Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 38

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Initially Thanksgiving Day was full of normal, wholesome family gatherings with lots of cooking followed by extremely large meals. But later in the day, when the dishes had been cleared and the men were occupied with football games and naps, the women began to disappear and to congregate at Jessica’s house, where the vibe was much different.

A long table stretching across most of the living room was covered with many of the standard holiday foods, but the decorations were somewhat unusual. Jane and Marie were stretched out head to head with their feet near either end of the table, stark naked, tied down with their legs spread wide and ball gags in their mouths. The food was arranged around them, the cranberry sauce between Marie’s legs, the mashed potatoes and gravy between Jane’s.

Initially the plan had been for Jane alone to serve as the centerpiece, but Jessica had become so annoyed with Marie’s attitude that day that she decided to put the French girl on display as well. Marie, apparently, was jealous of the attention Jane was getting from her mistress. All morning while cooking she had stomped around the kitchen in a huff, even snapping at Jessica when asked about the cornbread stuffing. Jessica had been sorely tempted kaçak iddaa to bend her over and give her a sound thrashing right then and there, but many dishes were in progress and there was no time. Instead Jessica waited until the meal was almost finished before ordering Marie to strip and climb up on the table. Now Jessica stood with a martini in hand, surveying her handiwork and waiting for her guests.

The first to arrive was Jackie London, who had elected not to make the long trip home to see her family this Thanksgiving. Noting the unusual table adornment, Jackie began to prepare herself a plate of food, taking some time to fondle both Marie and Jane. The latter, she noted, now sported a covering of very short brown hair both on her head and between her legs.

A short while later Janice appeared at the door, and a devilish smirk spread across her face when she saw the two bound, naked women. She had already eaten and was not particularly hungry, but did take the time to spread some cranberry sauce on Marie’s tits and lick it off, then dab some potatoes on Jane’s crotch and cover them with gravy. She was on her knees in the process of cleaning the last bit of gravy off Jane’s thigh when Ella arrived and began to finger Marie while kaçak bahis eating spoonfuls of sweet potatoes with the other hand.

Olivia, Kat, Samantha, Kelly Ann, and Betty Ann all put in an appearance at one point or another. Adriana, unfortunately, was out of town with her family, while Lexi couldn’t get away since it was just her dad and her. By the end of the meal both Marie and Jane were quite sticky with the residue of various foodstuffs.

After the table was cleared, the ball gags were removed and Olivia, Janice, Ella, and Jessica took turns climbing onto the table and feeding their pussies to the bound women. Only after their tongues were worn out and their faces covered with lady juice were they finally untied and allowed to forage in the kitchen for leftovers. Still naked, ravenously hungry, they stuffed turkey and stuffing into their mouths with both hands. When they were done, forgetting their rivalry for the moment, they licked each other clean like two kittens as their mistress sat eating chocolate cheesecake.

* * *

Later that night Kat and Kelly decided to go to the movies and invited their cousins along. Kelly and J.J. greeted each other very warmly, with a big enthusiastic hug, while Sally Ann favored Kat with illegal bahis a shy smile. Inside Sally sat on the left with Kat to her right, then J.J., then Kelly. Not long into the movie Kat saw that J.J. had put one arm around Kelly and was fondling her breasts with the other hand. A few minutes later that hand found its way down between Kelly’s legs, while Kelly’s right hand was clamped between J.J.’s bare thighs just below her very short skirt.

Feeling her pussy begin to moisten, Kat looked over at Sally, who was staring at the screen oblivious to all of this. It ended up being a very frustrating 90 minutes for Kat, who didn’t feel able to make a move on Sally and though several times she was tempted to fondle her own cousin, she thought better of it. Instead she tried to ignore the itch between her legs and enjoy herself vicariously through J.J. and Kelly, who were clearly enjoying each other.

After the movie they all said good night. Kelly was extremely hot and bothered and wanted desperately to get J.J. alone somewhere for a couple hours, but couldn’t think of any way to accomplish it. Instead she walked home with Sally, who was analyzing some fine point of the movie’s plot that had completely escaped Kelly. Kelly felt frustrated and irritated; her panties were soaked and there was nothing she could do about it. It was hard to even masturbate with Sally sharing her room; she would have to wait until her cousin was asleep.

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