How I Met My Wife

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Chapter One of the series

Stacie & Cole: A Love Story

Stories about how guys met their wives make for some great fairy-tales of chance romantic encounters at the grocery store or of plotting and planning how to ask out the girl in the next office who caught their eye at a party. This is a story along those lines, well sort of.

I had had just gotten out of the military and had scored a good job in New Orleans working for a photo studio. My boss John and I had gone out for drinks a couple of times. He loved to hear stories of the girls from all over the world, whether they were true or not. I told him tales about the wild bars of the Philipeans and about the legendary massage parlours of Hong Kong. His favourite though were about the young female officers who liked to go slumming with the enlisted, forbidden lust in exotic foreign cities that cost more than one their promising career.

He would tell me stories about what he believed was his best work, his erotic nudes of the cities’ elite ladies that went on behind closed doors. He had lived in New Orleans nearly all his life making a living by capturing the city’s wealthy and powerful on film. He was one of the most well known portrait photographers in the city. And that fame along with discretion brought along requests from the wealthy couples for more private sessions. Sometimes he would be invited to some of their more exclusive parties where some of the elite couples went slumming for a night. It was on my thirty-second birthday when he offered to let me come to one. He wouldn’t be able to make it and he hated to cancel at such short notice and leave the ladies wanting. I gladly accepted, thinking what better way to spend my birthday than taking advantage of a couple of married rich ladies in front of their husbands.

At first I didn’t know what to expect. My head swam and my hands sweated all that day in anticipation. Little did I know of how much this party would direct the rest of my life. That evening when I arrived at the hotel, a Holiday Inn on the intnerstate, I was nearly ready to walk away. I forced myself to knock on the door and much to my relief an older man opened it, still clothed.

“I’m here for the party.” I managed, trying to repress the nervousness in my stomach that threatened me with nausea, “I was invited by John.”

“Come in, come in,” he said with a broad smile, opening the door wider and ushering me in. He was skinny and looked eerily like William Defoe “He told me he was sending someone in his place. Cole, right?”

“My name’s Ron,” he grinned, closing the door and gripping my hand, “glad you could make it. Go ahead and get comfortable and feel free to jump in anywhere. There is some food is on the table in the corner.”

The suite was made up of a living room and a bedroom off to the side. It was clear that most of the action was in the bedroom, three guys stood in various states of undress in the doorway, their hands toying with their noticeably stiff pricks.

“There are about twelve other guys tonight,” Ron continued leading me back towards the doorway. He introduced me to a couple of guys sitting naked on the couch nursing a drink and watching a homemade movie on the television, obviously in recovery. “Our four lucky ladies tonight are my wife Lynne on the bed,” he pointed towards queen-size bed where a thick dark-haired lady in a black lace teddy was engaged with three guys, “better watch out, looks like she’s a little hungry tonight. That’s Carol in the hot tub” he said pointing over to the hot-tub to a thin lady with short black hair who was on all fours devouring a thick cock while another slid gracefully into her snatch. The men’s faces were of pure ecstasy and they assailed their wanton victim.

And that little cutie-pie in the corner is Carol’s daughter Stacie.” Stacie was on her back, her legs spread-eagled as the guy she was laying on slid roughly into her ass. Another guy was knealingkneeling between her open legs, slipping his cock deep inside her hungry slit as her mouth worked hard to milk a third cock of its precious seed. Her breasts bounced atop her heaving form, shiny from at least one load of semen that had dripped down her chin onto her tanned chest. Once hand balanced on the stud beneath her while the other gripped yet another cock, working diligently to bring even more seed splashing down on her. The only stitch of clothing she had on were her black high heel sandals that clung to her tiny feet waving in the air above her head. Sticky white streams streaked her shoulder length dark brown hair and her black lust filled eyes seem depthless as they eyed each of her lovers one by one.

“Our red headed vixen Mary will be here a little later, she’s running a little late,” Ron went on about Carol’s husband Michael currently sliding his cock into his wife Lynne’s protruding bottom, but for that moment the world seemed to stop turning. Stacie’s dark absorbing eyes flashed to me for a moment and it felt as if pieces of my life suddenly were jolted out of place and violently stuck back together. Then her attention was drawn away as her mouth was suddenly filled Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort by her cocksman’s seed. Stacie began bobbing her head in rhythm to his insistent thrusts, another small stream of cum leaking from her lips as she struggled to swollow all of his generous offering.

As I looked around the room for a place to jump in, a guttural groan from the hot tub drew my attention to Carol and her two lovers. She was a lady in her early fifties. It was easy to tell she had been a stunning woman when she was younger and she had certainly aged gracefully. The guy behind her was breathing heavily, his hands caressing her hips as he slowly withdrew. I walked over to the tub as the guy withdrew and was replaced by the man she had been sucking. He slipped into her slowly but from the look on his face he wouldn’t last long.

Carol smiled coyly as I slid into the hot tub and presented to her my hardened cock. Her dark eyes, nearly as dark and deep as her daughter’s blinked slowly as the guy behind her began thrusting, her body rocking in motion to his insistent strokes. I pressed my cock against her lips and they parted slightly, the tip of her tongue caressing it and snaking along its soft receptive belly. My hands stroked through her dark silken hair and my eyes slowly closed as her heated embrace began to consume me. I watched as this lady nearly twenty years older than me devoured my prick, each thrust of the other man drove my cock deeper between her passionate lips.

The scene in that room was unreal, three beautiful women engaged in fulfilling their every carnal need, their bodies an unparalleled tangle of ecstasy and lust. Lynne had finished off another guy and was now on her knees on the bed with her back towards me, her legs spreading over a new man as she gripped a second cock in her hand ready to draw out its vital nectar. I watched as the cock beneath her penetrated into her sodden sex, its warm wet flesh consuming the man’s pole achingly slow and taking it deep within. Her mouth closed around the second prick, hungrily engulfing it as the man began to roughly slide it farther into her mouth. Her wide hips began their gyration and I could see every licentious movement as her pussy began to milk the marauding prick, sliding up and down like a merry-go-round.

A slight bite on my own cock brought my attention back to Carol who’s deep shadowy eyes stared up at me devilishly, she obviously meant to keep all of my attention focused on her. I could feel her groans along my staff as her pleasure continued to escalate. I watched in lust and awe as she was pounded from behind, the warm water caressing her as her other lover filled her again and again. I could see his orgasm overtake him, his face drew clenched as he groaned aloud. Every unoccupied man turned to watch as he came into the other end of the woman sucking my dick. Their hands stroked their cocks in envy and anticipation, knowing that they too would soon be in his position. Watching him cum was an awesome spectacle, his hips thrusting powerfully against Carol’s ass as she gasp and groaned, her own climax finally over taking her. She released my cock, slipping it out of her mouth with tendrils of moisture still clinging to it. Her hand gripped it’s slippery length, sliding along it in rhythm to her orgasm as she balanced precariously on the other hand and pressed her head against my belly, her eyes rolling back as her lids fluttered closed. After long moments of guttural climax that left both gasping for breath a skinny man who had been sitting off to the side climbed in the tub and began cleaning her flooded poon of the last man’s spilt seed. He buried his face in her cunt, lapping up every last drop of sperm that now oozed out. She shivered with renewed pleasure. The small voyeuristic crowd that had gathered around us shifted to the bed as one of Lynne’s men cried out in vulgar pleasure.

After a few moments Carol shooed the guy back to his corner and grinned up at me “You had better get back there before someone steals your spot.”

I gladly obeyed; taking my place behind her and positioning my anxious cock at her proudly offered pubic mouth as Lynne’s husband leaned over the side of the tub and kissed Carol lewdly before sliding into the tub to take my place. He grinned at me as we pressed our ready shafts against Carol’s lips and pushed inside of her simultaneously. She whimpered as the two of us settled into her. Her apex was hot saturated bliss, slick from an intoxicating mix of her lovers’ cum and her own. My cock slid in easily as I palmed her protruding bottom, slipping in to the hilt until I could feel my balls brush against her. The warm water caressed them too and I could feel my passion beginning to grow. Carol pushed back against me as I began rubbing her clenched anus and I pressed a finger in as she encouraged me with muffled groans and whimpers.

Ron kept her attention focused on his invading cock, gently gripping her hair on either side of her head and keeping her mouth from wondering. But her hips were clearly all mine and her pussy sucked greedily at my attacking prick as she thrust back against me. I leaned over Carol, roughly fondling a tit with my free hand as I continued to finger her ass.

I gasp with mounting pleasure, deliberately trying to keep a slow pace as I scanned the room, drinking in the depraved scene. Stacie now was bent over a chair, a black guy with a cock as thick as her wrist was assaulting her ass, his hand grasping a fist full of her dark hair and pulling her head up at a cruel angle. Her face was a twisted mix of pleasure and pain as her hands held the chair’s legs with a white-knuckled grip. Her knees were shaking as long legs desperately tried to support her balanced on the two tiny heels. Her new lover slammed into her without regard, sneering as he started at his cock disappearing inside the little white girl’s rectum. But oddly the crueller he fucked her the more she appeared to love it, oblivious to any pain the guy may have been causing and completely focused on the bliss, turned on by the depravity of her act.

I could pick Carol’s husband out of the growing group of men that had gathered around the two, stroking his engorged cock as his daughter weathered the torrent of lust that the black guy was directing against her. My mind was too awash with my desperate hunger to question it and it only seemed to fuel the inferno that seemed to be consuming my entire body.

I felt Carol’s body begin to shiver as another orgasm began to sear her. Her climax consumed me and I erupted into her, my mind an overwhelming torrent of sinful ecstasy as I pounded into her from behind. I could almost feel her climax and mine mixing at our joining and causing an explosive reaction that amplified our mutual rapture. Ron groaned as he unloaded into Carol’s mouth, his loss of control no doubt fuelled by our wanton display. Carol’s mouth fought vainly to catch his erupting seed, her mind still reeling from her immense climax. I kneeled behind her, gasping as the explosive inferno of my climax began to diminish and fiery tingles began to consume my body, caressing my muscles in a soothing after-bliss. Carol kept her bottom pressed against me for long wonderful moments trying vainly to prolong the heaven of our act. When she finally moved she slid her hips into the warm bubbling water of the hot tub, turning to me. I joined, sliding next to her on the molded step, enjoying the heated jets as they blew against our bodies. Her face was a picture of contentment, a woman thoroughly satisfied. Her slender fingertips caught the last drops of cum on her chin and pushed them delicately onto her tongue. Her smile was sweet, a soft southern charm concealing a vessel of pure lust.

“I think I could use a drink after that,” she said as she stood up uneasily, her voice a sweet song as she smiled seductively down at me, “We’ll have to do that again some time.”

I honestly couldn’t wait. But for now there was other business to attend to. I cleaned myself in the warm waters and then reluctantly got out. As I made my way out of the bedroom towards the food a growing crowd of semi-clothed men announced the promised arrival of Mary. A mother of two, she was a stunning woman probably in her mid-forties, tall with long dark red hair and long shapely legs accented by white satin stockings and tall black heels. Her fare skin was sprinkled with pale freckles, especially around her mesmerizing blue eyes that wrinkled innocently as she smiled from man to man. She glanced seductively around at the men gathering around her, licking her lips and devouring them from top to bottom. Her husband followed her in, smiling and greeting those guys he obviously knew. He was a bit older than her with grey hair and a beard. He was a bit more meek looking than Lynne’s or Carol’s husbands. My feelings were confirmed as he took a seat off to the side as the men began to undress his wife. She was a fiery woman, picking who she wanted first then going to work. Four or five pairs of hands caressed her body, pulling her clothes free and consuming her flesh. She gave herself to them, embracing first one man then another as probing hands slid between her legs hungry to be the first to feel her feverish slit. Two men groped her exposed breasts, each suckling a nipple as one of her hands found it’s first engorged prick.

Michael was at the front of her procession, greeting her with a lurid kiss before helping her down onto one of the room’s two couches. He spread her thighs and embraced her womanhood, her approving moans showing just how much she enjoyed the attention. After many long moments he finally mounted her, inducing her first of seeming endless orgasms from her sensuous depths. I sat and ate for a while, watching as she went through man after man, her burning inundating lust never seeming to waiver. Her husband who introduced himself as Martin sat contently watching his wife, desire obvious in his eyes but still he sat by.

After about half an hour, her line finally dwindled and she settled down on the couch to catch her breath. I finally stood up and walked over to her, my refreshed prick engorged and aching after watching her spectacle.

Mary smiled wickedly up at me and gently gripped my offered dick, “Well here’s one I haven’t had yet, are you finally ready for me?”

“Yes ma’am.” I managed as I looked her over, devouring her from head to toe as I took her place on the couch and she knelt between my legs. My mouth watered with anticipation, my hands shook as I slid my fingers through her long fiery hair. Her hair was thick and silky, her eyes exhilarating as they watched my face contort in sheer pleasure as she drew my pulsing manhood into her ravenous mouth. She was voracious in her task, consuming my cock as if she were an animal in heat, her mouth rapacious in her wanton abandon. It was if the countless other men she had devoured had only whet her appetite for cock. The ecstasy was excruciating as her pitiless tongue caressed first the head then the vulnerable belly of my cock, her teeth nipping cruelly, sending shivers of painful pleasure darting throughout my body. She was quite the showman, too, her movements were always languid and sensuous and her playful eyes danced with need as she glanced up occasionally to make sure she still held my full attention. Even on her knees, her enticing motherly hips swayed seductively as her head bobbed rhythmically in my lap and her swaying breasts brushed against the inside of my thighs creating brief pools of fire that smouldered on the aroused skin. No doubt the group of guys she had just finished off who were sitting on the couch opposite us were getting quite a show as her free hand plied her hungry snatch, stroking her thick aroused nether-lips between her open legs.

My pleasure was nearly irresistible, Mary’s accomplished mouth performing her task with unrivalled skill. My head throbbed with lust as she worked, my prick engulfed in a fiery sea of searing saliva, crimson hair spilling down her head like molten steel. As I began to feel the first tingles of climax, Mary stopped, her hand gripping my cock at the root, staving off my pleasure and leaving me gasping, my eyes pleading for the release I sought so desperately. Her playful blue eyes shimmered with mirth as she knowingly teased me over and over. After the fourth time I was nearly losing my mind and my hands tugged gently at her hair, pulling her eyes up to meet mine so she could see my desperation. She grinned with triumph and got to her feet and pulled me to mine before climbing onto the couch on her knees, offering her wide inviting hips. She looked playfully over her shoulder at me as I ran my hands over her back and down to her smooth creamy cheeks, spreading them gently and sliding a finger into her soaked slit. Mary purred, her eyes fluttered closed as I slid my finger inside her hungry apex. As slick as she was I found myself losing any semblance of self-control I had left. I shakily removed my finger and placed my throbbing head at her glistening opening. I could see her other lover’s seed seeping out of her, the thought only stoked the maelstrom of lust that Mary had been building between my legs. I slid into her easily, wanting instantly to explode inside her yielding warm walls. I fought back the near irresistible desire, concentrating on the feel of her body against me, her muscles pressing back against me as I caressed her hips and thighs, her swollen lips gripping desperately to my invading rod. The experience was incredible. Carol had settled in on the other couch to watch us with the guys in recovery, sipping a glass of wine and a burgundy satin robe now clinging to her shapely body. A couple of guys had began fondling her again, and she smiled shyly from the attention and began toying with their revived dicks.

A balding guy thick around the middle moved in front of Mary as she leaned over the back of the couch, presenting her his hairy prick. Without faltering she drew it into her mouth, consuming it with every bit of desire she had mine. The licentious vixen seemed to be invigorated, penetration at both ends only added fuel to her rampant desire. Her red tresses seemed to glow with the inferno that burned between her legs. Her body soon acquired a voracious rhythm with her lovers, every thrust I made into her drove the other man’s cock into her eager mouth. I could feel the mixture of her slick juices and her lovers’ cum begin to seep from her as we fucked, each thrust into her spilled more of the concoction onto our legs, the drops slowly making their way down to the cream coloured couch. As I watched our fusion, her delicate lips pulling at my cock with each with drawl, graciously accepting it with each thrust back inside her, my heart pounded in my ears. I tried to thrust slowly, teasingly into her, the feel of her fiery cunt was amazing and I wanted to take pleasure in it as long as she would let me. My balls rubbed against her engorged lips as we coupled, their rough sensitive skin excited by her hot smooth pussy lips. Mary didn’t seem to be in a hurry, luxuriating in my deliberate lavations. Men now stood around us, their upright cocks staring at the three of us, primitive lustful hunger evident in every man’s face. Carol was again engaged on the other couch, laying on her back with her legs wrapped around one man who roughly drove into her while she swallowed another man’s prick, burying her face in his thick pubic hair as he forced his cock down her throat again and again.

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