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I grew up in an ultra-religious and ultra-conservative household, so my parents sheltered me from all things they deemed “immoral,” and this included school sex education class for some reason. I’m guessing they figured learning about that was taboo and God would teach me about it later in life. While I would learn about sex, female anatomy, etc. later in life, it was under the circumstances which I learned about it that’s worth a story. The story begins when I went to study abroad in England during my sophomore year in college in 2018. I touched down at London Heathrow airport excited to begin my studies. I arrived at my dorm room, met my dorm mates, and got close to them.

Over our first week of studies, one of my dorm mates invited me to a party at a friend’s house off-campus. I was nervous as I wouldn’t know anyone there, but still down for a good time, so when Saturday came around, we left for the party. At the house, my dorm mate introduced me to everyone, including his older sister, Haylee. I thought Haylee was beautiful: a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, girl who was slim with a slightly wider butt and a sweet English accent. I bonded with her that night over drinks and eventually, the conversation turned to her asking me if I was single. I said I was and asked her if she was single; she sad “Yes, just broke with my last boyfriend a couple of weeks ago.”

Haylee then asked me: “Would you be interested in going out with me?” I was caught off-guard because, thanks to my parents, I hadn’t had a girlfriend before; they wanted me to save myself for someone they could deem “worthy enough for their son” (exact words from my father.) In other words, my folks were hoping I’d follow the arranged marriage custom their church preached; I sure didn’t want to do that. I told Haylee this and expressed my concerns.

“I don’t think my parents would approve, Haylee,” I told her.

“Maybe not,” she replied, “but as your parents aren’t here, what they won’t know won’t hurt them.”

Haylee sure had a point with that, but still politely told her: “I don’t think now would be the right time. Maybe in a month or so.” She understood, but I could tell she was disappointed. After that, we just hung out and chatted about our lives & hobbies. At some point, we went our separate ways at the party and the next thing I knew, I was driving with my dorm mates back to campus. We turned in for the night when we got back and the next week passed like the previous one: we went to classes, studied, took a couple of tests, and organized our finances so we could pay our bills. Little did I know what was in store for me the following Friday night.

That night, my one dorm mate — Haylee’s brother — had practice for soccer (or “football” as they say in the U.K.; he was on the university team) while my other dorm mate was out with his friends and girlfriend. I said I was just gonna relax and watch TV in the dorm, which they were okay with. I was all alone when there was a knock on the door. I thought it was our dorm advisor, so I got up and answered the door. To my surprise though, there stood Haylee clad in a trenchcoat and a pair of shoes. “How you doing?” she asked. “Can I come in? I gotta show you something.”

I said sure and let her in, closing the door behind her. “How’d you get in here by the way?” I asked.

“I got permission from the dorm adviser earlier today,” Haylee replied. “As long as you don’t set the metal detector off, you’ll get in.”

“Okay, so what do you have to show me?” I then asked.

“I gotta show you how a girl’s body works,” she said as she took her shoes off, “perhaps then you’ll be confident enough to go out with me.”

Now as I mentioned at the beginning of this story, my ultra-sheltered life meant I never attended a sex education class in my life, watched porn or seen a naked female body; I didn’t know how the female body worked at all. I wondered how Haylee knew that I didn’t know all this. “I overheard at the party last week,” she told me, “But I feel it’s important for every boy to know everything about female anatomy.” Open-minded, I gave my okay with pendik anal escort this and Haylee unbuttoned the two buttons on her coat. She opened the top of the coat, revealing her breasts to me. “Okay,” she started, “These are my breasts, which can also be called boobs or tits; I kind of like boobs by the way.”

“Every girl has boobs, and not only for looks,” Haylee continued, “but also for producing breast milk. Breast milk is for feeding babies until they can eat solid food. Now, guys like to see and feel boobs but while seeing them is okay for most girls, touching them requires permission. That said, you can go ahead and touch mine.” With Haylee’s permission, I nervously touched her boobs. This was my first boob touch and I was liking how they felt; soft but firm at the same time. “Maybe later, you can do something else with my boobs,” she then said, “but for now, I need you to take your pants off.”

“Why?” I asked her.

“Because boys and girls are different in more ways than having boobs or not. The real difference is down here,” she said, pointing to her crotch. I was apprehensive about taking my clothes off and Haylee could tell. “Okay, I’ll go first,” she said as she unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on the coat. When she got to the last button, she turned around, undid the last button, and took the coat off, revealing her naked butt to me. She then said: “Now, boys and girls both have butts, as you can see, but in front is where the real difference is. Are you ready to see that difference?”

“I guess so,” I said. With that, she turned back around to face me, and that’s when I saw her naked figure in full; it was the first time I ever saw a naked female body.

“Well, for you to see the difference clearly,” Haylee said, “you need to have your pants off.”

“I don’t know, Haylee, it might not be right,” I said.

“Oh take them off,” she told me, “I’m the only other one here, and I’m completely naked. You can at least have your pants off without any issue.” Figuring I had nothing to lose, I went ahead and took off my pants. “And the boxers too,” Haylee said, “Here, I’ll get them.” She then carefully took off my boxer shorts, revealing my penis and testicles to her. “Okay, I’m sure you know what you have here,” she said with my penis in her hands. “Boys have a penis and testicles, but as you can see, girls don’t.” She then stood up straight and showed me what she had between her legs. “This is what we girls have,” she said, “it’s called a vagina, but is also often called a pussy. The outside of it here is called the vulva.”

Naturally, my curiosity was peaked. “Wait, how do you pee without a penis?” I asked naively.

“We’ll get to that,” Haylee replied, “but first, you need to see all the works of the female vagina, both inside and out.” She then sat down in a chair with her legs up, spread her pussy aside, and had me come in for a closer look. “Now on the top of my vagina,” she said, “you can see what looks like a very small penis.” She explained: “It’s not a penis, but actually a clitoris and while it looks like it’s only there for decoration, it’s actually for stimulation. When you rub it, it gets the girl aroused for sex. Go ahead and rub it a little; I trust you.” With that, I rubbed Haylee’s clitoris for five minutes. After those five minutes, Haylee told me she was ready to explain the rest of her anatomy.

“Now, she that little hole underneath the clitoris?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, that’s my urethra or pee hole,” Haylee said. “A girl’s pee comes out through there. Just like your pee come out through the hole at the end of your penis.” She pointed out my urethra and showed me how they were the same for both boys & girls. I felt like I was learning something I never expected to learn, but I wasn’t expecting what Haylee had in store for me next. “Oh actually,” she said, “speaking of pee, I need to pee, where’s the bathroom?” I led her to the bathroom and she had me come in behind her. “You should see how a girl pees,” she told me. “Let me show you that too.”

“Are you pendik bayan escort sure, Haylee?” I asked.

“Of course,” she reassured me, “this is kind of like the sex education you were always excused from. Just watch carefully.” She then sat on the toilet with her legs slightly apart. “There you go,” she said as her pee stream started, “you can see how my pee comes out. It just comes out through my pee hole.” I watched Haylee pee intensely, feeling like I had found a secret password or something. “And that was it for that pee,” Haylee said after she had finished. “And the color of your pee depends on what you’ve had to drink. You saw mine was rather clear, and that means I’ve been drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated.”

“If your pee is cloudy or dark yellow,” she continued, “that means you need to drink more water to get more hydrated. Anyway, now that you know how girls pee, come with me back to the bed, I gotta show you the most important part of the female anatomy.” I followed Haylee from the bathroom and she down on my bed, spreading her legs again. She pulled the sides of her vagina — which she said were often called “Pussy lips” — apart and revealed a larger hole underneath both her clitoris & pee hole. “Okay, that big hole,” she explained, “is my actual vagina. More specifically, it’s the vaginal opening. The boy’s penis goes into that opening when he and the girl have sex.”

“Is it okay if I touch it?” I asked Haylee.

“Sure, you need to feel all of me,” she replied. I then put my fingers on the very opening of her pussy, making sure I got a good sense of what it felt like; warm, wet and squishy. It was at this time that I noticed my penis had gotten bigger than it normally was. I thought something was wrong with me, but Haylee was there to explain it. “That’s called an erection,” she said, “It happens when a boy is sexually aroused; it means he’s ready to have sex. Let me get a condom.” She walked across the room, took a condom out of her bag, took it out of the wrapper, and started putting it on my penis. I got nervous again and asked Haylee if this was an okay thing to do.

“Of course it is,” she told me, “it’s a consenting girl with a consenting a boy; it’s all for your sex education.” A little more at ease, I said okay and Haylee laid back down on the bed. Spreading her legs again, she said: “Okay just slip your penis into my vagina right there. I’ll tell you what to do as we go along.” I put myself into her as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled my shirt off. “All you have to do is move your hips back something I never knew about, let alone enjoyed.

The feeling that came over me was one of ecstasy, but I still didn’t know everything. I took breaks as Haylee told me, but then she had me stop after I skipped one break period. “What’s the matter, Haylee?” I asked nervously, “Am I hurting you?”

“Oh no, you’re doing fine,” she said. “Perhaps a little too fine, take a break for a few minutes so we can kiss. You can lick my boobs too.” I lowered myself down and we began to kiss softly. Haylee ran her fingers up & down my sides and across my back: “Touching like that keeps sensuality going,” she told me. After kissing for a few minutes, I began licking Haylee’s boobs. I ran my tongue around them and her nipples. I told her I liked the taste, to which she said: “Well, lick it up, it’s all yours!” After that, Haylee said we could get back to sex, so I began moving my hips again, keeping my penis inside her all the while.

After some time, she then pulled me down on top of her body. “This is the final stretch,” she said in my ear, “Keep going until I tell you to stop. And if I scream, don’t worry, I’ll explain that later.” I kept it up and Haylee said I could go faster as long as I kept my force gentle. Before I knew it, Haylee was groaning, but not in pain, and I felt a force in my penis I never felt before. A split second after than, I felt something shoot out of my urethra into the condom and Haylee exhaled the loudest exhale I had ever heard in my life. She smiled up at me and said: pendik bayan escortlar “We climaxed! You take your penis out of my pussy now.” I was startled to see what looked white mucus in the condom as I pulled myself out of Haylee.

“What happened in there?” I asked Haylee. “Should I be scared about it?”

“Oh no,” she replied, carefully pulling the condom off, “that stuff is called semen. It comes out of a boy when he has an orgasm, or ‘climaxes’ as I put it just now. It’s perfectly healthy to have an orgasm when you have sex.” I realized I had my first orgasm and felt great about it, but wondered how Haylee felt.

“Did you have an orgasm too?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s why I was groaning,” she told me. “You got a girl to climax, and that’s something to be proud of.” Haylee then explained: “Also without that condom, your semen would’ve gone into my vagina and eventually, I would’ve gotten pregnant. That’s why I had you wear a condom.” With that, I learned how the female body worked, had sex for the first time, and had my first orgasm, plus I got a girl to orgasm too. I felt like I won an award or a marathon or something, and Haylee wasn’t done with me. “Let’s go to the bathroom, I gotta pee again, do you?”

“Actually, a little,” I told her and we walked back to the bathroom.

Haylee lifted the toilet seat and said I could pee first so I went ahead and aimed my penis at the toilet. She then took my penis in her hands and told me to “let it flow.” I started to pee and Haylee made sure I didn’t splash anywhere outside the toilet. After I was done, Haylee told me: “Now you saw me pee sitting down before. That’s how girls usually pee, but some girls — including me — can pee standing up like a boy too. Let me show you that.” She then stood in front of the toilet, pulled her pussy lips aside, and unleashed another stream of pee into the bowl, just like I had.

“Wow, that’s so cool,” I told Haylee after she had finished.

“Yeah, it takes practice though,” she replied. “I soaked my home bathroom the first few times I tried peeing like a boy. But now I got the hang of it, and it’s fun for me.” She then flushed the toilet, turned on the shower, and suggested we shower together. “We both have to clean up from having sex,” she said, “so showering together will just save water.” I stepped into the shower, Haylee followed me, closed the curtain behind us, and we got to work washing ourselves off. In the shower, I wondered if Haylee was my first girlfriend, or if her brother — one of my dormmates — would approve of me dating his sister. After we were cleaned and water shut off, I had to know for sure.

“So Haylee, does this mean we’re boyfriend and girlfriend?” I asked.

“At the moment,” she started, “we’re more or less teacher & student. But that doesn’t mean we can’t date. When’s your next free night?”

“Next Tuesday,” I said.

“Great,” Haylee replied, “We can go to see a movie.” We then exchanged phone numbers.

Just as Haylee was putting her coat they did well after midnight while I was fast asleep. They had not even the slightest inclination as to what took place in that dorm room.

I met with Haylee for our movie night the following Tuesday, and we went to see “Avengers: Infinity War.” About halfway through the movie, I still didn’t know how I felt about properly dating Haylee. Sure she taught me all about female anatomy and sex, two things I wasn’t allowed to learn about growing up, and became my first girlfriend. But the question of “how long would this relationship last?” came across my mind. After the movie, I asked Haylee if she considered us as a couple; she just leaned in, kissed my lips again, and asked: “Does that answer your question?”

“Yes it does,” I replied and kissed her back. After our movie date, Haylee and I continued dating, going out to dinner with her friends, hitting the clubs, or just meeting at her house for “Netflix and Chill,” which is just sex in front of the TV. And on that note, Haylee and I have continued our sexual relationship and try to have sex once a month. Other times, we’ll just sleep together with our pajamas on and are just as happy; it’s great to be in the arms of your special someone after all. We told Haylee’s brother & parents about our relationship and they gave us their blessing. It looks like Haylee and I will be married one day, but we’re not the couple to rush things like marriage or kids.

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