Hot Neighbour

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Big Tits

I am a hot single woman in her mid thirties and I live alone in a small house. I have various men in my life but no one who truly satisfies me the way I long to be satisfied. You are my 20 year old neighbour, you still live at home with your parents and have never convinced one of your girlfriends to let you go all the way with you so you have had to be content with quick clumsy blow jobs in the back of your car.

You watch me and fantasize that someday you could fuck a woman like me, your bedroom window looks onto my backyard where I have been known to spend some time alone on my deck chair when I think no one is looking, but you have seen me and have touched yourself while watching me touch myself.

I have a girlfriend that I confide in about my secret fantasies and I have also seen you when you do not think you are being watched. You are a young strong man and your body is hard and lean and you have so much potential, I can sense these things. I tell my friend that I overheard you and one of our girlfriends arguing one night about having sex, you were pleading with her and telling her badly you want to fuck her and she would not give in and all I wanted to do was take you inside my house and fulfill all your fantasies. She tells me that she would love to help me so we hatch a plan.

I invite her over to play in my pool and catch some sun on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We are both wearing bikinis that do not leave much to the imagination, mine is pink and the top barely covers my rosy nipples, the bottom is a thong and the front barely covers the mound of my pussy. Hers is black and it is a halter style and again the fabric barely covers her dark brown nipples and the bottom is a low cut and the top of her ass is just barely visible when she bends over.

We are lying on the deck chairs and have a couple of drinks beside us and we have been sunning ourselves and drinking for a few hours and are feeling no pain and are starting to get very horny. I look up into your window and I see your shadow so I know it is time to start the show. I take her hand and lead her to the cool pool. We step into the shallow end of the pool and we both start to giggle as the cold water hits our warm sun drenched pussies. I pull her close to me and start gaziantep escortları to run my hands up and down her arms, I reach out and stroke one of her breasts and her nipple reacts to my touch and is rock hard in seconds, she moans and her head falls back, her long hair touching the water. I lean over and I move the fabric off of both of her nipples and I take each one in my mouth and slowly suckle each one. I make each one rock hard and then move to the other and keep doing this until she grabs my head and pulls me into a passionate kiss, she pushes me until my back is against the edge of the pool and she undoes the top of my bikini to reveal my rosy nipples. She bends her head and starts to reciprocate the treatment I just gave her breasts, my nipples react to each lick and touch like they have been aching for her touch. I sneak a look at your window and I see that you are still watching us so I up the ante.

I get out of the pool and I go and get my phone and I call you. You jump when the phone rings but you answer and I tell you that I need help with something and could you come over and lend me a hand…you agree and throw on your swim trunks and race over to my yard. I have left the gate open for you and you let yourself in. I have joined my friend in the pool again and she is now sitting at the edge of the pool. I introduce you to her and I ask you to come and sit beside her so I can show you what I need help with. You are too stunned not to do anything I ask of you so you sit down beside her. I tell him that we have heard is his plight and want to help you to be the best lover that you can be so that once word spreads about how good you are, you will not be without a date ever again. I tell you that I am going to show you how a woman wants to be pleasured so to pay very close attention to everything I do.

I tell her to lie back and lift her hips so I can remove her bikini bottom, she complies with a smile because she knows what is to come…we have done this before…I slid her bikini off her sweet ass and your eyes bulge out of your head, this is your first glimpse off a real live woman’s pussy and she is completely shaved like the women you see in the movies you watch in your room alone at night. I spread her legs as wide as they go and I tell you to lean in and listen closely. I tell you that a woman likes to be teased, you have to arouse her to the brink of orgasm to make the sexual experience the most pleasurable for her. I spread her lips and you can see the glistening wetness at the centre, I tell you that is the source of the wetness and you should always start there are spread it all over the pussy lips to lubricate it so you can work your magic on it. I start to rub the opening of her pussy and I drag the wetness up to her clit where I circle it with my fingertip. She likes this and moans softly, you see her clit get hard and I tell you to pay strict attention to this part of a woman because this is where it feels the best when you touch her. I spread her lips with my fingers and run my tongue from one end of her pussy to the other, I stop to suck on her clit, I slip a finger inside her pussy and you gasp, it went in so easily you had no idea that it was so easy to please a woman. I fuck her with my fingers and suck on her clit for a few minutes and I pull out my finger and ask if you want to taste her…you look at me with amazement and say yes please!! I give you my hand and you suck her juice off of my fingers while she watches you, she asks if you like the way she tastes and you can barely whisper…yes.

She sits up and sees the bulge in your swim trunks and she asks you if you are ready for another lesson. You just nod, to afraid that your voice will not work if you try to speak. She stands up and removes the rest of her bikini, tossing into the garden. She straddles your thighs and her heavy breasts at eye level, her erect nipples dangling so close to your face that you can hardly see them. She asks you to stick out your tongue and she grabs her breast and runs the nipples all over your tongue. She takes your other hand and puts in on her other breast so you can massage it and make her other nipple erect. You are doing everything we tell you to so we decide to reward you. My friend slips back into the pool and I get out, I remove my bikini and I tell you to lie on your back, I crouch down over your face so my pussy is only inches from your lips. I tell you to stick out your tongue and you do so I reward you by rubbing my pussy over your hard tongue. I tell you to reach up and open up my lips so you can see everything and feel how wet I am, you spread my lips and reach up and start sucking on my clit while you play with the opening to my pussy with your fingers, you haven’t penetrated it, you are too afraid to try that until I tell you to.

Meanwhile my friend is between your legs and she has removed your trunks, your cock is so hard it looks like it is going to burst. We both know that this is your first real blow job so you will probably fairly quickly so we don’t want to waste too much time. You have been a great student and you deserve a treat. She starts lo lick your balls and you are so surprised that you sit up slightly which only brings your face that much closer to my waiting pussy. You get used to the sensation and she takes the base of your cock in her hands and tightens her grip on it while she slips the head of your cock in her mouth. You moan into my pussy and I grind it all over your face to distract you from what is happening to your cock. She starts to suck you a little faster and you moan louder and buck your hips a little…we know you are close so we give you what you have been waiting for all this time…I stand up and tell you to move farther from the pool. I straddle you and crouch down over you inching closer and closer to your hard tool. She grabs it and holds it still while I slip down on top of it…you cry out as each inch of my pussy envelopes you, you have never felt such warmth before. She is massaging your balls while I start to bounce up and down on your rod. I know you will cum fast so I start to bounce harder and harder giving you what you want. You have your hands on my hips and are gripping them for dear life…you have no control, you are moaning and bucking up into my pussy with such force that you almost knock me over and you suddenly stop and look at me with a question…I tell you that I want you to fill my pussy with your young hot load so anytime you are ready to let loose. I start to bounce up and down even faster now, your buck up one last time and I feel a hot stream of cum fill my pussy and you buck and buck until every last ounce has left your cock.

I stand up and you sit up and look at both of us with such a look of gratitude that we know that this will be a weekly meeting until you have learned everything that we have to teach you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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