How I Met My Mother

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

This is the story of how I met my mother, my birth mother that is. I was adopted as a baby, and I loved my parents very much, but after they passed I began to get more and more curious about my birth parents. My own research through one of those DNA matching services found my birth father, but he had passed as well.

There was no record of my birth mother’s DNA in the system, so I fell back on other methods. This is a good time to introduce myself, I’m Adam Stone, or that’s the name my adopted parents gave me. They died in an auto accident when I was twenty two, a few years ago. They left me very well off, money wasn’t going to be an issue for me. Having failed my own searches for my birth mom I hired a private investigation firm and gave them what little information I had.

Then I sort of forgot about it. Not really of course, I just let them look for my mother and focused on my own life again for a while. Being a handsome, wealthy man in his mid-twenties was no hardship and I was enjoying myself immensely while an investment firm grew my money.

I had joined some adult websites, looking for more interesting hookups than the norm. I was having great success, no surprise, many women checking out my profile where I made no secret of my earnings. I was looking for someone with my own tastes in sex, I’m Dominant and I wanted a good sub.

Most of the young women I was meeting were nowhere near what I was looking for. They tended to be too self-involved and immature to be a good sex partner for me. I expanded my age range and was looking at more mature women when one in particular caught my eye.

I liked her profile page right off the bat, very tasteful. Her photos showed a woman in her late thirties with a great figure. What caught my attention was her black hair and green eyes. I have that coloration as well, it’s not uncommon but not an everyday thing either. That combined with the shape of her face pulled at me somehow. I bookmarked her profile for more perusal later.

That night I bolted awake from a very erotic dream about that woman, with a suspicion that sent me to my computer. I checked her profile again, the photos of her face made me more and more certain. I called the PI firm I was using, not caring it was 3am, and set them to finding the woman in the profile. I’d bet anything that was my own mother.

I didn’t try to contact her over the adult website, in fact I deleted my profile. I wasn’t going to meet this woman that way, and not without all the information I could get. The way I looked at it I was in a win-win scenario. If it was my birth mother I could end my search and finally get to know her. Other than what I already knew, which was too much.

If she wasn’t my birth mother, she and I could maybe get freaky. What I’d read of her profile had dovetailed with my interests, maybe I’d get a long-term play partner out of this. I waited impatiently for the results of the investigation.

One of their men came to my house with the report. I’d had to tell them where I’d found the woman in question but other than that I gave them nothing. For my money, I got almost everything. Her name, address, age, job and employment history, shoe size, you name it. I was paying for the best after all.

Marla Anders, age thirty seven, she would have been thirteen when I was born, just a kid. No wonder she gave me up. It looked like she was doing well for herself professionally, in good health, never married and no other family.

In bahis siteleri their opinion things were ‘inconclusive’. I was trusting my gut. She had to be my mother, it just felt right. To me a DNA test would just certify it at this point. I paid the firm with a bonus to forget everything, then thought about how I’d get in touch with her.

The report said she worked at a non-profit, something with the homeless. And I saw she was Head of Charitable Contributions. Aha! I emailed the foundation about donating money and soon we were corresponding. I suggested getting together in person to discuss a larger gift and got a cautious yes.

We met for lunch at a place she suggested, I got there first. When she walked in I knew immediately that whatever thoughts I’d had about having a normal family-type relationship with her weren’t going to work. Once our eyes locked we each knew we’d be fucking by the end of the day.

It was that knowing smile she gave me. She looked at me like she knew I was the answer to all her sex-related problems, there was the hint of a smirk in there somewhere. I stood to greet her and as I pulled out her chair for her, we touched hands and there it was, an electric current traveling between us, silently communicating our desire for each other.

Once the waiter had taken our order and vanished she put her hand on mine and called me by my former screen name for that adult website. Damn! I hadn’t planned for this scenario, like an idiot I’d just hoped she hadn’t seen that profile.

Suddenly this seemed like a very bad idea. I excused myself and left the restaurant, telling the maitre’ d she was to have whatever she wanted. While I was waiting for the valet to bring my car I felt someone behind me, it was her.

She was pissed, but she controlled it well. She took my arm as though we’d left together, once my Benz was brought around she had the valet open the car door and hand her in. I got behind the wheel and as we drove off she spoke.

“What was that all about? Are you even going to contribute anything or was this just some sort of prank?” She was staring ahead, not looking at me. Well, here goes, I thought to myself. I pulled over onto a side street and parked.

We were silent for a moment. I sighed and said, “It’s not that. I didn’t think you’d seen my profile on that BDSM site. Maybe I just hoped you hadn’t. There’s no easy way to say this but, I’m pretty sure you’re my birth mother.”

Marla turned to me, shock on her face. “I thought…”

“Yeah, I know, awkward. I’d been hoping you hadn’t seen that profile yet. I’ve been looking for you for a while now.” I finally smiled. “Hi, I’m Adam, Adam Stone, nice to meet you.” Things got weird, then things got emotional and teary for a while, and I found out my mom carries tissues in her purse just like other moms.

I managed to slip her questions on the odd way I’d gotten ahold of her, for the moment. She was evasive on some of her answers as well but I put that down to our present lack of familiarity.

We decided to go back and eat now that things were getting sorted out, had a wonderful meal and possibly a drink too many. I’m blaming the booze anyway. Because that charge had never gone away. I could still feel it and I could tell Marla did too. I called us an Uber Black and we went back to my place. We kept touching accidentally somehow, that charge was building and building.

Once inside she cast any pretense aside and kissed me. Looking back it was one of the only bold things I’ve seen her do. She must have sensed that if she made canlı bahis siteleri the first move I’d respond in kind. Her kiss was warm and soft, not motherly at all. There was hunger there, craving and desire and need as well as a promise of emotions returned.

I kissed her back, hard, telling her without words I would demand things of her, she would need to submit to me. She melted against me and moaned, I had to hold her up by the shoulders.

“This could be incest, you know,” I said.

“I don’t care. Adam, I don’t care, I want you. Like I’ve never wanted anyone ever before.” She kissed me again, running her hands across my broad back, thrusting her hips against me.

I was still somewhat drunk. But I knew what I was doing, oh yes. I knew very well. I was going to fuck my mother, not just fuck her but make her my plaything. All her holes would be mine, any time any place, my very own cum-dumpster.

Suddenly Marla knelt before me, head down, knees together. “May I suck your cock, please, Master?” Then looked up at me with those green eyes so like my own.

“Yes, suck me,” I whispered, voice hoarse with desire. She unzipped me and extracted my hardness from my boxers, cradling it lovingly before engulfing me in her warm wet mouth. I was instantly ready to cum, this whole thing was so mind-blowing, I couldn’t believe it was really happening.

She was an expert cocksucker, she kept me on the edge of orgasm for an eternity before I had to grab her head and just fuck her mouth as I came. She swallowed it all even though I’d blasted without warning, she never even gagged. Her tongue was magic on my cock, she kept sucking and in moments I was hard again.

“My god, what the hell is happening here,” I asked rhetorically. “You’re sure about this? I feel it too, I’ve never had this deep a, a craving for anyone before, what if you really are her?” Even if my head was confused my body knew what was going on, all this time I was unbuttoning my shirt, shedding socks and shoes.

Marla was doing the same, getting slowly naked as I watched, enjoying my gaze on her. “I’ve told you, I don’t care. We’re going to fuck and we both know it,” she said.

“This way,” I said and led her to the bedroom. She followed behind me and to the right, head down, arms behind her back, I wondered if someone had trained her a bit already. She was certainly old enough to know what she wanted by now, and still attractive enough to get it on demand.

I hadn’t planned on having an encounter tonight but I’m prepared to be spontaneous as well. I told her to get on the bed, all fours, while I rummaged through the nightstand for what I needed. When I turned back to her I had to take a mental snapshot, she was lovely, everything I desired in a woman.

Generous behind with wide hips and narrow waist. Well sculpted legs, toned arms. Busty but not huge breasted. Shiny black hair like a dark waterfall. Her eyes pleaded with me, she needed release, needed a Master to give it to her.

“From now on, call me Master,” I told her as I approached the bed. I set the condoms and lube down and joined her in the center of the king-sized mattress.

“Master,” she asked, “if it would make you happy… would you like to call me mommy?” She was breathing hard, I could smell how hot she was.

“I’ll call my sub whatever I want,” I said casually. Inside I was boiling. I’d never considered incest that much of a turn on before, it turns out the real thing is much more exciting. After all, I was into other things most right thinking people would call taboo canlı bahis anyway so the mental leap wasn’t too far.

She was gorgeous. I loved how her tits hung under her as she waited for my commands. Her nipples were hard and rough on dark areolas. Her thighs were trembling slightly. Her cunt was shaved with thick outer lips and tidy inner ones; her clit was larger than I’d ever seen before, it was twitching as I watched.

“Does my Master like what he sees?” she asked shyly. She hadn’t lifted her head yet, she stole glances here and there from the corner of her eye.

“Did I tell you to speak?” I asked and brought a palm down on my mommy’s ass. She gasped and thrust her behind back at me. I picked up a rhythm, one side then the next as she squirmed silently under the slaps. “You may answer.”

“No Master!” my mommy said, following it with a moan I pulled out of her. I’d just grazed her clit, she was apparently very sensitive.

“Tell you what, slut, we’ll get that DNA test like we planned, but yes, I think whatever the results I’ll call you mommy. My slutty cum-dumpster mommy. Now get on your back, your Master and son is going to fuck you.” My nine inches were rigid, I was looking forward to a proper rough fuck.

She was gorgeous, lying beneath me, black hair spread on the pillow. Face flushed, breath ragged, she was ready all right. I looked deep into those green eyes so like my own as I pushed my throbbing shaft into her wet cunt. She gasped as I filled her to the brim with my cock.

“Mmm,” I whispered, “my new slut’s cunt is so wet. I think this slut likes the thought she might be fucking her own son.” Her hips were shifting under me, she was biting her lower lip and gripping the sheets with white knuckles.

“Tell me slut, do you like it? Thinking this might just be the most taboo thing ever? Does that get you off, thinking it is?” The whole time I was verbally teasing her I was fucking her with long, slow strokes, getting her used to a rhythm.

“Master yes, I do think it’s hot, oh my god, Master! Your cock his so big! This slut has never been fucked by such a large cock!” She was rolling her hips now, grinding her ass against the sheets, desperate for more stimulation, more, more!

“If it gets you this hot then I hope it’s true” I said, her cunny was getting hotter by the second. “Slut, cum for me, cum for your son, cum on my cock!” I shifted from the long slow strokes to a furious pounding and Marla went wild.

“Oh Master yes!” she cried, “Cumming for my new Master, my son, my baby boy, cumming on your cock, oh god YES!” Back arched she flooded our crotches with a blast of pussy juice as she came, my nine inches fucking her right through her orgasm.

“What a good slut!” I said, I was railing her hard now and my maybe-mommy was flopping on the end of my cock, still cumming. “Your new Master likes to fuck his new slut, while she cums!” I was practically lifting her off the bed with the force of my thrusts, her eyes were rolled back and she was babbling.

Now I was ready, I plowed as deep as I could while biting her shoulder and hunching my hips. Suddenly I exploded, firing pulse after pulse into my slut mommy’s greedy pussy. Thick gobs of jizz flew up my thrusting shaft as we orgasmed together, her cunt gobbling my spunk as fast as I could pump it.

God, she felt fantastic around me, I’d never had a pussy so responsive and tight at once, she was like a fine race car, moving with my thrusts and enhancing everything, it was like we were made for each other.

Well that was last week. We’ve seen each other every day and we’re talking about Marla moving in. The sex is mind-blowing. Today’s mail is due any time now, the results will be here soon.

I don’t think it will matter too much either way.

The End

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