Hot Dreams of Alice Pt. 02

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Alice saw a house in the country. There was a round drive leading to the front door, with a small, formal garden inside the circle. A taxi drove up to the door and a woman got out, dressed in a long raincoat and carrying a small suitcase. It gave Alice a sense of deja vu, and she expected the two thugs to get out as well, but it was just herself walking up to the door. She pulled the bell – it was the old-fashioned type, apparently.

The bell was answered by an immaculately dressed, very formal man. He raised his eyebrows questioningly.

“I’ve got an appointment for an interview,” Alice said.

“Miss Dodgson?”

She nodded.

“Come in, please,” the man said.

She entered a large hall, where she was told to stay until her possible employer was free to receive her. The butler disappeared. He returned within minutes, and motioned with his hand. Alice followed him into the library. A man and a woman were sitting there; the man behind a big desk, and the woman in an easy chair. On a side table there was a full ledger, and the man had a sheaf of papers in front of him.

“Mr and Mrs Townes,” the butler announced to Alice with a little nod of his head; “Miss Alice Dodgson,” with a deep bow to his employers. He turned round and left the room.

Alice wondered what the heck she was doing there, and what the interview could be about. She’d certainly never been in that place…

The gentleman behind the desk looked her up and down. Alice watched him do so and she was glad she didn’t experience it first-hand; he seemed to undress her with his eyes, very critically and a sight disconcerting.

“Yes,” he said. “You will do very well. Provided…”

“You see,” the woman interrupted, “It’s like this. I’m Juliette, by the way. I am looking for a maid to take over most of my tasks. She has to be available at any time; as you read in our advertisement, at £250 a day your pay will amply compensate you for that. You will understand we expect you to meet our every standard. You will keep yourself very clean and smooth-shaven, you will wear a maid’s uniform that we will provide – I’m afraid we will decide on your entire outfit, including underwear. Your tasks, apart from your availability, will be mainly light housework. Do you understand?”

Alice watched the conversation with a growing sense of anger. Of course she understood, and she would never agree to anything of the kind. She expected her image on the screen to protest – but she was in for a surprise.

“Availability?” she said hesitantly. “I’m not sure I really get that.”

“Well,” Juliette said. “I have a very busy job, which takes me out of the house quite often… And Mr Townes usually works from here. As I’m often not there to see to his needs, someone must do so, and that will be an important and responsible part of your job.”

“Oh. Er…” She seemed not to know what to say.

“You look the perfect woman for the job,” Juliette said. “When I’m home I’ll take over that part. Maybe I’ll ask you to help out some time. Alright?”

Alice nodded a bit dubiously.

“That’s agreed, then. I want you to sign the contract down here…”

Alice saw to her dismay how she stepped to the desk, where she was told to sit down and given a pen. Without as much as reading the paper she signed where Mr Townes asked her to.

“Alright,” he said. “The contract stipulates that you be living here. There will be no outside contacts for our staff.”

He rang the bell. The butler appeared; he was told to get Mrs Jones, the housekeeper.

Mrs Jones came into the library and curtsied.

“Jenny,” Juliette said, “This is a list of Alice’s tasks. I want you take Alice to her room and go through the list with her. Show her what to wear and get her to start her work.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mrs Jones said. She curtsied again and beckoned to Alice to follow her.

In Alice’s room Mrs Jones told Alice to undress. “I’ll have to keep you outside clothes,” she said. “In here you’ll wear the clothes provided for you. Your suitcase has been put away until your contract ends – we’ll supply you with all you need.”

“But -“

“But me no buts, young lady – you will behave in line with the contract. All you could possibly need is in here; in the course of time there may be more things. Now will you undress, please?”

Alice complied. She quickly took off her clothes with her back to Mrs Jones. She stopped at her underwear. she was glad she bought a new set. It was a comfortable white cotton set, with no frills, intended for long use.

“I told you to undress. This underwear will have to come off as well.”

When Alice was naked Mrs Jones told her to go and have a shower, and to remove all body hair. “Including you pubic hair, please!”

Alice wanted to get up and shout, Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort but she couldn’t for the ropes. It gave her the creeps and she could not believe she could be so stupid. It couldn’t be her there, could it? But to all appearances it definitely was…

The camera even followed her into the bathroom where she shaved her armpits, her legs and her pussy and washed and showered carefully. There was a notice on the wall next to the mirror that laid out the instructions for her make-up, and she carefully followed them.

When she came back into the room her clothes had been laid out on the double bed. “Let me have a look at you – Hmm, yes. That’s well done! You can get dressed now,” the housekeeper said.

Alice did. She put on a pair of panties that were white, frilly and so diaphanous that they only produced a kind of white veil over her buttocks – they didn’t leave anything to the imagination. She then picked up the garterbelt they’d put out for her.

“Always wear the straps inside your panties, please – part of the rules and regulations.”

Alice got red, but she did as she was told. She rolled the stockings up her legs and fastened the clips. The thin, white bra followed. Next came a loose white blouse, with a band of soft elastic around the low neckline, a short frilly underskirt, and finally a black satin maid’s dress. Its skirt was even shorter than the underskirt – whenever Alice moved her ass cheeks were displayed.

“I hope you can walk on heels,” Mrs Jones said. “If not you’ll have to learn fast…”

She pointed at a pair of impossibly high-heeled red shoes with thin ankle straps and open toes.

Alice put them on. She tried walking on them; the first few steps were a little hesitant, but she apparently was a natural, for she did keep her poise in them very well.

Alice shivered. Her image on the screen looked like a tart, she thought. How could she! She never bought anything but plain white cotton, and always dressed sensibly… Even the garter belt and stocking were awful, weren’t they? They did make her feel sexy alright – but she didn’t want to feel sexy.

“Excellent. Now let me explain…”

Alice didn’t want to see that bit, and to her relief it wasn’t on the DVD.

The screen turned blank for a moment. When it lit up again she saw herself in the library, dusting the skirting boards. She didn’t think they could have been very dusty; it apparently was simply to allow Mr Townes to have a good look at her bend over to reach them. Even on the TV screen Alice could clearly see her pussy lips in detail through the white panties, and the elastic of the blouse was so loose that she could look straight into her own cleavage.

Admittedly, she looked sexy enough… but the degradation! She was fuming inside. Damn that gag!

It seemed nothing happened. The next scene showed Mr and Mrs Townes at table. Alice saw herself enter with a tray, which she put on the sideboard; then she took a bottle off the tray and walked to the table to pour the wine.

She first poured Juliette’s glass, and then she stepped up to Mr Townes, and filled his glass, too.

“Stop there for a moment, Alice,” he said. “You can put the bottle on the table.”

She stood still and put the bottle down.

“I do have to get a closer look at that tantalising bottom of yours,” he said, and he lifted her skirt a little – more than that wasn’t really necessary – to show her firm , round ass in the thin white panties. “Hmmm,” he said. “Beautiful!”

He felt her bottom with his right hand, and then moved between her legs.

The panties Alice wore had no cotton gusset, and so her pussy lips were only separated from his fingers by the thinnest of materials. She stood stiffly upright; she moved one foot a little so Mr Townes had a better access to her intimate self.

“Yes, there’s a good girl,” he said. “Please pull those panties to the side, will you?”

Alice did. The camera zoomed in on Mr Townes’s hand for a moment.

From her cushion Alice could watch him feel her up, slowly, as if not to miss any crack or fold. He ran his fingers through the rill between her inner and outer pussy lips, and then he slowly pushed his index finger inside; he started to fingerfuck her while rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Alice stood respectfully upright. She was squirming a little, though.

The camera returned to a larger shot. Mr Townes had freed his cock from his trousers. He had an impressive organ that stood up stiff and straight, and Juliette was doing something with her left hand under her skirts. Alice couldn’t see exactly what, but she had a good idea.

On the screen Alice’s eyes grew dark. Suddenly her eyes turned away while she stiffened and shuddered, biting her lips to suppress a scream.

“Oh my,” Mr Townes said. “You did come hard, Alice… Go and let us have some more wine.” He put his fingers to his nose and sniffed. “Juliette?”

Alice closed her legs and did as she was told. Juliette got up off her chair. She smiled at Alice and straddled her husband; she wore no panties and let herself down onto his cock with a deep sigh.

“Go now, girl,” she said. “Go and have a shower.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Juliette said. “Thank you, sir!” She curtsied and left the room.

The woman stopped the DVD for a moment. “Are you alright?” she said. “you look flabbergasted – didn’t you realise you like sex? Or is it that you didn’t expect you would enjoy being fingerfucked in front of someone else? But you would, wouldn’t you?”

She put her hand between Alice’s legs. “You wet pussy denies the horror in your eyes, baby,” she added. “And just look at your nipples…”

She smiled sweetly at Alice, who would have loved to hit her, hadn’t she been restrained.

The woman seemed to be able to read her thoughts. “You’re not honest to yourself, baby,” she said.

Then she pressed the remote again.

Alice was shown entering the shower. She dropped her panties into the wash basket, washed herself extensively, and then she dressed again, putting on fresh panties. When she was dressed again she consulted her do-list. “10:00 evening room – evening tea to be served,” she muttered. There was a clock over the bed; it was only 7:30.

Alice looked around the room and investigated. She started with the wardrobe. Apart from a whole series of maid’s uniforms there were a few rather revealing dresses that she looked at with raised eyebrows. The top drawer contained bras, the middle one panties. The bottom one held garter belts and stockings. She tried to find a pair of pyjamas, but there were none. Eventually she lifted the bed covers, and saw something red on the pillow. She picked it up; it was a kind of baby doll that was completely diaphanous.

On the bedside table there were a few books. She sat down to have a look at them; they were uniformly of a rather outspoken nature. So was the content of the drawer, which held a packet of paracetamols and a generous selection of sex toys.

She sat down with one of the books. It must have been exciting, judging by the flush that appeared on her face.

The next scene showed Alice entering the evening room. It was an elegant, elongated room with a spinet and flowery wallpaper. There was a fire burning in the hearth. The cream-coloured curtains were closed, and the Towneses were sitting near the fire talking. She was wearing an expensive-looking red dress, and her husband was formally clad in white tie.

Alice carried a tray with a tea service, cakes and a small bottle of brandy.

She put the tray on a side table and bent over to pour the tea, with a generous splash of brandy – a rather bigger one for Mr Townes than for Juliette, though.

She curtsied, took the cups to her employers and put them down near their chairs.


“Yes, ma’am.”

“Jones said you’re beautiful. I’m inclined to believe her – but I’d like to see so with my own eyes.”


“Take off that dress, will you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Alice undid the buttons of her bodice and the small zip in the narrow part of the flaring miniskirt. Then she lifted the dress over her head and carefully hung it over her left underarm.

“Put it over the chair back.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Now turn around slowly.”

Alice did. It was plain to see the treatment aroused her. Hher nipples stood stiff and proud out from her breasts, notwithstanding the bright fire in the room – it must be nice and hot there.

“Take off the rest, too – no, you can keep your shoes and stockings on.”

Alice took off the underskirt, revealing her thin panties. Her bra and panties followed suit.

“Shall I take off the garter belt, too?”

“Er, no please. Turn around once more.”

The woman whispered into Alice’s ear, “Aren’t they lucky to have so beautiful a willing, sweet woman for a live-in fuckdoll? Look at her breasts…”

The nipples on Alice’s breast seemed to be even larger that they’d appeared through her bra.

“Look at her face – she doesn’t dislike being treated like a slut!”

Juliette looked at her hard. Then she broke into a big smile. “Mrs Jones was a bit sparing with her praise – you are really and truly beautiful.”

She beckoned to Alice to come over, and when she saw close enough she felt her breasts.

“Yes,” she said. “As I thought and hoped; no artifice there. Alice?”


“Mr Townes had his way with me this evening…”

She got up from her chair and went to her husband. She sat down on the armrest of his chair, bent over and undid his fly. Then she took out his cock and rubbed it lovingly for a moment. It stood up firmly, angrily red, big and bloated.

“Look,” she said. “He is still horny. Fuck him.”

Alice expected her image to go and leave the room now. But instead she walked over to Mr Townes.

“Do you want me to mount you, sir?”

Mr Townes got up.

“No,” he said. “Variety etcetera – lie down on that couch, please. On your back!”

Alice did. She opened her legs wide and drew her knees up, offering her pussy to Mr Townes’ cock. Alice saw that she must be very aroused indeed – her pussy was soaking wet, and the outer lips all puffed up and purple. She groaned. Was she really going to let herself be fucked like that?

She was. Mr Townes quickly came to life. He knelt close to Alice’s bottom on the bed, grabbed his cock and ran the tip along her slit. Juliette sat on the far armrest of the couch, near Alice’s face. She watched the proceedings with interest and began kneading Alice’s breasts and nipples.

Mr Townes pressed his fat cock into Alice’s pussy. Alice gasped as his balls hit her bottom – you could hear them slap against her. She clasped her legs around his back and began moving her hips.

“That’s it, hussy – fuck me back! Yes! Yes!”

Alice felt herself go even moister. She was certain the cushion she was kneeling on must end up showing large moisture rings. Her breasts felt so taut it hurt, and she groaned into the gag. The woman felt between her buttocks and adjusted something – and the butt plug started vibrating. Just a little – so little it was nothing but a distant indication of motion. It did add to her feeling of arousal and discomfort, though.

“You like this, don’t you? You can deny it for all you’re worth – but I can see by your breasts and pussy that you’re getting as aroused as you are on the screen. You wish you were being fucked instead of sitting here with not even a chance to touch yourself… Look how happy she is!”

She did look happy, Alice thought. She was lying on the couch, being fucked out of her mind with her eyes closed and a wide smile on her face. Juliette looked at her husband fuck Alice.

“Good work, George,” she said. “Give it to her hard… Make that hussy scream!”

She bent over and kissed Alice on the lips; then she sought her tongue.

Alice had never thought she could kiss another woman, but Juliette’s attempts met with apparent enthusiasm, and Alice had to admit to herself it looked damn sexy. The camera panned in on the duelling tongues, and the footage of her own mouth with its shiny red lipstick half open to admit Juliette’s tongue was enough to send her straight over the edge. She had to close her eyes and regain her breath…

When she opened them again the picture was still there; the woman had stopped the DVD player when she orgasmed.

She pressed the button again and the DVD continued. Mr Townes now bent over Alice to suck her nipples, and then he shoved his knees under her bottom and picked up speed. It was almost too hot a sight for Alice. She was still trembling with her first orgasm and she felt absolutely burning with envy – she knew it was herself, but she wished, she wished she was getting that cock up her fuckhole hard…

While Alice on the screen and Mr Townes got if off as if there were no tomorrow, the woman put the butplug on full speed, making Alice go completely week inside.

“Wouldn’t you like to touch your clit?” she asked.

Alice could only nod vehemently. “Ok,” the woman said. “You have asked for it…”

She showed Alice a small, black plastic box with a button, and she turned it slowly, slowly, just a little at first. The thing pressed on Alice’s clit began to buzz.

“It’s called a butterfly…. I love them, you know,” she said, offering Alice a malicious smile.

Alice sat helplessly watching herself be fucked, long and hard, while the two toys brought her relentlessly to her next orgasm. It did take some time after the first one, though.

On the screen she saw herself come. She half rose and let out a shriek, and then slumped back, and Mr Townes pulled out his cock and shot his load all over Alice’s face. Juliette grinned at him and rubbed some goo into Alice’s hair, before bending over and slowly licking her face clean with a pointed tongue. Alice just lay spent, looking at her employers with a tired smile.

Alice thought it looked incredibly sexy. She watched breathlessly, her eyes glued to the screen… Eventually the woman turned the butterfly to its highest speed. It was more than Alice could bear, and she came with a vengeance. She felt her thighs go wet, and and as the screen went black she almost keeled over. The woman grabbed her shoulders. “Now that was quite something, wasn’t it?” she said as she removed the gag from Alice’s mouth. “Oh, to be fucked like that, er?”

“Please,” Alice said. “Please!”

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