Hot Blonde Student Ch. 02

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Jenna Peterson was grinning in eager anticipation as she knocked on the office door of Brian Hanson, the high school’s assistant dean of students. Her session with him the previous day had started out with her being worried about being expelled from school, but had ended with her giving him a great blow job. It had been so good for her that she had also gotten herself off with her fingers, and had ended up enjoying it as much as he did, maybe even more. Even better, he told her to return the next day, and she was sure there would be some more great sex.

In preparation for it, she had selected a tight, red skirt, which was also her shortest, to wear that day, with her sheerest panties under it. Jenna had considered not wearing any lingerie at all, but decided against that. She might have to bend over sometime during the day, and she didn’t want to give a free show to some dufuses who happened to be standing behind her. She did omit her bra, as she usually did, and had squirmed her way into a red and white knit top, which was too small for her and emphasized her big breasts. She smiled when she looked in the mirror and saw her nipples almost visible as they tried to punch holes in the thin fabric. They were already rigid in happy anticipation of what she hoped would soon be happening.

The more she thought about it, the happier she became. Mr. Hanson might even eat her pussy, although she would never have the nerve to ask him to do such a thing. From some of her older friends, mostly college students, Jenna had heard that a girl or woman having somebody eat her pussy was the greatest sexual pleasure she could ever have. They had also told her that a lot of men, young men in particular, would refuse to do it.

Those refusals had been her experience also. None of her boy friends had ever expressed even the least interest in applying their tongues to her pussy. When she had hinted at it a couple of times, usually after sucking them off, they had told her that only lesbians and sissy boys would even think of doing anything like that. Real men, such as they all claimed to be, were too manly and sophisticated to do such a disgusting thing. Jenna wasn’t sure if that were true or not but, if necessary, she would forego that pleasure, as long as she could get Mr. Hanson’s big, hard cock into her pussy.

Sitting behind his desk, Brian Hanson was looking forward to the meeting with Jenna at least as much as she was. Although only eighteen years old, she might have been the sexiest and most sensuous woman he had ever met. When she sucked him off the previous day, it was the best head he had ever gotten. She had obviously enjoyed the encounter almost as much as he had, masturbating while she was blowing him and reaching her orgasm right after he filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed that mouthful and squeezed the rest of the semen out of his cock and swallowed that too.

He would have done more to pleasure himself and the sexy blonde, but he didn’t have any condoms. It was apparent she was as promiscuous, as he was, and Brian was unwilling to risk any kind of STD or AIDS, either contracting it or infecting her. He was also highly averse to impregnating her or any other student. There were some things he really did want to do with her. In particular, he wanted to eat her pussy, and he hoped she wouldn’t object to that. Some women thought they were ugly there, or smelled bad, although none in his experience ever had. Brian had never been able to figure out why some women would have such silly notions.

“Come in,” he said in response to the knock on the door.

Jenna opened the door and slipped inside. After a quick glance around told her there was nobody there but Mr. Hanson, she grinned lewdly at him and ostentatiously closed and locked the door, before sauntering provocatively toward his desk. He got up, approvingly noted her short skirt and the way her pink nipples were visible through the fabric of her sweater, and met her in the center of the office. She stepped up to him and his arms quickly went around her in an embrace, which also allowed his hands to hoist Jenna’s skirt, squeeze under her well-filled silky panties and caress the soft, bare skin of her shapely ass.

“I’m really glad you could make it, Jenna.”

“So am I.” She smiled at the feel of the older man fondling her ass. All of her boy friends had touched her there, and she had enjoyed their attentions, but none of them had hands as gentle or as caring as those of the assistant dean.

The office had formerly been part of an infirmary and a leftover from that previous use was a couch with a few small pillows by one wall. When Brian took over the area after his promotion to Assistant Dean, he had declined an offer to have them removed. Although an old and not very attractive piece of furniture, he thought he might use the couch for short naps on slow days, and it also occurred to him that it might be used for trysts with errant female students, such as Jenna. The couch had been used for bursa escort bayan that purpose a few times earlier that year, but never with a girl as desirable as the one whom he steered toward it that day.

They walked side by side to the couch, his hand still fondling her succulent ass, until they stood in front of it. “Suppose you sit down her, Jenna? I’d really love to do the same thing for you that you did for me yesterday.”

At first she was puzzled about that, because he must have known she was a girl and didn’t have a cock, until her spirits soared as she realized what he meant. Mr. Hanson was saying he wanted to bring her to a climax orally, as she had done for him. In other words, he wanted to eat her pussy. Although it was something she very much wanted to experience for the first time, and had been daydreaming about, Jenna played it cool. “I guess that would be okay, if that’s what you want to do,” she responded.

“It certainly is. But I want to do it right.”

As if to demonstrate what he meant by that, Brian loosened her sweater from the waistband of Jenna’s mini-skirt and started to pull it upward. She raised her arms and, after some trouble getting the tight garment past her luscious breasts, he removed it and draped it over the arm of the couch. From the second she jiggled her way into the room, he knew was not wearing a bra, and he was glad of the chance to ogle her jutting bare breasts. They were a creamy white with charming pink nipples, and they seemed to be crying out for some attention from him. He cupped the delightful twins in his two hands and hefted them, loving how they felt as good as they looked. Brian bent forward, kissed both nipples in turn, and licked them briefly, noting they were almost fully erect.

“Just sit down,” he told her as he unbuttoned the flap on the waistband of her skirt and pulled down the zipper.

As she did what he wanted, Brian pulled the tight garment down her legs and off around her feet, taking off her pink ballet slippers at the same time. That left Jenna clad in only a pair of skimpy panties, and their crotch was wet in anticipation of what would be happening within a few minutes. Brian was just as eager, and he unbuttoned his shirt and stripped it off, to place it on top of her skirt and sweater. Placing his hands on the sexy blonde’s shoulders, he leaned forward to resume licking her nipples.

It was apparent to Jenna that Mr. Hanson could give both of them a great deal more pleasure if she was reclining, so she pulled her legs up and lay on her back, with her head facing him and resting on one of the pillows. He knelt on the floor beside her almost nude body and continued worshipping her luscious breasts. They were big and succulent and even more of a joy to Brian’s mouth than they had been to his eyes and hands. On some of the strokes, his tongue painted one of them with broad strokes, and sometimes it dabbed at the base of a nipple and fondled the areola. However his tongue did its job, Jenna could feel her passion rising, and she squirmed on the couch and cooed blissfully.

Her happy noises grew louder when Mr. Hanson opened his mouth wide and drew one of the gorgeous globes into it. He sucked gently, and his tongue continued with its stimulation of her nipple and areola. Her movements became more pronounced, and her movements on the couch thrust her other breast up into his mouth when he changed his attentions from its adorable twin. As he continued, she felt a few drops of moisture trickling from her pussy, and hoped Mr. Hanson wouldn’t smell it and change his mind and not do what he said he wanted to do.

She needn’t have worried. He did smell it, and thought the scent was one of the most delectable things to ever please his nostrils. He was anxious to see if her juices tasted as delicious as they smelled, but he wanted to take his time and make sure she was fully aroused first. For another ten minutes, his mouth continued alternating between Jenna’s beautiful breasts, while the aroma of the juices trickling from her pussy got stronger and better, and her movements under his face became more strenuous.

To Jenna, the feeling was unique in her experience. She had done a fair amount of fucking, and usually liked it alright, and had even climaxed a few times, but she had never been as turned on as she already was that day. When the man who was doing the wonderful things for her looked up and smiled, she smiled back. “That’s wonderful,” she said. I hope you’re not going to stop.

“Don’t worry, Jenna. I’m going to stop what I’ve been doing, but what I do next will be even better.” Having assured the hot young blonde, Brian started kissing and licking his way down her sexily plump belly, confident that he would be keeping his word.

When he got to her panties, he hooked his fingers into the waistband and started to tug on the garment. Jenna lifted her ass from the couch and he slid it around her ass, down to her ankles and off around her feet. bursa anal yapan escort Brian set the wet, skimpy panties on the arm of the couch, with the wet crotch on top in hopes they would dry before their owner had to put them and her other clothing on and go back to class.

“Okay, Jenna, just raise your legs and let me get my head between them,” Brian instructed her, and she obeyed with great alacrity.

He ducked under them and wrapped his arms around her thighs until they met on her soft mons, putting his face inches from the source of the delightful aroma that had been filling his nostrils. Lustfully, he gazed upon her beautiful pussy. As he had surmised from her fair complexion, she was a natural blonde, and her pubic hair was even lighter than the hair that framed her pretty face. It was also very sparse, and did nothing to conceal the creamy skin surrounding her pussy or her inner lips that were a dusty pink and swollen with lust. At their junction, Jenna’s clit, also swollen, had pushed its way almost entirely out of the protective hood that was formed where the lips met.

He leaned in even closer, placed his fingers on the swollen labia and gently pulled them apart. A great cloud of fragrance rose from the pink hole that had produced the juices that had tantalized him so much. The inner lips were shiny with those same juices, and Brian leaned forward to gently lick some of them off. Their taste was even more delightful than their scent. Not wanting any of the nectar to be wasted, Brian started by licking everything from the insides of Jenna’s thighs. The skin was soft and smooth, and covered flesh that was warm and vibrant, and he was really looking forward to some of the best pussy-eating of his life.

Jenna felt the same way about what was happening to her. The tongue caressing the sensitive skin of her thighs was better than anything she had ever felt, but it got better when it turned its attentions to her crotch. She spread her legs wider, hoping the incredible sensations would continue. They did, except for getting even better. When the magical tongue began meandering up one of her outer pussy lips, her body writhed in bliss. Some of her boyfriends’ fingers had fondled her there, but they had been rough and mostly uncaring, and being felt up like that had been no fun for her. When she touched herself there while masturbating, it felt better, but the feelings produced when she played with herself had been nothing compared to the massive waves of pleasure that reverberated throughout her body.

“Oh, god, that feels good. Keep doing that,” she urged the man kneeling on the floor.

He did keep doing what she wanted, licking all the way to her mons, and kissing her there. Jenna looked down the length of her body and saw the smiling face of the assistant dean looking at her, but only briefly, before it disappeared, and she began to feel even more incredible sensations on the other side of where she had been hoping he would put his cock that day. She still wanted him to do that, but not until after she had climaxed from what he was doing then, maybe a couple of times.

Brian hoped she would cum a couple of times too. Jenna Peterson was not the first student he had cavorted with on that couch, but she was the sexiest one, and the one who responded the most uninhibitedly. Between her moans of joy, he heard her urging him to keep licking her pussy, but her entreaty was not at all necessary. Brian had no intention of stopping. After kissing her mons for the second time, and having her downy pubic hair tickle his nose, he tilted his head slightly and squeezed his tongue in between the same outer lip and the inner one.

As the facile organ delighted this more sensitive place, Jenna’s sounds of pleasure became louder, and she let him know, in every way, what wonderful things he was doing for her. Her continued pleas with him to keep eating her pussy were one way. Even more erotic were her blissful moans, the way her body writhed in pleasure on the couch while her head tossed from side to side, and the way her pussy continued producing gushers of the juices with their heavenly aroma and flavor.

By the time Brian’s tongue reached the end of the inner lip, Jenna’s movements were even more frenetic, and her moans were turning to whimpers. Her hips were swiveling under him, thrusting her thighs out and back beside his face like a pair of soft, sexy pistons, and her pussy fucked up against his mouth. He raised his head slightly and saw how swollen her clit was and how her whole body thrashed on the couch. It was time, he knew, to take her clit into his mouth to suck on it until he had brought her to her first orgasm of the day. First things first, he decided, and licked off all the fresh nectar that had been secreted.

After that delicious snack, Brian moved his mouth slightly higher, and slowly enveloped the adorable pink pearl in his mouth. Moving his face in as tightly as he bursa rus escort could, he used his lips to form a seal around the base of her clit and began sucking. As his lips and cheeks worked, Brian’s tongue caressed the top and sides of the engorged morsel while the aroused girl went even wilder.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” she whimpered. Abruptly, “Oh, god!” Jenna blurted as she began cumming.

Reflexively, her hands went to the back of the head that was between her thighs, and her legs squeezed the sides. Her loud whimpers continued while her pussy fucked even more strongly into the face of the man who had brought her to such an ecstatic place. For as long as she was cumming, Jenna’s legs swung from side to side, holding Brian’s head a very willing prisoner.

He was immensely enjoying himself too. Like most men who love eating pussy, there were few things in life he liked better than having a young hotty cumming from his oral ministrations. Brian’s arms clung to Jenna’s thighs; he kept his lips clamped over her clit while his tongue caressed the little cutie, and he reveled in the wild ride Jenna was giving him.

It ended abruptly, when her back arched, all her muscles spasmed and she jammed her pussy into his face for the final time, before sinking back onto the sofa, totally relaxed. Brian didn’t stop, but he did move his mouth lower to feast on all the fresh juices that had just been secreted. After devouring them all, even scooping and sucking them from the lovely pink hole that had produced them, he started once again to lick Jenna’s soft outer lip.

She could hardly believe what had just happened and what seemed to be starting to happen again. Mr. Hanson’s clever tongue and lips had just given her the greatest orgasm of her life, and he was resuming the same things that had brought it about. Her pleasure steadily mounted as his magical tongue slowly caressed its way up the same lip, until his smiling face once more appeared. After another light kiss on her mons, it disappeared again, and she felt the same gentle strokes on the other side of her pussy.

They stopped, and Mr. Hanson’s face appeared again. “Jenna,” he asked her. “This is great, and you have about the best pussy I’ve ever eaten. But it’s getting a little uncomfortable bending over like I am. Would you mind sitting straight up on the couch and resting your thighs on my shoulders?”

With great alacrity, she did what he asked. Jenna would have been willing to hang from the ceiling by her toenails to keep experiencing the incredible pleasure she had gotten from him before, and was getting again. Once they were in the new position, Brian resumed what he had been doing. His comment about “the best pussy” may have been an exaggeration, but not much of one. What Jenna had nestled at the junction of her legs was truly beautiful, and delightful in every way. He pressed his face against her even more tightly and his tongue slowly wandered up the outer lip to her mons. By the time he kissed the soft mound again, her body was already squirming against the back of the couch, and she was cooing happily.

She was also producing more of her delicious juices, and Brian lapped them up greedily and started licking between a pair of her inner and outer lips. Once again, he cocked his head and squeezed his tongue into the seam, pleasuring both labia at the same time. He knew they would be able to have at least two more hours together, so Brian took his time, his tongue darting in and out and swirling and massaging the same area over and over, while advancing slowly to the end of the inner lip. When he reached that goal, he raised his head to gaze at her swollen clit. He also looked up to note how her body was once again thrashing on the couch, while her head rolled from side to side against the back. He smiled at her high state of arousal and returned his mouth to the lower ends of her pussy lips, wanting to make it even higher.

This time he started licking between the second pair of labia, and he treated them as he had the first. By the time he reached the end of the second inner lip, Jenna’s hips were swiveling under his face again, thrusting her legs out and back beside his head. Her clit was so swollen it had pushed its way entirely out from its protective hood, and she was ramming her pussy up into his mouth. It was time for the sexy blonde’s orgasm again.

Once again, Brian feasted on all the fresh nectar before opening his mouth and engulfing her clit. His lips pressed tightly against the base of the delectable morsel so he could suck on it, while his tongue caressed the engorged side and top. Even as he sucked and licked, he could feel Jenna starting to lose what little control she had over her movements.

“Uh! Uh!” she whimpered, in time with the movements of the agile tongue as it fondled her precious clit. “Oh, god,” Jenna cried out joyfully, as she started cumming..

Once again, her hands and thighs clutched the head of the man who had brought her to that fabulous condition, while the rest of her movements became even wilder. Jenna rammed her pussy against his mouth, and her legs swung from side to side, carrying his captive head with them. Brian held tightly to her thighs, kept his mouth firmly clamped around her clit so he could keep sucking and licking, and enjoying the ride.

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