Hotel Sex

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You text me your hotel and room number. I come to your room and knock and you open the door. I come in and stand, nervously, inside. I’m not really sure this is a good idea and have no idea what to say.

I make some stupid comment about the room being nice and before I can say any more you push me against the wall and wedge your knee between my legs, making me gasp in anticipation. Staring into my eyes you slowly unbutton my shirt and run your fingers along the edge of my bra, teasing me and making me push my tits toward you. You lift them out of the cups and lick and suck my nipples making me moan and grind myself on your thigh.

You turn me around to face the wall pulling my shirt off my shoulders to my elbows before tying it there, stopping me moving my arms, then you unzip my skirt pushing it down to the floor along with my knickers.

Turning me round again you go down to your knees and bury three fingers deep in my soaking cunt, your tongue swirls over my clit before you clamp your teeth gently around it and suck.

When I’m panting and moaning with the need to cum you pull me over to a chair and sit me on it before pulling out your cock and running it over my lips. You push the head in letting me, lick Maraş Escort and suck, before grabbing a handful of my hair and fucking my mouth, making my drool and gag around you.

You’re close to cumming but before you do you pull me up again and bend me over the back of the chair, kicking my legs apart you bury your cock inside me. With one hand you slap my ass in time to your thrusts, each one harder than the last, with the other you milk my clit, making me cry out and writhe under you, my orgasm feeling so good as I clamp down on your cock inside me.

You pick me up again and sit me on the desk pushing my legs apart again you stand between them and pound into me harder and harder until I think I’m going to break. Your fingers find my nipples pulling and twisting them hard, driving me onto another orgasm. As I cum screaming your cocks about to explode so you lean into me, driving as much of your cock in me as possible, and bite down hard on my neck as you fill me full of your cum.

You lift me up and carry me over to the bathroom and place me in a warm bath kneading my sore muscles and gently washing me. You undress and slip in behind me, pulling me back to rest against your chest. Your hands Maraş Escort Bayan slowly soap up my breasts, my nipples react hardening against your palms. Your hands slip lower, softly probing my sore pussy lips, stroking them in time to the kisses you place on my neck. Your strong arms wrap around my waist, lifting me slightly. You move your body lower into the water and slowly lower me onto your hard cock. I tighten around you moving my hips in a figure of eight, grinding down on you. Your fingers move back to my breasts teasing and pulling at my nipples until I’m panting.

You stand and move to face me, water pouring down your body. You lift my legs over the side of the tub and tell me to hold myself there with my ass just out of the water. You slide back down, your legs underneath my suspended body. You line your cock up with my cunt and slowly lower me back down.

The feeling of you pushing against the front of me is so intense I almost cum there and then, your fingers once gain find my clit rubbing against it hard and fast as you lay back, your eyes staring into mine. You tell me you want me to see me face as I cum, you want me to show you how good it feels to be fucked by someone you Escort Maraş hardly know, someone who just wants to make me cum over and over and you do. You make me watch as your hands work magic on my body, making me look into my own face in the mirror as I cum screaming your name.

Finally, when I can scream no more you lift my legs down and carry me out of the bath. After drying me off you take me over to the bed and lie me down. You ask if you’ve made me feel good, I tell you you have. You ask if I want to make you feel good too, I tell you I do.

You produce a bottle of lube from your bag and squirt it into my asshole, working one, then two, then three fingers in. My body’s to tired and relaxed to put up my of a fight as you slowly stretch me open then press your cock against me. As you press into my most secret place you groan low and the sound sends a shiver through my whole body. I’m once again alive with need as I feel you pump into me, slowly at fist but growing more powerful with each thrust. Your hands are on my shoulders holding me so tightly. I snake one arm under my body, gasping as my fingers make contact with my sore and sensitive clit. Stroking gently I bring myself to another orgasm, arching my back towards you as I moan into the pillow. You lift my upper body to access my tits, pounding savagely into my ass now, mauling my breasts as you cum, filling me.

We lay on the bed catching our breath, you turn to me and smile before pulling me close and wrapping me in your arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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