said, “Szopnék punci?”

“Igen, igen, igen!” she said with an even wider smile and threw the sheet off of herself. She spread her legs wide as I climbed onto the bed between them. I ran my tongue along her tan thigh and up to her pussy. She had shaved her lips, but left a small patch of pubic hair on her mons. I put a hand on each thigh and spread her wide open as I slowly ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips. Her cunt gaped a little and she let out a soft moan. I slid my hands under her legs and around her hips, so that I could hold her legs open with my shoulders and her pussy open with my hands. I began working my tongue all over her, flicking it back and forth at random across her pussy lips and clit.

Mrs. Gecinyelo reached down and began pressing my head into her crotch. I started working her clit in a steady rhythm and reached up to take her breasts in my hands. I squeezed them gently.

“Nehezebb!” she cried. Remembering the way Jana and Dana had treated her the night before, I assumed this meant ‘harder’ and savagely twisted a nipple. She cried out in mingled pleasure and pain. “Ismét! Ismét!” she said. I gave her other nipple a twist and then began squeezing both nipples between my fingers while simultaneously biting down on her clit. Mrs. Gecinyelo let out a series of cries as her orgasm took her. Her legs squeezed my head, her hands pressed my face ever deeper into her crotch. She bucked her hips up against my face, grinding herself against me. I kept up the pressure on her sensitive points as long as I could, sending her spiraling through wave after wave of orgasm. Just as I’d decided that I needed to breathe, she pushed my head away from her pussy. She swung her leg over my head and lay on her side trembling as her orgasm subsided. I wiped her musky pussy juice from my face and climbed off of the bed.

“Gyere ide!” she said and gestured at a spot next to the bed. I moved to the indicated Gaziantep Gecelik Escort place. She sat up on the edge of the bed and pulled down my boxers, causing my erect cock to slap her in the face. She began sucking on me, staring up at me with dark brown eyes just like Jana’s. I moaned and she redoubled her efforts, taking the length of my cock down her throat, then working my cockhead with her tongue, then slurping its length again and again. In almost no time at all, I was ready to cum.

When I said so, she reached behind her and grabbed the plate of pancakes. I didn’t understand what she was doing, but it was too late for me to stop. The first shot of sperm from my throbbing cock filled her mouth, she directed the rest of it onto her pancakes, milking my cock to get as much cum on the plate as she could. When I was done, my girlfriend’s mom gave my cock a final suck and then picked up a pancake, dipped it in my cum and took a big bite. “MMM!” she said. “Nagyan jo!”

I pulled up my boxers, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and left her to eat her breakfast in bed. I went out to the kitchen and started another batch of pancakes for my own breakfast. Jana came out of her room, naked, carrying her tray as I was buttering my pancakes. She put her dishes in the sink and gave me a kiss and cuddle. “Who took care of you?” she asked.

“Your mom,” I said.

“Did she eat your cum straight or did she use it instead of jelly on the pancakes?” she asked with a knowing smile.

“A little of both,” I replied. “Mostly, she used it instead of jelly.”

“My mom sucks great cock, doesn’t she?” my girlfriend asked.

“She certainly does,” I replied. “I can see where you get your skills from.” I leaned down and gave her a kiss.

“Flatterer,” she said with a slap on my shoulder.

“Just because it’s flattery, doesn’t mean it’s not true!” We laughed and went into the living room to join Dana in front of the TV. Something about Hungarian celebrities was on. The girls watched it while I ate and watched them.

It was very comfortable, eating breakfast in my boxers while a pair of stunning naked women sat next to me. As I finished my breakfast, Mrs. Gecinyelo came out of her bedroom and deposited her dishes in the sink. She, too, was naked. She joined us in the living room and asked Jana to express her thanks for the breakfast in bed, especially my “delicious” cum. I blushed a little and demurred – no one had ever called my cum delicious before, particularly not one of my girlfriend’s moms.

They laughed at me and then began discussing what we should do with the day. Jana and I needed to go back to the city that evening so that I could go to work the following day, but we didn’t need to leave until after dinner. Dana would join us, since Erika would be back from her vacation and they were eager to catch up with each other. In the meantime, it was decided that we should sunbathe until lunch and that after lunch we would go to the local mall to get me a proper bathing suit. Mrs. Gecinyelo said something more in Hungarian, then got up and went back to her room. I couldn’t help but watch the soft globes of her ass move as she walked away.

“I’m sure we’ll find time for you to fuck my mom again before we leave,” Jana whispered in my ear while sliding a hand into my lap to gently rub my cock and caress my balls through the thin material of my boxers. “In the meantime, you’ll be able to admire all of our breasts. Mr. Crepeszka from next door is away on vacation for the next week and none of us want to get tan lines.”

“That sounds wonderful,” I said.

“You should just wear these outside,” Jana told me. “It’ll make you look less funny in the new bathing suit if you don’t have tan lines at your knees.”

“Whatever you wish,” I said and kissed her deeply.

“You two are disgusting!” Dana said.

“You’re just jealous,” her sister replied.

“Well, maybe a little bit,” Dana acknowledged. “Ah well, better go slip into something less comfortable,” she threw a leg up on the couch exposing her shaven pussy to our view, “I don’t have any hair down here to provide me with protection from the sun,” she said as she rubbed herself. Her finger slipped inside of her pussy briefly. She stood up and stuck her finger in my mouth. I sucked on it, tasting her musky pussy juice. “See you in a few,” she said as she pulled her finger from my mouth with a pop and strutted off to her bedroom. I watched her tight little ass until it disappeared down the hallway.

Jana could feel my erection. She straddled my lap and pressed her tits in my face. I sucked a nipple as she dry humped me a few times. “I’d fuck you now, but I think it’ll be more fun to make you wait,” she said in a sultry voice. “Stay here. No masturbating.” She climbed off of me and went back to her bedroom.

I did nothing but watch her ass move until it was out of sight. I turned off the TV – even though it was Sunday morning, Hungarian advertising was more racy than I could stand at the moment – and tried to catch my breath.

Dana was the first back. She was wearing a white micro-bikini that barely covered her clit and was tight enough to give her a camel-toe. “How do I look?” she asked and gave me a full spin. The strings came over her hips and down the crack of her ass. Somehow she seemed more naked than before she left the room.

“Like an incitement to riot and rape,” I said.

“I’m not sure what that means,” she said as she came to rest in front of me, “but I like the sound of it.” She leaned forward and kissed me. I reached for her hips to pull her onto my lap, but she broke the kiss and evaded my grasp. “It’s hot outside, let’s get drinks for everybody.” I followed her into the kitchen, watching her practically bare ass the entire way.

We managed to pour lemonade into glasses without too much additional contact. As I was setting the last glass on a tray, Mrs. Gecinyelo joined us. She was wearing a black bikini bottom and nothing else. The bikini bottom consisted of strings, tied loosely at each hip, and a piece of fabric that seemed to be adjustable to cover more or less of her pussy. Naturally, it just barely managed to cover her pussy and pubic hair. She asked Dana something and cupped her own breasts. Dana glanced at her chest and said something dismissive. Mrs. Gecinyelo seemed to take offense and turned to me, repeating her request.

“My mom thinks that wearing the bikini top yesterday started tan lines,” Dana told me. “She wants to know if you see any.”

I moved closer to Mrs. Gecinyelo and carefully examined her chest. I lifted each breast and looked under it. I turned her this way and that to check her back, her neck, her shoulders and her breasts. I led her over to the sliding glass doors for “better light” and repeated the process. Finally, I said, “There may be a little bit of a tan line along here and here,” I slid a finger from her shoulder down to the outside edge of her soft, round breast. “Just to be sure, she definitely shouldn’t wear a top today and I’ll be sure to oil this entire area very well. Sunburn on the breasts would be very painful.”

Dana translated this for her mom in a clearly disbelieving tone. Mrs. Gecinyelo nodded appreciatively and smiled at me while saying something that Dana didn’t bother to translate for me. Just then Jana joined us.

She was wearing a red, high-cut thong. It was tight enough that the outline of her pussy and pubic hair could be seen through it. She strutted over and asked what we were talking about. Mrs. Gecinyelo told her. Jana turned to me and said with a knowing smile, “I’m glad you’re willing to take such good care of my mom.”

“Per se,” I replied. We went outside. I pulled four lounge chairs out to the same patch of lawn as the day before. Dana brought the drinks. Jana carried a small table. Mrs. Gecinyelo got towels and oil. Once each of the women was seated and had a drink in her hand, Jana said, “Jim, start with my mom, then do Dana, then me, please?”

I picked up the oil, filled my hands and began caressing my girlfriend’s mom. As I’d said I would, I paid special attention to the “tan lines” on her chest, kneading the oil into her large round breasts. I also oiled the rest of her, including sliding my hands under the thin fabric of her black bikini bottoms. Then I moved on to Dana, caressing her firm flesh and being sure to get under her bikini bottoms as well. The white fabric became see through when the oil touched it. Somehow, I managed to resist pulling it to the side and plunging my raging cock into her tight little cunt. Lastly, I did Jana. Before I even touched her legs, I could see a small wet spot on her bikini bottoms. When I brushed her pussy I could feel how hot she was. I went on massaging the oil into my girlfriend’s firm body until she was in a pleasant daze.

“So who’s going to oil me?” I asked.

“Lying here feels too good,” Jana said. “We’ll owe you one. Besides, I want to watch you rub oil all over yourself.” Her mom and sister started laughing and agreed, urging me to oil myself up for them.

I stood up and began rubbing oil into my chest and arms, striking poses and mostly succeeding in not laughing. To do my leg, I rested my foot on Jana’s slippery belly. This caused my boxers to gape open and exposed my rampant cock to the view of my girlfriend and her mother. Dana complained that she was being left out, although she admitted that she liked my ass after she’d slapped it. To do the other leg, I put my foot on Dana’s oiled belly and gave her a “private peek” at my raging manhood. She reached up and began stroking me.

Mrs. Gecinyelo objected and Dana reluctantly let go of my cock. Apparently, they had strict rules about the degree of sexual contact allowed in the backyard during the day. Once, Amália’s mother had caught Dana fucking her boyfriend in “broad daylight” and Mrs. Gecinyelo had never heard the end of it. I finished oiling myself and stretched out on the remaining lounge chair. Deep breaths with closed eyes brought my cock back down to its’ normal state.

I drank a bit of lemonade and lazed in the sun while admiring the sight of this sexy mom and her daughters lying mostly nude before me. At first they were lying on their backs, breasts exposed to the sun. Mrs. Geincyelo’s were the largest and softest, they sagged to the side a bit as she lay in the chair next to me. Jana’s breasts were larger than her sister’s, but smaller than her mom’s. I noticed that the nipple size seemed to correspond to breast size, with Dana’s tiny little nubs having the smallest areola and Mrs. Gecinyelo having the largest.

After a while, all three of them rolled over and I was treated to the sight of their shapely asses all in a line. Jana’s was the best – firm and heart-shaped. Dana’s was smaller and not as round as her sister’s, but nice and tight. Mrs. Gecinyelo’s ass had a pleasing curve but was as soft as her breasts. I decided that I needed a break from the delightful view and announced that I was going to use the bathroom.

Nobody wanted me to get them anything while I was inside. So I went into the bathroom and took a leak. While washing my hands I couldn’t help but look at myself in the mirror and wonder how I’d gotten so damn lucky. I left the bathroom and walked back through the house towards the back yard. Mrs. Gecinyelo was in the kitchen pouring more lemonade.

I walked up behind her and slid my arms around her soft, oily waist. She turned her face to me and smiled. I kissed her, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, while pulling her body against mine. She bit my tongue and ground her hips back against my upper thighs. I pinched one of her nipples. Then again, hard. She let out a moan and set my tongue free. I bit her lower lip, then her ear, then down her neck to her shoulder while sliding my hand across her slippery belly and down into her bikini. I rubbed her cunt. She was already slick with oil and pussy juices. I fucked her with two fingers while nibbling on her neck and ear and pinching her nipple.

My erection was back and raging. I couldn’t wait any longer. I slipped my fingers out of her cunt and pulled the bikini bottoms down and to the side to give me access to her from behind. I crouched down a little, popped my cock out of my boxers and directed the head down the crack of her ass and up into her dripping pussy. As my cock penetrated her, Mrs. Gecinyelo reached down and rubbed her pussy and my cock. “Nem cum,” she said. She pointed at her mouth, “Igen cum. Ertet?”

“Ertem,” I said. I would cum in her mouth, not her pussy. She put both of her hands on the counter and leaned forward. I stood up and lifted her off of her feet. I began fucking her hard, slamming the entire length of my cock into her sopping wet cunt, and pushing her forward until her thighs were pressed against the cabinets below the counter. Her face was flat on the counter and she was screaming things in Hungarian that I didn’t understand, but just turned me on more.

I heard the sliding glass doors open and glanced over to see Jana, Dana, and Amália filing into the room. They closed the door behind them and watched as I fucked Mrs. Gecinyelo. She didn’t seem to be aware that we had an audience. She reached back and smacked her own ass, saying something. She did it again, repeating whatever it was she said.

“My mom wants you to spank her,” Jana told me.

I smacked Mrs. Gecinyelo’s soft, round ass. She said something. I glanced over at Jana. “Harder,” she translated for me. The three girls were caressing each other. Amália was wearing a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt, the other two were still wearing their bikini bottoms. Dana was standing behind Amália. She had pulled up the blonde girl’s shirt and was squeezing her small tits while kissing her neck. Dana’s blue eyes sparkled as she watched me fuck her mom. Amália had one hand in Dana’s bikini bottoms and the other on one of Jana’s breasts. Jana had unbuttoned Amália’s shorts and was rubbing the blonde’s pussy through her panties.

I smacked Mrs. Gecinyelo’s ass again, harder this time, drawing a cry from her. “Ismet! Ismet!” she shouted. I spanked her until both cheeks were dark red under her tan, fucking her the whole while. Her cries of pleasure mingled with pain filled the room. I started caressing her ass and gently rubbing the edges of her puckered brown asshole. I could tell she was about to cum. Her knees drew up towards her body, pushing against the cabinets and thrusting her ass out towards me. I popped a finger into her asshole. That put her over the edge. Her body convulsed in a tremendous orgasm. She was screaming wildly. The muscles in her arms flexed as she lifted her torso up off the counter. Her dark hair was flying as her head shook back and forth.

Her cries filled the room. She collapsed back onto the counter as her orgasm wound down. I could feel my own orgasm beginning. I slid my cock out of her cunt and pushed her hips onto the counter, turning her on her side in the process. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head to the counter’s edge so that I could push my cock into her mouth.

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